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We Enjoyed Going Dutch

My boyfriend and I meet a sexy Dutch couple on holiday, which leads to us swapping partners.

Some friends have rented a large Alpine chalet in Austria, and although I’m not a very confident skier, they’ve kindly invited me to join them when they fly out in a few weeks time. Looking at the resort on-line it seems there are plenty of nursery slopes and simple blue runs that would suit my ability, so I’m really looking forward to it. I learned the basics when I was a teenager, but since then I’d only been on one other skiing holiday, which was about three years ago with a former boyfriend called Simon. 

I’d met him at an adult party, and we became very active sexually, especially when it came to the group sex activities that were part of my promiscuous lifestyle, and he was also a great hairdresser. We both had a vision breathtaking scenery, bright sunshine, virgin snow and great sex in front of a raging log fire, but unfortunately it was quite dull for most of the week and the conditions were not ideal for a novice like me.

The hotel was nice enough with a log fire in the bar area, and a never-ending buffet in the restaurant where you could help yourself to as much as you wanted throughout the day, but our room was functional rather than luxurious.

You soon begin to recognise people around the hotel and the village as well as on the local slopes when the conditions allowed, and we frequently encountered a couple around the same age as us when we were out and about. Roughly midway through our trip we noticed them at a table in one of the bars at the foot of mountain, and when they saw us coming in, they warmly invited us to join them for some gluhwein and cake. 

Eva and Johan were from Holland, and spoke perfect English with barely a trace of an accent, but the main topic of conversation was how the weather had impacted on their holiday. They were both competent skiers.’ and told us that they had some local information suggesting that a resort nearby was not as badly affected so they’d arranged for some transport to take them there that afternoon. As we went our separate ways Eva suggested that perhaps we could all meet up for dinner back at the hotel later on, and we agreed that seven-thirty in the restaurant would be ideal.

When Simon and I came downstairs, Eva and Johan were already sitting at the bar. They welcomed us with handshakes and innocent kisses then offered us drinks that we took into the restaurant. Initially we sat in some comfortable chairs around a circular coffee table not far from the log fire that crackled in the fireplace. Apparently their information about the nearby resort was correct, and they enjoyed some excellent skiing that afternoon. It’s the kind of activity that can really work up a persons appetite so it wasn’t long before we were filling our plates from the wonderful carvery that was on offer that evening. We took our food to a cosy table in the corner of the restaurant, and began our feast.

This time the conversation was much more about who we were, what we did for a living, and our hobbies and interests. There was no hint of any reference to our lifestyles until I asked a perfectly innocent question about their relationship. They both wore wedding rings so when I asked Eva how long they’d been married, I wasn’t expecting anything other than a simple answer.

“I’ve been married for five years,” Eva replied casually, “And Johan’s been married for seven.”

Simon and I looked at each other somewhat confused, and I asked Eva, “How does that work?”

She smiled and said that they were both married, but not to each other. “Swinging is very popular in Holland,” she said, “It’s something of a lifestyle, and frequently goes beyond just one-night stands.” I asked her how long she and Johan had known each other, and she replied that they’d only just met when he collected her from her home on the way to the airport leaving his gorgeous wife to stay with her husband whilst they were away. 

She asked me if Simon and I were swingers, and I confessed that Simon and I were close friends who enjoyed having sex with each other as well as others when the opportunities arose. “It’s mainly threesomes or foursomes,” I revealed, “But we always do it as a group rather than go to separate rooms.”

“We do that too,” Eva said, “And my husband enjoys watching me having sex with other men as much as I like seeing him with other women, but the swinging scene adds something special in terms of mystery.”

She went on to explain that when she’s with another man in private she has to imagine her husband having sex with the guy’s wife, but they always discuss everything in detail afterwards. She also said that on occasions like this she looked forward to coming home to look for all the signs that confirmed her husband had been intimate with another woman in their bed. “Usually I’ll notice her perfume and a few strands of her hair on my pillow,” she said, “And there’s bound to be cum stains on the sheets, and a few items of her underwear in my laundry basket. It’s all part of the fun.”

I made a positive comment about it, and Eva then said, “Johan and I were talking about this earlier, and we wondered if you’d be interested in swapping partners for tonight. Johan is very satisfying in bed, and I’m sure that Simon won’t be disappointed with me.”

There was silence for a few seconds while I glanced in Simon’s direction for some kind of response, but all he did was give me that ‘it’s up to you’ expression. All eyes were on me as I contemplated the situation, but after a fortifying slug of wine I said softly, “Okay, why not.”

We all clinked our glasses, and agreed that we would retire to the lounge area to enjoy a final schnapps together before going to our rooms. The only thing that we discussed as we were walking up the wide staircase was that we would all meet up again for breakfast at around eight-thirty the next morning. My heart was actually pounding as I kissed Simon goodnight outside the door to our room then I watched him invite Eva inside.

Johan led me up the next flight of stairs, and along the landing to his door, which he opened for me. Once the lights were on it was clear that this room was more sumptuous than ours, and I noticed that it had more room and more elaborate furniture. A handsomely carved  wardrobe with a full-length mirror was flanked by a couple of matching chairs, and a deeply buttoned leather Chesterfield was positioned in front of the wide-screen TV. The king-size bed looked very inviting, but I had no particular urge at that stage to just strip off and jump in.

Johan offered me a glass of Champagne, and seemed very relaxed about being with me in this somewhat surreal situation. There was no doubt that we were going to have sex, but as I sipped my Champagne, something that Eva had said earlier suddenly made me understand what she meant about imagination. Knowing that my boyfriend was just downstairs alone with a stunning blonde women conjured up an image in my mind that was difficult to shift. I knew that at some stage Johan would be stroking his tongue up and down my sweet pussy whilst licking the succulent juices oozing from my vagina, and I had this mental picture of Simon doing the same to Eva.

I just happened to be standing in front of the mirror when Johan came up behind me, and pressed his body against mine. I knew that this was the start of it so I placed my glass on the small circular table next to me, and Johan did the same. Watching the reflection I observed him putting his arms around me and gradually starting to explore my curves with his hands paying particular attention to my breasts, tummy, and groin area. I held my arms aloft so that Johan could remove my sweater, and it was soon on the floor. I undid the zip on my slacks so that he could reach into my panties, and once he’d unbuttoned my shirt, he was soon touching the bare flesh of both my chest and my pussy. As soon as he felt the complete absence of pubic hair, and my little feminine furrow he said softly, “I’m really looking forward to kissing you there.”

“Me too,” I replied, “Let me take these off”

I eased my slacks and panties over my hips to join my sweater on the floor then turned to face him and we kissed passionately. As he stroked my smooth pussy I reached down to feel the bulge in his trousers, and invited him to get his penis out. As I sank to my knees in front of him and tossed my long blond hair to one side, Johan stepped out of his pants revealing not only his gorgeous granite hard cock, but also his wonderful muscular thighs that I stroked with some enthusiasm. I cupped his swollen balls in one hand whilst gripping his meaty cock with the other and planted a tender kiss on the tip.

As I gently stroked his shaft a significant bead of pre-cum oozed from the tiny duct, and I slowly licked it off before taking three of four inches of delicious cockmeat into my mouth. He gently caressed my hair and moaned softly as I rhythmically sucked on his manhood, but this was just teasing him to want more than just my soft lips around his cock. After several minutes I disconnected from him and leaned against the Chesterfield as he removed the remainder of his clothes. Judging by his sculptured physique he was clearly no stranger to a gymnasium, but he wasn’t bulky so the whole package with his eight-inch penis standing at right angles to his torso just looked awesome.

I took my shirt off and leaned forward over the back of the Chesterfield with my arms stretched out, and my legs apart so that he could get to my womanhood easily. This scenario was so reminiscent of my first encounter with Simon at Erica Smith’s sex party, and as Johan started probing my vagina with his finger, I wondered how Simon was getting on with Eva.

Johan got down on his knees and parted my bum cheeks to expose the feminine flesh between my legs, and I gasped slightly when I felt his tongue exploring the folds and holes that he discovered there. His touch was sensational and he was just savouring my sweet flavour as a prelude to sharing his cock with me. I didn’t have to wait long before I felt Johan’s warm penis between the cheeks of my ass, and I knew that it would soon be deep inside me. In an almost simultaneous movement he unclipped my bra and slipped his meaty cock into my warm welcoming cunt. 

My wet tunnel dilated immediately to accommodate his thick meaty shaft and we both groaned softly as he started to fuck me with lovely deep penetrating strokes. I loved the sensation of his chest against my back with his hands gently squeezing my firm tits, and the slapping sound of our flesh colliding with every thrust. Johan was in complete control of my pleasure as he grasped my hips and varied the tempo, which was turning me inside out.

I felt him slowly withdraw from me, and he sat down on one of the chairs. “Come and sit on my cock,” he commanded softly, but before I did, I sucked my feminine juices from the entire length of his shaft. The design of the chair was so perfect that as I straddled Johan’s chunky thighs, and guided his throbbing cock into my luscious vagina, my feet were firmly planted on the floor. It meant that I could both gyrate my hips with his cock deep inside me pressing against my cervix, or bounce up and down on it to stimulate my G spot.

With my arms around Johan’s neck and his mouth sucking my nipples, this was just the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, and as my clit rubbed against his pelvic bone, the familiar sensation of an orgasm started to permeate through my body. I urged Johan to keep fucking me as those feelings became stronger, and gradually the subtle tingling tuned into trembling, especially in my legs, which were beginning to shake. I’m not especially noisy when I’m having sex, but I could hear myself grunting as Johan’s cock brought me closer and closer to a climax, and then suddenly without warning, my insides exploded with pulses of ecstasy throbbing through my body.

My head was spinning, and my heart was still thumping as my orgasm gradually subsided, but Johan was still gently fucking me, and I knew that we still had much more pleasure to enjoy.

“Shall we go to bed?” he whispered, and after a few more minutes of wonderful intimacy, Johan led me over to the bed.

“How do you want me?” I asked him softly.

“I’d love to cum inside you, if that’s okay,” he said sensitively.

I told him that I’d love that too, and as I opened my legs he just climbed on top of me pushing his cock gently into my juicy cunt as we kissed. He started to fuck me with energetic strokes almost straight away, and although I knew that he was using me for his personal gratification, that’s exactly what I wanted him to do. Even though his entire weight was on top of me it felt exactly right, and I loved the feeling of being lightly crushed as his powerful thighs drove his throbbing cock in and out of me. Then he shifted his position slightly and squeezed my breast as his tempo increased.

I sensed that he was close to cumming so I kept urging him to give it to me, and after a few more energetic strokes Johan groaned with pleasure as he started pumping his warm creamy semen into my grateful vagina. I just let him empty himself completely into me, and then snuggled up to him with his cock still inside me before drifting off to sleep.

In the dining room the next morning Simon and Eva were already in the line selecting their breakfast, and a few minutes later the four of us were sitting comfortably at a table tucking into our muesli and coffee. Eva turned to me and said casually, “I really enjoyed fucking your boyfriend last night Candy, were you happy with Johan?”

“Very happy,” I replied, but I didn’t elaborate, and there was no further discussion on the subject. I was bursting to tell Simon all about my night with Johan, and I was certain that our new found friends would be comparing notes as well, but for the time being the conversation revolved around the day ahead.

It was quite foggy that morning so Johan and Eva had decided to go to the other resort where the weather was apparently much clearer, but I was quite happy to stay around the hotel, and perhaps do some souvenir shopping in the village.

After breakfast Simon and I returned to our room to find that the maid had already been in so the bed was neatly dressed giving no clue to the fact that my boyfriend had been with another woman not long ago. Simon opened the doors to our balcony, and although the visibility was quite poor, it wasn’t especially cold so we decided to sit out there for a while.

Starting tentatively at first I spent the next twenty minutes or so giving Simon a full and explicit summary of what happened between Johan and me, and when I’d finished, I invited him to tell me how he’d got on with Eva. His initial reply was quite pathetic to be honest, and all he said was, “Yes, it was very nice. She’s a very sexy woman.”

I insisted that he tell me everything, and although he was a bit hesitant at first, he soon got going, and I became completely absorbed in his graphic account. 

“Almost as soon as we got into the room,” he said, “Eva pressed herself against me and kissed me using her tongue to explore the inside of my mouth. She clutched my balls, and felt my groin area before pulling my zip down so that she could get her hand inside. She was quite forceful, and it wasn’t long before she was tugging on my exposed cock, which was getting stiffer by the second. Then she sank to her knees, and clamped her soft lips around it, which made me tingle all over. She sucked on it for a few minutes before telling me to get undressed and make myself ready for her on the bed.” Simon hesitated for a moment and I nodded my head, encouraging him to go on.

He continued, “She waited for me to strip off completely and recline on the bed where I was gently stroking my cock to keep it nice and hard before she started to undress. She did it slowly and seductively, but it wasn’t until she’d taken off her bulky outer clothes that I really appreciated her gorgeous shapely body. When she was down to her bra and panties that she revealed just how big her tits were, and I must admit that I really keen to kiss and caress those lovely features.”

“Mmm that sounds so sexy,” I whispered.

“It really was,” he said. “She had a wonderful glint in her eye as she climbed onto the bed and straddled my left thigh. She took my stiff penis in her hand, and stroked it slowly as she leaned forward kissing my chest, my nipples and my mouth. I slid my hand down her tummy and into her panties where I was pleased to find that her pussy was lovely and smooth like yours. I worked my finger into her slit and all the way through to her anal hole, which I stroked gently before slipping my finger into her sweet pussyhole.”

“I bet it was lovely and wet,” I said.

“Absolutely sopping,” he replied. “She whispered that she liked me doing that, and told me that she wanted something much bigger than my finger inside her so she pulled her panties to one side before impaling herself on my bone hard cock. It slipped in really easily, and she started to ride me at a gentle pace to begin with, which meant that I could feel every inch rubbing against the walls of her tight vagina.

“I know how it would have been for her,” I said softly. 

He went on, “I reached behind her back to unclip her bra, and her beautiful tits just tumbled onto my face, I sucked on her lovely nipples, and this seemed to cause her to increase the tempo, which made us both grunt with pleasure on every deep penetrating stroke. She was panting heavily, and her shaggy blonde hair was getting quite unruly, but it perfectly suited the expression on her face, and the way her tits were bouncing gently to the steady rhythm. Eva enjoyed the way I was clutching her waist to help her rise and fall on my cock, and also the feeling of my hands on her lovely cone-shaped tits, but gradually the pace slowed almost to a stop.”

“God you’re making me feel so horny,” I gasped.

He took a deep breath and said, “What came next was just amazing. She slowly dismounted before taking her panties off and lying on her side where she invited me to join her in a classic sixty-nine position. She clearly enjoyed the flavour of her own pussy juices as she sucked my penis enthusiastically, and I enjoyed them too as I licked her delicious cunnyflesh. She didn’t mind when I slipped my finger deep into her asshole, and I didn’t mind when she slipped her finger deep into mine, and for the next few minutes we licked, sucked and fingered each other. Then suddenly her body jolted, and she began to tremble uncontrollably. Her orgasm seemed to come from nowhere, but she was moaning softly for ages as I kept licking her clit.”

“I love it when you do that to me,” I said lovingly.

I wanted to hear more so I urged him not to hold back. “Eventually she breathlessly told me that her cunt was so wet, and she needed my cock. We disconnected but she remained on her side telling me to take her from behind so I lifted her leg in the air, and buried my cock deep into her dripping wet vagina. Fucking her in this position made it possible to fondle her tits as well as rub her clit, and she was gasping with pleasure.”

“I love that position,” I said quietly.

Then he said, “During a brief lull in the rhythm Eva slipped my cock out and held the tip against her anal sphincter, which soon opened sufficiently to take the first inch or two inside. I was sure that mine was not the first cock she’d had in her ass, and with very little effort her tunnel expanded to swallow it whole. There was a long slow moan as I began to fuck her, and despite the size of my cock, she showed no signs of any discomfort.”

“I love being fucked in the ass,” I muttered, “Was she really tight.

“She was at first,” He replied, “But she could clearly take it, and I was getting close to the point where I needed to cum, but as this was the first time with this woman and I wasn’t sure if she’d let me cum in her ass. She told me that she wanted it on her face and in her mouth so as soon as I was almost ready she slipped off the bed onto the floor where she sat on her haunches with her head held back, and her mouth wide open.”

“Sounds so dreamy,” I said, “Did you cum straight away?”

“I was still a few strokes away from actually cumming,” he said, “So she sucked my cock for a minute or so until I told her I was really close. She squeezed her own tits as she waited for me to get there, and just as I started to get light headed, I rested the tip of my cock on her outstretched tongue. My first powerful spurt of warm creamy cum delivered a tasty mouthful, but after that I made sure that every part of her pretty face was spattered with my generous load. In a final act of enjoyment she sucked the last few drops as they oozed out my tiny duct then swallowed purposely. Then after she’d cleaned herself up we went to bed, and slept right through to this morning.”

“And what about this morning,” I asked, “Did you have sex with her again,”

He told me that Eva was already in the shower when he woke up so he just joined her where they washed each other, and kissed. “It was just gentle intimacy,” he said, “Nothing heavy.” Then he asked me if I’d had sex with Johan that morning.

“A little bit,” I replied. “When we woke up we facing each other with our legs entwined and his stiff penis pressed against my tummy, it only took a slight shift of position for it to find its way into my vagina. We both enjoyed a few minutes of gentle fucking, but we didn’t really have time to take it all the way so like you, we stepped into the shower together. Johan’s erection showed no signs of going down so I offered to help him. I stood with my back to the wall of the shower with Johan’s back pressed against me. I reached round and squirted some shower gel onto his penis then just made a ring with my thumb and forefinger, which I clamped around his shaft just below the tip.”

“How did he respond?” Simon asked.

I replied, “He just let me massage his chest with one hand as I masturbated him with the other using the same technique that he would have done had he been on his own, and I knew that I’d be able to bring him to an orgasm fairly quickly. After just a couple of minutes of vigorous stimulation he gasped that he was cumming. I just managed to make the last few strokes long and slow before he started spurting his creamy load everywhere.” 

“I bet he enjoyed that,” Simon said.

“As did I,” I replied, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with making men cum like this.”
Simon and I both enjoyed our experience of ‘going Dutch’ and right up until the last day of our holiday we spent some great social time with Eva and Johan, but there was no more swinging, and it probably would have been a mistake to try to repeat it. 

Eva and I exchanged contact details, and we kept in touch for a while. She sent me a great account of what her husband and Johan’s wife got up to while they were staying together, and suggested that could visit her anytime. She said that she’d love to go to bed with me if the opportunity ever arose, and she reckoned that her husband would be happy to join us.

I haven’t taken her up her offer yet, but I’ve still got her details, and I’ve thought about getting back in touch.



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