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Meeting a friends horny slut daughter at a wedding reception
About a year ago a friend of mine invited my wife and me to a wedding reception that he and his family were going to. It was a not so close relative of his, but he said they throw a good party and there would be plenty of food and drinks to go around. My friend has a very attractive 24- year- old daughter who has a pretty well known reputation as a party girl and this party was no exception. Heather is about 5"5, with dark brown hair and a really great set of 34C tits which she is constantly showing off by the way she dresses.

I do not think I have ever seen her in anything but a low cut top. She happened to be a bridesmaid. She was wearing a tight pink strapless gown which gave everyone a great view of her breasts, even her nipples when she bent down. After dinner and a few drinks, she was flirting with just about every man that talked to her, but I was able to hold her attention and get her pussy juices flowing.

We snuck off. The quickest place we could duck into was a bathroom on the far end of the reception hall. There were closer bathrooms, so we figured we would be able to have some privacy. She immediately got on her knees and started to unzip my pants and pulled my cock through the zipper. This little slut was cock hungry. She took me in her mouth slurping and sucking on it to get me hard, which took no time at all. I wanted to hold her tits in my hand, so I pulled the top of her dress down, exposing those beautiful mounds of flesh and squeezing her erect nipples. This little slut was a great cock sucker.

I was at full attention and she was working my cock hard all the while fingering her wet pussy under her dress. I had to fuck her. I pulled my dick from her mouth and lifted her to her feet, turning her around. I lifted the dress up over her ass to see she was not kidding when she told me she was not wearing her panties any more. Her ass was gorgeous and her plump pussy was completely bare and glistening with her juices. I needed a taste before I fucked her. I leaned down and put my tongue to her shimmering twat and lapped up her juices. It was like honey, and her clit was swollen and sensitive. By her moans, I could tell she would come soon.

I stood up and positioned my cock between her lips and, just then, the door to the bathroom opened. We both turned to see Heather's dad standing in the doorway. My cock in my hand, her ass and tits completely exposed to him as she was bent over one of the sinks. Holy shit, I thought for what seemed like a moment frozen in time. Then he opened his mouth and just said "You might want to lock this door." Then he turned and walked out of the room.

We both laughed, but my cock was still hard and throbbing. I grabbed her hips and easily slid my prick into Heather's tight, hot cunt. It was heaven. We fucked for a good ten minutes as she moaned and squirmed on my dick with each thrust. I felt her tighten around me and she let out a "ohhh goddddd yesss" as she came. I could not hold back any longer and emptied my balls into her womb, flooding her with so much cum it began to run down her thighs. One of the best orgasms I had ever had. I withdrew my cock. Heather turned around and got on her knees again, taking my tool into her mouth and licking our juices from it. I looked down as she swirled her tongue around my shaft and she looked up at me with her gorgeous green eyes.

We adjusted ourselves. I went to the door to make sure the hall was clear for us to make it back to the party, but guess who was standing out side? Her dad, but not to confront us. He was turning people away, telling them the bathroom was occupied. He saw me look out and gave me a wink and then walked back to the main hall. I told Heather the coast was clear and she went back to the party, my cum still running down her thighs. A little later, her dad came over to me, handed me a drink and motioned to the other side of the room where Heather was leading another guy out of the hall and into the bathroom. "Lovely daughter," I said, and we shared a drink. A very lovely daughter.