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Welcoming Him Home in the Shower

After weeks on the road, Jim comes home to Susan
Oh my God! Jim thought to himself, the last few weeks have been very grueling. It wasn't just the 15-hour work days, it was also the non-stop traveling. Having just arrived home from yet another trip, Jim felt the grime of the day's travel sticking to his body. On top of that, he had seen his wife Susan for only a few minutes here and there.

Walking silently into his room, Susan was sound asleep and nestled under the sheets. Jim undressed as quietly as he could and slipped into the bathroom.

A hot shower felt good on his body. He soaped himself slowly not so much to cleanse himself, but rather to relieve the day stress. As his hand slipped lower down his body, he rubbed his penis and balls more as a caress. His dick started to respond and he closed his eyes thinking of the last time he and Susan were together.

Jim heard nothing but felt a cool rush of wind across his body. Opening his eyes, he saw Susan standing before him naked and smiling.

"Hi, baby, welcome home."

"Hi, baby, back to you!" Jim said. "It's great to see you."

As Susan stepped into the shower, Jim marveled at her still beautiful body. Even though it had been 15 years since they met, Susan's breasts were still firm and seem to have defied gravity. Her stomach, was still relatively smooth and her ass still tight. As always, her most amazing feature was her beautiful and expressive green eyes.

Jim moved to the side so Susan could step under the warm stream falling from the oversized shower head. As she wet her hair Jim reached for the bar of soap and lathered his hands. Moving forward a few inches, Susan opened her eyes, stood on her tip toes and kissed Jim. Jim returned the kiss and grasped her hips with the soapy hands and pulled Susan closer to his body.

Sliding his hands around to her backside, Jim's hand slipped around to her firm asked cheeks. He leaned downward towards Susan's upturned face and kissed her again.

"I've missed you baby."

"Me too, Susan."

Reaching her hand between them, Susan grasped his cock and smiled. "I've missed him too."

Jim flinched for an instant, but his cock quickly responded to Susan's slight squeeze. Susan's body was tight against Jim's and he felt her breasts and nipples poking into his lower chest. He rubbed his hands up and down Susan's back as she slowly stroked his hardening cock.

Jim's hands traveled up and down Susan's back and buttocks. His fingers found the crevice of her ass and he slipped a finger in between and gently rubbed her rosebud. His other hand traveled around to the front of her and reaching up he began massaging her breast and tugging on her sensitive nipples. All the while, the couple was engaged in passionate kisses.

Jim was now fully hard and he realized that it had been days since he had last cum. They broke their kiss and Susan's head tilted back, eyes closed and mouth open when Jim's fingers felt her pussy. Jim rubbed her pussy and gently tugged on her inner lips. Susan responded by spreading her feet apart allowing Jim easier access.

He slipped a finger inside of her, Susan lost her grip on the Jim. Her knees seemed to weaken and Jim moved her closer to the wall to keep her from falling. With one arm around her and the other working her pussy, Susan felt that she was close to orgasm.

Before she could cum Jim grabbed her by the hips and turned her around moving her towards the bench on the far side of the shower stall. Susan knew what to do and obediently bent over presenting herself to Jim. Moving a foot between her feet Jim spread her legs apart. He grasped his hard deck and aimed it at her open pussy.

He slid in easily and all the way and Susan gasped in surprise and pleasure. A slight moan escaped a Jim's lips as he felt the warmth and silky wetness of his wife's pussy. He stayed motionless for a moment fully impaled inside Susan to savor the feeling.

Susan began to wiggle her ass impatiently and Jim complied by pulling himself slowly out and then forcing himself quickly back inside of her. Again they both moaned, and Jim began moving in and out of his wife a little more quickly. Both he and Susan were rotating their hips and Susan was moving back to meet his thrust and get Jim as deeply inside of her as possible. All the while, the shower caressed their bodies with hot raindrops.

Jim reached up with one hand and grabbed Susan's wet hair pulling her head back. With the other, he firmly smacked her left butt cheek and quickly her right. Susan groaned and huffed as Jim's actions sent shocks of electricity through her body and nestling in her sensitive clit.

Jim was fucking her faster. Her ass cheeks jiggled whatever his hips struck her behind. With one hand he caressed her body, her breast, pinching her hard nipples and pulling them as far as they would stretch. Occasionally, he would slap her ass while his other hand had a firm grasp and pull on her hair.

Jim could tell that Susan was ready to cum by the way she was biting her lower lip. He knew that he too was near. Susan moaned as her orgasm hit. Jim could feel her muscles quivering inside and as she squeezed his cock it intensified the feelings. Her pussy became even more slick and Jim grasped her hip with his free hand and pulled her body tightly against his as he grunted out his orgasm.

Jim filled his lovely wife with his cum as they both rode through their orgasms. He held her still as the last streams of his fluid were transferred from him in to her. They both shuddered and stood still reveling in their passion.

As the water continue to beat down on them, Susan gradually stood and Jim now soft, fell from her insides. She pressed her back into Jim's body in his arms wrapped around her as he kissed her neck. Turning, Susan embraced her husband and reaching for him they shared another kiss.

"How about we dry off and see what happens next?"

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