What i did with you

By portsladebilly

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A pleasant afternoon

There you are in front of me. Naked. Your hands are ensconced in handcuffs with velvet linings and are attached to a pole which runs parallel to the ceiling. Your feet are also captured in velvet lined cuffs which are attached to rings in the floor. Your legs are slightly apart, and you are not in any discomfort at all.


I come a step nearer so that I am directly in front of you, and I can feel your breath on my chest. It’s warm and coming in shallow breaths. I reach out and cup both of your breasts in my hands and gently, but firmly tweak your nipples. They immediately spring to attention in my fingers and you gasp. You can feel your cunt beginning to get wet and you try to rub your thighs together – but you cannot. I take a step back and quickly take off all my clothes. You look down and see that my cock is growing fast, and a smile comes over your face – you almost lick your lips in anticipation.


I step forward again and from my trouser pocket on the floor, I take a silk scarf and wrap it lovingly around your head, covering your eyes. As my cock continues to become erect it brushes against your stomach – and you wish you could take me in your arms.


I lean forward and again taking both of your breasts in my hands – I rub my face in them, biting each nipple gently, but hard enough to cause you another sharp intake of breath.


I put my hand on your inner thigh and with my fingertips, trace a line up to your juicy cunt. You are so wet, that my middle two fingers slip easily in. You try to lower yourself onto my fingers and I begin to move them in as far they will go, and almost completely out. I move faster and faster until my wrist is aching. You get wetter and wetter. I slowly withdraw my fingers, and you try to follow by lowering your body and bending your knees, but the restraints don’t allow enough movement.


I kneel in front of you, between your legs and move my tongue towards your delicious pussy. I lick the juice away from your thighs and move further inside you. You taste sweet, and sticky, like the most delicious honey I have ever tasted. My tongue flickers across your clit which I take gently between my teeth. I flick my tongue as quickly as I can against your clit. The juices are really flowing now and you almost sob as you begin to come.


I have never known anyone to come so profusely. I am licking and swallowing and you are in spasms. I can feel that your knees and legs are going weak, so I slow down and eventually stop.


Standing again, I kiss your lips and your juices flow from my mouth to yours. My cock is almost at bursting point as we kiss. It’s firmly against your stomach, almost at the same height as your full breasts. I stand back and take several deep breaths. I reach into the bag that I was carrying and take out a large black dildo and a rabbit.


I hold the dildo to your face so that you can feel it against your cheek. I take it away and put it into my mouth and cover it with my saliva. Then back to your face, as I gently slide it into your mouth. Now you know that it’s quite long and has a wide girth – it’s certainly bigger than I am! I take it from your mouth and trail it over your chin, neck and down your stomach to your neatly shaved cunt. The dildo is shining from our saliva and it slips easily inside you. As I start to fuck you with it, gently at first, then faster and harder, you emit almost neanderthal like grunts and squeals. You come again very soon – not as copiously the second time, but it seemed to me just as intensely. It seems like a few seconds, but the dildo has been fucking you for over 5 minutes. I slip it out of you and walk round behind you. My cock is the crack of your bottom because I am stooping slightly, as I straighten my knees you can feel my hard cock move up to the small of your back.


I take the dildo and place it against your arse. There is a little hesitation – you are not used to this. Then you relax, and push yourself back onto the dildo and the head of it slides into your rosebud. You grip it, so I leave it there and return to your front. You are breathing quickly and deeply. Your face, neck and breasts are all pink and rosy and blushing – you look just fucking gorgeous. I’ve never seen such an erotic sight.


I take the rabbit and turn it on. Your ears prick up at the sound – it’s your favourite toy! Again I stand very close to you and bring the pink toy to your pussy. You love the two pronged attack, and even though I am not expert with it, and you are more used to using it on yourself, I’m a quick learner, and it is not long before you feel yet another orgasm welling up inside you. With one hand on the rabbit, my other hand reaches behind you for the dildo, and I turn it round in your arse, not pushing it any further inside. Your torso is wildly gyrating, pressing forward into the rabbit one moment and then back onto the dildo the next. The next orgasm like the others has such a strong intensity that your knees go weak and you would collapse if it wasn’t for the restraints.


Even though my cock has hardly come into contact with you, I know that my own orgasm is not far away, so I stand between your legs and because your cunt is so lubricated I slide easily in all the way to my balls. I wish you were able to put your arms around me – but that will be for another time.


I push into you franticly, and soon I am coming – more cum than I have made for a long time shoots into your cunt and as I withdraw, our juices are mingling as they dribble down your thighs.


Gently I withdraw the dildo from your arse.


I kneel once again and gently lick at your pussy lips. My mouth is filled with our cum – yours and mine. I release your ankle straps and stand. Your legs wrap around my torso and we kiss, long and deep. We break apart and I release your wrists.


We fall to the floor – exhausted, covered in our cum, but satisfied.


At least for now!