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What We Do on a Lonely Night

Please comment on this. It is my first story that I have published. Let me know if you liked it.

Johnny sat at the bar watching the New York Yankees kick the Indians ass. It was far from a fair game but Johnny nonetheless enjoyed a good ass kicking when he saw one. The bartender came over and, seeing that his glass was nearly empty, offered him another drink on the house. Johnny looked up at the man, gave him a slight smirk, and nodded. The Lone Glass Inn was his favorite retreat from the pain of reality and the entire staff knew him by name. Some even knew his deepest secrets. Alcohol for Johnny was a truth serum, so much in fact that they all could write books about him and each and every one would be a different story.

Born in the small town of…hmm, I can’t really remember right now…but I’ll think of it and tell you later….as John Allen Harford, he traveled the states as a kid with his parents until his father had died in an airplane accident. He really did not know much of what happened, but even the little he did know was enough to scar him for life. Tragedy, however, was not a new nemesis for Johnny. He knew it in every way and form possible for he had experienced more emotional and physical trauma in his 29 years than most people ever do in their entire lives. He was 5 foot 10 and 171 pounds with deep blue eyes and coal black hair. He drew the attention of all women when he walked into a room and he had the attractive personality to perfectly compliment his appearance. More than once, his irresistible demeanor (or at least that was what he had been told he had by many girls) got him in trouble and further contributed to the pain and suffering that was the staple of his existence.

A bartender named Sara arrived 15 minutes before her shift and sat down next to Johnny. She was a slender girl: not too thin but not overly fat; she had just enough on her bones to make any manhood scream. She wore black leather boots that extended to her knees, black net stockings that really showed off her sexy legs, a plaid school girl skirt and a very low v- neck top that left little to the imagination. She was 22, but she could easily have passed for 18. Her brown flowing hair put up in pigtails really conveyed the youthful appearance.

As she eyed Johnny intently, she reached over the bar and grabbed the soda dispenser and a cup and poured her own drink. Johnny was staring right at her and she gave him a smile. Her face was so cute it just made you want to squeeze her cheeks.

“What’s a matter, Johnny?” Sara said sweetly with a smile on her face. She began rubbing her leg against his.

“Nothing; I am just feeling a bit lonely at the moment. How are you, Sara?” Johnny said as he picked up his mug and rotated it in a circular motion, making the contents swirl.

“I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had much time for anything I guess.”

“I know that feeling,” Johnny replied.

Sara took another quick look at Johnny and then glanced around the bar. It was not a very busy day and there were at most five people in the place at that present time.

“Say Johnny, you want to come into the back with me for a few? I have something important I want to show you.” Sara asked with puffed lips.

She looked like a young girl begging for ice cream. Johnny could not refuse the temptation he saw in her eyes so he nodded his head and, taking his hand, led him to a back storage room. She closed the door and locked it. The next thing Johnny saw was Sara turning around to face him and lifting up her skirt to show her bare pussy already wet and excited. Johnny couldn’t say a damn word. All he did was hang his mouth open and drool. Sara then walked over to him and got down on to her knees. She pushed him back so he was resting on this elbows. Sara then took hold of the top of his pants and slowly worked at the buttons, then the zipper.

Out came a surprised squeal from her mouth as Johnny’s dick sprang from his boxer shorts. Her eyes wide and her mouth held open. Sara reached out to grip that monster of a cock. 9 inches long and 3 inches wide it had to have been. As Sara’s hand gripped his member and produced long slow strokes she then let her tongue out of its cage and dangle on the head of his cock. Johnny’s not usually a screamer but when he gets good head, no wait, great head he screams so loud everyone in the bar looked over in that direction knowing exactly what was going on, but Johnny didn’t care. He just kept screaming and moaning to make the others jealous. Then he heard knocking on the door and it sounded really close but yet the door was quite far away from them. Johnny opened his eyes to find out that he was lying in bed with the sheet thrown every where and his hand in his boxers with a pounding going on at his door. He looked at the clock and it read 4:30am. He got up and walked into the living room. The pounding got harder and faster. That can’t be someone knocking.

Why would they continue knocking for two to three minutes all at once and then start pounding harder and faster after that? Johnny slowly unlocked the door and then opened it quickly. What he saw next made him laugh so hard he about pissed him self. Once the door opened all the way this chick fell right to the floor with Johnny’s nephew coming right after her with his pants to his ankles. She was a hot little Blondie and boy did she have some nice legs to go with her nice ass but it was a shame that rod was covering the rest of her body.

“Oh god, oh god, Rod who’s that? I thought this was your apartment? Oh god, Oh god, you have to stop fucking me now! I think I broke my back. OH GOD, ROD STOP!” the blond chick said.

Somehow she was still getting fucked by Rod on the floor after falling from his dick. Johnny then grabbed the back of Rod's shirt and the waist of his pants and picked him up off her. It was quite funny how Rod was hanging and choking by his shirt and his whole body was lifted with his dick still sticking down because of his pants being at this ankles. Johnny picked him up and threw him on the couch.

“Well hello there Miss. I’m Rods uncle. Would you like me to help you up or can you do it your self? That was a pretty hard fall.”

“No I'll get my self up and just be on my way! Rod you fucker don’t ever call me and I never want to see your fucking face nor your dick again.” Blondie says as she gets up and fixes her skirt to where you can’t tell she’s not wearing underwear and struts out the door.

Johnny closed the door and looked at Rod. He shook his head and went to the kitchen and got out a bottle of Jack and a shot glass, poured that fine whiskey into the shot glass and then tipped the bottle up into his mouth and withdrew a fine chug.

“What in the god forsaken world were you thinking? Boy I should…” Johnny started saying.

“Boy you should what? Huh? I was getting some fine ass pussy but then you had to come and fuck it all up. That’s all you ever do is fuck up my pussy time but yet you still get to have yours and it never gets disrupted!” Rod said as he was hurrying to put his pants back into position.

“Is that so?” Johnny replied. “If I recall, you just messed up one fine ass dream with your god damn pounding on my door. And if I remember right, the old lady 3 doors down was standing in the hall watching you, she probably was woken up out of a sweet ass dream too. Did you ever think about that? No, so shut your trap and drink this you tard.” Johnny said as he pushed the shot glass across the counter.

“Yeah, I get a lot of pussy but you know I don’t fucking rub it in your face like you did just now! You also don’t have to take after me and become a Sex God or a Sex guru or what ever you kids are calling it these days. Your only 19 Rod, you need to slow your ass down or your Willys going to do that for you!"

Rod took the shot and sat down on the barstool next to the counter.

“Uncle Johnny, how do you do it? What’s the secret?” Rod asked as he looked at Johnny with such jealous eyes.

Johnny lit a cigarette and sat down on the other barstool after putting the bottle of Jack on the counter with another shot glass. “Pour me a shot will ya son? I will tell you a story of my younger days. You have to promise you won’t interrupt me or start laughing your ass off that barstool. I want you to listen to me and try to picture yourself in my situation as I tell you this story. Ok boy?” Rod looked at him with such glee he almost poured a full glass of Jack onto the counter.

“Sure thing uncle, here’s you’re shot now tell me this story. Is it juicy?” Rod said with a smile on his face and then a sour look came across his face once he shot back the Jack. Johnny laughed at Rod when he made that face and said “Well it’s going to be just as juicy as that damn pussy look on your face.”

“When I was about 18 and still in my senior year of high school I was still deemed the loser of the age."

-------More to come. Please comment because its helpful to me!-------

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