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Welcome to the neighbourhood

Sandy woke and thought about how her day would pan out. She didn’t really know why she thought about it. It would be the same routine, the same things she did every day. She would get up and would automatically go into the role of housewife and mother.

She had often thought about how she would like even one day to escape her life. It wasn’t even that she didn’t love her children or that she wasn’t happy being a housewife. It was more that she felt trapped at times. It was that there were days that she didn’t feel like a woman.

Her needs had been neglected for a long time now. Sure she still got sex but it was almost mechanical now. It was just like any other part of her day. A routine, a system, it was the same sex every time. She dreamt about what it was like before marriage, when it was still exciting and new and sexy. Now it was just another chore for her day.

The thought of that old exciting sex got her feeling wet and she placed a finger at her tingling centre. Her thoughts were quickly disturbed by the yelling of her children.

Sighing she got dressed and went to see what the issue was. Fixing the issue and getting to work on the housework and getting the children ready for school her mind forgot the sexiness of her thoughts earlier.

It was well after lunch before she finally could stop for a moment. Sitting in the quiet house all alone with her thoughts, her mind started to wonder again. She thought about how the sex used to be. The romance, the lust and the desire. Her fingers once more found their way to her throbbing centre.

Sandy began to rub her clit. Slow small circles teasing it. Her head arched back and she let out a small soft moan. She stopped for a moment to look out the window to ensure no-one was watching. Her attention fixed on the man across the street.

He had been there a few weeks now. She had watched him several times. Watched him collecting the mail or doing gardening. Even watched when he walked his dog at night.

He was extremely attractive and she had thought of him before while lying in bed. She had wondered what it would be like to run her hands over that chest. She had imaged those hands on her body. It sent tingles through her. Even though she had never met him, he excited her in ways she had never been excited before.

She decided in that moment that introductions should be made. Rushing to her bedroom she began to cascade clothes around the room looking for the perfect outfit. She needed an outfit that said sexy but that didn’t scream desperate. She decided on jeans and a top that hugged her in all the right places. Looking in the mirror she smoothed out her hair and applied a thin layer of red gloss.

She wondered if she looked good enough to impress him. Was she even attractive to anyone anymore? She decided she was ready. She reached the front door and went to turn the handle but then stopped. What was she doing? What was she hoping for?

She went and sat down on the couch. Sitting there she decided there was no harm in saying hello, was there?

Stepping outside and closing the door thinking that there was no turning back now. Sandy looked around to see if anyone was watching. When she was happy no one was she confidently walked across the street. She was just about to knock on the door when she heard a voice.

“Hi there, can I help you?”

It was him! Oh and his voice was just as sexy as he was. And he was so much sexier up close.

“Err um, yes hi. I’m Sandy I live just across the street. I um just wanted to say hi.”

“Hi, I’m so glad you came to say hello, I haven’t met anyone from the neighbourhood yet.”

“Ok, well if you ever need anything, feel free to ask.”

With that her confidence was started to fade away and she turned to leave. As she turned away she felt a hand on her. A strong firm touch of a hand on her arm.

“Don’t go Sandy. You don’t even know my name yet. Let’s go inside and chat. If you have time?”

Unable to speak with his hand on her she just nodded as she followed him inside. After all nothing bad could come of talking, could it?

Following him to a couch and sitting beside him she felt her centre begin to tingle. She was so attracted to him. She wondered if she was more attracted to him or to the idea of what she could do with that body.


“Sorry did you say something?”

“Yes I asked if you wanted a drink and by the way my name is Nathan.”

“Oh sorry, Nathan, I was a thousand miles away. No I don’t want a drink, thanks.”

He moved closer to her and she was sure that he heard her gulp.

“So Sandy what is it you do?”

She wanted to answer but the way he had said her name. She felt she could almost have an orgasm right then and there. The sexiness of him was outstanding. Getting herself together she managed an answer.

“Oh I am actually a mother.” She hoped that wouldn’t scare him off.

He caught her by complete surprise with his answer. “I’ve always wanted to be with a mother.”

She could feel her cheeks getting very red. She wasn’t sure what she should do now. She decided she would just let that comment pass.

“So are you married?” he asked her moving in closer.

Nodding she put her hand on his lap and then quickly removed it.

“I should go.” She spoke already standing.

Nathan remained sitting and grabbed her hips. “Don’t go. I like you. Stay”

Her best judgement told her to leave but with his hands on her hips and that voice telling her to stay how could she leave. He stood slowly running his hands up her sides in the process.

“You will stay wont you?”

She nodded and soon found his face inches away from hers. She knew at that moment there was no turning back. This was going to happen and she wanted this. She moved her face into his and soon found his lips. Their lips were touching and he was caressing her back and neck. The feeling was intense and exhilarating for Sandy. Murmuring she stuck out her tongue and began to part his lips until her tongue found its way to his.

He stopped only to remove her top and his own and went back to kissing her. His hand found his way to her back and began to undo her bra.

He had definitely done that before. She was sure he was going to fumble with it as her husband did but he removed it with ease. Made it seem like such a sexy act.

Once her bra was undone he moved back to admire her chest. Giving a small nod of approval he went to kissing her neck. Using his lips and tongue to caress her neck. Biting every once and awhile.

Sandy felt herself getting wetter. Her juices were starting to soak her panties and she began to get weak at the knees. She moved in a way that indicated she could no longer stand and felt him grab her hand and direct her to the bedroom.

Pushing her down onto the bed he stood beside the bed and looked at her.

“Is there any restrictions?” he asked her.


“Any restrictions? Any rules? Anything I can’t do?”  

She had never been asked that before. Was it even possible that there would be something she wouldn’t like?

Without even thinking she answered “No rules.”

He smiled a wicked, delicious smile and removed his pants while she watched. She watched his member spring to life and she sat up to grab it.


“No? Why not?” she asked confused.

“Do as I say and only what I say. Ok?”

She nodded and just laid there. He finished undressing and lowered himself onto her. She was so wet and she wanted to be naked under his body. She wanted to feel him in her. But she didn’t do anything. She laid there and waited.

He kissed her neck passionately and put his hand on her thigh. He grabbed her thigh so hard that she was shocked a little but went with it.

Moving his way down her body he stopped at her breasts. Kissing them gently at first and then sucking at her nipples hard. Squeezing her breasts with immense pressure. He stopped only to remove her clothes and then went back to squeezing.

At first she thought only of the pain but as he squeezed harder she felt herself get wetter than she even thought was possible. With his hands still firmly on her breasts he moved his way down her stomach. Kissing her and licking her. He got to her hips and lightly bit at her skin.

The sensation was incredible. She could have never imaged she would feel like this. She had never even thought of sex like this. She felt her hips rise up at him. She wanted to feel what he would do to her centre.

She could feel his breath over her centre now and she wanted him more than she had wanted anything for such a long time. He licked along her slit. Squeezing her breasts even harder. She yelled out in pleasure. His tongue was firm on her centre as he licked up and down her sit.

He let go of her breasts and repositioned himself between her legs. He spread her lips apart wide. Aggressively he opened her. He started to lick up and down her slit. Every now and then sticking his firm tongue inside of her aching hole.

She was even more wet now. Wetter than she had ever been before. She had never felt these emotions before and she loved every moment.

He began to work on her clit. Licking it hard and sucking it into his mouth. He roughly inserted a finger inside of her and then two. Pumping her hard and fast while licking her clit. She screamed in ecstasy. He stopped licking.

“That’s it Sandy scream. Enjoy it. I want you to come all over me Slut.”

Slut! She had never been called that before and instead of feeling insulted it only made her wetter.

Grabbing his head she pushed him back down onto her and lifted her hips into him. He worked her centre like it had never been worked before and she came loudly and violently.

He moved away from her quickly. And he moved to her face. Lowering himself down above her he commanded her.

“Suck my balls Sandy. Take them into your mouth and lick and suck them.”

She watched in awe as he stroked his penis while she worked his balls. She was so incredibly turned on. She wondered for a moment if he was going to cum all over her. But he stopped her and moved away.

“Get on your knees.”

She didn’t move straight away.

“I said Knees NOW!”

This time she moved quickly getting onto her knees. He came up behind her and guided himself into her while holding onto her hips. Once he had a steady motion he let go of her hips and grabbed her hair. Fucking her hard he pulled her head back by her hair.

“Do you like this Sandy?”

She nodded.

“Answer me.” He spoke spanking her arse hard.

‘Yes, yes Nathan I love it.”

“You want it harder?”

“Yes, harder, please fuck me harder.”

Where had that come from she had never spoken like that before.

He pulled at her hair harder with one hand while using the other to spank her hard. He was pumping so fast now and constantly slapping her arse.

“Are you ready Sandy? Are you ready for me?”

“Yes. Fill me. Fill me now.”

He pumped harder until he had an intense orgasm inside of her. She felt his penis throbbing inside of her. His hand still on her hair he pulled her up until she was sitting. He let go of her and moved in front of her.

“Clean me Sandy. Clean our juices off my cock.”

She did as she was told. Feeling him go limp in her mouth. Once she was done she collapsed on the bed. He fell next to her and caressed her neck.

“Did you like that Sandy? “

“I really enjoyed that. But I should get going.”

“Ok sandy, I hope you come back and visit me sometime.”

“I will. And Nathan, welcome to the neighbourhood.”

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