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Welcome Home

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Kait was so happy to have her husband home.
Saturday afternoon:

Kait opened the window shades in her bedroom and looked out. The late afternoon sun was paving the way to evening. It was one of those days where time seemed to be moving more slowly. She walked away from the window and turned on the radio which was tuned to one of those “variety” music stations that played the predictable to the obscure. As the music provided background noise, she fluffed the pillows on the bed and sprayed the bed sheets with Victoria’s Secret “Room 504”. She was waiting for her husband Liu to come home from work and the scent brought back memories of one of their best love-making sessions. “After all” she thought, “it worked the last time”.

She left the bedroom when she heard his car pull up into the driveway. With a slam of the door, she heard him walk up the driveway and turn the key to the front door. “Hey” he said as he walked in the house.

“How was your day?” she asked.

“Lousy” he replied as he walked to the hall closet and locked up his gun.

“Any new leads in the case?” she asked.

“Not any good ones” he replied as he walked towards the bedroom.

“I’m sorry” Kait said apologetically.

“It’s not your fault” he smiled.

He took off his shoes and pulled off his tie. “Something smells good in here” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt. Kait sat on the bed as she watched him take off his blue suit.

“Anything interesting happen today?” he asked her.

“Nothing interesting happened today. I just missed you--- a lot” she replied as she bit her lower lip.

“I missed you too” he said as he unbuckled his pants.

As he moved to unzip them, Kait put her hand on his zipper. “Let me do that” she said seductively. Liu smiled and moved his hand away. She started to touch him through his pants, tenderly kissing the bulge. He put his hand on her head. “Unzip me” he said as he became more aroused. She unzipped his pants as they dropped to the floor. She stroked his cock very slowly before circling the tip with her tongue. Liu watched intently as he grew harder.

Kait took him in her mouth. Liu closed his eyes and felt the pleasure she was giving him. She caressed his balls as she sucked him hard. “That’s it” he whispered as he opened his eyes to watch her. “Suck it, you little whore!” he ordered her. Kait was more than happy to oblige. He put his hand on the side of her face signaling her to stop. He sat on the bed and kissed her lips hard. He tugged at her shirt “Get this off!” he demanded before he pulled it off himself. She quickly took off her bra. He started gently sucking her breasts. Kait moaned with pleasure as she moved to touch herself. He moved her hand away. “Not now!” he said as he sucked her breasts harder. He rubbed them and flicked her nipples with his fingers and tongue. She put her legs together, begging for friction against her swollen clit, but Liu didn’t let her close them. He started to rub her between her legs. But she craved more.

“Liu, please!” she quietly moaned.

“Please, what?” he asked playfully.

“Eat me” she asked.

“You want me to eat your pussy?” he asked.

“Yes, please” she begged.

Then say it.

“Please eat my pussy” she pleaded.

He pulled her up from the bed and in one motion, pulled down her pants and panties. He pushed her down on the bed. “Spread your legs!” he told her which she quickly obeyed. Now, very slowly, he kissed her legs and inner thighs. He licked the outside of her pussy lips before licking her just below her clit. Kait squirmed and grabbed her breasts. “Oh God, please Liu!” she begged again. He looked up and watched her helplessly beg for relief. He teased her again, licking around her swollen labia. Finally, he opened her lips with his fingers and began licking and sucking her clit. Kait remained silent and still as the only sound was from the radio and the soft sounds of Liu pleasing her.

Babe, I love you so….. ” the song began as Kait looked down at the man she loved more than anyone or anything in the world. She felt her body surrender in pleasure as he put his fingers inside her. He felt the throbbing of her clit against his tongue as her body shook with pleasure. With a gasp and a moan she reached her climax.

He moved up to kiss her and she could taste her pussy on his face. Their tongues dueled inside each others mouths as she placed him on his back. She kissed his chest, down to his stomach before taking him in her mouth again. She licked and sucked the shaft of his cock before sucking him. She could feel him in the back of her throat. His moans propelled her to suck him harder.

I need your love, I'm down on my knees beggin' please, please, please….” t he song continued. “I got to fuck you.” Liu said as he put her on her back. Spreading her legs for him, he slowly began to thrust into her, then gradually faster. Kait closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure. She rubbed her clit as he fucked her. “Harder- fuck me harder!” she said as their bed rocked with the motion. Liu fucked her as hard as she could take it. Kait grabbed her breasts as with one final thrust, Liu shot his load inside her. He was dripping in sweat as he pulled out of her, his cock dripping with cum. He took some on his fingers and put it to Kait’s lips. She licked his cum off and the two of them shared a long kiss as they lie exhausted on the sheets.

Kait was already looking forward to the next time.

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