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Well Earned Job!!

An interview that was worth the trip!!
Laying in my bed, I reached in my nightstand, pulled out my 8in white dildo and sucked it in my mouth. I wanted to get fucked by him but I knew that the distance prevented us from being together.

I picked up my phone and dialled his number, only to be told that he can't talk to me now. Fuck him, I thought, as I pressed the end button on my cell phone. I wanted to have phone sex with him, my "tender_cowboy" from my lush friends. I wanted him to make me cum hard like he has been doing on the phone with me lately.

"Aahhh yesss...mmmmm fuck!!!" I moaned as I drilled my pussy with my fat 8inch white dildo thinking about my lush "daddy", "tender_cowboy". Deeper and deeper I pushed it in as I squeezed my breast with my free hand. "Drive that fat cock inside me on cowboy....fuck this lil girl pussy!" I said as I visualized my cowboy fucking me with his big thick white cock, plowing my sweet tight brown pussy.

"Ooohhh yesss!! Im gonna cum on this fucking big cock cowboy!" I said as my pussy began to contract on the dildo. My body started to shake and rock back and forth. Then my orgasm hit me harder than I expected. "Oooh yeah!! Yesss Denny...yessss yesss mmmm fuck yeahhh!" I said as I began to cum hard on the dildo. My pussy was flowing and flowing and I was bucking and rocking from side to side as I came.

"Wheeew," I said to myself as I came down from that high.

I need a job! I thought to myself as I sat in my bed recovering from my orgasm from thinking about "tender_cowboy". I looked around the room and thought of all the things I felt like I was missing. Truth be told, there wasn't that much to think about. I had all that a girl could want that could be given and I was very happy with myself. I loved my dad for what he had given to me.

That's when I had a brilliant plan. I got up and went on the internet and logged into craigslist. I searched the jobs section and my eyes came to one particular heading; "Personal Assistant Needed". I thought to myself that it would be the perfect job for me, so I sent in my resume and waited for a reply.

Almost immediately, I got an email from a Mr. M. Waters:

I am looking for a beautiful, intelligent, friendly, outgoing, courteous and courageous young woman, who needs little or no supervision to complete tasks given. Someone who is a quick learner, though experience is a plus, and someone who will keep all "job related" activities confidential. Reading your resume, you seem like the perfect candidate for this job and I would like to see you this afternoon at 2:00pm for an interview. If you are unable to make it, we can meet for dinner at 7:30pm tonight, as I need someone to start ASAP. Get back to me and let me know your decision and your pay requirements or you can leave that to be discussed in our interview. Please come to the following address and I look forward to meeting you.

For whatever reason, my pussy began to twitch and I got rather excited as I read his email. I decided to respond with the following:

Thanks for considering my resume. I am elated that you have decided to give me a chance. I am all of what you are asking for and then some. I can and will work with or without supervision and I do have lots of experience. As for pay requirements, we can discuss that face to face, because I do not know the full details of the job yet. I can make the 2:00pm interview and I am also looking forward to meeting you. Again I thank you for this chance and you wont be disappointed.

I hit the send button and my pussy responded with a small gushing of cum leaking out my hole. I took my finger and scooped up the nectar and sucked it into my mouth. I was so excited for this interview that I quickly took down the address. Then I sprang up and rushed in the shower.

Forty-five minutes later I was in an elevator on my way to the 5th floor to see Mr. M Waters. As I approached the suite, I saw his name on the door; "M.Waters Financial Consultant Inc." I opened the door and walked in.

A chiming bell went off and out came a very handsome elderly man. He appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s. He had gray goatee and moustache, and his hair was a mixture of black and white. He had the body structure of a well built youthful man and he wore dress pants and shirt with a neck tie. He was a fucking "older hunk" and I loved what I saw!!

I extended my hand to him and, with smiling lips, said, "Im Nikki and it's very nice to meet you Mr. Waters!"

He grabbed my hands and held them gently. "Call me Mitch! Oh and it's nice to meet you too Nikki!" he said licking his lips and emphasizing the word "nice".

I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants that was also greeting me. He began to look me all over. Stopping at my chest he stared for a long moment. I was wearing a wrap linen skirt that was ankle length and a sleeveless blouse that was held closed by a single tie on the side. Underneath that, well, I was completely nude with a wet pussy and erect nipples.

"Ahem.....Mr are you ok?" I asked as he shook his head out of the trance he was in.

"Yes Nikki, I am fine, and so are you. You are beautiful and I really do like what I see!!" he said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I began to blush as he said those words. My pussy was soaked and was beginning to leak on my thighs.

I've had this attraction to older men for many years now. I know from experience that they are better lovers and they will take their time and love on a young woman's body, making sure that she is well pleased in every way possible. Well that is my experience with them versus younger men!!

The sexual attraction between us was so strong that my nipples were so hard that they began to hurt. Being the person I am, I walked forward to Mitch and untied my blouse revealing my rock hard nipples to him. He began to gasp for air as I pushed my boobs in his face.

"Need milk? I need to be sucked Mitch...can you help me out?" I said in my seductress voice.

Without saying a word, he leaned down and took my breast in his mouth. He began running his tongue over and over my nipples as he sucked my breast in. Ohh what pleasure it gave as he did this. As he continued to suck I untied my skirt and placed it on the chair beside me.

Mitch reached down and begin to finger my dripping wet pussy. He pushed three fingers straight up in my pussy and began to fuck me violently with his hands. I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure as he did this. I was thinking to myself how fucking hot my interview was going!

"Oh yesss, fuck my tight pussy with those long fingers Mitch!" I spoke in his ear as he finger fucked me. I reached toward his pants and began to rub his stiff hard meat in his pants. He began to growl and moan as I squeezed him through his pants. Then he used his free hand to loosen his belt and unzip his pants. I yanked his pants down, reached in his boxers and tugged at his meat pole.

"Fucking wow!" I said when I saw his cock. I have seen many huge cocks in my life but this was the biggest real cock I had ever seen. I backed away because, for the first time in my life, I was afraid of a cock.

"Whats the matter Nikki? Dont like what you see?" he asked me as he licked the pussy juice off his fingers.

"Its so huge! I have never seen anything like that before that was real! How big is it?" I asked with fright in my voice. Even though I was scared, my pussy was twitching and I knew that somehow I was gonna be riding that monster cock today.

"Its only 12inches long when fully erect and 6inches thick!" he said as he stepped completely out of his clothes.

I was thinking to myself where to run to, but my pussy had a mind of its own because it was leading me to get fucked by that tree stump. I sat back on the desk and I lifted my legs and began to rub my pussy and play with my clit. I took my wet fingers, rubbed them on my nipples and licked my nipples as he watched me. I had to psych myself out so that I could conquer this oak stump and so I prepared myself for the ride ahead.

I positioned my ass on the edge of the desk and spanked my pussy as he walked closer to me. He took his hands and began to palm my pussy and squeeze it in his hands. I moaned as he did this. Then he took his cock and started to rub it up and down my slit and, when he got to my clit, he spanked me with his rock hard meathead.

"Oww shit! Mmmm yess," I said as I closed my eyes in pleasure. My pussy began to instantly flow my nectar and my body began to tremble as I had my first orgasm with him.

He licked his lips again and said, "Mmmm hmmm Nikki, I think this interview is going well!"

I felt him touch my clit with his thumb and he rubbed it in circles. Then he spanked my clit again and again. I was drunk with lust and all I was thinking about was getting that light pole inside me, all the way up in my pussy.

"Are you gonna fuck this lil girl's pussy or not? Are you scared Mitch? Give me this fucking cock!" I said in my bravest tone but rather sexy as I leaned back on my hands.

He grabbed my legs and, with one push, had his cock half way inside my pussy hole.

"Ooww, Fuck!" I screamed as he began to fuck me like a wild stallion. The more he withdrew, the more of his cock he pushed inside me. Then I fell back completely on his desk with my legs in the air. He began to fuck me even deeper.

"Ohhh fuck yeah... Yesss Mitch... fuck me boss man!!" I said as I began to fuck him back now.

He was rocking his head from side to side grunting and groaning as he pushed deeper inside me.

I felt when his cock hit my cervix and I screamed. "Oh god oh god oh god yesss!!! Oh my God, you're gonna kill me!" I started to say as he fucked me harder and harder. He looked down at me and begin to smile as he licked his lips.

"This is a nice tight pussy Nikki, and my fat cock loves it!" He said as he fucked me faster.

"Stop...owww, ohhh fuck meee....mmm, yesss!" I begged him to fuck me more and deeper with each thrust. "Yesss faster Mitch...fuck me faster!" I said as I bucked my ass fucking his cock back. "Oh yesss Mitch...make me cum on this massive cock!" I begged as he plunged deeper inside my now stretched pussy.

"Yeah babygirl. You like this ole man cock don't ya?" He asked me as he as he placed his hands on each side of me. He leaned down and began to suck my nipples, biting on them lightly.

That did it for me, and I begin to buck like a wild horse. "Ohhh, aaahhh fuck! Yesss oh yess... I'm cumming...Ohhhh!" I screamed as he picked up speed slamming his balls on my ass and he drilled me deeper and faster.

I was wiggling and squirming all over the desk then I heard him say, "yeah come on this fucking pole as I plow my seed through your pussy!" He began to growl and growl and I felt when his balls tightened and his cock expanded inside my pussy.

"Yesss, fuck yeah!! Yeah! Yeahhh Yeahhh!!! Ohhh sweet fucking tight young pussy !!" he said as he delivered a mighty explosion inside me.

He pulled out after about four spurts of cum inside my pussy and I sprang up and sucked his cock in my mouth, sucking the rest of his cum. He shot about four more loads of cum down my throat as I used my hand to stroke and milk all the cum out of his cock.

I sucked his cock and stuffed him in my mouth making sure that I had gotten all of the juice out of him before he slipped out of my mouth.

Looking up at him with a bright smile on my face I said, "That was fab-fuck-ulous Mitch!" as I tugged on his now flaccid cock.

He slipped his fingers in my cum filled pussy, placed it on my nipples and licked it off with his tongue. Then he pinched my clit and began to rub it in circles. He took me over the edge for a third time as he sucked my nipples and massaged my clit. I arched my back and began to moan in pleasure as I experienced my orgasm by the hands of my potential boss.

"Cum baby, cum in my mouth!" he said as I felt his mouth cover my pussy. His tongue shoved inside my pussy and his thumb on my clit, I began to shake uncontrollably on the desk.

"Ooohh yessss yes yes yes yesss fuck yesss," I said as I was carried away by my orgasm. I began to cum and cum like a faucet in his mouth and he swallowed it down. "Fuck yeah mmmm yesss mmmm!" I said as I was nearing the end of my intense release.

Mitch stood up, hugged me in his arms and whispered, "The job is yours if you want it. This is what I need an assistant to do and the pay is whatever you want and whenever you want it!"

I looked up at him and smiled, thinking to myself easy fucking money riding on a meat pole!
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