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What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him

This was a story that I wrote a while ago on another website and it was received well so I've decided to share it with you as my first story on Lush. Maybe it will give you a little insight as to what I like to write and my writing style. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

“I thought I’d find you in here.” He spoke lowly in the quietness of the room, tapping his fingers against the doorframe and waiting for the petite blonde woman to turn from her vanity table.

She peered at him in the mirror as she ran a coarse hairbrush through her long tresses. Having received no initial reaction, he stepped further into the room, the door clicking shut behind him. The laughter of guests and loud music muffled as he shut them out; he knew he shouldn’t have ventured upstairs, but he needed to find her. Her eyes were glued to his reflection as he moved closer, a salacious smirk adorning his handsome face. He calmly placed his large hands on her shoulders, half-expecting her to flinch at his sudden touch. She let out a long steady breath when he lightly pinched the silk of her robe in his fingers, noticing how it was unfastened; all she wore was her best set of lingerie. His smile grew wider; it was almost as if she had known that he would come and search for her when she hadn’t made any sort of grand entrance. He watched her apply a thin coat of crimson lipstick, and then reach for a tissue to blot away the excess. She looked incredibly hard to please as she sat tight, one long slim leg crossed over the other. A stern expression settled on her features, trying not to give away her true feelings. With a quick flick of his wrists, the robe fell from her body, draping carelessly in the chair. He kissed her shoulder slowly, travelling up to her neck. An unexpected moan dropped from her lips, her focus still on the mirror. He glanced upwards, meeting her gaze and giving her a suggestive wink before returning to his assault on her neck.

“We can’t be doing this,” she whispered, not at all trusting her voice, “There are people downstairs, one of them being my husband.” The last word was punctuated harshly to emphasise the dangerousness of the situation. His chuckle vibrated across her skin, his lips still close to her.

“The party is in full swing, darling. One more whisky and he’ll be asleep on the kitchen table.”

That was, indeed, her other half’s nature. He never did handle his alcohol very well; it was best for her to just let him drink himself to a stupor and have him pass out somewhere in the house. Leaving him to it didn’t make her feel guilty in the slightest. His keen drinking habit was the last thing on her mind.

She stood abruptly, picking up her discarded robe and rushing across the bedroom to neatly hang it on the back of the en suite door. His hand shot out to curl around her wrist, stopping her dead in her tracks. The robe crumpled in a heap on the floor. “Mike...” She trailed off, a quiet moan escaping her.

“Tell me to stop and I will,” he taunted, loosening the top few buttons on his shirt with his free hand as he spoke. She would give in to him, she always did. Her chest rose and fell sharply once, a deep sigh pushing through her lips. That was a sign of defeat if he ever did see one. He came to stand behind her, another smirk on his lips. “You can’t do it, can you, Elisabeth?”

His palm skimmed over her flat stomach, continuing lower to the thin band of her navy-blue lace panties. He closed the gap between them, the finely tailored grey trousers he wore tightened as his member grew harder. She stood frozen, powerless to his advances. Her hand relaxed into a loose ball and rested against the top of one of her thighs as his other hand snaked around her waist and held her in place. He pressed his lips to her ear, his breath heavy, his voice laden with lust.

“Don’t move, sweetheart.”

She moaned in response; it was obvious she wasn’t to go anywhere and he was fully aware of that. His fingers traced her smooth skin, confidently trailing lower into her underwear. She threw her head back as he rubbed the pads of his fingers over her aching clit, retreating briefly, only to delve deeper to feel her wet folds. He smirked against her neck, leaving a blazing trail of kisses over her skin while he continued slow ministrations to her delicate flesh. She grabbed onto the hand which held her, raking her long nails over the back of it. He watched her intently, paying particular attention to her full lips. The pleasure was building up; she alternated between parting her lips to pant, and sinking her teeth into her bottom lip to put a halt to her loud reactions.

“You like that?” He asked gruffly, his voice full of control, a feral-like quality surfacing. She could only nod as he continued to stroke her, feeling his hard cock press into the small of her back. He bit into the sweet flesh of her neck, leaving sharp marks on her skin. Her legs parted for him as she leaned against his heavily-muscled body, groaning at his animalistic tendencies. The pace of his hand slowed considerably, almost stopping completely. She gripped his wrist, pushing his hand down on her harder and pulling it up just as quick so as to create a fast rhythm. The next thing she heard was him making a disapproving sound and pulling his hand away from her. He quickly gripped her chin, forcing her head backwards roughly.

“Play nice,” he chastised, his words low and authoritarian. His mouth covered hers, immediately silencing her as she tried to squeak in protest. As his tongue pushed through her lips, his hands stroked up her sides and then deftly unclasped her bra. The straps fell halfway down her arms, stopping at the creases of her elbows. She pulled away to catch her breath and turned around in his strong arms. Her bra landed on the carpet next to her robe, completely forgotten about.

Elisabeth looked up at Mike, a small smile on her lips. She couldn’t deny how amazing he made her feel, satisfying the needs that her husband just could not fulfil when it came to both an intelligent conversation and a physical relationship. Their sordid love affair had only begun a couple of months prior, but she was sure that the things she felt for him were much stronger than her marriage could ever be. Any chance they had he would steal a kiss, touch her hand, tell her what he wanted to do to her when they got a spare minute... Sneaking around with him was such an adrenaline rush. It was naughty, exciting, addicting; she had never felt anything quite like it before.

She reached out to him, quickly unfastening the rest of the buttons on his shirt and pushing the cotton material off of his broad shoulders. His skin was hot to the touch; her nimble fingers delicately traced the indents of his muscles as he stared down at her. He gripped her wrists suddenly, guiding her hands away from him. Her sapphire eyes darted to his jade-green ones; his were alight with humour and mischief, hers were darkening with lust. He pressed a wet kiss to her throat before dipping his head lower to run his tongue over her hardening nipples. She moaned, carding her fingers through his dark hair as he squeezed one breast in his palm while his mouth teased the other. Spurred on by her sounds of approval, he made sure to pay equal attention to each breast, repeating his actions until he was satisfied with his work. He continued a path of kisses down her curvy body, finally getting to his knees and grasping her hips with his hands to pull her closer. She gasped, his lips connecting with her material-covered heat. Such simple actions drove her crazy.

His tongue teased her for a fleeting moment, almost like he was testing her wills. He stood again, stepping out of his shoes and flinging off his socks soon after. Elisabeth glanced at the door having heard muffled voices on the other side; she wondered how loud they were being if she could hear guests chatting on the landing. She turned back to Mike, a worried expression on her beautiful face. He stopped unbuckling his belt and cupped her face in his hands to make her look at him.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?”

“What if people can hear us from out there?” She questioned in a harsh whisper, gesturing towards the bedroom door with a nod of the head.

“I can’t hear anyone,” Mike replied, shaking off her apprehension. He stroked his thumbs over her flushed cheeks comfortingly. “You worry too much.”

“Maybe we should quit while we’re ahead. I mean-” Her words were halted with a passionate lip lock; his possessiveness was overwhelming. It was too late in his eyes. They had already gone past the point of return; he was determined to finish what he had started before he even thought about leaving that bedroom. She licked her lips, watching as Mike freed his belt from his trousers but didn’t let go of it. He smirked devilishly at her, his lips a few shades pinker from her lipstick, and grabbed her hand.

“Lean over that chair.” He commanded, nodding his head towards her vanity table. Before she had a chance to think about it, Elisabeth found herself complying. She heard him clear his throat, and then felt his palm smooth over her backside. “Arch that lovely back of yours.”

“Like this?”

Mike felt a pang of pleasure as he watched her intently, eagerly fulfilling every one of his instructions. His turgid cock strained against his trousers, almost painfully, at the sight of her offering herself to him in such a manner. He folded the black leather strap loosely in half, holding the metal buckle in his fist. She whimpered in anticipation, looking over her shoulder to see him take aim. He drew back, lightly swatting the belt against her backside. It tickled her skin, prickling up her spine as she arched for him. Mike growled, the power going to his head; he spanked her harder with the leather and she managed to suppress her shriek. Several raps later and hot tears stung her eyes. Mike dropped his belt to the floor, immediately soothing the rosy skin by stroking over her backside. He left teasing kisses up her spine as he clutched onto the back of her panties and hoisted them down her legs. His thick fingers caressed her folds; judging by how ready she had become those were tears of pleasure, not pain.

She glanced back at him, just in time to see him unzip his trousers and take them off, along with his boxer briefs. He stood unabashed nude behind her; his throbbing cock easily resting against the flat of his stomach as he gripped his fist around it. Elisabeth bit her lip. No matter how many times she had been with him she was always pleasantly surprised by his size. He kicked his discarded clothes away from his feet and edged forward, swallowing hard when he smoothed over the drop of pre-cum on the tip with his thumb. One hand reached up her back and grasped her shoulder, his fingers dug into the skin on her neck.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror,” he growled, his dominance overtaking any rational thought, “Watch me as I fuck you.”

His words made her whimper in defeat; she was simply helpless to his advances. He rubbed the head of his cock over her clit and down her wet folds until he reached her entrance. She smiled as he finally filled her, his hand on her shoulder pushed her back onto him as he thrust hard and fast. His breathing was ragged but he carried on nonetheless, stealing a glimpse at the mirror where he saw the pleasure written all over his lover’s face. She wanted to toss her head backwards, gasp for air as he surged into her; however his intense stare kept her still. Mike growled again, feeling her muscles tightening around his aching cock. His pace slowed down, eventually stopping completely. He wrapped an arm around her stomach and pulled her to him, his member pushing deeper into her. She couldn’t help but groan in satisfaction, a little too loudly for his liking. He quickly clamped his free hand over her mouth, muffling her cries of pleasure. She let her eyes slip shut as he pressed a chaste kiss to her cheek, speaking encouraging words in her ear. He angled his thrusts deeper, her warmth surrounding him, coaxing his orgasm. Just as her walls had begun to squeeze down on his member, he stopped again, eyeing the large wooden four-poster bed to his left. He knew all too well that her marital bed didn’t see much action unless, of course, it was with him. Elisabeth slowly opened her eyes.

“Why did you stop?” She asked breathlessly, a hint of annoyance in her tone.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he forced her to turn in his arms and lifted her up; she took the opportunity to wrap her legs around his waist, her arms resting over his shoulders. Their lips crashed together in a bout of pure passion as Mike made his way over to the bed, laying her on top of the downy sheets. His burly form hovered over her. His knees dug into the mattress as he ran his hands up her legs to grip onto the back of her thighs. He guided both of her legs over his shoulders and leaned forwards, his cock pressing into her entrance once more. Elisabeth moaned, her nails digging into his forearms as they rested either side of her face on the pillow. It didn’t take long for him to build up a fine rhythm. He watched her breasts bounce after each well-placed thrust, a concentrated look on his handsome face.

Their position had helped his cock to delve deep inside her; she was getting closer to her climax with every drag. She shifted her legs, crossing her feet at his lower back, and pulled him down to her. He kissed her fervently, her moans getting lost in his mouth. Her legs tightened around him as her orgasm took over her. Her body shook with shuddering bliss, causing Mike to groan and grip her hips. He watched his cock disappear into her repeatedly, her tight walls squeezing around him to help his release. He gave a short shout as the first pearly jets erupted inside her. His thrusts slowed considerably, his heart beating double-time as exhaustion set in. He collapsed on top of her, trying his best not to crush her beneath him. A small giggle burst through her lips when her breathing returned to a normal pace, her hands smoothing back his dark damp curls.

“He’s away on a business trip all next week,” Elisabeth revealed outright, referring to her husband’s work schedule. She stared up at him and bit her lip, hoping that he would catch her drift. “You should come by sometime.”

Mike smirked, “I would’ve found a way to see you anyway.” She smiled, kissing him softly on the lips. Sleeping together in secret may have been sinful and broken marriage vows, but they weren’t going to stop themselves any time soon, especially not when it felt so incredible. They lay in silence for a long while, just holding each other; Elisabeth sighed, she didn’t want to move.

“We better get dressed,” he finally suggested, “We’ve got a party to attend.”

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