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When Robert Met Gloria

Contributing Authors: Aussie_kitty77 
Will their paths ever cross again.

Hello. My name is Robert. I am an insurance salesman in the United Kingdom. This is my story.

I was traveling back from a day on the road and was looking for a quiet place to stop and get a bite to eat. I found a quiet lane and pulled over. It was beautiful day. The sun was out and I was trying to decide what to do. That's when I noticed a girl walking towards me with a very short summer dress.

As she approached, her dress was caught by the gentle summer breeze. It was blown up and she made no attempt to hold it down. She was now close enough that I thought I'd caught a glimpse of her pussy! Surely I was mistaken? She must be wearing panties, wasn’t she? My cock jumped in my trousers.

Now just ten feet away, it was clear she wasn’t wearing panties! I didn’t want to stare, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Surely she would hide it if she realized, but here I am receiving brief glimpses. Surely any good girl would try to hide this, but not her. The look on her face told me she knew exactly what she was doing. I wondered though if she knew what she was doing to my cock.

I watched her walk on by, smiling as she passed. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to release my cock. It had been growing very heavy in my trousers and throbbing steadily. Watching the girl in my rear-view mirror as she continued down the street, I was rewarded with a few brief flashes of her lovely ass. She never looked back and soon was out of sight as she went around the corner.

I sat completely gobsmacked by what I had just seen and begun rubbing the tip, which soon turned into rubbing the full length. I had the window down and the summer air felt good as it gently blew around me and my throbbing cock. I checked around and, seeing no one, slowly started to stroke faster, remembering the sight I had just seen. Her pussy was beautiful and her lower lips glistened in the sun. I closed my eyes imagining sliding my tongue slowly along those lovely lips, flicking against her little clit. I let out a small groan.

Feeling a shadow come over me, I opened my eyes and jumped. There she was leaning against my open window just watching me. She obviously had walked back and I hadn’t seen her but now here she was leaning on thereaching  open window, staring at my throbbing shaft! At first, I did not know what to do. It was too late to cover up so I was busted! This is when I noticed her hand was reaching under her flimsy dress and slowly rubbing her naked pussy. "Fuck", I thought. "Is she a fucking Madame? A real little slut?"

"She is beautiful," I thought to myself as we sat watching each other for a few minutes. We both sat slowly stroking ourselves when I saw her dip a finger between her naked lips, letting out an audible sigh. “Do you taste good?” I asked. She held her finger out and I tasted her. “Fuck,” I moaned. I hadn’t known this girl for more than five minutes and here I was licking her juice from her finger! I had to see how far she would let me take this.

I asked her to take off her dress. She pulled it off right there in the middle of the street. "Damn," I thought. I opened my door and pulled her close, seeing her lips shinning with moisture from where she had been rubbing. I leaned forward and I could smell her aroma. It was intoxicating. ” What’s your name slut?” I asked. I thought this would certainly earn me a slap or give me the green light to go further.

She replied, “I’m Gloria.”

I responded, “I think I will just call you slut! I think you are going to be my new fuck toy.”

Gloria just looked at me and nodded slowly.

“Gloria, err, I mean slut, get your ass over here,” I said pointing to a spot on the gutter. She did what was asked of her and stepped closer. I slid my hand up in between her legs and forced them wide. I then leaned forward and rubbed my fingers over her tasty cunt before licking it, forcing my tongue deep into her. I heard her moaning over and over. This was incredible. Gloria did exactly what I'd said!

I stood up and took her to the front of my car and told her to place her hands on the bonnet and then spread her legs wide. I slid my cock into her, inching slowly deeper and deeper until my balls could be heard slapping against her soaking pussy, thrusting hard into her. Feeling her jerking forward with each thrust. I groaned loudly knowing it won’t be long before I would cum. I grabbed her hips pulling her back against me “Oh God!” I moaned as I filled her, cumming hard and squirting my seed deep into her walls and over her ass before collapsing against her.

“This is so good,” I thought and remembered we were standing on the side of the road fucking so anyone could come around the corner at any moment and catch us. This just added to the excitement. My slut Gloria stood totally naked, my cream spread all over her ass and running over her legs and the bonnet of my car. She looked amazingly hot.

She turned and knelt, engulfed my cock in her mouth and throat, and licked me clean. Sucking hard over and over as she squeezed my balls, that was all it took for me to lose it again. “Oh fuck!” The feel of her hot mouth and tight throat was ecstasy! I cupped a firm tit in one hand and put my other hand on the back of her head, using her face like a real-life sex toy. Only seconds later my hot cum was pouring down her throat, pulse after pulse filling her stomach as my balls emptied into her.

The slut had her fingers buried in her cunt the whole time. She trembled and shook as she came so hard her knees buckled. Then, just like that, she stood up and walked off! Leaving me wondering what the fuck just happened!

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