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What happens in Vegas - A comedy of errors

She smiled in contentment as she wrapped her hair in the big fluffy towel. The conference let out early this evening, and she was free. Her husband was back at home, and here she was in the great town of Las Vegas. She had consumed a nice dinner, had a nice swim in the indoor heated pool, and was nicely relaxed. A hot shower completed her evening. She intended to kick back and watch a movie on T.V.

A knock on the door made her growl slightly. Who the hell could it be bothering her? She put on her new black robe and went to the door. When she opened it, there stood a vision out of a spinster's wet dream. There was a young man dressed in a leather X-shaped harness and a leather kilt-thing. He had slave boy boots on his feet. He was gorgeous! Darkly tanned, largely muscular and fit. Black hair, piercing blue eyes and the whitest smile she had ever seen on his smiling face. Before she could stammer out, he spoke while leaning on the door frame.

“Good evening Mistress. I am here.”

She gaped and finally managed, “Uhm, ok?”

He moved towards her and all she could do was step back in total shock as she gazed up into those eyes. She said, “What, what do you want?”

He grinned and said, “I am here for your pleasure, for your enjoyment. I am here for you.”

She finally laughed nervously and said “Oh, I get it now. Haha, very funny. What, did one of the girls from the office put you up to this? Very funny guys!”

She called out the door as he closed it firmly behind him.

He advanced and said, “I was commanded to come here and pleasure you like no other, Mistress. I was told to not let you go until you were dazed, and weak with pleasure!”

As she stepped back, her calves hit the edge of the bed and over she toppled with a startled squawk. He was on top of her in an instant, his beautiful body holding her captive as his mouth kissed her deep and passionately. Swiftly he moved, and before she could protest, he had parted her bathrobe, moved her legs part to plunge his mouth down on her pussy. She yelped out and clutched the covers of her bed. She had only had that done a few times in her life, as Edwin didn't do this to her anymore -- hadn't in many years.

This young stud expertly found her freshly cleaned clit and was sucking on it wonderfully, and his tongue dipped into her pussy deeply.

“Oh good lord!” she cried out as he began to tongue her pussy as his fingers slid inside her to instantly find her sweet spot. Her head swam and her legs quivered. He stroked his fingers in deeper now, rotating them and sucking her clit harder. His right hand reached up and fondled her small titties as he growled in her juicy pussy. She moaned as she felt the orgasm coming. This cant be happening, can it!!? her jumbled mind thought.

He pulled mightily on her clit one more time, then stopped just as she was climbing to cum. He moved up to pull the straps of her gown down over her slim shoulders to capture a nipple and begin sucking on it; licking and nipping sharply. Again, she cried out as his right hand withdrew something out of the pocket of the utility kilt he wore. On his fingers were now two small finger tip vibrators. These he placed on her tortured clit, and she nearly jumped clear off of the bed.

He moved the powerful little vibes around and around her clit and moved again to begin biting and kissing on her neck. She felt it beginning again.

“Wait, oh god, its so good, but I'm, going to cum!”

She stammered out as the first orgasm she had felt in years ripped all over her body. She yelled out as her juices coated his fingers, and the bedspread as well. It seemed to just roll on and on and she was completely helpless under him.

He whispered in her ear, “That's it Mistress let it go, let your little pussy cum hard and sweet for your slave boy. Did you like it?”

“Yes, oh my God. Fuck...” She babbled as the vibrations threatened to make her cum again.

He raised up a bit and says, “Is that what you want? To be fucked now? To be fucked good by a slave boy? Do you want me to mount you, service you, take you?”

She gasped for breath and replied,“What!?? Oh God. What are you doing to me??”

He whipped the kilt up and to her surprise and shock, he already had a condom on one of the largest cocks she had ever seen in her life!

She blurted out, “Oh fuck me!” She meant the size of his hard meat, it wasn't a request it was an exclamation!

She had said those words perhaps three or four times in her whole life and couldn't believe she was saying them now!

He grinned and moved back to her feet and stated, “As you wish Mistress, like I said, I'm here for you!”

He swiftly raised her legs and rammed home. She yelled out as his delicious cock slid in and bottomed out. She had not been fucked in years, so her pussy was very tight and wet. He was so big and thick that at first she was afraid he'd split her in two and cause pain, but there was only marvelous sensation. He almost purred as he began fucking her in pleasure. He held her legs with his arm wrapped around her legs, and his right hand moved back down or rub her clit in circles as he drove in balls deep.

Her mind was gone, all she could concentrate on at his point were the pleasure sensations lancing all through her body! She couldn't believe it—here was a handsome young man fucking her harder and Better than she had ever had it before! Her conservative husband had been her one and only lover, and it was unbelievable how good it felt. He was hitting spots that she didnt even know she had!

She opened her eyes to see the young man fucking her with his head held back, eyes closed as he pounded her pussy like a pile driver.

Her whole body was in abject bliss; she felt the blood pressure roaring feeling in her ears again, and felt like her pussy was going to explode!

“Is this what you wanted? Tell me, tell me now!” he growled out as he looked down at her with lust filled eyes.

It began to cover her like sinking into hot water and she moaned out, “Yessss, yes fuck me you pretty fucker! Do me! Take it, take it!”

And with that he began to ram into her harder now as her pussy seemed to fly apart in a million pieces. She felt his cock thicken and felt him jet hot thick cum as he came. He continued to ram into even after he bellowed out like a young stud bull. This action, plus the vibes on her clit made her continue to cum until she felt as if she was going to pass out.

A couple of minutes later, he stood up and grinned down at her, panting like an athlete.

She groaned, and he ran to the bathroom to fetch her a glass of much needed water.

“Here Mistress,” he said kindly. He had a warm wash cloth and was patting at her flooded pussy.

She panted and looked at him in confusion. God, he was sooo pretty. Before she could say anything there was a knock at the door, and a voice called softly. “Kevin? Are you in there?”

The young man looked confused and said, “Dave?”

He opened the door and there stood a large black man, dressed in similar garb. He too was heavily muscled and his skin was shiny with a wonderfully smelling oil. She quickly pulled her robe tightly around her. The black man smiled at her apologetically and hissed, “What are you doing here? Where were you?? I've been looking all over for you!!!”

Kevin stared at him and replied, “What do you mean? I came up here like I was assigned. Where the hell were you? I got here and you weren't here so I went ahead and went to work...”

He gestured happily toward the bewildered woman on the bed with a grin.

The back man stepped inside, quickly closing the door behind him. “You don't have your contacts in again, do you??” he demanded, hand on hip. “Kevin. You don't understand. You're not suppose to be here...”

“I took out my contacts because they were making my eyes real red and it didn't look good. I'll put my glasses back on later...” smiled handsome Kevin.

“And, it says right here, 327, lady in black robes. Slave boy fantasy #3. Total fulfillment. And I did that, didn't I, Mistress!?” He grinned down at the now ravished lady.

All she could do is nod and said, “Oh my! Yes, he did.”

Dave rolled his eyes and stated “You have the wrong room. We were supposed to be 827, this is 327. And it was Lady in Black Roses. We were supposed to do the Peterson Bachelorette Party. We were hired to fuck the future bride, you moron!”

Kevin stared at Dave, then back down to the open mouthed lady on leaning up on her elbows.

“Oh. Oh wow. I am so sorry then Mistress. I had the wrong room. I read it wrong. My apologies...” He said genuinely.

Dave said, “Well, we have 10 minutes to get up there, so move your ass. I cant believe you! Now you're all fucked out and “I'm” going to have to fuck this girl silly. All because you didn't want to wear your damn contacts!! Well, I'm not doing it all by myself, you're fluffing!!” he groused.

Kevin grinned and said, “I can do that. I fluff well, don't I?” he asked the freshly fuck-confused woman.

She looked at Dave, noticing the large bulge in his spandex shorts, and gulping at his size too. “Uhmm, oh yeah, he does that, that, quite well.”

Dave turned to her and said almost pleadingly, “Miss, my deepest apologies, he didn't realize he had the wrong room. I apologize for any inconvenience he caused, ok?”

At her nod he smacked the handsome young man and said, “I cant take you anywhere! Let's go.”

Kevin stepped to the door and grinned at the lady he had just pleasured better than she had ever had and said, “I'll leave my card here for you, ok? Have a good night... Mistress.”

He winked and shut the door.

She fell back on the bed, then started to laugh out loud. Her pussy still tingled and throbbed, and she just knew she was going to be a little sore at work tomorrow. She sat up and looked at the card.

“Centurion Escort Services. Pleasure is our business.”

She laughed until she had tears coursing her face. “Oh my God!” she laughed.

As she headed stiffly for the bathroom she grinned and thought, “Yep. What happens in Vegas fucking stays in Vegas! God, I hope they bring me back here next year too!”

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