Welcoming my Neighbor

By naughtybynature

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The weather was so hot as I got out of the house for the first time for the day. Looking across the street, I saw him standing there, washing his car. Muscular. Tanned. Shoulder length hair and just fucking sexy. I knew I would see him sooner or later but I hoped for sooner. He was the grandson of Mrs. Hawthorne, the nosy neighbor. He had relocated here to stay with her for the next few years. I know I am going to enjoy my new neighbor!

Everyone knows me, am Nikki, twenty-two years old, brown skinned with jet black hair...the Bishops daughter. Good girl in her dads presence, but a horny bitch in heat when he's not around. I just simply love being me. Today was a laid back one for me and I had nothing to do and nowhere to go, well so I thought.

Looking at this total stranger I felt my pussy twitching. Already wet from my earlier events of fucking myself with my 14inched dildo twenty minutes ago, I was being me....horny as hell and craving his cock. I was wearing nothing but a muscle tee shirt that hung below my ass cheeks. Then I had an idea. I would go and check the mailbox. I got my keys and jingled them making sure he heard and see me walking in that direction. As I approached the end of the driveway, I sighed and stretched my body. He turned completely around and smiled.

I had a better view of him, a Greek god! He was so handsome and so well built. He stood there looking at me and I knew that in order to get a piece of him I had to act this very moment. I reached the mailbox and turned my back to him as I bent over to peep inside the box. I felt my tee slide up my ass as his eyes burned holes inside my pussy as he stared in amazement. I was thinking to myself, "BAM, there it is!!"

As I stood up and turned, he was standing three feet behind me. He had already moved his shirt and I almost fainted. He extended his hand and said,"Hey I'm Lance, and you're?" I smiled as he took my hands in his and said, "I am Nikki and its nice to met you!"

He looked me over from head to feet and I just stood there with my eyes transfixed on his rapidly growing cock. He wanted me and I wanted him and our bodies were telling us that. But I remembered my dad was in the house so I quickly released his hands and winked at him as I walked away. Looking back I saw him staring at me so I said,"Hey, if you ever need anything, feel free to come over." He waved at me and shouted back, "I'll be right there!"

Two hours had passed and my dad had left to go to a seminar in Charlotte and I knew he wont return until very late if not the next morning. I was laying on the couch in the TV room when I heard the doorbell. I wondered who it could be because I was not expecting anyone nor was I dressed. I was simply wrapped in a towel because I was preparing to take a shower.

I pressed the intercom and said, "Yes, who is it please?" The voice on the other end spoke up boldly and almost knocked me off my feet. "Its your newest neighbor Lance!" he said as he chuckled. "May I borrow your water hose please if you have one?" he asked me thru the intercom. "Sure, meet me at the garage to get it." I said to him as I released the button.

I picked up the remote and raised the garage but just enough for him to get under. I was in there already by the time he got in. I was still wrapped in my huge beach towel and I reached up to get the hose from the shelf. He came up behind me and lifted me so that I can get it. Then he blew in my ear. FUCK!

My pussy was on fire by now and I was able to smell my aroma as he began to sniff the air. He was putting me down as he released my towel exposing my naked body. He picked up the towel and put it on the hood of my altima and sat me on it. Placing his hands on each side of my legs he kissed my forehead then my neck. I reached up and ran my hands over his hairy chest before leaning in to suck on his nipples. He smelled so good and his skin tasted good too. I knew I was going to have one fucking hot night ahead of me.

"I need to take a shower Lance, then we can continue" I said as he began to lick my ear lobes. "NO I want you just as you are, I want to taste you as I explore you!" His words almost made me melt right there, but I tried to stay calm. Then he kissed me on my lips. His lips were soft yet very strong. I kissed him back as I moaned in his mouth.

His hands began to explore my body. He stopped kissing me when he felt my breast. "Perfection!" he said as he bent down and took it in his mouth. My body was responding so well to his touch as I enjoyed every second of it. I took his free hand and guided it to my fully wet pussy. Taking hold of his index finger, I pushed it inside my pussy. He looked at me with a lust I had seen before and one I loved to see.

He began to fuck me with his finger as he continued to suck nipple after nipple. Knowing to myself that combining these two will send me off the edge, I cheered him on. "Mmmmm yesss Lance, stick two more fingers in!" I said as my hips involuntarily moved as he fingered me. He pushed them in and began sucking harder on my nipples.

"Im cum..cummmingggg Oh god am gonna explode!" I yelled as he pumped his fingers in and out my pussy fast. My pussy clamped on his fingers as my body began to shake on top of my car. "OOOOHHH fuckkkk!" I said as I continued to cum. He bent lower as he replaced his hands with his mouth. He began to suck my pussy and push his tongue deep inside me. His free hand was on my clit rubbing it in circles. I began to cummm again and again as he did that over and over the next seven minutes.

I was out of breath by the time he had finished sucking my pussy and tongue fucking me. I thought he was finished but he then attacked my clit. He latched on to my clit as I tried to get away from him playfully. He grabbed my legs and buried his face between them as he flicked my clit up and down and around. Suddenly he lifted me off the car and I was in the air sitting on his face. I held on to his head as he was chewing on my clit. Then again I began to cum. He put his hands on my back to hold me up as I was shaking and trembling as the cum squirted out my pussy for the fifth time.

He slid me down his chest and kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth. "Mmmmmm Lance!" I said as he lighten up on the kiss. I felt something poking me on my thighs and I said, "Your turn!" He lifted me down and placed me on the ground. I got down so I can examine his cock. Nine and half inches, three inches wide and very veiny. That was the measurements he gave me and I LOVE IT!!!

I helped him get out his jersey pants and placed them on the car hood. I reached for his balls, lifting them in my hands he looked at me and said, "Careful baby, they are sensitive". I leaned in and began to lick them then sucked it in my mouth. I rolled my tongue over it as I gripped his fully erect cock. I heard him moan as he ran his hand thru my hair. I sucked his balls for a few more seconds before releasing them. Then I licked from the base up to the top of his cock, but not licking his tip. I licked the underside of his cock up and down, stroking it as I go along. Looking up at him, I saw that he was enjoying it. Thats when I took him in my hot mouth.
"Fuck Nikki, thats it baby girl!" he said as I began to suck him in. I was twirling my tongue all over his cock and then sucked on his head. I put the tip of my tongue inside his cock slit and he jumped. I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth as I sucked him more forceful. I released his cock out my mouth and began to jerk it. I opened my mouth again and this time I took in as much of his cock as I could have and began bobbing my head up and down it. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. I realized that I was deep throating him and it was fucking fantastic to me. I took my free hand and begin to fuck myself with it, shoving three fingers deep inside my pussy.

"Yeah princess, suck this cock baby. Mmmmm fuck!" He said as he held my head in place with his cock down my throat. My face was buried in his crotch and I was having a hard time breathing. He saw that and released me from that hold. he fucked my face some more before I felt his balls tighten and his cock enlarged in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum so I wrapped my hands around his legs and swallowed his cock down my throat. His legs began to wobble and I heard him grunting.

"FUCKKKK YESSSSSS!! AARRRGHHH YEAHHH. MMMM BABY!" he yelled as he released a river of cumm down my throat. I swallowed every drop and milked out the rest before I released his cock out my mouth.

Looking up and him I smiled and said...."Now fuck me!" He smiled back at me as he helped me to my feet. His cock was still hard as a rock as I led him to a tool bench and bent over. He reached down and scooped cum out my pussy with his finger and rubbed it on his cock. I reached under and rubbed my pussy and clit as I looked back at him with burning lust in my eyes.

"Aaahhhh yesssss!" I moaned as I felt his cock head entered me. "Mmmm mmmm yessss Lance" I said as he pushed deeper inside me. I began to push back on his cock. He pulled out some than slammed all the way inside my pussy. "Fuck yeah!" I said as he began to fuck me.

"Ohhh Nikki this pussy feels good and its so tight!" he said as he held my ass in his hands. "Fuck me and make me cumm all over your cock baby" I said as I was pushing back on his cock.

I love doggy style fucking and it showed. I threw him my hands and said,"Pull me back on this cock baby" He grabbed my hands and began to really fuck me hard then.

'Harder. Harder Lance! Fuck this pussy!" I told him as he rammed me with all his might. He began to speed up as he fucked me hard and fast. I put my head lower so he can go in deeper. He drove his cock deep inside me. I could have heard our bodies slamming mixed with the squish sound of our cum juices.

"You like this cock Nikki? Like how this feels now deep in your pussy baby?" he asked as he fucked me like he was punishing me.
'OOOOHHH YESSSS! DEEPER!" I screamed as he fucked me deeper. He released my hands and lifted me up and took me over to the tool desk. He pushed everything off the table and laid me down. Lifting my legs to my shoulder he entered me again.
"Fucccckkkkkk meeeeeee!" I cried as he began to drive inside me. I felt his cock head hitting my cervix as he drilled my pussy. I decided to use my flexibility skills, so I lifted my legs behind my head. He began to dribble on my chest when he saw that. he pulled out and bended down and licked from my ass to my clit. then he slammed inside me again.

'Oh ama fuck you good now baby. This pussy is mines!" He said as he put his hands on his waist and began to drill. He was grunting and groaning and I was cumming
"Yeeeessssssssssss yesssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm" I was saying. "Ohhhh dont stop. Dont stop!" I begged as he pumped even deeper.

I started to slap my pussy as I felt another orgasm coming. I began to squirt all over his cock and chest as he continued to fuck me. My head was rocking from side to side as he fucked me just the way I wanted to be fucked.

He reached up and released my legs and lifted me up on his cock. He leaned against the desk as he bounced me on his cock. He latched on to my nipples and began to suck them and bite them. I cried out in ecstasy as he did this and he continued to pleasure me. Then I felt his cock twitched inside me.
He squeezed me tight and said..."I am gonna blow joy juice inside your pussy baby."

"Give it to me...give me this cock and my joy juice!" I said as I felt his body stiffened up for a few seconds. Then he began to roar..


All I remembered after that was my pussy gripping his cock and my head started to swing as I began to convulse.

Twenty five minutes later, I was awaken with a bottle of Gatorade being given to me by Lance as I was laying on the cabinets. I felt cum leaking from my swollen pussy and I looked up at Lance and smiled. Reaching for his flaccid cock, I said, "Come let me clean that up for you!"

One hour later, I handed Lance the water hose and said, "Welcome to Heritage Community neighbor!"