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What happens in Vegas

I am mistaken for something else.
I was 33 and recently divorced. I had decided to take a break from things and take a little trip. A couple of girlfriends of mine had invited me to go to Vegas with them for the weekend. I had accepted and looked forward to some fun. One of the girlfriend's husband was a pilot for a major airline so we got free upgrades to first class. We left on a Friday afternoon and planned to return on Sunday evening. We were staying at the Bellagio. We had fun on the flight out there. We drank champagne and laughed and flirted with the men on the flight. We were all dressed sexy but not slutty. I had a white silk pantsuit on. I had not worn the jacket and just had on the vest with a lacy cami underneath with no bra. I was showing lots of cleavage and loved the attention.

We landed and since my friend had connections at the hotel too we had a limo waiting for us. We arrived in style and got lots of looks when 3 hot women pulled up in a limo. We went to our rooms to freshen up and change. We were going to dinner then gamble some and maybe hit a club. I checked myself out in the mirror before going down to meet my friends. I was wearing a gold lame mini dress. It was barely long enough to cover my ass. It had spaghetti straps so I decided on no bra. My 36D boobs would move freely under it. I had on a red lace g-string and a pair of bright red cfm heels. My shoulder length dark black hair was styled perfectly and I checked my red lipstick before leaving.

We had a light sushi dinner and then hit the tables. My friends were a lot more into gambling then I was. They wanted to play some slots and I decided I would go to the bar and meet up with them later. I found what looked like a really nice bar/club. It was very sophisticated. Lots of glass and neon and well dressed people. I stood for a moment at the entrance to get my bearings. I was feeling a little tipsy but wanted to have fun tonight. I slowly walked to the bar and felt a lot of eyes watching me. There were some couples in here, a few single women, but mainly men. I tried to sit on a bar stool in my super short dress but wasn't having much luck in not showing too much. I did my best to demurely cross my tanned bare legs and keep my balance.

I ordered a drink and when the bartender set it in front of me I was about to give him my room number when he said it was already paid for. I looked around the bar and saw more then one guy smiling at me. I just raised my glass to my unknown benefactor and smiled. I enjoyed my drink and my own thoughts and even ordered another one which also was paid for. I had quite a buzz going. I noticed a guy on the opposite side of the bar. He was trying not to be obvious about looking my way. He would steal little looks when he thought I wasn't looking his way. I thought it was real cute. He was also cute. He had handsome features and short salt and pepper hair. Hard to tell but I guessed him to be in his mid 40's. This little game went on for about 15 more minutes until finally I guess he ordered a shot and downed it. With that added bit of courage he started to walk over to where I was seated.

As he approached I smiled at him and he sheepishly smiled back. When he was standing in front of me he said Hi and I said Hi back. He introduced himself. We made some small talk. When I would say something I placed my hand on top of his. A small gesture but one that made him more comfortable in talking to me. As I did this I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. I thought that was interesting that this guy was married yet over here talking to me and obviously flirting. He did most of the talking. He was there on business, some sort of convention. He owned his own company and it sounded like he had been very successful with it. I didn't really tell him much about me. I just smiled when he talked and looked impressed.

He was feeling more comfortable being near me and talking. He really was good looking and from what I could tell was in very good shape. I fully expected him to ask me to dance or to leave the club and go gambling or something. Instead he asked me something that left me a little speechless. He asked me, How much? It didn't register at first since I had been drinking. I smiled and said, How much for what? He said, to be with me, tonight. Then it hit me. He thought I was a high class hooker.

I almost burst out laughing but I kept my cool. I smiled back looking at him. I imagine there were a few high end call girls working this bar and he thought I was one of them. I looked around the room and wondered what to do next. I wasn't offended. On the contrary I was actually flattered. I decided to see how serious he was. I stood up and placed my hand on his chest feeling his rapidly beating heart. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, my warm breath caressing his ear and neck, saying it's $1000. I pulled back and smiled at him waiting for his reply.

I saw him swallow hard then he said, OK. I blinked a couple of times not really expecting him to agree so quickly and not even negotiate. So what had just happened here? A man, a total stranger, had just offered me $1000 to have sex with him. The deal was struck and I had committed to it. I had not come in this bar looking to pick a guy up but hey, why not. I moved close to him and pressed my body against his. I whispered in his ear again suggesting we leave and go to his room. He leaned in smelling my perfume and nodded. As we left the bar together I wondered if there was anyone here that knew him and what he was about to do.

We rode in the elevator with some other people up to his room so we didn't say anything. An elderly gentleman making small talk asked him how he and his wife, looking at me, were enjoying Las Vegas. He hesitated but then just said it was great. I smiled at the old guy and said I just loved the shows and all the lights. We stopped at his floor and as we got out and the doors were closing I waved at the old guy and told him good luck.

We got to his room and entered. It was a suite and was fancy. He asked if I wanted another drink and I said sure. As he went to the bar and fixed them I looked around. There was a big bank of windows that looked out over the lights of the strip. I texted my friends to let them know that was OK and was on an adventure of my own. He handed me my drink and we sat on the sofa. There was some sexy jazz music playing in the background. I was about to ask him what his wife was doing while he was away but I decided a real hooker wouldn't ask that. I decided it was time to get down to business. I set my drink down and moved closer to him. I took his drink from him and set that one down too. I leaned in close pressing my tits into his chest and touched his lips softly with mine. As the kiss developed more passion I threw one leg over his. My short dress rode up exposing my red g-string.

He placed one of his hands on my bare ass and the other on one of my tits feeling it's fullness through my dress. I started to grind on his thigh some and felt a nice hardness growing within his pants. I didn't think I would be disappointed by the size of his cock. My head was spinning some so I broke the kiss and stood up. I started to sway and dance a little in front of him to the music. I turned around and slowly pulled up my dress showing him my firm ass and long legs. When I turned back I noticed a big bulge in his pants. He was watching me intently. I was feeling very sexy and tried to put on a display for him. I squeezed my tits through my dress then as I swayed I slowly pulled my dress over my head and off. All I had on was my jewelry, red cfm heels and a matching g-string.

He was staring at my big tits with his mouth open like he had never see a pair like mine. I leaned forward a little and they hung down over him. I moved them back and forth so he could see their weight. I told him it was OK to touch them, they wouldn't break. He reached out to squeeze them. He ran his thumbs over my large, and very hard, nipples. I asked him if he liked my tits. He said he loved then. That his wife was only an A cup. That was the first time he said anything about his wife. I straddled his legs and sat in his lap facing him. This gave him easy access to my boobs because they were right in his face. He pulled one up closer and began to suck on the nipple. I closed my eyes and moaned a little. It felt really good. He sucked on one then the other. That was making me very wet.

I gave him plenty of time to play with my tits because I knew he would have to go back to his wife's small ones. I decided to move things along and I pushed away from him and stood up. My nipples were rock hard from being wet and in the coolness of the room. I smiled and turned and walked my sexy walk to the bedroom. As I got to the door I turned and smiled and motioned with my finger for him to come follow me. I crawled up on the big king sized bed still in my heels and g-string. He started to approach the bed but I shook my head no and he stopped. I pointed to his clothes. He understood that I wanted them off. He started to get undressed while I watched him. He almost lost his balance and I laughed a little at him. Soon he was in his boxers and I told him those too. He slide those off and showed me what I wanted to see. I estimated his cock to be at least 8 inches, maybe a little longer. It was thick with prominent veins and had an impressive big head. The head was wet and I saw a drip of precum fall off it. I reached my arms toward him asking him to join me now.

We started to explore each other. After more kissing and boob play I move down to inspect his cock up close. It was absolutely dripping clear fluid. The most I had ever seen come out of a hard cock. I held it in one hand. I couldn't get my fingers all the way around it. I brought the head close to my face and licked the tip. Tasting his salty precum on my tongue I kissed his glans and started to suck on it. I had to open my mouth really wide to get the head in. It was too big to go down my throat so I did my best to get more in. His cock was very hard and very wet from my efforts. He groaned a little and I knew he was holding back the best he could. I backed of and pulled my mouth off of him to let him calm down some.

I laid on my back next to him. He took a couple of deep breaths and then rolled toward me. He reached down to pull my g-string off. I asked him if he wanted me to leave my heels on or off. He said on so I did. He kissed my nipples again flicking them with his tongue. He slowly moved lower down past my flat abs. I knew what he wanted and I opened my legs giving him access to my shaved pussy. I was really turned on at this point and my pussy was dripping just like his cock. I felt his fingers gently touch my swollen lips and I could tell he was first smelling my scent then he reached out with his tongue to taste me. Most guys have to be taught how to perform good oral sex on a woman. This guy knew what he was doing. He had me on the edge and he hadn't even touched my clit yet. Finally he placed his warm lips on it and sucked gently. That did it for me and my pussy spasmed and I flooded his face with juice as I came hard..

I was breathing hard with my eyes closed as he crawled up between my legs to get in position. I opened them wide as he placed his swollen cock head at my entrance. As he pushed forward I bit my lower lip a little and winced some. He was bigger then anyone I had been with in awhile and he had to back off and adjust the angle to get it in me. He pushed again slowly parting my lips and stretching me wide. I held my breath for a moment as he finally slipped past my resistance. He stopped for a moment getting used to my tightness and heat. He kissed me and pushed it in.

He took little in and out strokes and got into a rhythm. Soon he was all the way in me and pressing against my cervix. When that happened a thought crossed my mind. What was the date? Where was I in my ovulation cycle? I did some quick math and was fairly confident I was safe. He was holding himself above me with one arm while he played with my tits. He was squeezing them hard and pinching my nipples. I actually love that. I had my knees up in the air so he could go deeper. My hands were on his ass encouraging him. He was stroking his full length in me with a purpose now and I knew it wouldn't be long.

He was breathing hard with his eyes closed in concentration. I squeezed his ass hard and pulled him deeper in me. I felt his cock swell slightly inside me and I knew it was upon him. He stopped moving for an instant and then I felt an explosion inside me. He made some animalistic sound as his orgasm took control of him. He came inside me flooding my pussy with a huge load. The intensity of it set me off too and I came again. The muscles of my pussy milked his cock until he collapsed on top of me. I held him close and stroked his hair. As his breathing returned to normal he rolled off he extracting his semi hard cock from my pussy.

Finally after laying there in the afterglow I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up some. When I came back into the bedroom I was still in just my red heels. He was in bed under the covers. I looked at the dresser and there was $1000 in cash there in a neat stack. I smiled at him and then started looking for my dress. I told him what a great guy he was and what a good fuck he gave me. He told me I was the hottest fuck he had ever had. He said I was worth every penny. I was about to slip my dress over my head when he asked me how much more for me to stay with him all night until breakfast in the morning? I smiled at him and said that if he would order room service for breakfast he could do anything he wanted with me all night for another $1000. He smiled and threw the sheets back and patted the bed telling me to join him. So we made the deal and I spent the whole night with him.

As it turned out he really was married and this was the first time he had ever cheated on his wife. He felt it was easier to find a call girl in Vegas then have an affair with someone back home. He said his sex life with his wife had gone stale and he just need to prove to himself he still had what it took to please a woman. With a call girl there also would be no strings attached. He was doing very well in his business but had also had some luck at the craps table so that is why he had $2000 in cash to pay me. I let him believe I was actually a call girl because for that night in Vegas that was exactly what I was. I took his money and didn't feel bad at all about it. After breakfast the next morning he asked if he could call me the next time he was in Vegas. I smiled and gave him a kiss as I left the room. I told him he could find me in that bar again. He was flying home later that morning and I never saw him again. My girlfriends asked me where I got all that cash and I said that I just had a lucky night.

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