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I am running late to work, and I needed to get there early. I still have to get home and change. I stayed at Michelle’s last night and while it was worth every minute I know there will be hell to pay when I finally make it to work.

I tear into my driveway running into my house stripping as I go. I need a shower before I go into work. I hurry into my shower and cant help but smile thinking about last night with Michelle. As the water beats down on me I remember the touch of her skin and the taste of her lips against mine. I start getting turned on just thinking about her. With my left hand I reach down between my legs and start rubbing on my hard clit. My right hand is pulling on my nipple. God it feels good. Just a few more strokes on my clit and with the image of Michelle in my head I orgasm quickly.

I hop out of the shower run into my room and quick as I can get dressed. I am barreling out of the door when my phone rings. It is Michelle telling me that she just got to work herself and the boss is pissed we don’t have the reports he wanted done yet. I tell her I will be there in 5 minutes. Thank god I live 5 minutes from work.

When I get to work I head straight to my office. I pass Michelle’s office on the way in and she smiles and winks at me. Then I see Richard and I get a grin from him as well. And while I would love to fool around with him again today I don’t think I will be able to Although that would certainly make for a much better Wednesday.

I get in my office sit down behind my desk and I cant help but smile at the fun times I have had at this very desk of late. Monday it was Richard and I and Tuesday it was Richard and Michelle. Stop you have got to get to work I tell myself. Focus! Ok I get my computer going and just get started on the reports that were due yesterday when my phone rings. It’s my boss he wants to see me in his office right away. Oh shit I think as I head towards his office. Michelle peeks her head office and whispers good luck. Why am I also the one that takes the blame when things don t get done on time, I wonder as I headed into Stuart’s office.

I enter his office and can’t help but notice what a gorgeous man he is. He has blue eyes and blond hair. A ripped body. He looks like he could be a model for a gym. Every inch of him looks hard. I wonder what it would feel like to have that body on top of me grinding against me. I can’t help but smile at him lecherously. What is wrong with me I think. Get your head straight you know you are in trouble stop with the sex obsession for a minute I tell myself. I cant quite get the grin off my face though.

“Hey boss how’s it going?” I ask hoping he is in a better mood now.

“It would be going just fine if I could get my employees to not only show up on time but when they are here they need to be working not fucking their new co-worker.” he tells me angrily and yet there is a smirk on his face as well.

“What ever are you talking about?” I ask as innocently as I can.

I can’t help the slight simile that appears on my face as I think back over the last two days with Richard and Michelle. Giving myself away I fear.

“You know damn well what I am talking about. You do realize that my office is right next to yours and the walls aren’t very thick.” he says.

“Listen, Stuart I am sorry it wont happen again. I will have the reports to you in an hour, I swear.” I plead with him.

I love my job and don’t want to lose it ,I think as he just sits there staring at me. I wonder what else I could say or do so that he won’t fire me or anyone else for that matter. I stand there awaiting his reply.

“ Well I should fire you for gross misconduct, but perhaps I shall just punish you instead. Will you except my punishment?” he asks me with an malevolent grin on his face.

I look at him and wonder what kind of punishment he talking about. Maybe staying late or coming in early or maybe even working the weekend. I don’t want to lose my job I have entirely too much fun. I am a little nervous about that grin though, maybe he just wants sex too. I don’t really have much choice though.

“Yeah Stuart you can punish me. What do you want?” I ask him.

He gets up from behind his desk and walks toward the door and locks it. Then he turns his radio up. I think damn I should of thought of that. He comes up behind me and grabbing my hair he turns my head so that he can kiss my shoulder and neck. With his other hand her grabs my tit and pulls it roughly. I think now this is my kind of punishment. I try turning around but he stops me.

“Tell me you have been a bad girl and you need to be punished“ he tells me

“I am a bad girl and I need to be punished.” I respond.

I am getting a little nervous now unsure what I have gotten myself into. But I want to keep my job and I am sure he wont take things to far. I hope so anyway. Besides he is one hot guy. I have fantasized about him more than once on slow days at work. Hell on busy days I have thought about fucking him. He goes back to his desk and sits down.

‘ I want you to take your clothes of now.’ he tells me.

Ok now this is more like it. I think I as slowly start unbuttoning my shirt. When the shirt comes off I see him starting at my tits. I rub my hands over my black bra teasingly then slowly unhook it. I have rather large breasts so I take one in my hand and pulling up towards my mouth I lick my nipple while staring at him. I can tell he likes it so I do the same with my other breast.

Then I take my pants off. I am standing there in nothing but my black thong. He sits there staring at me he hand is rubbing his slowly hardening cock.

“ Take off the rest.” he tells me.

I take off my thong. I am getting excited just watching him rub his cock. I want him so bad. I want to feel his hard cock inside me. Just the thought of him fucking me in his office is starting to get me slightly wet.

“ Come over here and bend over my desk with your ass facing me.” He says.

I quickly comply with his wishes. I lean over the desk as he rubs my ass with his hands. He hands reach between my legs and start rubbing my pussy. I spread my legs slightly so he has better access to my pussy lips. If this is his idea of punishment I shall never finish any reports on time again I think to myself.

“Your already wet for me aren’t you?” he asks.

“Yes Stuart, you don’t know how long I have wanted you.” I tell him.

“ Well I have thought of having you bent over my desk many times as well. But before I have my way with you. There is this matter of your punishment.” he tells me as he sticks his finger inside my pussy.

“You can do whatever you want.” I tell him.

His fingers are going in and out of pussy in a slow motion. It feels wonderful. I am rotating my hips so that his fingers rub up against my clit as well. If he doesn’t stop soon I will orgasm. Just that slow steady rhythm is driving my body closer and closer toward my climax.

“Do you like what I am doing to you ?” he asks me.

“God yes Stuart, don’t stop it feels amazing.” I tell him a little breathlessly.

“So you have been a bad girl and need to be punished right? Stuart asks.

“Yes Stuart I am a bad girl and I need to be punished, you can do anything you want to me just don’t stop what you are doing please.” I implore to him.

“Well you ass is too white, I shall have to make it red before I can have you.” he says.

I’m thinking red what does he mean? Then it is like a light has been switched on . Boy the lack of sleep last night is really slowing me down. Should I stay and let him do this or should I leave and let him fire me.

I am still trying to decide what to do when I feel him spank my ass hard with his hand. He starts rubbing his other hand against my pussy. He starts spanking me repeatedly with his hand it hurts but his other hand is fucking my pussy with his fingers and that feels so good.

The spanking continues as he switches back and forth between my left ass check and then the right. I want him to stop but I think I have been fucking up at work and well I deserve to be punished besides if this all ends with him fucking me it will be worth every blow I receive from him and save my job as well.

Before long my pussy juices are flowing over his hand. His fingers are bringing me close to an orgasm regardless of the pain. My body is arching up to receive the blows now and my orgasm is quickly approaching. I am lost to the pleasure and the pain of the moment when he stops. Why has he stopped I wonder the pain intensifies the pleasure, I don’t want him to stop.

“Please Stuart don’t stop. Punish me please.” I beg him.

He starts fingering me hard. His thumb is hitting my clit repeatedly. He starts spanking me harder and harder on my ass but I don’t care it feels incredible.

“OH fuck oh god I’m cumming” I cry out as my orgasm flows through every inch of my body. I lay on his desk lifeless afterwards trying to regain my composure.

“We are not don’t yet. Spread your legs so I can fuck you.” he tells me.

I do as he says. Although my legs are a little wobbly I am starting to feel the pain in my ass again as the orgasm fades away. Damn but it hurts. I feel his hard large cock slipping in me from behind. My pussy is so wet from my juices he slides in easily. But my god he is big. He keeps slowly pushing and pushing his cock in me. I don’t think anybody has ever filled me so completely as he is right now. When his hard cock is all the way in it feels like he is going to come out the other side.

My ass is burning from the spanking and it hurts with him pressed up against me. But to finally feel his cock in me is great. He start pounding his cock in me, pulling almost all the way out and the thrusting it back in. Over and over he does this. I know in moments I shall cum again it feels so good. He starts thrusting faster and harder I know he is near too.

He grabs my hips and pounds into me harder that I thought possible and when I feel his cum spurting into me I cum again as well.

As I get dressed he sees me grimace when I am putting on my panties and pulling up my pants.

“Your ass is going to hurt like that all day. So stay out of trouble with me or I shall have to punish you again.” he tells me with a smile.

“Maybe we should make it a weekly thing Boss, you know to just keep me in line.” I tell him with a wicked grin.

“ Keep running that mouth and we shall make it a daily ritual.” he responds.

“Promise?” I ask as I walk towards the door.

“Get to work and send Michelle in so I can give her what she deserves as well.” he tells me.

I send Michelle into Stuart’s office. I give her no clue as to what is going to happen. I figure why ruin the surprise for her. In fact I am a little jealous of what is about to happen in Stuart’s office. Jealous of Stuart as well as Michelle. I wish it was me even though I don’t think my ass could take another spanking right now it is hard enough sitting at my desk. the thought of spanking Michelle’s ass is turning me on as well.

Within a few minutes I hear the spanking Michelle is receiving. It is making me wet listening to her being spanked. I lean back in my chair and start fingering myself with one hand as my other starts rubbing my hard nipples. Faster and faster I finger myself as I hear the spanking going on in the next room. The spanking stops and I know he is fucking her now. I start rubbing my clit, thinking about his hard cock inside me, fucking me as my body start quivering as another orgasm runs through my body.

My door opens a little while later. Michelle pops her head in. She has a big grin on her face.

“Damn that was fucking awesome.” she says as she rubs her backside.

“Yeah, but be careful when you sit down.” I warn her.

She smiles and says with a laugh, “ I think I may stand for the rest of the day.”

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