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Weekend Away

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The start of a couple's weekend away
This is my first story so be nice.

I stand admiring a golden statue as I wait, wearing a floor length blue dress, which cuts low down my back, framing my ass perfectly. My long, dark brown hair is flowing down, lightly caressing my bare back. You smile as you take in my beauty, watching me standing there in the middle of the hotel lobby. The posh hotel in the heart of central London was a perfect choice for our weekend away. My light brown eyes sparkle with delight as I turn and see you standing there, watching me. A smile lingers on your lips, those perfect lips I can’t get enough of. You walk towards me, still smiling; as I smile back you gently plant a small kiss on my lips, leaving me wanting more.

We both make our way into the bar for a drink, at a quiet table. We sit together and I lean forward to kiss you slowly as we both look into each other’s eyes. At the same time my tongue slides into your mouth to intertwine with yours. You slide your hand around my back, feeling my smooth, bare skin were my dress is cut away. Your hand slides down lower to feel my firm ass. Your mouth feels incredible on mine. As our lips start to caress each other and our tongues dance; your hands working my soft skin starts a fire spreading straight down to my pussy. As our lips separate, still looking into each other’s eyes, you tell me that you have booked a room for us for the whole weekend.

You stand and lead me to the front desk, collect the room card and head straight for the lift. As soon as the lift doors open an old couple step out hand in hand. I smile to myself at the sweet little gestures still shared between them.

I take a steadying breath as we step into the lift, your strong hand still wrapped around mine. I can feel my nerves beginning to build as you lightly squeeze my hand, reassuring me. We start the ascent in silence, my nerves still building, my feelings for you stronger than ever. I build up the courage to turn and face you, kissing you hard while my hand comes to rest on your chest, slowly wandering down. As the lift comes to a standstill, you gently release me, stepping out of the lift, leading me down a romantically lit corridor. As we walk down the low-lit corridor, still holding hands, we soon arrive outside our room. You place the key in the door and open it, sliding your hand around my waist. You can sense my nerves and whisper in my ear, “It’s okay,” as we both enter the room and close the door.

Your reassurance helps push me along in my quest to get what I want. As soon as the door is closed your lips crush against mine with more urgency, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. Your hardening cock pressing against me only increases the feeling of needing to have you. I want to give you a little surprise, show you what lies beneath the delicious exterior of my dress. Slowly, I pull back, releasing your grip. I push one side of my dress down at the shoulder and then the other, letting my dress fall to my waist; exposing my half cup, black lacy bra which barely contains my huge 36E breasts. I pause for a second before continuing to rid myself finally of my dress. As the silky material slips down past my hips and falls to the floor, it reveals my matching thong and garter belt; holding up black stockings. There I stand before you in nothing but my underwear and heels. My eyes hold yours for a split second before they wander all over my body, taking in a much as you can.

My hands reach for the growing bulge in your pants as I slowly undo your trousers, pulling them down to rest at your ankles. I start to rub your growing cock through your black boxers. As we kiss, you grab my breasts. Feeling your cock twitch I just know I have to have you in my mouth. I drop to my knees, finally freeing your cock from its fabric confines. As soon as your cock is out I hungrily start to take all eight inches of you in my mouth. I start slow at first, licking and lightly sucking, teasing the head. Your moans spur me on as I plunge the rest of your cock deeper into my mouth. “Oh yes, just like that baby,” you quietly moan. Your breathing comes heavier now as I begin to play with your balls. As your cock bobs in and out of my mouth I let out a little moan of appreciation, of that amazing cock probing my throat deeper and deeper. I sense your need to cum and I back off, not wanting the moment to end too soon. I stand up giving you a cheeky wink and walk off towards the bed, swaying my sexy hips as I go.

As I get to the bed I turn to face you, seeing you stroking your hard cock, watching me intently. I sit down on the edge of the bed with my eyes fixed towards you. I lean back, spreading my legs, giving you a teasing look. I wet my lips with my tongue then place a finger into my mouth, sucking on it slowly as I stare straight into your eyes. My wet finger reaches down to my still covered pussy, I begin to rub my clit through my panties as I let out a little moan. I know you hate it when I tease. You walk towards me and kneel down between my parted legs, and grab them both, pushing them up towards my chest. Then you pull my thong to one side exposing my tight wet pussy, burying your tongue between my dripping lips. I moan out with pleasure, as your fingers spread my pussy lips apart, allowing your tongue to go deeper into my wet hole. You start to rub my now swollen clit with your finger as your tongue fucks my pussy. You see I’m close to cumming as my moans get even louder and my breathing quickens, yelling for you to “eat me”. So you swap places with your finger and tongue, your mouth now starts its oral assault on my clit. Licking it hard and biting it softly, you push two fingers deep into my soaking tight cunt masturbating it hard and fast, as I scream out in pleasure “YES, just like that, don’t stop; eat my fucking pussy.” I start to cum, drenching your mouth and fingers as you start to lap up my flowing juices.

You look up at me, smiling, knowing you’ve done well; I look down at you now with that raw, animalistic look. I need that cock inside me fucking me hard. You know what I want now and you tell me to get on all fours. I do as you say, pushing my ass high in the air. You waste no time in ripping my thong down over my ass cheeks to the top of my stockings, slapping my ass. Positioning yourself behind me, you rub the head of your cock up and down my slit, making me moan again. I look back at you and beg you to fuck me.

Before I get the chance to say another word you slam all eight inches of your rock hard cock into my tight pussy. I scream out in a mixture of both pleasure and pain, as you pull all the way out to the tip, and slam back in, buried to your balls. You start fucking me like it’s the last ride you’ll ever get. You pound my pussy good and I feel myself entering a third orgasm. I scream out loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk." I’m sure the whole hotel can hear me now but I don’t care. “I’m cumming,” I pant louder. My pussy juices spill all over your cock, as my legs start to weaken.

The feel of my pussy clenching tight around your cock mixed with my moans pushes you over the edge. “Oh, god,” you moan out loud. Your breath quickens and you thrust your hips into me one last time, before cumming. “Ahhhhhhh yes, yes,” you moan out, holding me tight against you, as you deposit load after load of hot, sticky cum deep in my pussy. I collapse on the bed as soon as you finish. Pulling out, you roll over and lay beside me, breathing heavy for a few minutes as we recover. Your eyes now look down at me with nothing but love.

You pull me closer, holding me tight, whispering in my ear, “Round one to me." I cuddle into your warm chest, thinking this is going to be a promising weekend….

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I appreciate any comments or thoughts; please bear in mind it was my first story. I will probably write a follow up depending on ratings and comments.

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