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Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 4 – Saturday

I get to fuck Jayne at last
I woke up with a rock hard cock – pressure on my bladder – Mr Stiffy as Julie calls it – and urgently needed a pee but I could hear someone in the shared bathroom. What could I do? I was naked as usual but what was I worried about especially after the events so far?

I crept in and could see Jayne through the steam-frosted glass of the shower

“Sorry but I desperately need to pee” I said loud enough for her to hear

The shower stopped and the door slid open revealing Jayne in her full naked glory

“Come here”

“But I need a pee first”

“Come in here, now!” she said, more as a command than a request

So I went to her still gripping my cock to stop me from releasing a fountain of piss. I stepped into the shower and she gripped my cock and told me to let go. Her body was wet and shining and absolutely fantastic. Her wet hair made her look even sexier. It was the first time I’d seen it. I’d touched it and licked it; Julie had described it graphically and now I could see her in her full glory.

She gradually lessened her grip on my cock and I had no option but to start to pee - like Niagra Falls. Jayne smiled and directed it over her body, splashing it everywhere but mainly over her tits. I seemed to have bucket loads to piss as it seemed to flow for ages.

When I was fully relieved my cock was still hard in her hand. Who could blame me? An amazingly beautiful naked wet woman was standing in front of me; I’d licked and finger-fucked her last night and I’d had her lesbian and group sex exploits graphically told to me by my wife. I was looking at her magnificent tits and her wonderful labia lips and cunt

My hands went to her wet breasts and erect nipples as she held and stroked my cock and our lips and tongues met in a passionate kiss. I massaged her tits and gently pinched her nipples to make them even harder. Her eyes smiled in appreciation

One hand moved down and she opened her legs to let my fingers explore her hard clit and cunt. A couple of minutes of this and she turned round to push her beautiful round arse back towards me and my cock. At last, I got my reward as she reached through her legs to guide me into her. She was so wet and juicy; so hot around my cock and she bent further down so I could get all the way in up to the hilt. She moved and I moved and we got into a rhythmic noisy wet grinding as I noisily slapped against her cheeks.

But we stopped when we heard another person come into the bathroom. It was Julie but with the steamed up glass I don’t think she could see us. She sat down to pee and then the other door opened as we heard Mark apologise but Julie said for him to stay.

Jayne and I were still and we wiped away small circles in the steamed glass

Julie asked Mark if he needed any help with his erection and he said yes but needed to relieve his bladder first. We could see Julie get up and then held Mark’s cock as he pissed into the toilet bowel. A few shakes - perhaps more than actually necessary - and she got onto her knees and put his cock in her mouth. My cock twitched as I watched this and Jayne clenched her cunt around me when she felt my twitch. She started slowly moving herself forward and back on my cock again as I reached round to rub her clit.

We could see Julie’s hand moving slowly and then getting faster on Mark’s cock - twisting her had as she does so well. She's an expert at giving head - I should know. Mark soon began to grunt that he was cumming and we watched Julie take her mouth away as he shot ropes of cum over face and hair. At the same time I could hold back no longer and unloaded my cum three of four times into Jayne. She squeezed every drop from me as I eased my way out.

“Can you two come out of the shower now as Mark and I need to clean ourselves up” Julie said loudly. She’d known we were in there all the time and she'd put on a show for us!

To be continued/

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