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What Goes Around, Comes Around (Part 2 Final)

The next morning when I wake up I feel something next to my back. I roll over and to my surprise, I see Brian sleeping beside me. I can't believe he actually came home, and slept in our bed with me in it. I gently slide out of bed. I look at Brian sleeping. I am so angry and so hurt..

I decide to go downstairs. I go in his office. Let's see if he has his plans wrote down in his planner. I pick it up and sure enough, I see he is planning to go back to the Golden Crown Hotel tonight, but he wrote down a 7:30 meeting with some of the other doctors. Little does he know, I already know who he plans to meet tonight.

I look through a few of the other pages in his planner. I see he took a trip to Paris, Hawaii, and Florida. All the trips he took, he lied to me and told me he was at some medical convention. He has done nothing but lie to me for over a year.

I hear Brian walking down the steps and into the living room. I quickly put his planner back on his desk. I quickly walk into the kitchen.

"Darla, where were you when I was walking into the kitchen?"

I take a deep breath. I look at him, wondering if he saw me walking out of his office. I think of something to tell him.

"Oh, I used the bathroom. Remember, you still need to fix the leaky faucet in the guest bathroom?"

I see his eyes getting big and he sucks in some air. I see him starting to slightly sweat. I know what he is thinking. If I saw his planner on the desk.

"Oh, well, you didn't touch any of my papers, did you Darla?"

"No, I know you don't like anyone touching the papers on your desk Brian. I only used the bathroom."

"Oh, well, okay. I'll make sure the guest bathroom faucet gets fixed this weekend, or you can just call a plumber. I am going to have a busy week, so just call a plumber to come out and fix the faucet."

"Okay, I wasn't sure if you wanted me to spend the money on a plumber. I thought you would take time to fix it."

"Darla, you really think I have time to take some time of from work? No, I don't, so just call a plumber and pay him to fix the leaky faucet."

"What exactly do you have time for, Brian?"

"Oh God, Darla, do not start with me. You know how demanding my job is. You know how important my job is. I do not have time to stand here and argue with you."

"No, of course not, I'm only your wife. It's only our marriage that is barely hanging on. Why the hell should you have to worry about me, or our marriage? Shame on me for thinking there is still a part of you that just might want to save our marriage."

"Darla, I am not going to stand here and continue to argue with you. Why don't you go shopping, or go have your nails and hair done? Good bye Darla."

He grabs his briefcase, walks over to the front door, and walks out.

"Oh God, you asshole. Well, Brian, if this is how you really want to play this, we will play it this way. You are in for one rude awakening buddy."

I decide I will go shopping for tonight. I buy a silky black night-gown, and a pair of new high heels. I get my hair, make up, and nails done.

It's finally time to go to the hotel. I walk in and see Steve sitting in the lobby waiting for me. I walk over to him. He hugs me. I think we both are a little nervous doing this.

"Hi Darla, well, you sure you want to do this? If you're having second thoughts, then it's okay, we don't have to do this. I'll understand if you changed your mind."

"Steve, I didn't change my mind and I'm not going to change my mind. I have never been more sure of anything than I am about doing this, but I can't stop thinking I'm using you, someone I care a lot about, so if you want to back out of this, I'll understand."

"Come on Darla, you know I'm more than willing to do this with you. You know I would never turn you down, and I would never turn my back on you. I'm in this all the way with you, but I need you to be sure this is what you want to do."

I look at his beautiful light green eyes. I see hope mixed with lust in his eyes. There is no way I'm walking a way from him.

"Steve, I really want to do this with you. Do we have a room?"

He grabs my hand we quickly walk over to the elevator. He pushes the number seven button. The door closes and I push him against the elevator wall

"Shit, oh God Darla, we're in the elevator."

"So? Isn't it about time we have some fun? We never get to have any fun. My husband seems to think he can have fun with your fiancé and my sister, so why the hell can't we have some fun?"

I lift his shirt over his head. I unzip his pants. He put his hands under my shirt and squeezes my tits. I feel his cock growing next to my wet pussy. His hands go down my hips and lift my black skirt up. He rubs his fingers over my red silk panties.

"Steve, I want to taste you."

I pull his hard cock out of his pants. I get on my knees and lick the head of his cock. He grabs my hair and shoves his cock in my mouth. Hearing him moan is music to my ears.

"Oh fuck, shit Darla, oh God don't stop."

Steve picks me up, and walks over to our room. Once we get in our room, he pushes me against the wall. Steve lays me on this wooden table. He bends down and starts sucking my nipples. I open my legs and he kisses my belly. His fingers rub over my wet pussy. He pushes two fingers in me. As he is pumping me with his fingers, he sucks on my clit.

"Damn, you taste so good, baby. Give me those sweet juices, Darla."

I grab his head and thrust my hips up, forcing him to fuck me with his tongue. I feel my body start to shake and I feel my orgasm building.

"Shit yes, come on baby, cum in my mouth."

"Oh fuck, shit Steven."

"Good girl. I want you on your hands and knees. You want to feel how much I have always wanted you Darla?"

I get on my hands and knees. Steve comes up behind me. I feel him rubbing his cock over my pussy. Without warning, he pushes every inch of himself in me. I gasp, and grab the couch cushion, trying to brace myself from the amazing pounding he is giving me.

"Oh shit, you feel so damn good Darla. Keep pushing the pussy back on me."

I reach my hand under us and rub my clit. He gently smacks my ass as he drills himself deep inside of me. It doesn't take long for me to start feeling another orgasm building inside of me.

"Are you enjoying feeling my nine-inch cock deep inside of you, Darla? You want more baby?"

 He lays down on the couch. I climb on top of him. He thrusts up inside of me while holding my tits. I start to bounce on him.

"Shit, oh God Steve, make me feel you, baby."

"You want to feel every inch of me? I want to hear you scream as I'm pounding every inch of myself in you Darla."

He grabs my hips and pounds himself deep and hard inside of me. We both start to moan loudly.

"Oh shit, Steve I'm cumming again."

"Fuck yes, shit, oh god Darla, I'm so close. Keep bouncing on my cock, baby."

I can feel his cock twitch. He keeps thrusting in me. I see he is about explode. He tightens his hands on my hips and moans my name.

"Oh shit, oh God, Darla."

I lift myself up and feel his cum running out of me.

"So, how was I? You regret us doing this, Darla?"

I put my hands on his chest. I bend down and kiss him.

"I know I would love to hear if you regret fucking my brother. "

Steve and I snap our head around and look by the door. I stand up and Brian walks the rest of the way in the room. He slams the door shut.

"What the hell, Darla? How long have you been fucking my brother behind my back?"

I instantly become pissed off. I stand up. He grabs my arms.

"Do not put your hands on me, Brian."

"Brian, you do not want me coming over there. Get your hands off her."

"What the hell? Why? Shit Darla, he is my brother. You just fucked my brother."

"Yes, I did. Rhonda, is my sister. You know, the sister you're fucking behind my back? What goes around, comes around, Brian. You can now fuck my sister as much as you want. I am done trying to make you happy, trying to save our marriage, trying to get you to feel something you obviously no longer feel."

"Damn it, Darla, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not sleeping with your sister. I would never cheat on you."

"Wow, you really expect me to believe that, don't you? I have been a damn fool for far too long. Can you guess what comes next, Brian?"

He looks at me and swallows. I see beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. 

"Darla, let's just go home. We can figure out a way to work this out."

"Why would you want to work this out? Do you know how long I have waited on you to work on our marriage? Do you think I don't know how many times you lied to me? I know about all the trips you took. I also know you weren't alone."

"Darla, please, let's go home and talk."

"No, you can go live with my sister. You can go make her miserable. We both know you will end up cheating on her just like you have cheated on me. It's just a matter of time."

"So, this is really the end? You're just going to walk away from ten years?"

"Monday morning, I'm filing for a divorce. Don't worry, I already have the best lawyer who will make sure you get everything you rightfully deserve."

"Where should I send you the papers Brian?" Steve asks. "Rhonda's house, or to this hotel? Pay back is one hell of a bitch, I also know you slept with Brenda, my fiancé."

Steve and I walk out of the room.

"Oh, excuse me. Oh god, Darla, what are you doing here?" my sister asks.

"Telling your boyfriend our marriage is over. He is all yours, Rhonda. Just remember, what goes around, comes around. I hope I'm there to see it."

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