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When Lust Becomes Ecstasy

Part 2 of Disgust to Lust! After Dana becomes too much to resist, it's Derek's turn...
It had been two days since Dana had blown him away...literally.

Two whole days since she even gave him so much as a lustful glance or even any sexual sign that she wanted him. Could people do that? Be insanely sexy one encounter then completely untouchable the next?

Must be female thing, Derek concluded as he patted his forehead with a towel. If Dana was suffering the least bit, then he was in complete agony. Whenever he saw her, all he could see would be her sweet lips wrapped around his cock and that wonderful tongue doing endless swirls on his tip.

Holy fuck this is insane! I need to get laid. He threw himself against the doors of the workout room only to be met with an opposing force. He stumbled and cautiously opened the door.

"Jesus, what the fuck is your problem?" His heart jumped through his throat as he stared right at Dana's tight ass up in the air. He watched her with his blood automatically coursing down his dick as she elegantly got up and turned towards him with a glare. "What the hell, did you throw yourself against the door or something?"

"And what if I did?" he retorted leaning against the door frame and showing Dana what she was missing. He felt smug as her eyes ran down his whole body, lingering just where his cock was obviously hard through his shorts. Two can play at that game sister. "You were the one who got in the way."

They both stood a foot apart, Dana staring up into his eyes and her cheeks flushing a deep red. All the things I would to you Derek noted as he studied her small frame and long luscious waves. Her body was made to be fucked. It practically begged for it.

"Whatever," Dana whipped around and began walking away from him, "Just don't be here when my friends arrive, got it?"

Pushing himself from the wall Derek smirked and watched Dana until she disappeared into her room. He made his way towards the showers but before he did, he picked up his cell to dial a few certain numbers.....


"Ooooh shit," Dana moaned as she thrust two fingers into her now dripping pussy. She had to get out of there. Being close to Derek was insane. She saw how hard he was through his shorts. She knew exactly what it looked like. How delicious it tasted in her mouth.

And all she could think about was having that cock inside of her. What she wanted in that moment was for him to throw her against the wall and shove his whole length over and over into her pussy until she screamed his name. Dana arched her back and worked her fingers faster while her other hand rubbed her clit feverishly. Her body began moving on its own, working to bring her over point. She was almost there.

"Oh God, Derek." With one last thought of Derek pushing her whole body onto his cock and cumming inside of her, Dana bit her lip and let out a high pitched whine as her body tightened into an orgasm that sent her trembling all over.

She laid there for awhile with her fingers drenched in her juices and her body still slightly shaking. Her eyes had just closed when her cellphone caught her attention with its repeating ringtone.

"Hello," She answered breathlessly.

"Were you just masturbating?" Dana shot up from her bed and began shedding her clothes as fast as she could. The sound of Lissa's voice meant only one thing.

"No! What would make you think that? I just got out of the shower and ran to my phone when it was ringing."

"Oh, okay," Dana sighed with relief as she pulled a skin tight tank over her bikini top and chose a pair of spandex shorts, it defined her ass and Dana spanked herself with a laugh as she admired her mirror image. Sorry Derek, but I think I'll tease you for now. "Dana, did you hear me? I said we're hear so come and help us with all this barbecue shit!"

"Alright, I'm coming!" Dana threw her door open and made her way to the stairs.


What she didn't expect was six different guys crowding her family room and playing the Ps3. Derek made seven and stood across from the stairs with his arms crossed. She smiled innocently and took the stairs one at a time as she stared him down.


At the sound of a female voice all six head turned and gasped as she began moving towards Derek. She felt the power when no eyes strayed from her figure as she moved in slow carefully placed steps towards the person responsible for the audience.

"Hey sis," Derek grinned arrogantly in her direction and her lips tightened at his exuding confidence.

She moved forward and placed her lips near his right ear to whisper to him while her body gently leaned against his right side. The reaction she got was great! Derek clearly looked ready to fuck with how hard his tool was and it was exactly the way she wanted it. I'm going to make you suffer.

"Didn't I specifically tell you to not be here?" She hissed and pressed her body more firmly against his. His breathing grew heavier as she remained close to him. "I don't remember telling you to call your friends and inviting them here!"

His head swayed around until they were face to face. He did that smile of his and gave a shrug. "As I recall: we both live here so I think that what you can or can't do, doesn't mean shit. My friends are here to stay."

What an asshole! Dana screamed silently, she wanted to storm out and ignore him but her plan was too good to abandon. In retaliation she gently lifted her hands and ran it down his chest to his abs, stopping just where his shorts began. Her index finger brushed side to side lightly along the border and Derek's eyes widened.

With a light laugh she turned and dance towards the door. She made her voice loud enough for his friends to hear as she made her perfect exit.

"In that case, have your friends join us but only in one condition: you and only you has to cook!"


For someone who says they're a virgin, Dana was a natural born tease.

She didn't at all mind knowing how hard he was for her. The problem was that it made her feel drunk with power and revel in making him suffer. Each movement, each touch, brought him closer to the point that his lust was out of control.

They were all out in the pool as the six girls including Dana played around in the pool. The seven guys sat back drinking beer and watched with pleasure at the sexy bodies swaying and dancing in front of them. All of them were hard but they were too busy ogling the gorgeous women that they didn't give a damn to acknowledge each other.

"Dude, take that apron off, you look like a complete tool." Turning away from the grill Derek faced Travis who held his beer pointed at him. "The females aren't getting close with you wearing that shit!"

Derek stared down at his clichéd "kiss the cook" apron which covered his shirtless body and laughed, giving Travis the finger. "Man, fuck you! I don't want hot oil hitting my chest. You can cook if you want."

They were all laughing just when Dana her friend Lissa (from the wedding) bounded up the steps and towards him. It was Dana who snapped her fingers at him, "Have you cooked anything? C'mon snap to it!" 

"Can you calm your tits?" At the comment Dana turned red as he referred to her boobs but Derek shook his head and skewered a hot dog with a fork. "Here you can have this if you just stop being a bitch."

He held the end out to her and Dana made eye contact with him. It was the same look she had when she sucked him off in the bathroom and now she was giving him the same look now! It was that sexy serious face that sent his blood rushing. Lissa was making a grab for a beer but every eye was on Dana for one reason.

Smiling she opened her mouth ever so slowly and brought it closer to the tip of the hot dog. Her tongue flicked out and swirled at the end once just before she took it into her mouth. It was the fucking sexiest thing he had ever seen!

His dick was slick with precum in his boxers as Dana chewed and swallowed simultaneously down the length of the hot dog. She stopped with about an inch left and he didn't hesitate placing the remaining bit into his mouth.

With a laugh Dana leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Her hands ran up his thigh until it went over the bulge in his shirts or apron. Her fingers gently squeezed and he practically exploded right then, his body tightened and he opened his mouth to breathe. Thank god she made sure her body covered was she was doing.

"Does it have to be the cheek?" She sighed over his mouth just as Lissa came and pulled her arm forward, pulling her away from him. Both girls turned away and sexily moved their hips with every guy gazing at their asses, barely covered by bikinis.

He couldn't handle it anymore. He ripped his apron off and stormed away leaving the guys with a muttered "I gotta take a piss. Chase keep cooking" and left in a hurry for his bedroom.


He slammed his door and leaned against it as he dropped his shorts, grabbed a firm hold of his cock and began stroking it as fast as he could. He needed to come now. Dana was fucking unbelievable, how long did she think he would last? With that body and those soft lips whispering so beautifully, he was surprised he lasted for so long.

"Shit," Derek breathed as Dana ran in his mind. It was also then a knock tapped on his door. He jumped about a foot in the air and yanked his shorts back on. I am going to fucking kill someone soon!

It was bad enough to be teased to desperation, but to be interrupted while masturbating pissed him off.

He threw open his door with a furious look, ready to punch Travis. He began yelling almost instantly. "What the fuck, I said-"

Before he could finish, he felt soft lips crush his mouth and he stumbled back with a grunt as a petite body collided with his. When he found his balance and stared ahead, his mouth dropped open to find Dana standing in front of him and biting her bottom lip.

"I want you," her voice breathed softly.

Without a second thought Derek slammed her against the wall and stared down at her with lust filled eyes. It was his turn.


Dana looked into Derek's eyes that were so filled with desire she whimpered under his blue eyed gaze. One arm rested above her head as Derek leaned closer and the other brushed along her collarbone. Her heart was pulsing rapidly and her body ached for Derek to take it for himself.

"My turn," he breathed just as his mouth pressed on hers with the intent of doing more than just kissing. His arms snaked around her body, pressing her against him so hard she gasped for breath and felt his cock pressing on her.

Her hand reached down and into his shorts so she could lightly stroke his cock as he maneuvered their bodies until her back fell on his bed with Derek's body over her. His mouth kissed her with aching hunger, passion, and lust.

This was why she wore a string bikini. Derek tugged and her top was off showing him her B cup breasts. Derek ran his lips down and placed his mouth over her nipple. It felt incredible! She gasped aloud and pressed his head tighter as his tongue sent delicious shots of pleasure all over her body as it twirled wonderfully around her now erect nipple. His other hand reached up and pinched her left nipple that she was shaking under his touch.

"Oh God, Derek that feels so good," she moaned as Derek switched his mouth to the other side to give the other one the same treatment. This time his hand dipped lower to her now soaking pussy and without warning, stuck two fingers in. "Oh fuck!"

"You're so fucking wet, Dana," he murmured over her lips as he slowly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy. "I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll never think twice to tease me again."

When his fingers left her cunt her breath shook with the need to have Derek fuck her now or she'd go insane. He pulled his shorts off to reveal his fantastic cock that was rock hard and so ready to take her. Dana readied herself for him to penetrate her but instead of moving forward Derek bent until his mouth was directly over her pussy.

She frowned, "Derek what are you-"

She screamed as Derek practically dove into her pussy. Her body bucked against his mouth as his tongue ran swirls and licked over her clit with ferocious determination. She'd never felt anything like it. Her fingers tugged his hair as his tongue slid in and out of her hole, "Oh shit, Derek don't fucking stop! I'm going to come."

At her words Derek moaned and ran the tip of his tongue over her slit before full out sucking on her clit and shoving his fingers into her cunt. Her body went rigid and she shrieked as Derek's movements brought her to an earth shattering orgasm, "Oh holy fuck!"

Her body trembled under Derek as he smiled and kept his fingers working until she slammed back down to reality, "Oh my god that was so incredible."

"You have no idea," Derek chuckled breathlessly and positioned himself over her, gripping his cock until the tip touched the entrance of her now slick, juice covered pussy.

Never leaving her eyes, Derek pushed forward and eased his cock into her cunt until his whole length filled every damn space. Her eyes widened and she cried out in complete ecstasy, caught under the current of sexual want, "Oh God, Derek it feels so good."

"You feel so fucking wonderful," each word he spoke was a thrust to her pussy and soon Derek sped up his pace. He was completely wrecking her pussy in blissful pain that sent her moaning each time his cock slammed into her cunt, "So damn tight, you really are a virgin."

"You thought I was lying?" She exhaled but even the flash of annoyance disappeared the moment Derek's cock shoved in then out in a continuous motion, "Never mind, just be quiet and fuck me."

"That I can gladly do," he grunted and soon the bed shook under the thrusts that Derek brought on her body. Her senses were slowly rising and she was now gasping for air as she neared orgasm. Derek felt it and began fucking her like it was his last, pushing harder and deeper until they were both crying out. "Dana I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come!"

"That's it Derek, don't you dare fucking stop!" Her nails ran along his back as Derek now fucked her mercilessly, his grunts now becoming low growls, "Ah fuck me!"
"Shit!" Derek yelled just as Dana shrieked and felt her body taken over by an unbelievable orgasm that completely overcame hers and Derek's body. Her eyes rolled back as Derek consciously kept slamming his cock each time it jerked with the release of his cum.

It felt like the longest time her body trembled until she went still and Derek fell on top of her with his cock still hard inside of her. They both panted from pure sexual release that they stayed in the same position for a while until Derek groaned and pulled out.

They faced each other and Dana couldn't help but laugh from how tousled his blond hair had become. She reached out and smoothed it out, "You should fix your hair, it looks like you went through hell."

"You should look at yours," he smiled and sweetly kissed her lips. "You look like you've been fucked pretty hard."

"Well I don't regret it one bit," she wrapped her arms around his waist as his arms embraced her. "After all it was you that gave me the screwing."

"I hope it won't be the last."

She slapped him playfully and nestled against his chest, "Of course not, please do you honestly think I'd let you get away with just leaving right after?"

She heard him groan, "Does that mean you won't stop with the teasing?"

"Are you kidding? With what it led to and how great it was? No way!"

They laid there for a while. In the distance, Dana could hear the distant sounds of music guess the party started without us.

She smiled while the yellow of the sun darkened into the orange of sunset.

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