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Welcome Home

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He returns home to a waterfall.
After a long, full week without seeing her, finally I was on my way home. My pent up frustration had left me hard since I began my journey home. Looking at her text message saying “I’m waiting for you baby, I’m so hungry ;)” I drove home like a possessed demon and charged to the door and threw it open where she was no where to be seen.

Stepping in I could hear the shower running upstairs and so I crept upstairs with the flower in my mouth hoping to surprise her.

She stood to greet him but before she could get a single word out of her mouth, his lips were enveloping hers tight and hard, pressing her body against his until they ran into the side table. She giggled seductively as the lamp rattled to retrieve its balance, smoothing her long fingers up into his head full of hair, ducking her head down to catch his mouth in another long kiss. It was a kiss that soon went from longing to intensely passionate, their lips and tongues moving in perfect, hungry rhythm.

He missed this; the taste of her, the rivers and hills of her body underneath his too-anxious palms: the smell of her skin, her neck, her hair. He could hardly keep himself from shaking with anticipation. Every inch of her carried his favourite tastes and scents. He loved her eager responses in their small, intimate touches: mouth on his ear, breath on his neck, the way her chest hitched when he kissed just below her throat. At this rate they wouldn’t even be able to make the short distance to the bed.

She reached down for his belt buckle and fumbled clumsily with the unfamiliar metal, eager to peel back the fabric and get down to the fleshy fruit of his body; all hot blood and gradually-tightening muscles. But he stopped her, gripping her small wrists in his hands swiftly. She gasped aloud in surprise as he pressed her up against the cool bedroom wall, holding her still as he laid deep, sucking kisses from behind her ear to the v in her summer dress. She giggled again but the chuckles soon faded into a smooth, quiet moan as he released one of her hands to travel further down her body.

Soon he was on his knees before her, already leaving her in a tangle of breathy sighs as he ran his hands up her long legs and folded the short hem of her dress up and up, revealing her bare skin and small belly button. He moaned: no underwear tonight. She grinned down at him deviously, biting her lip and lifting her hips forward and off of the wall towards him.

It was more than enough of an invitation than he needed.

He pushed one of her legs up with his hand just high enough, holding her tight at the waist with the other hand and ducking between her legs to run a slow and teasing lick right at the base of her clit and upwards.

She lost a beat or two of her heart in the all-too-quick movement, instant goose bumps running up her spine. Her hands immediately attached back to the roots of his dark hair, tugging gently in encouragement. After a few more teasing nips and licks, he opened his lips and wrapped them entirely around her, sucking her in and crawling his fingers up the calf of her leg to gently push a single digit inside the wet shell of her.

She gave out an appreciative moan and he smiled through his movements, moving his lips the way he knew she loved it, sliding another finger inside and feeling her adjust around him in response. She was almost pulsing, hot and wet like her mouth, musky taste and scent only making the bulge beneath his jeans bigger and bigger as the seconds ticked by.

He was driving her absolutely crazy but that’s what she loved about him: his ability to push her all the way to the sweet, cherry centre before pulling it back again and lighting up her every nerve until they were budding and blooming like blossoms. He knew just what to do to her to get her moans rising. Even her fingertips hummed at his touches.

Her rolling hips and seductive gasps were exciting him to no end and she tugged ruthlessly at his hair until he obeyed the jerks, rising to meet her mouth again. She could just barely taste herself on his lower lip, humming against his kisses and helping him remove his belt and slide down his pants.

She moved to get to her knees but he stopped her, pulling her back up.

“That can wait for later,” he breathed, holding her face in his palms. “I have to be inside of you. I can’t wait any longer.”

Without another word he moved her further up the wall, holding her tight and steady in his hands and arms as she wrapped her long legs around his torso and began to suck and bite at the sensitive skin of his warm neck.

With no time to waste he held her in position and with a deep curve of his hips plunged himself inside of her with a single hard thrust. She cried out and gripped him closer with her legs, turning her head to catch his mouth as they adjusted to one another. He was pressing her so tight against him that her every vertebrae kissed the plaster of the wall, and after a short pause they began to rock against each other, slow and deep and from the strength of their every muscle. Before long they were in perfect rhythm, his hips obeying her every “harder” and “deeper” and “faster”.

She was doing nothing to hold back her cries and after a while their skin was covered in a thin film of dampness, the wall practically rocking along with them. She could feel his hot cock pulsing hard and solid inside of her, sensing his climax as hers built, and she bit down on his lip as she finally let herself go; that familiar hot rush creeping out from the centre of her stomach to the ends of her feet. He could only feel this way with her, and her with him.

They sighed out the last of their orgasms at last, slowly and gradually coming to a stand still before he tenderly set her back down onto the tips of her toes. They chuckled together, kissing softly.
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