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Wedding Interrupted 6 : A Bride's Confession

An emotional reunion in the woods; a passion renewed.

After a yawn and a stretch, I stripped down to the bikini I wore under my t-shirt and shorts before slipping into the natural pool below Mills’ Falls. I had just hiked for ninety minutes, much of it uphill, to reach the falls and needed to cool down and rinse off the sweat. After splashing around in the cool, clear water for a while, I climbed out on to a flat rock by the falls. I seemed to have the conservation area to myself, so I shed my bikini’s top and then lay down on the rock to let the sun and breeze dry me.

This wasn’t how this day was supposed to be, I reflected as I lay there. I should have been with Curt, the man I almost married three months before. It was his twenty-ninth birthday and the occasion would have been our first family celebration as husband and wife. I had begun my day by sending Curt an e-card before leaving to go hiking. Within the greeting, I had dropped a hint at my plan to come out to the falls. Perhaps he would be interested enough to follow up, I had thought.

The crunch of someone stepping on sticks and fallen leaves made me sit up in surprise. I quick threw an arm up over my naked breasts. Looking over towards the head of the trail, I saw a man with a grin on his face approaching the falls. And it was a very familiar face.

“Curt!” I yelped, feeling a rush of joy, “Happy birthday!”

Apparently, the hint had been taken?

“Hey, Jewel. Thanks for the card. It really made my morning to hear from you.”

Inside, my heart started racing at the sound of his pet nickname for me and the news that my greeting had been warmly received. I lowered my arm and turned to face Curt.

“No need to cover up for you, I guess,” I remarked.

His eyes immediately fell to my chest with a lusty gleam in them.

“No, I guess not. I’ve seen it all before,” he responded with a wink, “But there is a woman with a couple kids not far behind me so you should cover up all the same.”

Dropping his pack, Curt came over and sat on the edge of the rock. I picked up my t-shirt and put it on. My nips, erect from the cool breeze, stood up against the soft, green cotton. Curt’s eyes lingered on them for a moment. I shivered a little, wanting more than his gaze on my body.

“So, what brings you up here?” I asked, “Just a birthday hike?”

“More or less. The picture of Mills Falls you put on the card kind of suggested the location.”

“Not intentional at all, I assure you,” I said, then broke into a fit of giggles.

I felt like a teenaged girl in the presence of her crush; all nervous and giddy, but also very happy. Which made the thought that I was finally going to have to come clean with Curt all the harder.

“Curt, now that we’re finally together, maybe it’s time to talk about the wedding,” I said quietly when my giggle fit passed.

Curt nodded and suggested, “Pierson’s Point? We’re more likely to be alone up there. That trail is too difficult for most people.”

“And it’s such a nice setting, too. Let’s go,” I agreed.

I quickly put on the rest of my clothes and my hiking shoes. Picking up our packs, Curt and I headed up the trail, turning off at the steep, rocky climb to the park’s highest point. The park was on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, so the point overlooked a town and an expanse of Southern Ontario farmland.

“This place is so beautiful,” I said as I looked out.

To my surprise, Curt pressed up from behind and slipped his arms around me.

“So are you,” he growled in my ear before kissing it.

I slipped free, shaking my head.

“Slow down, Curt,” I said, “Wait until you hear what I have to tell you. Maybe you won’t be as eager.”

“I’m always eager for you, Jewel. I’ve been waiting for months to see you again.”

“The same… except I’ve also dreaded it in a way.”

Curt nodded, clearly understanding me.

“Go on, then,” he said, tension in his voice.

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. The words came more easily than I expected.

“Curt, this is hard for me to confess, but I cheated on you the night before our wedding,” I began, trying not to falter or stammer, “I was out with Marcy and I picked up this guy and… slept with him. More than once. And with his best friend, too.”

Curt’s face looked pale and distressed.

“In the email, you talked about a ‘new experience’,” he said, “This cheating was the ‘new experience’?”

I nodded, feeling tears coming on.

“It was. Except now I’m not so sure the ‘new experience’ was my real reason for breaking it off. I think I was just scared by what I had done,” I said, my voice shaky, “I had cheated and enjoyed it. I didn’t know how to deal with that in our relationship. So, like some scared little girl who’d been naughty, I ran away from what I had done by running away from you and making excuses.”

The tears came on. With a loud sob, I turned my back on Curt and began crying. Then I felt his hand gently grip my shoulder, a soft, reassuring touch. I was still sobbing but felt a calm feeling come over me.

“I know how scared you must have been at having to tell me this,” he said softly, “But you did. I just wish you had come and told me the whole truth that day.”

“You would still have married me?” I asked between sobs.

Curt was quiet for a moment, then gave my shoulder a light squeeze.

“I think I would have, believe it or not. And I still will if you want me,” he replied in a quiet voice, his fingers lightly massaging my shoulder, “I love you very much, Jewel, and I forgive you. I forgive you for cheating and for the messy breakup.”

I was stunned for a moment, remaining quiet as his words sank in. Reaching up, I put my hand on his and held it.

“Oh God, is this for real?” I stammered out.

“It is, Jewel,” Curt replied, touching his lips lightly to the back of my neck, “Living without you is harder for me than living with what you did. Had I been in your shoes, I might have been just as afraid and made just as bad a decision.”

“I can’t believe you still love me, Curt. I don’t deserve you,” I whispered.

“One or two bad decisions don’t make you unworthy,” he answered, “I’ve received so much love and joy from you, Jewel, this mistake notwithstanding. No relationship is perfect, after all. Let’s put it behind us and try again, okay?”

Curt’s arms enfolded me. This time I didn’t resist but leaned back into the strong, warm presence of his body. My love’s lips touched my ear, cheek, neck. I turned my head and received a kiss on my lips. It was our first kiss in over three months and it felt like heaven.

I turned to face Curt and our mouths came together in a second, longer, kiss. His hands began caressing my back through my t-shirt. Soon, he had pulled the back of the t-shirt up to stroke my skin.

“We should really go somewhere more private,” I said in a hushed, but happy, voice. I realized what Curt and I both wanted now.

“Why not here?” Curt responded, pulling my t-shirt higher, “No one is likely to come up this way and it’s hardly our first time doing it outdoors.”

Grinning, I raised my arms to let him pull the t-shirt off. He tossed the garment on to a tree branch, then took my tits in his hands.

“Damn, I love your habit of going bra-less,” Curt remarked as he gazed at my breasts.

He cupped my tits in his hands and massaged them as we kissed again. Then I flashed him a wicked grin and sank to my knees. As I undid his shorts, Curt’s fingers played with my hair.

“I love that you’ve grown your hair long again,” he said, “That short ‘do you went with for the wedding didn’t look right on you.”

“I’ll leave it that way, then,” I said, “Even for the next wedding, if there is one.”

Curt’s cock was a bit hard already. I kissed and licked the head, then put it in my mouth and began gently sucking. Curt moaned a little as his cock swelled and stiffened between my lips. Slowly, I drew it in until I was deep-throating him.

Over the summer, I had sucked three other cocks. None had felt as right in my mouth as Curt’s did at that moment. The size, shape, and taste of my love’s cock were all so familiar to me.

“Oh my God, baby,” Curt moaned, “You’re even better at this than before. Not sure I can last long if you keep this up.”

“Cum in my mouth, then. Nothing wrong with that,” I responded, stroking him with my fingers as I took a break from fellatio, “I love to swallow. And there’s really no place here to fuck comfortably anyway.”

As I spoke, I unzipped my shorts so I could get my free hand down to my pussy. I was wet with arousal so I slid my shorts and bikini bottom down further for easier access.

“You sure?” he asked.

“We can go someplace later for more.”

“My place?”

“Don’t know if we’ll last that long. Maybe get a room at that little inn by the highway?”

Curt laughed as I went back to work on his cock. He held my head and began gently fucking my mouth, the head of his cock reaching my throat at the end of each thrust. Aroused to a fever pitch by the excitement of once again having his cock in my mouth, I was almost frantically fingering my pussy, stroking the lips and gently rubbing the hood over my sensitive clit.

“Oh shit, that’s amazing!” Curt groaned as a flood of thick, tasty cum poured into my throat. Even with my recent experience of big cocks and large loads, I almost gagged on it.

“Stand up,” he said when I released his cock.

I obeyed and Curt quickly had his tongue in my mouth as his finger replaced mine on my clit. Firmly, but gently, he stroked it as we shared a long, deep French kiss. I climaxed with a loud cry, my legs getting shaky as the orgasm propelled me into a realm of ecstasy. Curt’s strong arm held me steady, though. We cuddled and kissed after that until my ears pricked up at the sound of voices drifting up the trail.

“Shit,” I hissed, “I think we’ve got company.”

“I hear them, too. Let’s get dressed,” Curt replied, stifling a laugh.

By the time two older couples appeared down the trail, Curt and I had our clothing back in place. We greeted them and then, both giggling a little, we went on down the side trail that led back to the main trail.

“God, that was exciting,” I said when the others were out of earshot.

“It was. I think that’s the closest we’ve ever come to being caught,” Curt agreed.

“There was that Christmas in front of your parents’ tree,” I pointed out, “Risky sex does have its pleasures, doesn’t it?”

Curt blushed and looked a little nervous.

“I know. I… um… I actually joined the mile-high club while we were apart,” he said, “That’s a real thrill. It was a private plane and I think my partner forewarned the crew to stay out of the main cabin but still…”

I gave his hand a squeeze.

“Mile-high is something we have got to do someday,” I responded, “I had sex in somebody’s backyard a couple weeks ago. It was a threesome with a couple I met. They seemed to know what they were doing but I guess the risk of exposure was there.”

Curt cocked an eyebrow at me.

“A couple?” he asked, sounding puzzled.

“Yes. They have an open marriage,” I clarified.

“But that means you had sex with the wife?”

Suddenly, I realized what Curt was getting at.

“Yes. Yes, I did,” I replied, laughing nervously. I suddenly felt insecure and a bit scared again.

“Curt, I’ve realized that I’m bisexual,” I went on, “That’s maybe the most important thing I learned about myself from all this. I’ve only been with that one woman but it confirmed feelings I’ve had for years. I hope that doesn’t change your mind about us.”

“It doesn’t. But are you going to want to pursue that side of your sexuality?” Curt asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“Only with your knowledge and consent, Curt. I promise,” I quickly answered, “There’s really no women that I’m interested in right now, anyway. That couple was a bit of a surprise and I walked away afterwards. I could tell they wanted more than I was ready to give.”

Curt responded after being quiet for a moment, “We can talk about it. I’m not saying ‘no’ to you exploring your bisexuality. But after what you did this summer, I’m not sure I’m ready to give an answer to you being intimate with other people.”

“I agree fully. But thank you for at least being open to the conversation,” I responded, quickly kissing his cheek.

We hiked another few hundred metres and came out into a more settled part of the park with some picnic tables. I sat down on one and pulled out some snacks. Curt joined me, putting an arm around me as we ate a simple lunch of granola bars and jerky. After my appetite was satisfied, I leaned against Curt’s side and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Curt, I think it’s kind of exciting that we’re finding out new things about each other,” I said, running a hand back and forth along his thigh.

“It is,” he agreed, his hand stroking me back, “The thought of you with a woman actually kind of excites me now that I’ve thought about it a bit.”

“Would you want to watch?” I asked.

“I might. I don’t know how I’d feel, though. Seeing someone else enjoying your kisses and touches might not sit well.”

“Well, for now, your kisses and touches are enough for me,” I responded.

We started kissing again, tongues caressing each other as hands stroked skin.

“I can’t believe we’re starting foreplay again already,” I whispered when we stopped to breathe.

“We’ve gone a whole summer without each other. I guess we really should get a room so we can catch up properly,” Curt replied, giving my thigh a squeeze, “And those other hikers may get here soon.”

I laughed and pulled out my phone.

“I think that inn we talked about is in my travel app. Let’s see.”

Our room at the inn wasn’t very big, but it was clean with a large tub shower and a king-sized bed. We didn’t need much more for what we wanted to do.

As soon as the door was closed and our packs were dumped on the dresser, Curt swept me into his arms and kissed me. I returned the kiss with equal ardour as his hands roamed over my body. After making out like that for a bit, I freed myself from Curt’s embrace and quickly shed my top. As I did, Curt unfastened my shorts so I could quickly remove them. When I was naked, I helped Curt undress and then we embraced and kissed again.

“Bedtime, baby,” he growled with a grin, scooping me up and putting me on my back on the bed.

Curt lay atop me and kissed my mouth, then moved his face down to kiss and lightly bite my neck. I stroked my love’s hair and caressed his bare skin as his mouth began a journey down over my collarbone towards my left breast.

Reaching my breast, Curt lightly flicked the nipple with his tongue repeatedly. Then his mouth closed over my stiff nipple and he began sucking it. When his teeth closed gently on the nip, biting it just enough to put me on the brink between pain and pleasure, I moaned for more. Curt obliged, alternately sucking and biting that nipple while using his fingers to stroke and pinch the other.

Between my legs, the urgent need I had felt since our make-out session in the picnic area grew. I wanted Curt down there badly but I also knew that letting him take his time would push me even further, even closer to the brink. Raising my arms above my head to put my hands out of the way, I closed my eyes and focussed on the sensations of Curt’s mouth on my body.

Apparently finished with my left breast, Curt kissed his way across to the other and gave its nipple a kiss and a gentle bite. Then he began slowly working his way down my belly, licking, kissing and nibbling as he went. I tensed as he neared my pussy, ready for his touch on that sensitive place.

Instead, the sensation of Curt’s mouth on my body stopped. I opened my eyes to see him down between my legs. He smiled up at me, then began to lay a trail of kisses and bites up the inside of my left thigh. When he reached the top, Curt planted a light kiss on my pussy’s soft lips before starting over on the right side. I closed my eyes again, my body quivering with anticipation as he drew near to my aroused pussy.

I shuddered a little at the first touch of Curt’s mouth on my pussy, but kept my eyes closed and my hands up. Silently, I wished we had something that he could use to tie my hands. We had never tried bondage before, but being restrained from participating as he did this would have made it even more exciting.

Curt’s tongue stroked my slit a few times before probing past my soft pink lips. For a moment or two, he fucked me with his tongue, then withdrew it. A finger replaced it, slowly penetrating me as Curt circled my clit with his tongue. As he found and began gently massaging my G-spot with the finger, his lips and tongue teased aroused clitoris. My body writhed involuntarily as my arousal reached its peak.

“Oh God, yes!” I cried out as a powerful orgasm erupted from deep within.

My body shook and I cried out multiple times. Curt was relentless, keeping up the attention until I had to beg him to stop, too sensitive to take any more. He crawled up over me and his mouth came down on mine. As I sucked on Curt’s tongue, I could taste myself on him.

After giving me some recovery time, Curt moved his erect cock into position at my dripping slit. I nodded my consent and he slowly drove it into me. I was still sensitive but welcomed the penetration nonetheless. While I had enjoyed bigger, thicker cocks than Curt’s, his had been my first and was the one that had given me the most pleasure. It fit me perfectly, it seemed.

Curt began fucking me with slow, rhythmic thrusts. I closed my eyes again to savour the feel of my love’s cock moving inside me. Being fucked was one of my favorite sensations and having him doing it put it on to another plane altogether. Opening my eyes to look up at Curt, I ran my fingers through his chest hair and massaged his erect nipples. He smiled down at me, then lowered his mouth to mine.

After a lingering kiss, Curt began moving faster inside me, fucking me with harder, deeper thrusts. I knew what was coming and began moving my body in time with his; meeting his thrusts with my own. With a loud groan, my love threw his head back and his cock pulsed inside me, splashing my inside with his sweet, sticky load.

I climaxed almost immediately after. It was just a pleasant ripple of pleasure compared with the body-shaking orgasm Curt had given me orally, but still quite satisfying. My love settled on top of me and we cuddled for a while. We were both too blissed out by our erotic reunion to do anything but shower affection on each other.

Hunger eventually drove us to leave our little lovers’ cocoon. We showered together, then dressed and headed down the road to a little roadhouse we sometimes patronized when at the park.

“So, are we going to stay the night or head home?” I asked over pizza and beer.

“We’ve paid for the room, why not make a night of it? It’s kind of a romantic way to restart things,” Curt responded.

“It is, isn’t it? Curt, are you really serious about still wanting to marry me?”

“I am, Jewel. Actually, I brought something for you. It’s up to you whether you want to take it now, though,” he replied.

From his pocket, Curt produced a little ring box. My eyes opened wide, already knowing what it was. I took the box from him and opened it. The little one-carat diamond that had adorned my ring finger until I cancelled the wedding gleamed at me. I took the ring out and slid it on to my finger, enjoying the feeling of having it back where it belonged.

“Curt, I love this ring so much, but is it too soon?” I asked, feeling like I might tear up, “I mean, as soon as I put this on and people see it, the expectations are going to pile on.”

“It won’t take long for people to find out anyway. It’s not like we’re social hermits,” Curt pointed out, “The first time we go to a party together or run into friends at an event, the cat will be out of the bag.”

“I know, but if people see us together and I’m wearing this ring, they will start asking about our plans. At least without it, they may think we’re just back to dating again.”

Curt nodded, obviously seeing my point.

“Maybe you just wear it in private for now or when we’re away from town and unlikely to meet people we know,” he suggested.

“A secret engagement? Now that is romantic,” I said with a chuckle, “And when do we go public?”

Curt was quiet for a minute or two, his face taking on a thoughtful cast.

“When we’re married,” he finally said, “I don’t want the pressure of another big social event wedding. Or the risk of it going awry. Maybe when we feel ready, we just grab a couple close friends we can trust and have a quick, private civil ceremony. Then we can throw a dinner for our families and the rest of our friends when we announce it.”

“Elope, eh? Dad will flip,” I suggested, “But I like it and I think he’ll accept it once I explain why we did it that way.”

Curt shrugged and smiled.

“My folks won’t be crazy about it, either, but a big ceremony would be a distraction from the real event.”

“The ‘real event’ being…?”

“Me and you finally saying ‘yes’ to each other for real and for good.”

I nodded, then kissed him on the lips. After a moment’s hesitation, I put the ring back in the box and handed it back to Curt.

“Keep this safe for now, I guess. Until we feel ready,” I said as he returned the box to his pocket.

He took it but didn’t look entirely happy. We toasted our love and happiness with our beers, then chatted amiably until dinner was done and we headed back to our overnight love nest.

With our desires sated somewhat by the afternoon’s fun, we simply stripped off our clothes and crawled into bed. Neither of us had come prepared for an overnight stay, so sleeping naked was really our only option. Curt turned on the radio and found our favorite evening jazz program. Then we snuggled under the covers. I dozed a little even though it was early, lulled by the warmth of Curt’s body and the feeling of being protected and loved in his arms.

When I became more awake again, I reached down and fondled Curt’s cock and balls gently. He smiled at me.

“Again?” he asked, sounding a bit incredulous

“I’m enjoying just cuddling but, truth be told, I would love to have you inside me again.”

“If you can get him up, he is all yours.”

“Ooh, a challenge.”

Curt laughed and rolled on to his back. I slid down under the covers and rested my head on his belly, his soft cock just inches from my mouth. Taking it in my fingers, I lightly massaged it. I actually liked playing with a soft cock and the sight of one starting to awaken excited me.

Moving my face closer, I kissed the tip a few times, then began lightly teasing the head and shaft with my tongue. That seemed to have the desired effect and Curt’s cock swelled a little, though he was still far from a full erection.

“Wore him out, did I?” I commented.

“He seems like he might be coming to life, though. Maybe try harder.”

I didn’t answer, just licked the stiffening rod a bit more before putting it between my lips to gently suck it. As I did, I tweaked the tip with my tongue.

“That’s good, baby,” Curt sighed, “That should get things moving.”

I took his cock in deeper, letting the head move back towards my throat as it swelled further.

“Maybe I should give you a little attention, too,” Curt suggested.

I mounted his face, then bent down to resume my enjoyment of his cock. As I began sucking him again, Curt’s tongue lapped at my pussy. We had only rarely done a sixty-nine but I hoped it would happen more often in our revived relationship. Mutual oral was almost as enjoyable as fucking.

I felt his fingers part my ass cheeks and then, to my surprise, his tongue began exploring my back opening. We had never done any anal play before, so his interest in it was something new. Even more surprising was how good it felt.

By this point, a large bead of precum was forming on the tip of Curt’s fully erect penis. I licked it off, then turned my head back to look at Curt.

“Okay, dear, I got him up. Now for my reward,” I announced happily.

He laughed and let me go so I could turn around. Mounting him quickly, I slid down on to his stiff pole. With Curt fully inside me, I began to slowly move up and down on his cock. As I rode my love, I began massaging my tits, stroking and pinching my nipples as I did. My eyes met Curt’s as he watched me, clearly enthralled by the sight of me riding him and playing with my own body.

As my arousal rose to a crescendo, I took Curt all the way in, then began moving back and forth against him. Sliding one hand down my belly from my breast, I began massaging my clit with the tip of its middle finger. With the other hand, I played roughly with my nipple, pinching and twisting it to increase the stimulation.

Curt’s stroked my thighs with his fingers, working up to my belly. He moved his hips a little, too, meeting my movements with shallow thrusts.

“Here it comes, baby,” he whispered, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum in you again.”

“Do it, Curt. Cum in me. Fill me up,” I moaned in breathless reply, feeling my own orgasm coming on.

He arched his back, driving into me as he cried out. I could feel his cock pumping its load inside me. Then my vagina tightened around Curt’s cock. Seconds later, I was gone, my body swamped by a wave of pleasure. I cried out loudly, probably alerting those in the neighbouring rooms to what was happening. As the orgasm passed, I collapsed on to Curt’s body. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me.

Then, without warning, my body started shaking again. It wasn’t an orgasm this time, but sobs. I burst into tears, suddenly unable to hold back the emotions I had built up over the long, crazy summer. I was happy, sad, mad, in love, and God knows what else all at once. Crying seemed to be the only way that I could let it all out.

“Jewel, it’s okay,” Curt whispered as his fingers caressed my hair and back, “I’m here and I love you. Everything will be fine.”

I have no idea how long I cried, but Curt patiently held and comforted me the whole time. When I was finally calm and composed enough, we got up and showered together. He had to hold me as another wave of sobs came on while we were fooling around under the warm spray.

By the time we returned to the bed, I was feeling better, even a bit cheerful. Curt turned off the lights and radio. I snuggled up against him in the darkness, losing myself in his warmth. From a bar across the parking lot came the faint sounds of music. It was a live band covering “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger.

I excitedly whispered, “Curt, that was our first dance together.”

“Indeed, it was. Want to dance?” Curt replied, rocking me a little in his arms.

“Too tired,” I yawned, “This has been quite a day.”

There was silence after that for a few minutes and I thought Curt had drifted off to sleep.

Then, after a light kiss on my forehead, he asked the question that had probably been on his mind the whole evening, “Julia Powell, will you marry me?”

I kissed him before answering, “Yes, Curt Moffat. I will. And I promise it really will happen this time.”

Curt kissed me back, then took my hand and slipped a ring on to my finger. While I couldn’t see it clearly in the dim light coming from the window, I knew full well what it was. To my surprise, I didn’t break down again, just felt an intense joy.

“I love you, Curt,” I whispered, hugging him tightly.

“I love you, too, Jewel” Curt replied.

We kissed one more time. With the music from the bar still dancing softly in our ears, my fiancé and I drifted off to sleep.


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