Welcome Home

By cdoug

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Intense sex with my wife
I took the red-eye home from a three day west coast business trip and was looking forward to seeing my wife, Linda. While searching for her among the group beyond the security checkpoint, my eye caught a blond in a leather jacket and short, tight skirt facing the other direction allowing an awesome view of her perfect ass. Captivated by her ass, I waited with great anticipation to see what other physical attributes she had to offer as she slowly turned toward me. I was surprised and excited to see that the woman I was checking out was my wife. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled drawing me toward her. As I picked up my pace, I scanned this beautiful lady that caught my eye three years ago and again today. She was wearing a partially buttoned, almost transparent thin white blouse exposing the cleavage created by a pair of plump, firm 36D tits. Her large erect nipples were easily visible seemingly piercing her shirt that was tied just below her tits exposing her pierced belly button.

My cock stiffened as she wrapped her arms around me, bringing her lips to mine kissing me passionately she whispered, "I missed you, I want you, I want to fuck you! I'm so wet, I can't wait to have you inside me."

Somehow, Linda managed to stroke my cock with one hand while swerving around traffic to get home in record time. She led the way up to our third floor apartment lifting her skirt to expose her ass and shaved pussy, a stream of pussy juice glistened on her inner thighs. Linda quickly opened the door and pulled me inside. She pinned me up against the door tearing off my belt and pants. Within seconds my cock was in her tight wet pussy. She thrust her pelvis against me driving my firm shaft deep inside her. She unbuttoned her blouse exposing her tits and after unzipping her skirt kicked our clothes aside and continued to bang me against the door.

"Lick my tits!" Linda insisted. She began moaning loudly as I guided her hard nipples into my mouth. Pinning my hands against the door her fuck strokes increased in speed and intensity. Her pussy began to spasm and her pussy juice moistened my cock. Her eyes closed as her fuck strokes slowed while her breathing grew deeper.

"You know what I want. Give it to me."

I lifted her up pinning her against the door as she wrapped her legs around me. I drove my cock deep into her pussy over and over. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me harder," she cried.

I pounded her pussy with my cock grunting with each thrust. "Keep fucking me like that, your cock feels amazing, I'm going to cum so hard," she screamed. A steady stream of pussy juice ran down my balls towards the floor. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly as her body began convulsing, her pussy squirted spraying the nectar onto the floor.

"We'll clean that up later. You owe me three orgasms for every day you were gone," Linda declared as she lead me to bed. Having been gone for three days I wasn't sure I would be able to deliver.

Linda forced me onto the bed, "Do you think I can swallow your whole cock?"

Before I could answer, she took my cock inside her mouth biting my shaft just above my balls to make the point that she could. I groaned in pleasure as her head rocked up and down on my rod. My legs opened as my hips swung to meet her face. She continued for several minutes stopping just before I came. "Not yet, I want to rub my pussy all over your face," she said as my cock fell from her mouth.

Linda buried her pussy in my face and started fucking my mouth with the same intensity that she had sucked my cock. Grabbing the headboard for support, she guided her pussy over my waiting tongue. The intensity of her moans grew louder as our bed rocked violently. Linda firmly pressed her pussy against my mouth. I worked my tongue over her clit and inside her pussy searching for her G-spot. Her body stiffened as her legs opened widely.

"Harder, harder, harder. Make me cum!"

Seconds later her pussy exploded. Her juice covered my face making it hard to breathe. "Don't stop. Please don't stop!" she begged. I didn't have much choice since her hips were pressed hard against my face continuing to thrust against me. I could feel another load building as she spread her lips and rubbing her clit she sprayed me with her milky cum.

"I'm not done yet." She said moving into a 69. "Lick my ass."

I used the tip of my tongue to tickle her anal rim then slipped the tip into her hole slowly going deeper and deeper moving in and out.

"Fuck my pussy with your fingers," Linda demanded as she took my cock into her mouth.

I found her G-spot and rubbed. Her pussy contracted around my fingers forcing white cream from her canal with a sudden burst that her covered my chest and face.

"No one has ever made me cum as hard as you can," she said as she collapsed on top of me. I wasn't sure that was true but appreciated the compliment.

"I need your cock inside me," she said as she slipped my throbbing rod into her juicy pussy. She looked deeply into my eyes. I recognized that look as I have seen it many times before. It was a devilish almost possessed look that meant that she was extremely horny and was going to use me to get off as often and as hard as she wanted. The first time this happened she fucked me fourteen times in one afternoon. When she was finished with me, my cock was swollen and bruised.

Placing her hands on my chest and feet next to my stomach she slammed my cock deep inside her and started riding my cock hard and fast. My body tightened as my cum filled balls began to release their load. "Don't you dare cum until I say you can!" Linda warned in a guttural satanic voice.

I did the best I could to heed her warning and held on for a few more minutes, but her pussy was too hot and fuck strokes too hard. I groaned louder as she rode my cock forcefully. My body stiffened as the first load shot from my rod. My body shook with each subsequent load. Her thrusts increased as I filled her pussy. She continued to drive my cock into her cum filled pussy. "Your hot cum feels so good in my pussy." Her pussy tightened around my spent shaft as she cried out, "I'm cumming!" Her strokes continued until she was satisfied that she had drained me of every drop. She stood up and straddled my face. "Pretty nice creampie."

Thick, sticky cum hung from her pussy lips slowly falling onto my chin. Spreading her lips I could see my cum had sealed her canal as the thick cream dripped from her pussy onto my lips. Linda took her finger wiped my chin and lips and slid her cum covered finger in my mouth. "How does it taste?" she asked. "You have the best tasting cum I've ever swallowed," she added.

"Suck your cum out of my pussy." Linda said as she forced her cum fill cunt onto my lips. Surprisingly, I had never eaten her creampie before, and it looked like today would be a first.

I slid my tongue along her slit starting at the bottom slowly making my way to her clit. I eager swallowed our creamy white cum from her sweet pussy. There seemed to be an endless stream of juice draining from her canal into my mouth. I swallowed each load. I took her clit between my teeth flicking it with my tongue. I could feel her clit grow and harden as I slid my tongue along the shaft. I gently, slowly slid my tongue from her clit, along her pussy toward her ass then onto her thigh. I licked the sticky juice that trickled on her thigh and then ran my tongue along her her ass up toward her clit.

Linda was getting turned on and started gyrating her hips, grabbing my head pushing it deeper into her cum filled box. I greedily drank our juices as I slid my tongue deep into her pussy. I moved my head away to swallow allowing more cum to seep from her canal into my mouth. My cock hardened from the fragrance of our orgasm and Linda's moans. I grabbed her ass and pushed her body firmly against my mouth moving my tongue over her pussy.

She slid off my face licking my cum covered chin and tongue. "I know you like this position best." She mounted me in reverse cowgirl. A position I enjoyed. It allows me to see my cock ram her pussy and get deep penetration while fingering her ass. This was a position Linda also enjoyed since she could direct my cock toward her G-spot. She started riding me slowly increasing in speed and force as my moans grew loader. Her pussy contracted on my cock head and undulated down the shaft seemingly drawing me deeper insider her. Her pussy contractions increased as my cum shot from my rod. She pulled out after the first burst and backed up into a 69. I eagerly licked my cum from her ass and pussy while Linda drained the last drop of cum from my spent rod with her mouth.

I needed some time to recover so I presented Linda with a gift I brought back for her. It was an eleven inch realistic cock that she talked about a while back. Linda had never been with a guy over nine inches and she admitted that she often fantasized about what it would be like to do a guy with a ten inch cock. Since I was only just over seven inches and she wasn’t interested in having an affair she felt this would be the next best thing.

Her eyes lit up as she opened the package. “Oh my God, it’s bigger than I imagined, but it’s exactly what I want. Let’s try it.” She spread her legs and slipped three fingers into her juicy hole and used our cum to lubricate our toy. “You do it.” She said as she handed me the monster cock.

I took the cock as Linda spread her cunt lips sitting up to watch. I placed the large head in her canal and pushed gently as the thickest part of the cock neared the entrance to her pussy. I pushed progressively harder without effect until suddenly the head slipped in.

“Oh my God, it’s so big, it’s stretching my pussy.” Linda gasped. “Go deeper, I want it all inside me.”

I slowly advanced the giant rod. It was difficult to determine if her groans were pain or pleasure until after inserting half the length Linda demanded, "Deeper, harder, faster!" Grabbing my hands she force the cock deeper into her pussy with one sharp thrust then pulled back exposing the giant head and then firmly thrusting forward again and again and again. My cock stiffened as I watched my wife fuck her pussy. I bent over taking her hardened nipples in my mouth. Linda grabbed my cock pulling it toward her mouth. "I want two cocks inside me," she said. Within seconds my cock was deep in her throat with my hips thrusting. I adjusted to a 69 so I could lick her clit and get a close up view of the massive prick inside my wife. White pussy cream coated the massive shaft that stretched her pussy. She arched her hips to force my tongue on her swollen clit. The sight of a huge cock in my wife, the fragrance of her pussy and the sensation of her velvety soft tongue on my cock was more than I could handle. I could feel my balls deliver a load of cum to my rod. Linda continued to pound her pussy using the entire length with each stroke. Her strokes slowed as her knees opened wider, her body shook, as she exploded covering the massive rod with her thick white cream.

Linda slowly removed the monster cock from her pussy . "That was incredible, but I prefer the real thing. Take me any way you want."

I can't recall how many times we fucked that day, but I always looked forward to returning home after a business trip.