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We knew it had to be done

Well we all have friends in our circle we would like to have a cosy moment with. I knew Katja for already a long time. She was the ex of a friend I didn’t see anymore. But we kept in contact.

My old friend already told me that it was no problem if I would have sex with her.

The relation I had with Katja was one of really good friends. But for me there was always some sexual tension. We spoke about sex openly and I had slept at her place several times but nothing had happened. It was difficult to get an opening, since having sex could ruin a friendship.

But there was a trend in our friendship. When she was not seeing anyone she would contact me more and we had more conversations about sex. So to me this sounded like she saw me as a potential fuck buddy when she was without. For me that would be perfect. With my job, getting a steady relation was a very difficult thing. But it had been a long time since I had heard anything from her and my attempts to contact her were fruitless. But long live the Internet and MSN. On my MSN I only have friends, no vague sex contacts.

Like I said I had not spoken Katja for a long while that indicated to me she was seriously seeing some guy. Sitting at my desk doing model building and painting I had the computer running in the background. Then MSN said she had come on line. But I would not rush in. I wanted to see if she would contact me. Several minutes went by, but then came the sound of someone contacting me. It was Katja, I could she her picture in the text box.

"Hey how are you doing, didn’t speak to you for a while. I know I am bad girl."

I got my keyboard to formulate an answer.

"Don’t worry I know how you are. I am all fine but how are you doing?"

"I am doing good, seeing some guy for a while now."

"That explains why you didn’t contact me. He a nice guy?"

"He is a really nice guy with a good job hahahah."

"Well that’s good for you. I am not seeing anyone at the moment. Busy at work and all is positive at work. But that is the good thing about live, things will better again with time passing."

"You don’t have to worry; you’re a nice looking, friendly, nice to talk to guy."

The text put a smile on my face. It is always nice to have your ego boosted by the other sex. Even when they are friends of yours. Maybe they are the best judges because they also know your flaws. The sound of another text coming in.

"No frustrations in there? Can imagine when you are without you might hunger for something."

Unbelievable, though she had a boyfriend she was still building tension.

"Hahahah you know it’s been a couple of months, but I use my hand regularly."

"Don’t worry, I still play with myself while I have a relation, but tell me how often do you play? I like to know?"

"Still the curious one hey Kat, well I think my average is around 3 times a week."

"Sounds healthy to me, I still play around 1 time in the two weeks, thought you might want to know."

"Of course I want to know."

It was like a normal conversation we always had. Nothing to get really excited about. But it was a good thing to pursuit and get her more sexual. Why not get some more fun out of it. It is better to play with somebody.

"What man doesn’t want to know about a girl’s sexual experiences?"

"Look who is talking my lady, who asked first. But you never regret we didn’t have some adventure?"

There it was out and could not be taken back. The text was now imprinted on her screen. It took some time before a text was returned. She probably wanted to think this through what the implications would be.

"Yes that crossed my mind several times too. I would have loved to have some sensual moment with you, maybe several. I think you could be a great lover."

The words were carefully chosen. To explain how she felt without giving too much away.

I texted my answer.

"I did want it too, and I fantasized about on many occasions. I have seen you topless several times but would have loved to seen more."

This would bring the situation on another level. She would avoid it or follow it through.

"Hahahah I am your favourite fantasy. I am flattered, why? You have a great body, bet you have a nice dick too. You fancy my breasts?"

"Yes your breasts are great. Well the tension between you and me gives great material for having an exciting fantasy. It is easy to imagine getting into a sexual situation. You never did fantasize?"

"Yes I understand what you are thinking of. I used the same for playing with myself. So yes you are a fantasy of me too."

I was getting excited. I could feel my cock grow. I didn’t expect her to go this deep in to the situation now she had relationship. But she did. I opened my jeans.

"Very nice to know and exciting, too bad I didn’t know before. I would have loved to explore your body. What are your wearing now?"

"Could have been exciting if you would have done it. Who knows. I just got out of bed, so wearing just a top and some slobby training pants. Do you shave your cock?"

I was surprised by her question, looks like I wasn’t the only one craving for some excitement.

"Yes I shave my cock, bet you shave your pussy too. Never noticed any hair when I saw you in thongs. You have nothing under the top and pants?"

"Hahahaha yes I shave my pussy bare. Did you see me in thongs? I can’t remember. Wearing nothing underneath it yes. Does that excite you?"

"Mmm nice a shaved pussy. Yes it excites me to know you got very little on. Doesn’t it get you a bit hot this conversation? I can tell you my cock is growing."

"Yes I am getting excited, especially now I know your cock is getting bigger. What is the size of your cock? Did you ever take naked pictures?"

Wow looks like she was running hot. Daring questions right after my daring question.

"Mmm when hard I’m around 6 inches and yes I did take some pictures. I am six inches now. Opened my jeans to get some space."

"So your six inches are out now. Are you touching it? You still have those pictures?"

"Yes I got it out now and stroking my cock a bit. Yes I still have some and I guess you want to see them. You have anything to trade in return? Getting wet Kat?"

"Getting wetter yes, so you are stroking your cock for me now. I dropped my top so my breasts are bare and a wet spot in my pants. I have some naked pictures also. Show me some of yours."

"Mmm I love wet pussy. God you make my cock rock hard and playing a bit with it. Would love to taste your wet pussy and see your breasts. Here is a picture of me. For your private use only."

I sent a picture her way.

"Mmmm nice picture and a very nice cock. Will type some slower now since I got a hand between my legs. Here is a picture of me."

I got a beautiful picture showing her breasts and her legs partially spread showing a nice pussy with protruding inner pussy lips.

"Sexy your playing with your wet pussy. Really nice pussy, wish I could go inside you with my cock."

"Mmm sounds very nice, good you like my pussy. Not getting any thoughts are you?’

This sounded like an invitation so I was going to play it bold.

"Well would love to invite you to my place this weekend if you got some time?’

"You already have me showing you naked pictures and playing with you and now you want me to come over. I have a boyfriend."

"Well who doesn’t dare doesn’t win."

"Well let’s say you win, this Saturday morning 10 in the morning?"

"Sounds very good, god it makes me rock hard."

"Good I will be there. Just stroke your cock till you cum. I am soaking wet with a finger inside my pussy, so play big boy."

"Wow would love to see that sight."

"You will soon."

We played until we both were satisfied but my thoughts were focused on Saturday.

It was Saturday morning and the moment I woke up I jumped in to the shower. The warm water ran over my body and it felt very nice. I shaved my cock and got out of the shower.

I was all excited. First it had been a couple of months since I had some pussy and it was Kat. I always had the desire to have sex with her.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door. There was Kat, dressed in a pair of tight jeans and top, showing her feminine curves.

‘Hey Kat welcome, nice to see you again.’

I kissed her welcome.

‘You’re looking great yourself too.’

We walked into the living room and I placed my self behind her. I could not restrain myself. We both knew why she was here. My hands cupped her breasts and massaged them. Kat started moaning. My hands moved under her top and I met no bra. I could massage her bare breasts and pinched her nipples. Her hands moved back on my bottom. My hands pulled her top over her head. I turned her around to see her frontal. Her perky breasts looked great and I started sucking her nipples.

The next moment I was going down to her tummy. My hands unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. I pulled of her shoes, her jeans and spread her lags a bit. Her creamy thighs were begging me to lick them. My lips kissed a way to her thongs. I could hear her moaning louder.

My finger lifted the thong away showing me her pussy. My tongue licked her pussy lips. I could smell her wet pussy and I aroused me more. My cock was throbbing in my jeans. I ran my tongue true her pussy lips tasting her. She pushed her pelvis more into my face, spreading her lips more open. The temptation to fill her pussy with two of my fingers was something that could not be resisted. When my fingers entered her pussy she let out a loud moan. Her clit hood was protruding between her lips. My tongue licked her clit, then my lips surrounded her clit and I started to suck in it. Her juices were flowing from her pussy

‘Mmmm very nice but I want see your cock now.’

She dropped down and pushed me onto the couch. The next moment my jeans were pulled of. Like a snake she crawled towards my shorts and got my cock out. She stroked my cock for a while with her eyes fixed. Then she took it in her mouth and started to suck like an angel.

Her hands were playing with my balls. I did not want to cum in her mouth. I wanted to fuck her beautiful pussy. I pulled her head away and turned her over. My legs spread her legs. I moved my cock towards her pussy. She was so wet my cock went inside her pussy with ease. Her hands held my back and her legs strapped around my ass to push me deeper inside her warm wet pussy.

‘Oh your cock fills my pussy, fuck me.’

That was no punishment; her tight pussy was so wet it felt great. I slowly started fucking her with each going a bit harder and faster. I could feel her spreading her legs fully so my cock would go deeper. Her juices were running along my balls. I slammed my balls against her but when I pushed deep inside her.

I could hear her moaning in my ears. That was such a turn on. My cock was twitching and I could feel her tense her pussy muscles. She moaned loudly in my ears. It was my cue to shoot my load deep in her pussy. I was cumin like hell and I guess so was she.

We lay very relaxed for the next moments.

Then she spoke.

‘You know this is a one time only thing while I am in a relationship.’

‘Yes I know.’

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