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Wedding Day

Tags: anal, cheating

My first story. Special thanks to overmykneenow.

Grace gives herself a quick once over in the mirror, her hair and make up are flawless, her tiara is positioned perfectly, and she looks every inch the blushing bride.

The photographer is setting up his tripod and flash on the other side of the room, and while he’s occupied, Grace takes the opportunity to watch him. He seems to be in decent shape so she assumes he looks after himself. His movements are quick and purposeful, definitely a professional. She smiles as she thinks of him professionally undressing and fucking her. He looks up and sees her watching him, and before she can even think to look away he takes a picture and captures the moment and that smile.

He asks her to move over to the bed so he can take some photos of her there. She moves across and sits down. While he takes her picture, he has her change position and poses a few times, regularly coming over to her to adjust how she holds her bouquet, to flatten her dress, anything to make the pictures look their best. Instead of focusing on how well the pictures will turn out, Grace can only think about the way her body tingles every time he touches her exposed skin.

The sound of shutter from the photographer’s camera there to capture the moments as she gets ready, is the only noise Grace can hear in the bridal suite. She’s sent everyone else away telling them they were stressing her out too much and she needs a calm atmosphere. But the truth is she needs to be alone with him, something is drawing her to him and she has to know what it is.

When the photographer suggests some shots of her in her bridal underwear, Grace finds herself nodding and telling him she’ll need help getting out of her dress. He reaches behind her to unfasten the buttons and as he does his hand slips inside and touches her corseted back; causing Grace to moan gently. He keeps unfastening buttons and once they are all undone he moves the dress down, easing it past her hips, and onto the floor. Grace’s nipples stand to attention as she feels his warm breath on her back and tries to step out of the dress, in her sex induced haze she stumbles a little, but before she can fall the photographer grabs her left arm, gripping it tightly and her right hip, pulling her towards him.

“Steady there.”

Grace pushes her body against his breathing heavily, he can see the slow rise and fall of her breasts that gets even deeper when she feels his firm bulge pressing against her lace shorts. He lets go of her arm, hooking his thumbs into her panties and lowers them, she spreads her legs slightly to make sure they don’t get stuck, and once he gets them past her round bum, he allows them to drop to her ankles where she steps out of them.

The photographer takes advantage of her parted legs, sliding his hand between her thighs and stroking her swollen pussy, amazed to feel that she is dripping wet with anticipation for him on her wedding day. His touch sparks something within Grace and suddenly it isn’t enough, she needs more. Grace begins to grind herself against his hand causing her nipples pop out of her corset, the exposure to the air hardens them more than Grace ever knew to be possible. Spotting this he turns her to face him, swooping his head down and grasps one in his mouth, rolling it between his teeth.

Feeling the photographer on her nipple sends a pulse of pleasure to Grace’s pussy, at the same time he slips two fingers inside her, feeling their way to that rough spot and starts circling her clit with his thumb.

“Who’s a dirty girl?” He growls.

“I am,” she gasps, “oh God, I’m a dirty girl.”

He releases her nipple, “Get on your hands and knees on the bed.”

Immediately Grace does as she’s told, there’s something about this man, she almost says ‘yes, sir’. She can’t resist him. She feels the cool air caressing her exposed pussy as he positions her so she can see herself in the full length mirror. Her breasts nearly fall out of her corset. Before she knows what’s happening his tongue plunges into her dripping hole causing her to cry out in pleasure, he starts tongue fucking her, occasionally pausing to nibble on her pussy lips.

Grace’s whole body is tingling, nothing has ever felt so good, but somehow it’s not enough.

“Fuck me.” His tongue plunges deep inside her, “please – uh – fuck me. Mmmmm.... I need your cock inside me.” She feels him pull back and waits to feel his tongue again, instead she hears a zip and trembles in anticipation. “Can I suck it?” She shocks herself with these words, she had no intention of saying them they just fell out of her mouth.

“Take my cock deep you dirty girl.”

Grace turns around and gasps when she sees his 8 inch beauty in front of her, more than long enough and so thick she wonders how it will fit in her mouth. She grasps the base with one hand and begins to tease the head with her tongue, dipping it into the slit to taste his pre cum. She licks all the way around the base of his helmet, flicking her tongue across the most sensitive part before taking his cock deep into her mouth. She looks up at him with big eyes and watches him reach across for his camera and take a picture of her sucking his shaft.

The photographer begins to rock his hips, slowly fucking her face, a few strands of her hair fall loose. Grace moves her lips back up his cock, before taking it deeply again, lifting her tongue slightly causing it to rub along the underside of his member. Seeing the pleasure in his eyes Grace moans, only just hearing his growl.

“Now – give me that sweet cunt.” As he pulls his cock out of her mouth her breasts fall, finally released from their corset prison.

He turns her round, grabs her hips and forces his long, thick, hard cock into her, Grace moans loudly and pushes herself back into him, watching herself in the mirror as he fucks her, hard. He leans over her and grabs her swaying tits, pinching her nipples, he withdraws his cock almost completely before ramming himself deep inside of her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she moans. They’re moving together, he pulls out and pushes back in while Grace pushes herself back into him, his balls banging off her clit, “Fuck me, fuck me hard – uh – make me cum.” His hips and her bum banging together.

He licks his thumb and inserts it into her tight little arsehole, causing her pussy to clench tightly around his cock.

“Oh fuck – fuck me in the arse.”

He pulls his cock out of her pussy, it must be dripping she’s so wet, and starts squeezing it into her puckered star.

“Mmmmm, you dirty little bitch.” He pushes in a little further, “It’s so fucking tight.”

Grace is groaning in pleasure or pain, she’s not sure which.

The photographer is grunting with the exertion of it all, “Feels – uh – like I’m – uh – going to – mmm – rip you – uh – in – uh – two.”

“Don’t stop.”

He rocks his hips, pushing in a little bit at a time, letting her adjust to his size as he works his way in.

“You feel so big inside me.” She says gasping for breath.

Grace’s pussy is pulsing and tingling, she can feel her orgasm building, she’s so close she can almost taste it. “Once you’re in fully, fuck me. Hard.”

“Mmmmmm, you filthy little girl.”

He gives one last little push, he’s finally there and he begins his assault. Hammering his cock in and out of her tight little arsehole. He grabs a handful of her perfect hair and pulls her head back.

“That’s it! Treat me like the dirty little whore that I am.”

They move in a perfect rhythm, loving every second of it, grunting and groaning in pleasure.

“Fuck my arse – make it yours!”

The photographer picks up the pace, almost pulling his cock out before ramming it back inside of her, watching her arse stretch around his girth.

Grace is moaning so loudly half the hotel must be able to hear. Between the cock in her arse and his balls bouncing off her pussy she’s getting achingly closer to her orgasm. She lifts a hand and pinches her tingling nipple.

“I want you to cum inside my tight little arse. Oh fuck – oh – I’m going to cum.”

“Cum you dirty whore!”

They cum together, he squirts his thick cum inside her, she can feel his cock pulsing as he explodes. Her orgasm is so intense she can’t hold herself up anymore and collapses on the bed, her internal spasms milking every last drop of his seed into her hole. She gasps and writhes on the bed when he pinches her clit.

Her spasms make it almost impossible for the photographer to remove his cock, he has to tug it free, the suddenness of the removal makes her gasp.

She manages to get herself back onto her hands and knees so she can turn towards him. He takes another photograph, the bride looking over her shoulder as his cum drips from her arsehole that looks raw from their recent fuck.

She moves over to him and takes his cock in her mouth.

“That’s it, clean it good.” She works her tongue around his cock, takes him completely in her mouth and sucks gently to clean him.

“I love the feeling of your cum dripping out of me.”

“You’ll feel it all day during the wedding.”

He’s right, she feels it running down her thighs and soaking into her stockings as she walks down the aisle. Her arsehole burning with every step from the brutal fuck, she can still feel the photographer’s breath on her back. She sees him and can just make out a small bulge in his trouser pocket from her soaked panties.

As she says her vows she remembers the feeling of him ramming his cock deep inside her.

She releases a tiny whimper of discomfort as she sits to sign the register, the vicar asks if everything is ok, as he looks at her he catches a glimpse down her dress and notices the edge of a small bruise on her breast, from the photographer’s rough grip. Grace smiles and says she’s fine.

After they’ve signed and are posing for photo’s she realises she can still taste everything that was on his cock after he fucked her, their mingled juices and her arse.

Finally, she’s able to stand and be a little more comfortable but is a bit shaky on her feet. Everyone just assumes it’s nerves.

“Smile for the camera.”

Grace smiles and everyone comments on how happy she looks, only the photographer recognises that smile, it’s the same one she gave him in the mirror earlier. He returns her smile and takes the photo, capturing it forever.

As the bride walks away, no one notices the small wet patch she’s left on the floor.
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