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What Boundaries? Part Two

Tags: woods, sex, oral, squirt
The shit, it's hit the fan.
After having sex with my boyfriend’s father, all I could think about was the grief of cheating. But I could never confess. I’d lose him. I can’t. We’ve got a future.

“You little whore.” Mr. Dames laughed. “I can’t wait to tell my son all about how I fucked his little bitch.”

I fixed my clothes and grabbed him by his collar.

“Look,” I began, “If anyone finds out about this, especially Carl, I will TELL him that you fucking fucked me. I’m 17, asshole, I can act and cry on the spot. So unless you want a world of grief, you’ll keep your mouth shut. And you better start treating Carl better. If I see a bruise on him, you're fucked. If he cries, you're fucked. Treat me how you want, but do not hurt him. 'Kay?”

I could see the fear in his eyes. He knew I was serious.

“Okay. Fine. You win.” He rubbed my ass again and tried to kiss me. I forced him away.

“Uhm, no. I don’t think so. Pervert. I’m Carl’s. You don’t want Rhonda to know that you like me better now do you?”

“Now I remember why I hate you. Get the fuck outta my face.”

I took my triumph and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I scrubbed my pussy and forced his cum out of me. I felt so dirty. So unpure. I mean, I’m not an angel to be honest, but this was just not okay. There was a knock on the door.

“Just a minute.” I called. The door opened anyway and Carl came in.

“Somebody’s up early.” He kissed me. “And your teeth are already brushed. Geez, who are you?”

I laughed and hugged him.

“Well good morning to you too. I had a rough night. Couldn’t sleep.”

“Awwwww poor baby. Shoulda woke me up. I woulda made you tired.” He grabbed my waist and started kissing me passionately. He lifted me onto the sink and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled away from my lips and put his mouth to my ear. “I can’t wait till my parents leave so I can destroy that tight little pussy.” He whispered.

My pussy throbbed at his words.

“You’re not usually this vulgar, love. What happened?” I questioned, kissed him again.

“I heard your moaning in my sleep, and I’m hornier than I’ve been during the course of our entire relationship.”

“Son, where are you?” We heard just outside the door.

“In here. Don’t come in, I’m naked.”

“I wish.” I whispered.

“Shhh, what do you need, Dad?”

“I need you to go with me to a few places. I guess Elise can come along.” The look of confusion that was on his face was priceless. His brow furrowed.

“Uh, okay then. We’ll get ready.”

“I think you may have picked the worst day to make me wear that purple top…” The top was quite low-cut. And the jeans that went with it were tight beyond belief.

“Ya think? I’m gonna have a permanent boner all day!”


Carl’s dad dragged us around all over. First to Wal-Mart, then to a farm, yeah, a farm. In my head I’d killed him three times, but on the outside, I was smiling and laughing. While his dad walked ahead to the car, now he was taking us to go grocery shopping, Carl grabbed me around my waist and whispered in my ear.

“You, me, bathroom. I wanna jam my dick in that sweet little pussy.” He pressed his body to mine and I gasped.

“Are you two coming?” His dad asked.

We began walking again. Well, I wobbled. My legs had gone a little weak over Carl’s last statement. In the car, I was lost in thought, first with this morning’s events, then with what would hopefully happen very soon. I felt so guilty. I knew I could never tell him, and it was eating me inside.

“Baby?” I said, he looked at me from the passenger seat. “What would happen if I ever cheated on you?” I saw his dad look straight at me in the rearview mirror.

“Well, uh, depending on the situation, I would either break up with you, or I would work through it.”

“What if it would never happen again, and I was kind of forced into it?”

“Then I’d say that I’d work it out with you, since you didn’t really want to do it. Why?”

“No reason, love.” We drove in silence for a while. “Your dad attacked me this morning.” The car came screeching to a halt.

“You dumb little bitch!” Carl’s dad backhanded me hard. My cheek throbbed and I whimpered.

“Don’t fucking put your hands on her!” Carl yelled. “What the fuck’s the matter with you?!”

“This dumb little whore is lying. I wouldn’t wanna come near her with a fifty-foot pole!”

“That’s not what you were saying this morning when you were forcing me to fuck you!”

“You allowed it, bitch!”

“That doesn’t fucking mean that I liked it! Baby, believe me. He came downstairs while I was getting water and he seduced me.”

“I do believe you.” He looked at his father. “I can’t even take you. Last straw dad. I’m moving out.” He got out of the car and opened the back door to let me out. We started walking to Stella’s, since it was just a mile up the road. He held my hand, but it was silent. His face was hard. And cold.

“Carl, stop.” He did. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about the fact that my father had sex with my girlfriend. And she let him.”

“I didn’t want to, I swear. Well I did, but only because lust took over. I hated every single second. Because I knew that it was cheating on you. I hate myself right now for doing it to you.” He held me.

“Love, calm down. I know about it. I heard you. I heard every word. And you did the honest thing in telling me. That’s why I’m not mad at you. The sheer fact that you let him, and then bargained for me amazes me. You could have gotten anything, but you made him treat me better. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” We began kissing. “I want you. Right now. Right here.”

“What? In the woods?” I nodded.

“I know you have a condom. Please, I love you. And I owe you.” He chuckled.

“You do.” He pulled me into the thick of the woods. A small clearing was there, and we knew it was the spot we needed. Hidden from the road completely. He pulled me to him and bit my neck, kissing down my neck to my collarbone, then to the tops of my breasts. He helped me pull my shirt off and he ogled at me, like he’d never seen before. Wait, new bra... sheer... see through… red. His favorite color. “Oh my God, you’re so sexy!”

“Thanks, you’re a stud yourself.” He held me close and kissed me passionately. He went for my jeans, unbuttoning them, I did the same to his. I grabbed his cock he was already hard. He groaned into my mouth as I stroked it slowly. He put his hand in my panties and rubbed my pussy gently, I moaned softly. I pulled his shirt off and kissed down his beautiful body, pausing to pull his pants and boxers off. I kissed around his massive cock and then back up his body.

“Oh, don’t tease me baby.” I giggled and licked his manhood from ball to tip. “Fuck.” He whispered as I sucked on the head. The salty taste of his pre-cum invaded my mouth. I tried going down farther on his cock than I’d ever gone before, but I choked. Usually I don’t, but his cock seemed somehow larger. I sucked nice and slowly, looking up at his pleasure-stricken face. And few more minutes of that and he was pushing me away, screaming that he was going to cum. I spit out the saliva and pre-cum that’d been in my mouth and he laid me down in the wet, mushy grass. Kissing down my stomach, he pulled my underwear off. A red pair of lace boy shorts. He breathed in and kissed my mound. He then licked the outside of my pussy. He pushed my legs apart and started to eat me out. Just as I started getting close to climax, he pushed a finger into me. I cried out, and I felt my pussy squirt juices all over his face.

“Damn baby!” He yelled as he wiped his face.

“That’s what you do to me.” I cooed seductively. He climbed over me after putting on the condom. He lined himself up and leaned down toward my face. All I could smell on him was sex, and the musk of it turned me on even more. He jammed his cock into me and I gasped in his ear. He was ripping me apart, thrusting at me harder than he’d ever done it before. Usually he was as gentle as a teddy bear. Now he’d just become a bear! He ravaged my body, holding my hands above my head so I couldn’t move. My boobs were going a mile a minute. “Oh! Carl! Yeah, fuck me! Shit! Ahhh! You asshole! Fuck me harder!”

“Hmmm, you’re sexy when you curse.”

“Well when you fuck me like this all I can think is dirty language! He gave a really hard, single thrust.


He held my legs up and kept going, my head was flooded. I’d cum about three times in the short period that we’d been fucking. And I was inching toward it again. But it felt different. I knew this.

“I’m gonna cum!” We yelled together.

He kept going and he yanked out as I squirted again, he pulled off the condom and came all over me. He collapsed on me.

“Oh my God.” He said, somber.


“Where in the hell am I gonna live?”

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