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What Happens In The Summer

A summer break turns into a dirty vacation..
I've always had a thing for my best friend. She's got the most amazing body, and her beautiful blue eyes just catch my attention every time I look at her. She's so perfect.

Every summer, our group of about 6 friends, head over to my best mate, Cody's family's beach house. This time it was different. I thought way differently of Steph now. She's turned me on so much lately, I get erections unexpectedly.

As we got to Rye, I could already feel my adrenaline pumping. I would spend half the summer with my closest friends and best friend. I chose a room, unpacked my bags, and walked around the house to see what rooms the others chose.

To my surprise, Steph had chosen the one next to me. She usually chooses the one next to Miranda, but I'm completely okay with this. Steph and I were now closer to each other room-wise.

I knocked on her door, and walked in. She was sorting through her clothes and walking around. I playfully told her this summer would be really different, because the zombies would come in from the window and devour her.

"Not funny Jacob!" she screamed as she punched me and giggled. She's so gorgeous. I chuckled and walked back to my room.

While I was relaxing, Cody came around and told us to get ready for dinner. I could not wait to eat, so I decided to help him around with the cooking.

All the usual, we had dinner like a big family. Played a few console games. Of course the girls lost. We had a little dance party and battle off. All the usual fun shit on the first night of summer. The drinks were drunken and everything was just so enjoyable.

We didn't have much to drink, only about 2 glasses each person. So we were all pretty sober by about 2:30am.The 6 of us got really tired at around 4am, so we decided to hit the hay.

I was almost halfway asleep when I heard my door open. I slowly got up, and saw Steph standing there. She walked to my bed and closed the door behind her.

"Jacob, can I please stay and cuddle with you? I'm actually scared to be honest."

"Sure, just hop in."

I obviously thought this was amazing, I was in the same bed as her! It's like a dream come true. Cuddles with my best friend. This really is the shit.

I decided to be a cute cunt and kiss her forehead. I was baffled when she kissed my lips. Just by looking at each other, we knew to keep going.

We made out for what seemed like 10 minutes, I finally had her on top of me, when she took her shirt off and pulled my hands to her breasts. They were about 36C. Yes I know my boobs.

I was quick to pull out my enormous cock. She quickly bent down to suck on it, as I licked her wet pussy. I moaned as she pulled hard on my shaft.

As she sat on top of me, my huge dick was already half way in before she could even ride me properly. She moved up and down and with every thrust, she moaned even louder. I could feel her tight pussy gripping onto my cock. Every time I went in and out, everything got more wet.

It was my turn on top, so I quickly stroked my cock before I penetrated her. As I slid it inside her, I could feel her body shudder.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes Jacob! please, I love it!"

I slid it in and banged her, in and out my dick went. You could hear the pounding of our thighs every time I went inside her. Her grunts and moans just made the blood rush through my body even more. Soon I could tell I was about to blow, because I felt her hot cum run down my cock as she screamed my name.

Finally I let my load blow inside of her, and as I pulled out, I fingered her clit, just ever so slightly. As I lay down next to her, and held her in my arms, I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

"I love you Jacob... I really do."

"Steph, I've always loved you."

The smile on her face was as bright as the sun.

The rest of our summer was amazing, and today, I'm proud to call Steph my fiancee.

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