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Wet and Wild

Who's watching who?
Kara was looking forward to an afternoon swim with Tommy and his cousin Bill. She was pretty sure Bill would like her to be naked, but she was equally sure Tommy wasn't ready for that. She didn't think she was either - maybe topless, but not all the way. She would wear the yellow string thing she had bought to wear in France. Then if Tommy was okay with it, and she had the nerve for it, she might lose the top.

Unfortunately, the sky clouded over and a light rain began around noon. Although this meant she didn't have an excuse to wear the barely-there bikini, she was still hopeful the afternoon might lead to some sexual shenanigans. Kara called Tommy to cancel the swim, but suggested he and Bill come anyway and play some games in the poolside cabana.

After the call, Kara donned a summer smock over the bra and panties she was wearing and ran to the cabana. Tommy and Bill showed up a few minutes later, having run across the back-yard in the rain, still wearing the shorts and tee's they had been wearing earlier. For the better part of an hour the three played a version of Rummy. However, the sexual situations they all had hoped for, didn't materialize.

Then the rain stopped and the sun came out. They commenced to talk about the swim they had originally intended, but it was noted that now, none was wearing a swimsuit. Kara's heart-rate climbed measurably as she imagined what she was about to suggest. “We could just swim in our underwear,” she suggested as if it were a joke.

“After you,” Tommy replied.

Kara had been joking, but Tommy sounded serious. 'If that is what he wants,' Kara thought, she could probably do it. Afraid she would chicken out if she thought about it too long, she hastily yanked the smock over her head, jumped up from the table and ran toward the pool.

Tommy was aghast. He never dreamed Kara might take him seriously. “I was kidding,” he hollered as Kara dove in. 'With her underwear wet,' he thought, 'It'll be like she isn't wearing anything at all.'

Kara was well aware that her wet underwear wasn't going to hide much, 'But, that just might be okay,' she thought with nervous excitement. Still, she kept below the surface of the water until she reached the far end of the pool. Rising to her feet in waist-deep water, she inspected her barely concealed breasts. Satisfied that even though soaking wet, her bra provided at least a pretense of concealment, she shouted to her boyfriend and his cousin, “C'mon in, the water's fine.”

Tommy and Bill were stunned. Even though the distance prevented them from making out details, it was still obvious that Kara's wet underwear was not hiding much. Reluctant to have his cousin get any closer, Tommy lamely offered, “But we don't have our suits with us”

Kara though, pretending ignorance of the situation, shouted in reply, “Swim in your underwear, I am.” Her nipples and aureoles were making dark shadows in the wetness of her lace bra, but that wasn't all that was showing. Her panties were thin and nearly transparent even when dry, but now, as Kara stood in the knee deep water at the other end of the pool, her water-soaked panties seemed to have disappeared.

Tommy's cousin, Bill, was drooling at the sight and anxious to accept Kara's suggestion. Still, in a weak attempt at supporting his cousin's argument, he added, “Yeah, and the cold water wouldn't be enough to keep our embarrassment from showing.”

Grinning at them, Kara responded, “Your embarrassment? What ever do you mean?”

Not really believing Kara could be so naïve, Bill nevertheless replied, “You know. Wet underwear isn't going to do much to conceal our excitement. You might get offended.”

“Offended? Really? Because I caused two hunks a little excitement? I would rather think I should be flattered. Besides, in this wet underwear, my excitement might show some too.”

Kara looked at herself as if to confirm what she had said. The cool water had done nothing to keep her nipples from hardening. Pretending surprise she said, “Uh yeah Tommy, why didn't you do something to stop me. I had no idea it would be this obvious...”

In spite of Kara's profession of shock over how exposed she was, Tommy saw she was making no attempt to cover herself. “I tried to stop you,” he protested, realizing however, that anything he said would likely be futile.

Kara looked with feigned puzzlement at first one dripping wet breast, then the other. Looking up she said, “Well, I didn't think... at least I must not have heard.” Then seeming to reconcile herself to the situation, she added cheerfully, “Well whatever. Can't change it now. Are you two coming in or aren't you?”

Tommy looked at Bill, who seemed anxious to be in the pool with Kara. He considered the situation for a few seconds. He was warming up to the idea of Kara showing-off in front of his cousin, in fact he was even feeling twitches of excitement at the prospect of it.

Tommy nodded to his cousin. Bill nodded back. Both pulled their t-shirts over their heads and unbuttoned their shorts, letting them drop to the ground. Kara noted that each was wearing briefs and, although they were some distance away, she saw that Bill's concern was valid. Each was exhibiting a noticeable level of excitement.

The guys stepped out of their flip-flops, sat down at the edge of the pool and slipped in. The water was deep, over their heads at that end of the pool, and both clung to the side to keep from going under. “You're not staying there, are you,” Kara taunted. “I won't bite. Promise.”

Kara waited briefly for a response that did not come. Then taking a deep breath, her breasts stretching her bra to its limits, she dove under, swimming toward the deep end of the pool. After traveling the length of the pool underwater, her fingertips hit the wall between Tommy and Bill. She surfaced and clung to the edge.

She looked from one to other and said, “Now we don't have to scream at each other.” Both were looking away. She turned to Tommy. Her breasts were still below the surface of the water but the water soaked fabric of her bra wasn't hiding much. “What,” she said to him.

Tommy turned to look at her partially exposed breasts but said nothing. He still wasn't sure how he felt about his nearly naked girlfriend being so close to his cousin.

“I'll bet your cousin isn't so bashful,” Kara said as she turned to the other side. Bill turned and followed the movement of Kara's breasts through the water. “You like my boobs, don't you,” she asked.

“Well yeah,” Bill said as he looked at the nearest breast, “What man wouldn't.” He looked to the other breast, then back again. “I mean, like uh... that shirt you were wearing this morning was pretty sexy, but it kinda hid how, uh... nicely shaped you are.”

Kara had her back to the side of the pool. Her shoulders were pulled back, her arms behind with her fingers gripping the lip of the pool. She pushed her chest forward. “Tell me, Bill, which is sexier. The shirt with no underwear? Or the underwear with no shirt?”

Licking his lips as he looked from one breast to the other, he murmured trance-like, “Well, I'm not sure I can say. I kinda like 'em both.”

Kara turned her head toward Tommy, a grin overtaking her as she angled her breasts toward him. “Jealous yet?” she teased, “I think you're cousin's coming on to me.”

“No, not jealous.” Tommy attempted to appear confident. “At least I better not be. I'm sure you get that reaction a lot. In fact, I'll bet you got plenty of it in France.”

“France?” Bill interrupted, “You were in France?”

Turning to him, Kara pulled herself up until her breasts were just above the surface of the water. “Uh huh,” she acknowledged, “A few weeks ago, at the beginning of the summer.”

“Wow! What was it like?”

“Well, it was uh... European of course. But I'm sure you guessed that much.”

“Yeah, right, I did, but did you uh...” He looked again to her breasts. “...go to one of those topless beaches?”

“Yes. And I even went topless.” Kara smiled. “That Is what you really want to know, isn't it?”

“Oh, wow, that is so cool.” Bill's eyes widened. “Were there a lot of people on the beach?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so. Quite a few anyway.”

“Men and women?”

“Of course.”

“Were they all topless?”

“Most of them.”

Trying to disguise his lecherous thoughts, Bill carefully asked, “Like uh... how old were they?”

Kara looked down. The water kept her from seeing Bill's package but she was sure it was straining his underwear. “The women you mean?” she asked innocently.

Bill was practically stammering. “Uh huh... the teenage girls. Girls our age. Were most of them topless too?”

“Yeah, in fact it was mostly older women that weren't topless. I would guess that any girl that had anything worth showing off was topless.”

“Oh shit!” Bill said quietly, imagining the sight. “Were you with anybody,” he asked, trying to clarify the picture.

“Just my father.”

Bill's astonishment was evident as he questioned, “Your father? … He was with you?”

“Sure, he took me there,” Kara said matter-of-factly.

“Your father.” Bill was still expressing disbelief. “And he didn't care that you were topless ?”

“Of course he cared, but after he saw all the topless women on the beach, and he did like that, he got to where he could at least pretend it was okay.” Kara answered evenly.

“And you? It didn't bother you to have him, and all those other guys, looking at your uh...” He looked again to Kara's chest.

“Boobs, tits, whatever... no, not really. In fact, I think I kinda liked it, except for the part about my father. That was kinda weird. ” She took a deep breath, expanding her chest. “Besides, it wasn't the first time I'd been topless.”

Bill squinted as he asked, “You go topless at home too?”

“Around my father?” Kara blurted in disbelief at the question.

“Then when?”

“When what?

“When were you topless, before the beach I mean.”

“Well, there was one day in France when I was out sight-seeing alone.”

“You went topless when you were sightseeing?” Bill again expressed disbelief.

“No, of course not,” Kara explained, “But I did get a little carried away when a bunch of men started taking pictures of me.”

“Carried away?”

“Well, I was posing and they were cheering me on. I had my top unbuttoned, and...”

“Could they see anything?”

“Well, I wasn't wearing a bra.” She looked down at the one she was wearing, soaking wet and nearly transparent.

Bill followed her gaze. It had become clear that she didn't mind him looking. “And could they see your uh... tits then.”

The trace of a blush lit up Kara's cheeks. “Well, I suppose so. It wasn't like I was trying to hide them or anything.”

“And they were taking pictures?”

“Uh huh, of course,” she replied confidently.

“And you didn't mind?”

Kara's eyes narrowed to slits. “Nooo...” she drew out, “Should I have?”

Bill hesitated, careful not to make it appear as if he was arguing. “ No, not really. Is it bothering you that I'm looking at you now? ” He pointedly looked at her breasts.

“Nooo...” Kara batted her eyes. “I am flattered, but bothered? No. Should I be?”

Kara turned her body and her gaze from one to the other and back again, repeatedly. Nearly a full minute passed without anyone saying anything. The guys looked Kara over while she basked in their attention, still acting though, as if she were indifferent to the situation.

Tommy was beginning to enjoy the way Kara was teasing Bill. He knew she was enjoying herself and merely acting as if she didn't realize the effect she was having. Tommy was curious as to how far she would go. He also was unsure as to how far he wanted her to go.

Looking at Kara's almost transparent bra, he ventured , “Do you want to take it off.”

Kara replied , “What? Take what off?” She knew what Tommy meant and knew that Tommy knew too.

“ Your bra, do you want to take it off, ” Tommy asked , “ You let strangers take topless pictures of you, and you went topless at the beach. I thought you might want to get topless now too. ”

“Not a good idea,” Kara said sternly to Tommy, tilting her head in Bill 's direction .

Bill protested, “Hey, you don't have to hold off on my account? I'll behave.”

“What I mean is not now, maybe later,” Kara said, “ I need to think about it. How about we play a game or something first.”

“Yeah, well okay,” Tommy said, “But you are going to think about it.”

“Yeah, and...” Bill said. “We, uh... well, I don't know about Tommy, but I won't even look, or pay any attention.”

Really? Then what's the point? Where's the fun in that?” Kara joked. “Seriously though. Lets play a game. Does either of you have a quarter?”

“You're not thinking we could play that quarter game you and I played a couple years back, are you.”

“I hadn't thought about that but it could be fun.” Kara paused. Her eyes grew big. Her smile widened. “Ummh, both of you running your hands over my body, looking for the quarter?” Then she turned serious. “But no, it wouldn't work so well in the pool. No, I was thinking of something else.”

Tommy had been imagining it right along with Kara, but as she turned serious, so did he. “Yeah, that would get a little weird with all three of us anyway. But to answer your question, yes, I do have a quarter in my pants pocket. I'd get it, but in my underwear... well that might be embarrassing.”

“Bragging or complaining,” Kara asked. “Or are you just trying to get me to do it. I don't care. I'll do it.” Kara swam over to the ladder and grabbed hold, pulling herself up.

With her wet panties stretched tight across her butt, it looked as if Kara wasn't wearing anything at all. She took her time getting out of the pool, giving the guys plenty of opportunity to feast on her backside.

At the top of the ladder, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. “I guess my panties are kinda see-through, especially when they're wet.” Being more of a tease than sounding as if she really meant it, she added, “I hope you don't mind.” She turned and walked over to where the guys had left their shorts.

As she bent over searching the pockets, Kara kept her butt pointed toward the pool. Tommy and Bill were fixated on her wet body. After retrieving a quarter from Tommy's pants, she gave them a knowing look and walked to the diving board.

At the end of the board, Kara turned toward Tommy and Bill. She was only a few feet from them and they were being afforded the best view so far of the front-side of her panties. Like the back, it was virtually transparent. Kara was shaved though, and even in the wet panties, there was only a hint of what the panties were hiding.

Kara described the rules of the game. “When its your turn, at the end of the diving board, turn and drop the quarter over your shoulder, into the pool.” She dropped the quarter over her shoulder. “Give it time to settle to the bottom. Then go after it. You have to find the quarter without coming up for air.”

“What happens if I can't do it,” Bill asked.

“You have to truthfully answer one question from each of the other two.”

Any question,” Tommy asked.

“Yes. I mean, it has to be a question you would know the answer to. But yes, any question.”

“Alright, you go first,” Tommy said.

“Let me see. I am on the diving board and the quarter is already on the bottom of the pool, so yeah, that makes sense,” Kara quipped sarcastically. She turned and dove in. The quarter had been on the bottom for a couple of minutes and had slid close to the drain. Kara found it easily and floated to the surface, holding it proudly over her head.

Tommy was next, and at first, could not find the quarter. He was nearly out of air when he spotted it. He grabbed it quickly and shot to the surface. His lungs burned as he gulped in the fresh air.

It was Bill's turn, but he didn't have the swimming experience of Kara or Tommy. Instead of diving, he jumped in and then had to turn over before he could even begin to look. His eyes were not accustomed to the chlorine flavored pool water and he had trouble seeing. He was forced to the surface without having found the quarter.

“I haven't found it yet,” Bill said, “You two be thinking about your questions while I look for it.” When he surfaced the second time, he produced the quarter.

After Bill passed the quarter to Kara, Tommy spoke boldly, “My question is, are you still a virgin?”

“Well, sort of.”

“Sort of?” Tommy asked. “Either you are or you aren't. Which is it?”

Bill's face turned red. He looked into the water. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

“You don't need to act ashamed,” Kara said. “Until recently, your cousin was too, or at least that's what he wanted me to think.”

“You mean,” asked Bill, “You and Tommy are...”

You don't get to ask the questions, at least not yet. Its my turn now,” Kara snapped. Then adopting an easier tone, she asked, “Have you ever seen a girl naked? I mean since you've been a teenager, and pictures don't count.”

“Uh... same answer.”

“Meaning 'no'?”

“Yes, I mean no. No I haven't.”

Kara looked at him. She cocked her head to the side. “But you do want to, don't you?”

Tommy jumped in with, “Hey, that's two questions.”

“Okay, you're right,” Kara said, “I'll save that for next time. Give me the quarter.”

After getting the quarter from Bill, Kara attempted to pull herself up and over the edge of the pool but couldn't do it by herself. She was partly there, her breasts about level with the edge of the pool and her waist just above the water-line when she ran out of steam. “Help me guys,” she pleaded.

Bill and Tommy each grabbed one of her legs and pushed upward. As her butt cleared the water and rose to the level of the pool deck, both found their faces only inches from Kara's transparently covered ass. “Quit staring and help me over the edge,” Kara chided.

The two pushed until Kara's knees were on the pool deck, where she knelt to catch her breath, her butt perched in the air, offering Bill and Tommy an awesome view of her nearly bare pussy. Kara could feel the intensity of their gaze and held the pose a few seconds longer than necessary.

As Kara slowly rose to her feet, Tommy and Bill were in such a trance that they failed to notice the approving smile she gave to each of them. They continued to stare as she walked across the deck and onto the diving board. Kara ignored their attention as she tossed the quarter into the pool, then dove in after it.

After searching some time for the quarter, Kara finally spotted it but decided she didn't have enough air left in order to retrieve it. As her head popped above the surface of the water, she said, “I know where it is but I'm going to have to go back for it.”

By the time she surfaced with the quarter, Bill was ready with a question. As soon as Kara reached the edge of the pool, he asked, “Are you and Tommy making it?”

Kara was sure Bill would ask that question and had already decided how she would answer it. “Yes,” she replied flatly. Bill was sure that was the correct answer, but he was astounded that Kara had not at least tried to duck the question.

Similarly, Tommy was left speechless by the abruptness of her answer. He wondered if she would answer his question so readily. “You like teasing us with your wet bra and panties. Would you rather take them off?”

“So, you're still on that subject. Well maybe I would... but I wasn't sure you wanted me to.”

“I'm not sure I do either. I'm just trying to figure out what you want.”

Bill inserted himself into the conversation. “It's not as if your wet underwear is hiding much anyway.”

“I agree,” Kara said. “So what's the point in taking it off?”

“I just thought you might be more comfortable,” Tommy said.

Her voice dripping with sarcasm, Kara said, “Yeah sure. And when did you become so thoughtful?” Kara squinted her eyes at Tommy. “You want me to get naked in front of your cousin, don't you?”

“I didn't say that,” Tommy snapped.

“True, but you are thinking it, aren't you? You really want me to get naked, don't you?”

Tommy was beginning to like the idea but he wasn't yet ready to admit it to Kara, or himself for that matter. “I'm sure Bill would like it, and I guess I really wouldn't mind either... that is, if it's what you want.”

“I just might then... if you're sure that's what you want... but I'm not sure I can trust Bill.”

“Can't trust me,” Bill snapped. “But, I'll behave, I promise.”

“That's not what I meant. I'm afraid you'll blab it to your folks and friends, telling them what a slut Tommy's girl-friend is.”

'Interesting,' Tommy thought, “Kara isn't at all concerned about Bill seeing her naked. She is only worried about what he might say.' Feeling even more ready than he had been before, he said authoritatively, “Bill's not going to say anything, especially not to our folks.”

Kara spoke hastily, “I said that wrong. Of course I don't want him to tell his, or your, folks anything. On the other hand, if he doesn't brag at least a little to his friends, I'll be insulted. I just don't want to be thought of as a slut.”

“Oh, no,” Bill said, “I would never do that.”

“And you won't tell your parents.”

“No way! I promise.”

“And this is okay with you,” Kara asked Tommy.

She was offering him a last chance to stop her. Tommy's big head was still raising questions, but the little head was saying, 'Oh boy, oh boy.' He shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah sure... go ahead.”

Kara looked at Bill. He was afraid to say anything. He could tell that Kara was actually considering it.

Kara looked back at Tommy. He still wasn't completely okay with Kara getting naked in front of his cousin but he was resigned to, maybe even excited by, what seemed to be inevitable.

Kara was going to do it, but it had to appear natural, not something overtly sexual. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. Treading water, she shrugged the straps off her shoulders and held the bra to her breasts. “I'm taking it off, but I don't want either of you to make a big deal out of it, okay?”

Tommy and Bill each put on serious faces and nodded their agreement. They even looked away as Kara finished removing the bra and placed it on the pool deck. “It's okay guys, I'm not going to freak out,” Kara said. “In fact, I'll consider it an insult if you don't look.”

As Tommy and Bill turned toward Kara, she reversed her position, again putting her back against the side of the pool, her hands over her shoulders, holding onto the edge. She raised herself with her hands until her nipples were right at the water-line.

Bill thought that her breasts could not have been more deliciously displayed. Kara had looked terrific in her wet underwear, but now with the bra off, he saw that she was not just generously endowed, but also perfectly proportioned. He licked his lips.

Tommy, of course, had seen Kara in the altogether on several occasions, but even he was captivated by their beautiful symmetry. He noted also that the areolas and nipples were the perfect size for her breasts.

Kara watched their reactions as she felt her nipples grow and harden. With Bill, who she barely knew, openly studying her exposed breasts from little more than a foot away, it was impossible not to experience some degree of turn-on. Tommy could see that Kara was enjoying the attention, although she continued to act as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Bill already had an erection from watching Kara in her underwear. Now, with her bra removed, it turned to steel. “I know you would rather I didn't say anything, but I have to say that yours are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.”

“I'll take that as a compliment, and a very nice one at that. But I am curious, just how many pairs of bare female breasts have you seen in your lifetime?”

“Other than yours?” Bill sheepishly looked down at the water. “I guess none really.” Then he brightened. “But I have seen a lot of pictures, on the internet you know, and yours are way better than any of those.”

“Now that is a compliment. I think I like being topless.” Kara looked over at Tommy and saw that he was shifting his gaze back and forth between her and Bill. “What do you think Tommy? Do you like it too, or should I put the bra back on?”

“No its fine. I'm liking it too. But what about your panties. I thought you were going to take them off too.”

Kara looked toward her panties. In a way she wanted to take them off but she was still a bit apprehensive about it. “Yeah, well I guess I'm not sure I'm ready for that, at least not yet,” she replied.

In a way, Tommy was relieved. He didn't think he was ready either. He looked at Bill though, and saw that he was somewhat disappointed. They all needed something to get their minds off it. He turned to Kara, “Lets play another round of the game, see how you feel then.”

“Okay,” said Kara, “It's your turn.” Then looking at Bill she added, “But I'm not making any promises, okay?” Bill nodded.

Tommy's turn was uneventful. He dove right on top of the quarter and popped to the surface with it, almost immediately. Bill took a turn too. He had learned a lot from his first try. Although it was not very pretty, almost a belly-flopper, he did dive this time instead of jumping. He seemed to stay under forever, but when he came up, he too had the quarter in his hand.

It was finally Kara's turn. She climbed out and walked across the pool deck to the diving board. For perhaps the first time since he had met her, Kara did not seem to Bill to be doing anything extra to draw attention to her body.

She was, of course, nearly naked, wearing only a wet pair of panties. Although her breasts were completely bare, she made no attempt to cover herself. At the end of the diving board, she turned slowly, affording Tommy and Bill a good look at her butt. When her back was to the end of the board, she dropped the quarter over her shoulder, then continued turning until she faced the guys.

Tommy thought he understood what she was doing. Kara was so close to naked that she didn't really need to take the panties off. That had to be the point she was trying to make. Kara knew that was wrong. She was fighting with herself. In a way she wanted to, but she was also scared.

To Tommy's amazement, maybe Kara's too, she tucked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pushed them down until they fell loose and dropped to her ankles. She straightened up and nervously stood there for several seconds, giving Tommy and Bill an unobstructed view of her bare pussy. After holding the pose as long as she was able, she turned slowly away from them and dove off the opposite side of the board.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kara surfaced without the quarter. “I can't find it. Ask your questions.”

Tommy's soldier had shot to attention. He knew that he liked what Kara had done, but still wasn't convinced it was what she wanted to do. He asked, “Now that you've taken off all your clothes, how does it feel?”

Kara swam to the side of the pool where Tommy and Bill were hanging on to the edge. She sandwiched herself between them. She hesitated as they looked her over. She could feel them pressed against her bare hips. “I think,” she said slowly, “That I like it.” A pleasant smile crossed her lips as she allowed herself to float to the surface.

Bill's eyes traveled up and down her naked body. He knew he was supposed to ask a question. Finally, he managed to eke out, “Do you like it enough to stay this way?”

“Uh huh, yeah, but I can't.” Kara sighed. “The weather cheated us out of the best part of the day. Unfortunately, I've got to get dinner started. Maybe we can start earlier tomorrow.” She looked to Tommy for approval. “How about coffee in the morning.” After receiving a nod from Tommy, Kara swam to the ladder and climbed out. “Don't rush off though. I'm going to use the outside shower before I go in and you guys can stay as long as you want.”

The shower was just a few steps away. It was really nothing more than a couple of pipes coming out of the ground with spigots and a shower head. There was no enclosure. It was meant for rinsing off suntan oil before swimming, or rinsing chlorine off when done.

Kara, still naked, turned the water on and stepped under it. She took the shampoo from a nearby rack and poured some on her long brown hair. She worked it into a rich lather before eventually rinsing it out.

Using the soap bar, Kara washed her entire body. She faced her admirers throughout, but when she reached between her legs, she looked away from them and soaped quickly. She acted as if she might still be somewhat embarrassed over being without panties.

However, when it came to her breasts, Kara made a point of lathering them vigorously. She knew she was being a tease, and equally sure that Tommy and Bill thought so too. But, they did seem to be enjoying it. When she rinsed off, she teased them with a little pinch to each of her nipples. As she shut off the water, Kara looked at the guys and grinned.

She dried herself, then picked up her smock and walked to the pool where she picked up her wet underwear. She didn't put any of it on though. At the edge of the pool Kara bent and gave Tommy a quick kiss. “Eight-thirty for coffee?” she asked.

“You bet,” Tommy replied.

“Me too,” said Bill.

Kara turned, still naked, and walked into the house. She had had fun today and was already thinking about what would be next.


That evening Kara was home alone, seated at her dressing table, brushing her hair. In her mind she replayed the afternoon, getting naked while swimming with Tommy and Bill . It wasn't her first time to experience the rush of being naked outdoors, but there was more to it this time . She hadn't been with just Tommy; his cousin, almost a stranger, had been there too . What made it even more exciting though, was that Tommy seemed to be as turned-on as she was.

She looked to her left, at the drapes covering the windows. The bedroom had been her father's until a couple of days ago. Kara's previous bedroom had been on the side of the house away from Tommy's. This one however, had two full-length windows facing Tommy's house. A line of hedges blocked the view into her bedroom, except from Tommy's second floor bedroom window.

Kara turned off the lights on her dressing table, leaving the room dark except for the faint illumination coming from the hall. She stepped over to the drapes and opened them wide. Then she returned to the dressing table and turned the lights back on. Sitting at the table, Kara would be visible from Tommy's window, if he was watching.

Although it was just a little past ten, Kara had decided to turn in early, maybe read some. Her father was out, probably wouldn't be home until well after midnight. She was dressed for bed, wearing a button-front sleep-shirt over a pair of panties. As she resumed brushing her hair she thought, 'Hopefully the light from the windows will attract Tommy's attention.'

Kara mopped her brow, pretending her room was hotter than it really was. She put down her brush and fanned herself, enhancing the illusion. Then, as if it was too hot, she unbuttoned the sleep shirt. She hesitated though before taking it off. She wasn't sure she could do it. Yes, she had gotten naked with Tommy and Bill in the pool that afternoon but...

Bill might also be watching. However, if he was, it was because Tommy had let him. That wasn't a problem for Kara, in fact the thought that Bill might be watching too, made it even more exciting. Still something about it was different. She just wasn't sure what.

Kara though, was determined to do it. She quickly removed the sleep-shirt and hung it over the back of the chair. Then, in just a pair of panties and easily visible from Tommy's window, she resumed brushing her hair, trembling with nervous excitement over the possibility of being watched by Tommy, maybe his cousin too.

After a few minutes of unnecessary brushing, she turned the lights off. In the dim light from the hall she dressed again in the sleep-shirt and looked up at Tommy's window. She could see a face at the window and what looked like binoculars as well. She stripped the panties off and climbed into bed, her hand between her legs.

Kara picked up her cell-phone. She speed dialed Tommy. He answered, “Uh huh.”

“What are you doing,” Kara asked.

“Watching a show,” he answered.

“You want me to turn the light back on?”

“Huh? Light? What are you talking about?”

Kara was suddenly afraid she had made a mistake. “Uh... Where are you?” she asked.

“In the den, watching TV, like I said.”

Kara considered the possibilities. “Is your cousin there too?” she asked.

“No, he went to bed about an hour ago... said he was feeling sick.”

'Oh shit!' Kara said to herself. 'That was his cousin I was showing off for. Tommy does not need to know about this.' Kara wasn't concerned that Bill had been ogling her tits, it was that Tommy hadn't been a part of it. It felt to her as if she had been cheating.

She hadn't done it on purpose though and needed to put it out of her mind. “My father's out for the night,” she said to Tommy, “And with your cousin sick... well, we could go for a late night swim, just the two of us. Maybe fool around some? Whaddaya think.”

“I like it,” Tommy replied, “With Bill here, I was afraid we might not get any alone time. Meet you at the pool?”

“Right away. And whatever you do, don't wake your cousin.”


Tommy wasn't quite sure what to expect, but he did know it would be good. Thinking about it, he snagged swim trunks out of the dryer and yanked them on over his rapidly growing erection. Kara had gotten naked in the pool with him and his cousin that afternoon, but tonight she insisted he come alone. His dick throbbed as he imagined the possibilities. He picked up a towel and slipped quietly out the back door.

His cousin Bill was still watching Kara's house from the upstairs window. A few minutes after the lights went out in Kara's bedroom, Bill spotted movement in the backyard. It looked like Kara was headed toward the pool. Bill couldn't make out much in the dim light of the moon, but near the edge of the pool, the figure he presumed to be Kara, bent over and pressed a hidden switch. The pool lit up and with it, the backyard. Yes, I t was Kara.

It looked as if she was once again wearing that same sleepshirt she had removed while Bill watched through her bedroom window. 'That was hot!' he thought, 'Her sitting at her dressing-table, brushing her hair, wearing nothing but panties... Now it looks like she's taking the shirt off again... Holy shit, the panties too? Tommy sure is lucky to be tapping that!'

Naked, Kara dove in and swam to the middle of the pool. She stood in shoulder-deep water as Tommy made his way through the hedge and to the side of the pool. Spotting Tommy, Bill was shocked. He couldn't hear what was being said but he could tell their meeting wasn't accidental. He watched as Tommy kicked off his flip-flops, dropped the towel, and did a shallow dive into the pool, near where Kara was standing.

Tommy swam underwater toward Kara, wrapped his arms around her, then shot to the surface with a pleased look on his face. “I was hoping we might be skinny-dipping,” he said.

Kara put her arms around Tommy's neck and pulled him toward her. “After today, you couldn't have thought I'd be wearing clothes, now could you?”

Tommy took Kara's face in his hands. “ Well no, of course not. I just wasn't sure is all. I mean like jesus , you are so beautiful, even more so with your clothes off.” He kissed her passionately.

When they broke for air, Kara asked, “So I guess you're not mad at me then... I mean, for taking my clothes off in front of your cousin?”

The cool water had been working to diminish his erection but at the mention of their earlier swim, it instantly hardened. “You couldn't tell how much I was loving it?” he asked.

Kara reached between Tommy's legs and grabbed his dick . “ Oh, you mean this?” she chimed, “ Of course I noticed . But pray-tell, what are you doing with your trunks still on ?”

Tommy reached down with both hands, gripped the sides of his swim suit and pushed it over his hips and down. Kara ducked beneath the surface of the water and helped Tommy get the trunks down and loose from his feet. Before coming up though, Kara ran her tongue over Tommy's cock and lightly kissed the head of it with her lips.

Bill watched as Kara swung Tommy's trunks over her head. Bill's hand slid into his briefs. 'Oh my god,' he said to himself, 'Now they're both naked.' He took hold of himself.

Kara dragged Tommy into shallower water where Bill could see her tits. She had one hand at the back of Tommy's neck, still holding his swim suit. Her other hand was hidden by the water, but from the looks of things, Bill guessed it was wrapped around Tommy's bare cock. As they lip-locked, one of Tommy's hands toyed with Kara's bare tits. The other was beneath the water, likely between her legs.

Bill remained glued to the binoculars as Kara pushed Tommy toward the side of the pool. “Out. Sit on the edge,” she said, throwing his trunks on the deck. Bill couldn't hear but he guessed what was being said as Tommy pulled himself up, then turned and sat on the edge with his feet dangling in the water.

'That lucky son of a bitch,' Bill thought, one hand trying to hold the binoculars steady while the other fondled his twitching dick. Kara rested her hands on Tommy's knees, then glanced up and caught a glimmer of moonlight reflecting off the binoculars in the upstairs window. She turned back to Tommy, spreading his legs and pulling him closer to the edge, allowing the pool light to provide even greater illumination. “Jesus,” Bill said to himself aloud, “She wants me to watch.”

Looking out the corner of her eye at the window of the house next door, Kara took Tommy's smoothly shaved balls into her mouth and sucked them gently. As his erect cock bobbed and twitched in her face, Tommy leaned back, supporting himself on his elbows, and emitted soft moans of delight.

Kara angled her face to the side of Tommy's cock so as not to obstruct the view. As Tommy's balls slipped out of her mouth, she licked her way along the side of his dick. Under any circumstances, she would have loved what she was doing, but knowing she was being watched made it even more exciting.

'My god!' Bill thought, 'She has to know I'm watching.' Kara wrapped her hands around Tommy's shaft and slipped the head of his cock between her lips. The exotic taste of Tommy's pre-cum caused her to momentarily forget the upstairs window where Bill was juggling the binoculars in one hand and hurriedly tugging off his shorts with the other. As the shorts dropped to the floor, Bill grabbed hold of and began pumping his dick. Kara was lapping up the moisture on the head of Tommy's dick. She took as much of it into her mouth as she could. Then she let it slide slowly out until she held just the head of it between her lips. Bill thought he saw a quick conspiratorial type look in his direction.

Kara repeated the in and out motion, fucking Tommy with her mouth. As she increased the tempo, Tommy became vocal in his expressions of pleasure. His words came faster and his moans were more drawn out. Tommy's body began to spasm. Kara, sensing his impending orgasm, jerked Tommy's cock from her mouth. “Yes! Give it to me,” she demanded. “Give me all of it.” Ribbons of ejaculate spurted toward her open mouth, but before she could get Tommy's gyrating dick back into her mouth, her face was covered in sperm.

Bill dropped the binoculars, the sight of Tommy's cum splashing over Kara's face was firmly etched into his brain. He rose from the chair where he was sitting and pointed his dick toward the window. Pumping furiously he brought forth a monstrous orgasm, spraying cum over the glass of the closed window. With his legs still shaking, he fell back onto the chair. As his control slowly returned, he picked up the binoculars and again trained them on the sight in the pool.

Kara 's lips engulfed the head of Tommy's dick. Even though rivulets of semen covered her face, she was still swallowing load after load of Tommy's hot cum. Bill watched wide-eyed as Tommy went limp in Kara's mouth. He could not tell what was being said, but it was clear Tommy was not complaining.

Kara ducked her head under the surface of the pool and rinsed the cum from her face. As Bill watched, she returned her attention to Tommy's cock, gently sucking him dry. Then she licked the cum off her lips and swallowed that too. As Tommy's breathing slowly returned to normal, Kara gently bathed his softening cock with her tongue.

Tommy finally spoke. “I am feeling so selfish,” he said. “There is no way I could give you that kind of pleasure... certainly not anytime soon, anyway.”

“Don't think about it. I got as much out of that as you did.” Kara looked quickly in the direction of the upstairs window. “Now, get in the pool and hold me.”

Tommy slid into the water and took Kara in his arms. When he kissed her, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, like she had done with his cock. In spite of the chilly water, he felt himself hardening again. Kara felt it too and said, “Unh uh. No more tonight. When Daddy gets home, it would be best if I was in bed, alone, and at least pretending to be asleep.”

Kara led a reluctant Tommy up the steps to the pool deck. As they dried off in the shadows, Kara caught a glimpse of a face in Tommy's bedroom window, illuminated briefly by a passing car.

“When you see your cousin tomorrow,” she said, “Tell him it was too bad he was sick. He missed a fun swim.”

“Sure. Uh, how much should I tell him though?”

“Well,” Kara replied, “I think if you mention we were skinny-dipping, that should be enough.” Kara chuckled. “I doubt he'll be sick again before he leaves.”

“I'm sure that's true,” Tommy observed, “Tell me though, if he'd been with us, would you still have gotten naked?”

Grinning, Kara replied, “What do you think.”

Tommy accepted that his cousin's presence likely would not have changed how Kara was dressed. “But,” he said, “There wouldn't have been any sex. Right?”

Kara shook her head vigorously. “Not likely,” she replied with a touch of sarcasm. Then, with her voice more teasing she added “On the other hand, he wasn't here, so I guess we'll never know.”

Kara looked away, in the direction of the upstairs window. Knotting a towel around her naked body, she turned and walked toward the house.

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