What once was....

By MissAdeline

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I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much I want him.

He would whisper my name into the phone and create a fever in me.

‘Adeline….’ his voice would trail out of the earpiece and slip into my ear, Sliding down my spinal cord into all my secret places.

‘Come here…I need to have you, I need to feel your body shudder under my thrusts, I need to hear you breathing hard, I need to make you scream for more.’

No one has ever made me as wet as he could. Every word he breathed would stimulate my senses and leave my body begging for his caress, his grip, his rough hands firmly scaling my thighs.

I crave him.


He slips his tongue into my depths and my back arches, my hands clasping the silk bed sheets, crying out in pleasure as he makes love to me with his mouth. I can feel his tongue sliding softly over my clit, flicking lightly before burying itself into my wet entrance .

Oh dear god.

He gently slips a finger inside me and presses his tongue onto me firmly, my head reels back and I cry out again, writhing on the bed as I near my peak.

Only he could give me this

‘Shh’ he says gently, covering my mouth with his spare hand. I bite his fingers gently moaning softly before wrapping my mouth around his index and sucking it slowly, advertising what he has to look forward to..

He pushes two fingers inside me and slides them in and out slowly while his mouth expertly seeks out my clit and sucks it gently. he begins to thrust his fingers into me with more force, sucking me harder, demanding that I come for him.

And I do. I rip the bed sheets wildly as my back lifts off the bed, reeling in ultimate pleasure. I bite down on his fingers to contain my cries, but one always escapes…its too much for me.

Only he could ever make me come.

I feel his lips move up my body, stopping only to taste each breast and to bite my ears softly. I feel his hardness pressing into me, my hips automatically raise to meet him. my body will always betray me with this man. he kisses me softly, smoothing my hair from my eyes...

‘I love you’ he whispers

Only he has ever loved me

He slides his hands down my thighs and slips a finger between my legs.

‘ You are so wet sweetheart’

And I am aching for him

‘Please take me’ I breathe into his ear, kissing his neck, sliding my nails down his back, ‘I need to feel you desperately’

he kisses me passionately, our tongues snaking together as I feel his cock explore my entrance gently before sliding all the way in. he holds me close as he fucks me, pushing his cock hard into me, fingers gripping the back of my neck. I wrap my long legs around his back to keep him close, pulling him deeper as his thrusts become more urgent and forceful, almost hurting me – but I need this connection.

he breathes hard into my ear, ‘all fours, sweetheart, I love the way your back curves’

I regrettably push him off me and slide onto my front, flat on the bed. he is already on top of me, sliding his cock into me, calming the aching between my legs.

‘I though you wanted me on all fours’ I say breathlessly under his hard thrusts.   he is lying full length on top of me, his mouth sucking the back of my neck.

He fucks me harder, moaning; I can tell he is losing control.
‘I couldn’t wait that long’ He slides his hands down to the small of my back and lifts the bottom half of me up, leaving my head resting on the mattress. He curves his body over me slightly as he slides his hard cock in and out of me, glistening with my wetness. I can feel the tension building quickly as we both near our orgasm.

‘Baby, I’m going to come’ he moans, quickening his pace slightly, gripping my hips harder than before. ‘

'Come inside me’ I beg, my fingers clutching at the bed sheets I hear him cry out and pull me hard onto his cock as his seed surges into me and my body spasms around him as we come at the same time.

I miss him so.