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what are you made of ?

This is my first story, please go easy on me.
I was at home alone on my laptop, while I talked to my friend on the phone. It was a known fact he liked me, but I had made it clear awhile ago that I didn't want a relationship so soon after I'd moved out on my own.
"Breeeeee," he said into the phone, rather loudly, when I was silent for a moment.

"What?" I asked.

"Guess what I'm doing?" when I heard him chuckle, I definitely assumed the worse.

"Oh god, you're so gross." I hung up the phone on him, kind of relieved that our conversation was finally over.

I scrolled through my contacts on MSN Messenger. I needed someone to hang out with. It was Friday night, and I was stuck alone in my apartment. I began to sulk as I began to think about all the more exciting things I could be doing.

An orange light flashed at the bottom of my screen, accompanied by the familiar sound of a message. 'heeeeeey(;' it read, and I winced. Oh, of course. Only Aaron would message me after I hung up on him, and his... dick.

'hey.' I wrote back, not feeling the winky face. 'way to hang up on me ):' he sent. I was becoming even more bored by the second. 'Sorry, I wasn't in the mood for that.' I also wasn't in the mood to apologize, but whatever. 'to make up for it, why don't you go to the club with me tonight'. Aaron never used question marks. The reason why was beyond me. I agreed, only because I was going to die alone in my apartment if I didn't.

I got ready fast, putting on a dark blue dress, that went down to my mid thigh. It shimmered and sparkled in club lights, and I learned awhile back. It was tight, and hugged my curves. I was lucky to have curves when I had such a thin figure. I wore a thong, solely to show off my ass. I wasn't getting dressed up fancy for anyone but myself. I smiled as I looked over my body quickly in the mirror. My cleavage was being showed off well in the seriously low rise front of my dress.

I rode in style... If you call style the city bus. But I was there on time, and met by the smiley face of my, pretty much, best friend Aaron. He stood at six foot six, towering over me, who was only 5'7. He was kind of lanky, but muscular too. I stood there for a moment, in utter silence.

Something had snapped in my brain as he hugged me. I was wet. Nothing was different about him. He wore the same hat, the same baggy pants, that were at least four sizes too big, and held up with a seat belt he had converted into a belt. The same wife-beater. The same everything he had worn to school today. He even smelled just like he always did. But for some strange reason, everything about him was turning me on.

Some how, we got inside the club. My fake ID claimed that I was 19, which was the legal drinking age in Ontario. The bouncers never doubted or double checked my ID. Nobody seemed to care that a 17 year old was getting into clubs around here anyways. Aaron didn't need a fake ID. He was actually 19. He was a year behind in school, and then took an extra year on top of that to take some other courses he wanted to take. I'd never understand why.

The moment I was in, I could feel the music pumping throughout the entire building. It made the floor shake, and I had to steady myself on my heels again. It was a rave on the dance floor. The first place I went to was the bar. I needed a drink after that episode with Aaron. What the fuck was wrong with me.

I had a shot of tequila. I was about to order another, when Aaron came up behind me and put his arm around my waist. For once, I didn't complain. It just made me wetter.

"Let's go dance!" Aaron yelled in my ear, trying to be heard over the music. Rammstein's hardcore music was cranked up on the speakers. I nodded, and walked over easily. The alcohol hadn't taken any affect on me. At least I thought it didn't..

I was head banging, and fist pumping, then things started to get dirty when the music changed. I began to grind with every guy I could find. I became a whore when I drank, and I couldn't control it. I shook my ass fast, and a bunch of guys began to smack it. Hard. I liked to be spanked, it was one of my guilty pleasures. I started to grind against another guy, then walked away when I felt him starting to get hard. Such a tease I was.

I totally forgot about Aaron, and when I finally remembered, I couldn't find him. I walked over to the bar, shimmer from my dress had some how rubbed off on my face. I ordered a Vex, and downed it in less than a minute. When I turned around to go back, I bumped right into Aaron. He could tell how fucked up I was, and smiled. He leaned down and kissed me. Almost immediately, I parted my lips and shot my tongue down his throat. He grabbed my ass with one hand, pulling me closer to him, then smacked it, making me really wet. He broke apart from the kiss to lead me to the back area of the building.

In this club, they have rooms for people to... do their business in it. But they don't promise it's not private. The walls are like those weird mirrors. Like, they can see you, but you can't see them.

I smashed open a door, and Aaron locked it behind us. I grabbed him by the neck, and managed to lick up his throat. He moaned, and rolled his head back for a moment. I stepped back and ran my hands down my body, displaying my curves. He stepped closer, and I turned around, grinding against him, this time, feeling his hard on. He pushed me away from him, and onto the bed. I flipped over, and spread my legs, running my hands up my inner thighs, accenting them.

He jumped onto the bed as well, tracing his finger up my thigh, and along the edge of my thong. I could feel how soaked I was now, recognizing it. He rubbed my swollen clit through the fabric, and I moaned. I closed my eyes, and heard him unzipping his pants.

I opened my eyes and sat up. His hard on was eight inches, and begged to be sucked. I got on my knees, and grabbed onto his hips to steady myself, while I began to lick the head like a lollipop. I groaned, and I smiled through the licks.

"Yes baby, yeees." His moans were making me hot, and wet. I used one of my hands to play with his balls, while I deep throated the entirety of his dick. While it was in my mouth, I used my tongue to play with it. His breathing got heavier, so I began to bob back and forth on his dick. I liked the way he sounded when he was being pleased, it was so sexy. He started to yell, and I braced myself for him cumming. He came in my mouth, and some on my face. I swallowed what was in my mouth, then used my tongue to lap up whatever I could reach on my face.

He pushed my back down, then flipped me over, and began to spank me.

"You've been a very, very bad slut. Hanging up on me. Teasing me everyday with your sexiness. Grinding with other guys." His smacks got harder, and I got wetter. I cried out in pain, and pleasure. When he stopped, I felt my ass pulse from the beats. He then flipped me over, and easily spread my legs. Ripping off my thong wasn't that hard either. I was so horny, I would let him do anything to me.

His fingers ran along my slit, then he began to play with my clit. I dug my fingers into the sheets, bringing them closer to me. I was so wet, he easily got two fingers into my tit hole, and played with my g-spot. I wiggled around. He lowered his head down, and began to lick my pussy. He did a figure eight around my clit, then started to please me in ways I didn't know could be done with your tongue, all the while continuing to finger me.

I was screaming by now, so close to cumming. His licks and kisses on my clit were intensifying, and I began to shake as my first orgasm came over me. I came so hard, my juices squirted all over, but he ate them all up.

"You're so sweet." He told me, and I smiled. I was still horny as hell too, and we both knew that this was not the end. Aaron pressed his dick inside me, and began to thrust in and out, really hard. Stretching my hole as he pressed himself all the way inside. He was going so fast and hard, and I was moaning and squealing in pleasure, as was he.

"Yes! Yes! Harder babe!" I called out again. He stuck his hands under my dress, and pulled it off along with my bra, in one slick motion. My nipples were erect, and so unloved. He leaned down, and began to suck on one, and play with the other, than switch, while some how managing to keep fucking me hard. He raised his head, and began to make out with me then, just as we were both on the verge of cumming. I screamed, not expecting my orgasm, and came all over him again, tightening around his dick.

Then he began to call out my name as he came inside me. I was on the pill, so I didn't mind having his cum inside me. He pulled out of me, and we just lay there, next to each other.

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