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When in Rome

My fantasy of a weekend in Rome with a sexy friend from my past.
I woke up, and felt my hard cock rubbing against your ass as you snuggled against me. I couldn’t quite believe I was actually here, in Rome, lying in your bed. I had flown in from Canada the day before, and had arrived in time to share a wonderful dinner at your favourite restaurant. Then, we spent the evening wandering around the city, as you showed me some of the places you enjoyed. Finally, we made our way back to your apartment, where we got ready for bed.

It was a little weird at first. We have known each other for 6 months, but this was the first time I had actually met you. The rest was online. And now, the hundreds of hours I spent chatting with you meant nothing and everything all at once. This was different, and yet, you were still the same.

We had shared a brief kiss during the evening, but nothing more intense than that. Still, we planned to spend the night in the same bed. You changed into your sleepwear, which, on a warm night consists of a pair of cotton shorts that showcase your ass beautifully, and nothing else. I didn’t even try to hide my erection as I stripped to my boxers and climbed into bed. You joked about how much you turned me on, as we climbed into bed. We lay there talking for hours before drifting off to sleep.

Somewhere in the night, we must have shifted into a spooning position, because I woke with my arm wrapped around you, and my cock pressed tightly to your ass. I couldn’t help myself. You were too damn hot. I started to caress your breasts with my hand. I’m not sure how long I did that before I realised you were awake, but I soon became aware of the fact you were grinding your ass into my hard cock.

I pinched and pulled on your nipples, upping the ante a little as I began to kiss the back of your neck. You reached your hand behind you, into my boxers, and started to caress my hard cock. Soon you were trying to slide both my shorts, and yours down, and I stopped my actions briefly to help you. Then, I positioned myself behind you again, as you guided my cock into your tight pussy from behind.

This was my first fuck. And we both knew I wouldn’t last long as I pumped my cock into you from behind, as I kissed your neck, and continued caressing your breasts. Then, as I felt myself getting close to cumming, I rolled you from your side, onto your stomach. The change in position bought me a little more time as I positioned myself between your legs, and pumped my cock into you, my body covering yours, pressing you into the bed with each thrust.

“Ohhh…. Fucck….. you are amazing!” I moaned as I came with a force I never imagined. I collapsed on top of you, and lay there for a bit, kissing your neck before rolling off you, and smiling at you as I looked into your eyes.

“Thank you,” I said, “I know that wasn’t so good for you, but I will make it up to you with the next round.”

“You better!” You teased me, with a sexy little smile on your face.

After a little kissing, we decided that round two should take place in the shower, since we had a lot to see in the three short days I would be with you. We entered the shower, still kissing passionately, our tongues dancing with one another. I slid my hand down to your pussy, and ran my fingers along your lips from top to bottom. As they reached the bottom, my thumb made contact with your clit, and you moaned in pleasure. The moaning increased, as I slid my fingers inside you, and began to fuck you with them, all the while keeping my thumb in contact with your clit.

As I thrust my hand in and out of your tight little pussy, I curled, and twisted my fingers, varying where they would touch, and paying special attention to your g-spot. I could tell by your moans that you were getting close to cumming, so I broke our kiss, and began to suck on your left nipple as the water from the shower cascaded down over it. I had you right on the edge, when I switched my mouth to your right nipple, and instead of sucking, bit it gently, pulling it from your body, then releasing it. The feeling was too much for you, and you screamed out in orgasmic pleasure.

My cock was now hard again from all the excitement, and you begged me to fuck you with it again. You placed one leg on the side of the tub for balance, as I pushed you up against the wall. The water sprayed my back as I pumped my cock deep into your pussy. Because you had already cum, I wasn’t concerned about lasting long. Instead, I fucked you hard and fast. Which seemed to work, because you reached orgasm the moment I started filling you with my hot cum.

We stayed in the shower to clean ourselves off, then towelled dry, and headed back to the bedroom to dress for the day. You grabbed some underwear when I stopped you.

“No” I said as you looked at me in confusion. “You aren’t allowed to wear anything underneath today.”

You smiled, recognizing the playful tone in my voice.

“Yes sir” you replied with that sly, teasing smile I was beginning to love.

When we left the apartment you were clad in a short, but loose, skirt, and a revealing tank top. We stopped by a café for breakfast, and as we were there, I noticed you were drawing a lot of attention from the other male patrons at the café. One particular man caught my eye, and I watched him as he walked by us to sit at a table. He was an old man. He was probably in his 70s. Long past the days when he had a realistic shot at someone like you, the most amazing woman in the world. I knew what would make his day though.

“See that old man that just walked past us?” I asked, and you nodded your head, curious about why I mentioned him. “Catch his attention, then spread your legs for him, and give him a little thrill” I commanded.

I could see you were thinking about refusing, but then, you got a playful look in your eyes, and did as I told you to.

“Oh my God!” you exclaimed to me after. “You should have seen the look on his face when he saw my pussy!”

We continued to eat our breakfast, and just before we left the café, I told you to give the man one last show. As we walked out of there, you were high on the rush you got from your little exhibition.

As we wandered the city, we came across a park. I had been keeping my eyes open for one ever since I had ordered you not to wear any underwear. You had told me about it being common to see people fucking in these parks, and now, you were going to be one of those people.

“Come over here.” I told you as I lead you to a bench that was out of the way, yet in sight of everyone. “Sit on my lap” I ordered as I sat down. You sat on my lap, facing me, just as I instructed. You could see the mischief in my eyes as I leaned forward and started to kiss you.

“You are going to fuck me right here on this bench.” I told you. Your breathing quickened, and our kisses got more intense. “Undo my pants” I commanded. You did, and after that you needed no more instructions, as you positioned yourself on my hard cock, and sunk down until I was completely in you.

To the unobservant person, it just looked like you were sitting on my lap as we made out. But if someone watched closely, they would soon figure out that you probably didn’t have anything on underneath your skirt, and you were pistoning yourself up and down on my hard cock.

Since I already had 2 orgasms that day, I knew I would last a long time. I made sure to talk dirty to you, to get you even more riled up. I mentioned how sexy you are, how many people I could see as you rode me with your back to them, and how I loved the feeling of your tight cunt around my hard cock.

We continued to kiss passionately as you rode my cock. I slid my hand under your skirt, and massaged your clit as you rode my cock. Soon, I felt your muscles contract around my cock, as you reached an orgasm. We continued on, fucking until we both reached came in one beautiful climax as you milked the cum out of my cock with your contracting muscles.

We got up, arranged our clothing, and headed out of the park as if nothing had happened. You told me that you wanted to find a public washroom so you could clean yourself up, but I told you to wait until lunch, because I liked the idea of you walking around Rome with no underwear and my cum leaking out of your well fucked pussy.

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