Welcome back

By LesFabules

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Finally, I see you again
I open the door and there you are. You look amazing as always. Luckily for me it's warm outside. You are wearing a low top to show off your neckline and shoulders, a short skirt with short boots, and nice heels you bought the day before. You are so proud to show them off. Your legs shine, catching the sunlight.

You look into my eyes with the loveliest smile. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. A shiver goes through my body and my mouth begins to water. I become instantly hard. I just take you in too long without being able to speak. The only thing you say is, "Hello."

Without speaking I walk towards you. You lean towards me for a kiss. When I get close I grab your waist and, with the other hand, go through your hair and tilt your head to the side. My lips go towards your neck and I can finally smell you again.

I'm getting harder if that's even possible and I put my lips on your neck. You let go a slight moan when you feel my lips. I let my hands slide forcefully down your back and body and look you in the eyes. I say, "Hello."

Our lips meet softly and we forget we are still outside on the porch. Holding on to your waist I pull you inside the hall. I take both your hands and hold them above your head. There is nothing you can do but just let go, but you don't mind. Your heart is beating faster and you just let it all happen.

I take your lips and our tongues meet playfully. You get weak in the knees and I grab your leg. I guide my hand over your leg and slightly massage it going towards your ass. I let go of your hands and lips but hold on to your leg. You put your other leg around me and hold me by the shoulders, elevated. I tell you I missed you. You smile and our heads are just leaning against each other. My heart and body are out of control.

With you holding on to me I walk us to the bed and gently lay you down. I made sure the room is warm and soft music is playing. Here comes trouble. You can't believe what is happening. We have waited a long time for this. I take off my shirt and your shoes. My lips kiss your inner legs and move slowly upwards. I move your skirt up, to see that you are not wearing any underwear. Love this. Your pussy lips are already getting wet and it's hard for me to resist.

I tease you by kissing you around your lips and you start to breath heavier. You tell me you missed me and I look up and smile. I undress you further and take a look at your gorgeous body. I'm going crazy but have to control myself because I want to make this last and give you as much pleasure as possible.

We start kissing while my hand reaches for some oil. I drip it all over your breasts and stomach, massaging it into your skin. It gets even softer and easier to slide. You love feeling the touch of my hands go over your body and shiver when I caress your breasts.

My lips are catching your neck and go slowly down, sometimes licking your skin as you taste so good. I take your nipple between my lips and you respond by holding my head, not able for me to move away. I glide my hand over your inner thighs, first not touching your lips, but then going up and holding them in between my fingers. Your back arches and you start to moan. You know you are in trouble.

I jump from the bed and remove my jeans. It starts to hurt. My cock jumps out and your eyes brighten up. I get back on the bed and try to kiss you, you look me in the eyes and push me back. You start to kiss my neck and with your hand you grab my cock. I've missed this, I am thinking.

You are kissing me all the way down and then I feel your breath on the top of my cock. I am as hard as I will ever be. You look at me with your cheeky smile again and you press your lips over my cock. I'm in heaven.

You continue to suck me off but feel yourself getting more wet and horny. You almost bring me to an orgasm a couple of times but when you feel this you stop. I can't take it any longer and I have to taste you. I push you away and open your legs putting my mouth on your pussy.

With my tongue I go in between your lips and open them up. The wetness and taste makes me go crazy horny. I let my tongue go down and push it inside you to get as much taste of you as I can. I put my lips around your clit and create a little vacuum, gently.

My tongue playfully moves your clit around and I can see you squirm on the bed; you tell me you don't want me to stop. I move my tongue up and down in between your lips and try to get inside you as much as I can, in between sucking on your clit. The wetness doesn't stop and I'm loving it.

Suddenly I stop and you open your eyes again. I come back up; our tongues meet. We starting to kiss wildly. You feel my cock against your wet pussy and push your hips towards it. Slowly I guide the top of my cock in between your lips, it feels great and tender. Your body stops breathing for a second and you feel me coming in. You forgot how good it felt.

I keep going inside until I am fully in. Fully erect and deep. At this moment I stop and kiss you, feeling the connection that we are making. You start to move your hips. I start to screw you slow and deeply making sure we are feeling everything. I feel your pussy tightening around my cock and making it harder. My lips are playing with yours, can't focus, it just feels so good being inside you.

We are just hanging with our lips in front of each other, feeling each other's heavy breaths. Then you push me away to the side and jump on top of me. In a second you let your lips slide over my cock and you moan again loudly. I look up to you and you start riding me. You look amazing. You are enjoying the control. You are rubbing your clit over my body while riding me. This makes you go even more crazy and I have to control myself not to come yet.

We lose control and we are so wet. I love to see you move on top of me. Your body begins to shake and there is no stopping you. You are coming while riding my cock. While you are having your orgasm I quickly turn you around. You have no control. I cant take it anymore; I pound deep inside you holding your head up and you are holding on to me. It feels amazing and you are still coming.

I can't take this for very long and my body clamps around yours. I stop and put my hands around your shoulder and neck tightly, and I feel my cum coming inside you with lots of shocks. It doesn't seem to end. We don't want it to end....