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When I Was 17

It Took Me Four Years... But I Finally Got Him.
--This is a true account from my teenage years. It happened eight years ago, so it's a bit short and not as detailed as my usual musings. Still, I felt like sharing the experience with my readers.--

I'd already had a crush on Jason for the last four years. We grew up in the same neighborhood, but never really crossed paths until the tail end of him graduating High School. We were part of the same crowd, the Punks/Goths/Alt kids... whatever you wanted to call us. He was the King of the Outcasts, and he was gorgeous... 5'11 and 165 pounds with brown eyes, even though you never saw them because he always had some type of crazy contacts in, whether it be the 'White-Outs' or some other creepy design. His hair was usually mo-hawked, sometimes he grew it out and independent spiked it, and other times he left it short and dyed any color you could think of. He had a tint of brown to his skin, coming from a half white/half Mexican background. He always wore a pair of combat boots and rocked a patch-covered leather jacket. His neck usually draped with a chained necklace or two.

Our High School was so over-crowded, we had two campuses. He was two years ahead of me, so we never spent time at the same campus. Being a part of the same clique, and into the same local band, we always saw each other on weekends at concerts. I would do my best to try to catch his attention, in and out of the mosh pits. For those four years, I was never able to turn his eye or catch his attention. There was always another "more punk" and prettier girl who could. I always hated those girls... They were beautiful works of punk-rock art. I could have never come close to any of them.

A few weeks after my Senior year ended, I was 17... Jason texted me to come hang out at "The Barn", a friend of his who lived out in the sticks, on a bunch of land perfect to ride dirt bikes and four-wheelers. There were always large bonfires/parties and had copious amounts of beer and liquor around. It was far away from everyone that the cops never bothered to drive that far down the county road and bust up the parties.

I got a ride with a friend, at this point I can't remember who... After a few hours and a few beers Jason invited me for a ride on one of the ATVs. I was hell-bent on saying "No", being terrified of anything that wasn't a car since I totaled my dad's snowmobile when I was 13. After another beer and a lot of teasing from Jason I finally gave in, warning him that I would kill him if he crashed. A few minutes later, I heard the ATV start-up and watched Jason drive over to me. He turned to me, patting the back of the seat, once again teasing me and telling me "Don't be scared."

Hesitantly, I threw my leg over the machine and wrapped my arms around his waist . We took off going full speed, and my arms gripped tighter around Jason. After a few laps around the field, my nerves wore off and instead I focused on my arms being wrapped around the guy I had wanted for the last 3 years. I remember pressing my face against his back and taking deep breaths of the cologne he wore that night. After a few more laps in the dry, muddy field I got brave... I slipped my hands lower down his waist and let my right one fall over his lap, my hand applying pressure to the cock beneath his pants. I noticed the speed of the ATV slow and his head turn to try to look back at me with that goofy look he used to get in his eyes.

As we were rounding the far-end of the field, he stopped the ATV and shut it off. He lit a cigarette, and so did I. He turned himself backwards on the ATV and looked at me. Halfway done with his cigarette, he flicked it to the side and made his move. My eyes stayed open as I watched him come towards me under the bright moonlight. I had to make sure what I was seeing was really happening. Only once I felt his soft lips on mine, did I close my eyes. Jason's arms reached around me and pulled me down the seat and into him. I flung my legs over his and wrapped my arms around his shoulders and tilted my head like a silly little girl. I felt his tongue open my lips and I met it with my own.

Moments later I felt his hands at my pants, undoing the button and zipper and sliding his hand inside the denim. The fit of his hand in my jeans was tight, but it didn't matter. His hand forced its way into my panties and found my already-wet pussy. The vibrations from the ATV and my own dirty thoughts made that happen before he even stopped the machine. I felt Jason's fingers find my clit and I leaned back to give him more room inside the material. His lips were still attached to mine and our tongues continued to wrestle.

Finally, I pulled away and tried to lay back over the ATV, his fingers still going at my 17-year-old pussy. After a few minutes of teasing me with his hands, Jason pulled away making a comment that "Everyone knowing what was going on if we stayed gone for to long", especially with the lack of noise from the ATV floating through the air. I was disappointed and hoped that wasn't the end of it.

We pulled back up to the bonfire and no one seemed to notice the time we were gone. After another hour and a few more beers, people started slowly drifting to their cars and heading home. At this point, I was glad I had gotten a ride there, because I was to drunk to even think about driving home. I don't remember who drove us home, but I do remember that it was a pick-up truck... Jason and I in the truck bed. We continued making out like the high school kids we were and enjoying the cold breeze on an extremely warm night. Once we got to my house, he and I were dropped off in my driveway and he asked me if I wanted to go to his house. I answered by sneaking in the house and getting my car keys, handing them to him and telling him to get us there. He was sober enough, and 25 minutes later we pulled into his driveway and slipped into his dark apartment.

Jason led me to his room and shut the door behind us. He threw his jacket on the floor and fell backwards onto his single-person bed, allowing me to climb on top of him. Our lips met again, hungry to taste each other. His hands slid up and under my shirt, pulling it over my head and dropping it on the floor next to the bed. I quickly undid my bra and slid it off, to embarrassed he would realize I was wearing a padded bra, giving me the extra cup it looked like I had. I leaned down, pressing my lips back to his and making out like the kids we were.

Finally, his shirt came off and his pants came down. I could hear all of his chains and the metal of his belt clinking as his pants hit the floor. He undid mine for the second time that night, and they ended up somewhere on the floor next to his. My lips kissed from his lips, down his stomach, and finally landed at his stiff cock. I did my best to please the guy I finally managed to get into bed after three years. My lips tightened around his cock, my tongue massaging his shaft and teasing his swollen head. After a while, I could feel how tense his cock was getting and I felt his upper body move and reaching for something. I heard the familiar noise of a condom wrapper being opened and felt myself get pushed away from him. My lips moved up his shaft as hands on my shoulders pushed me away.

Moments later I climbed on top. His cock entered me and I moaned as quietly as I could, knowing we weren't the only ones in the apartment. I felt all seven inches penetrate me and I wanted to scream. I was dripping more than I ever had, and never wanted someone as bad as I wanted Jason right then. I felt his hands grab my hips and hold me in place. I started rocking back and forth, lifting my hips and grinding them against him. I felt his cock jab my insides and I moaned out, covering my mouth, surprised at the volume that escaped my throat.

Riding Jason, I was in heaven. I felt myself getting turned on more every time I grinded down on his cock. I could feel myself getting wetter each time he pushed himself inside me. I fought back the urge to moan, pant and gasp whenever I felt his cock push against my insides. I wanted to be loud... I wanted to scream out... I wanted to get thrown around. To bad we didn't have the apartment to ourselves.

I felt Jason start grunting, the grip of his hands on my hips get tighter. His thrust's got faster and I heard the panting escape from his lips. I felt his cock jerking inside me as he stopped moving, his whole body twitching. His hands gripped even tighter and I felt his fingers digging into my skin. Jason let out a deep groan and his body relaxed, his cock spewing forth ropes of cum that were held back by a cruel cage of latex.

Fast-breathing bodies collapsed together on a bed, my head landed on his chest and my eyes felt heavy. His arm wrapped around me and his lips kissed my forehead. I felt my eyes slowly start closing and focused on the pace of his heart return to normal. A felt a blanket cover my naked body and another arm wrap around me. A few hours later my bliss was ruined by bright sunlight leaking through the window and a naked Jason swearing about being late for work.

I quickly dressed and tried escaping out of the apartment without being seen. Jason followed behind me, walking me trough the parking-lot and kissing me one more time before I got in my car. If I'd have known that would be last time I saw him again for seven years, I wouldn't have given into my heavy eyes and the alcohol so easily. For another year I thought and dreamed about Jason and that one night we had together. 

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