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What a vacation... Part 2

Part 2...written by the man in the story.
Several hours had passed when Shannon and Mike finally awoke on the floor, still naked from the previous session. Mike learned towards Shannon and kissed her forehead. He looked down at her body, her big breasts rising and falling with each breath. It didn't take long for Mike's cock to start twitching again. Shannon always had that effect on him.

Shannon noticed that Mike was getting turned on again, and said, "Time for round 2?"

That was all the invitation Mike needed, he leaned forward and kissed Shannon's neck, causing her to moan very loudly. She reached down and slowly began to stroke Mike's hard, swollen cock. He wanted to fuck her so badly, his hips started to thrust his cock in and out of her hand.

"Go sit on the couch, Mike. I wanna ride your cock.", Shannon demanded.

In a flash, Mike was up and on the couch, stroking his cock, making it even harder for what was about to come. Shannon walked over, straddled Mike on the couch, and gently began rubbing her already soaking pussy back and forth across the tip on Mike's incredibly hard cock. Mike reached up, cupping Shannon's wonderful tits in each hand. He pushed his face between them, gently running his tongue up through the cleavage. Shannon just moaned and continued grinding her soaking pussy across his cock. Right then, Mike looked up and Shannon looked down into Mike's eyes, they stared for a second, and then Shannon broke the silence,

"Do you wanna fuck me Mike? I know that's why you came all the way out here!", to which Mike replied,

"Oh yes Shannon, so bad, I want to be deep inside your pussy!".

And with that, Shannon slid her pussy all the way down Mike's throbbing cock. They both let out a deep moan together, and slowly Shannon began bouncing her soaking pussy up and down on Mike's cock. Mike began pushing his hips up to meet with Shannon's downward thrusting. This only made Shannon cry out louder. All she could feel was Mike's cock, and that's all she cared about right now, was him deep inside her, pleasing her like no one else could.

Mike knew he couldn't take much more of this. Besides the fucking, Shannon just had a way of making him cum quicker, just by the way she looked at him. He told her to get up and lie down on the bed. She dismounted, giving Mike a wicked smile as she did. She spun around and before she even made it to the bed, Mike was throwing her down and flipping her onto her back.

"I told you I wanted you bad", he grunted.

This only made Shannon pussy even wetter, wetter than she ever thought it could get. Her body was on fire, and only Mike's hard cock could extinguish it. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly began sliding it in, until it was buried deep in Shannon's wet pussy. He began pistoning his cock in and out, still very slowly, but at the perfect pace. Shannon could feel another orgasm coming, and told Mike,

"Oh fuck Mike, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! Keep fucking me! Just like that!".

Mike increased his pace, as he wanted to cum at exactly the same time.

"Oh my god Shannon, I'm gonna cum too, baby!" Mike said, and that was all Shannon needed.

Beginning at her feet, she felt a intense warmth pass over her body, and she cried out,


Mike couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out and slid his pussy slick cock up between Shannon's glorious tits. All the while, Shannon was bucking and crying out, obviously enjoying her orgasm. She opened her mouth at the top of her tits, and Mike slid his cock deep inside her mouth. He cried out, shooting his cum deep inside her mouth, the vibrations from Shannon's own screaming sending him even further over the edge. He collapsed next to Shannon on the bed, completely exhausted.

"Enjoying the vacation so far, Mike?", Shannon said with a devilish grin. They both stared into eachothers eyes, and both knew this vacation was FAR from being over

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