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When We Meet - Continued

Please read When We Meet before you read part two.

Since I am a guest in your house I do the dishes after breakfast. When I am done I make my way to you and find you out cold on the couch. You have worked all night so I leave you sleep. I call home and tell them that I am fine, log onto Lush and see what is going on in the forums.

Next thing that I know its 2pm and you have just rolled over on the couch. You’re naked and have a hard on that is dying to be sucked. I tell myself that you have slept long enough and shut my laptop down and make my way over to you.

Kneeling down to my knees beside the couch I take your cock into my mouth. “Mmmm,” it tastes so fucking good! You start to move and slowly wake up. I look up at you as you open your eyes and look down to see your cock buried in my mouth. My hand is massaging your nuts as I suck and tease your cock head.

“That is the fucking best way to wake up”, you say.

“Well, I most certainly couldn’t leave him like this”, I reply.

I go back to sucking on your wonderful cock and your hands hold my head in place as you start to thrust your hips causing me to take all of you right down to the base. I begin to moan and suck harder. My hand reaches down to start rubbing my wet pussy. You look over and see me.

You sit up causing me to jerk back in surprise. You reach over and grab my hips and lift me up over you so that your mouth can take the place of my hand. My mouth goes right back to sucking your cock as your tongue starts to fuck me.

“Sweet Jesus Christian that feels so fucking good!” I tell you.

“Did you bring what I told you to?” you ask.

“I did, but they are in my car”, I say.

You stop tongue fucking and sucking my pussy and push me off of you. You get up and go to the door. I look at you with a confused look on my face because I am unsure of what you are doing. You open the closet door and take out a jacket and turn to me.

“Well go get them!” you say.

I get up and come to you; I reach down in my purse to get my keys. When I start to get up your cock is right there so I have to suck on it. You allow me to do this for a minute and then pull me up to you. As you slip the jacket on me you grab my ass and kiss me.

“Stop stalling and go!” you say.

I open the door and look around. I am only in your jacket and even though it falls past my ass I still feel very naked. I start to walk very quickly to my car and when I get there I don’t waste any time. I open the trunk and grab the second bag that I have brought. Closing the trunk, I make my way back to the house.

As I hang the jacket back up in the closet you take the bag. When I turn around you are already back on the couch opening the bag. I stay where I am and watch you as you pull out the toys I have brought. First you pull out the KY lube and put it on the couch, next comes my nipple clamps, and you look over at me and smile causing me to blush and laugh. Next comes the purple vibrator that you have watched me fuck myself with on webcam.

Holding the purple rubber cock in your left hand you use your right hand and motion for me to join you on the couch. I make my way to you and sit down next to you. You turn and look at me.

“I have watched this cock bring you pleasure and now I want to see if we can do it together,” you say.

With that you stand and grab my hand pulling me up with you. You move to the end of the couch and bend me over the arm. You bend down behind me and start to lick me from clit to asshole. You slip one finger in my cunt and one in my ass causing me to moan. You start to fuck both my holes with your fingers as your tongue sucks on my clit.

“I’m going cum!” I moan.

“Cum on my fingers, my little slut!” you say.

With your fingers fucking me you thrust them faster. I can’t hold it any longer and let out a loud moan as I cum on your fingers. You remove your fingers from my holes and stand up and place your thick cock head at my fuck hole.

“You want my thick cock slut?” you say.

“Fuck yes!” I say.

“Beg!” you say grabbing my hair and pulling it.

“Please Christian, Fuck me! I want to be your slut!” I say.

With that said you slide your cock in my cunt. You are just standing there not moving and I look over my shoulder to see what is wrong. You’re just looking at me. I watch as you raise your right hand and bring it down to my ass. Whack!

“Well you little slut, if you want it then you had better start to fuck it!” you say.

I start to pull and push myself on your cock. Fuck it feels good! Your nuts are hitting my clit as I get a steady rhythm on your cock. You bring your hand down again and slap my ass. Whack!

“Faster whore!” you say

I start to move faster but it is not fast enough for you. You stop me and grab my hip and start to pound my pussy. You lean over me and put your right index and middle fingers in my mouth. I start to suck on them tasting my cunt and ass juices.

“You’re a good slut”, you say.

You reach over me and grab the purple cock and the KY lube. Standing back up you continue to thrust, then you lube my ass getting it ready for the rubber cock. You place the head at my asshole and start to push. The purple cock is not as thick as you, so you do not hesitate to push it in. Oh God I feel so full! I start to moan as you start to thrust yourself and the rubber cock at the same time. My orgasm is building fast and I start to tighten up.

“Harder! I’m going to cum!” I say.

You let go of the rubber cock and grab both my hips and thrust faster and harder. Feeling me tighten you start to moan. Hearing you moan sends me over the edge and I start to cum all over your thick cock. You can feel your balls are ready to fill my pussy with your cum. You mange to hold off until I have finished my orgasm and while I am still feeling the effects you pump your cum deep in my cunt.

You lean over and kiss my shoulder as you pull out of my dripping pussy. I stand up and kiss your mouth and then place my head on your shoulder and hug you.

“Let’s get dressed and go out for dinner”, you say.

We make our way to our bedroom and you go into your closet to get some clothes while I go to my bag. I put on a black bra and slip a black and white summer dress on. You come out of your closet dressed in nice fitted jeans and a golf shirt. After a couple of minutes of fixing my hair and putting on very little make up I am ready to go. When I get down stairs you have both your hands behind you back.

“Are you wearing panties?” you say.

“No”, is my response.

You bring your hands out from behind your back. In one hand you have my vibrating egg and in the other you are holding the black panties that go with the bra that I have on.

“Come here and open your legs for me”, you say.

I walk over to you and stand with my feet about 2 feet apart. You bend down on one knee and lift my dress and insert the egg into my fuck hole. Then you take my panties and put them on me. When you bring them all the way up you kiss my pussy over the panties.

“Ok, let’s go”, you eventually say.

We arrive at a tiny little place in town. I can tell that it is one of your favourites because everyone there seems to know you. The hostess starts to lead us to a table in the back and you stop her.

“Can we have one in the centre Sally?” you say.

“Of course Christian” she says.

Sally leads us to the middle of the room and you pull out my chair for me and I sit. I order a Canadian Whiskey and ginger ale and you order your Samuel Adams. When the server returns with our drinks we order our plates. After our food arrives, we begin to eat. All of a sudden I can feel the egg start to vibrate. I look over at you and you are smiling.

“I want to see you cum in front of all these people”, you tell me.

I try to keep a straight face as you turn up the vibrations. I start to whimper lightly as I look around and see if anyone is watching us. My hand is clenching my fork so hard trying to hold back my moans. I am so concentrated on you that I don’t see the man that approaches us.

“You going to make it to the game tomorrow buddy?” he says.

You look up at him and smile. You turn up the vibrator to a higher power causing me to moan a little. Your friend looks over at me.

“Of course I will be there! Meet my friend Crystal”, you say.

I have to try to compose myself as I reach out to take your friends hand and say hello.

“Helllooo”, I say coming out more as a moan then my voice.

He gives me a funny look and turns to you to say his goodbyes. After he leaves you turn your attention to me and watch me carefully for the signs that I am going to orgasm. I can feel it building inside me and am trying to hold it back. I don’t want to cum in front of all these people!

“Please Christian, not here!” I beg.

You don’t give in; instead you turn the vibrator on to its max and watch as my eyes fly open. I take the napkin that is on the table and bring it to my mouth to try and muffle my moans. I can’t hold it any longer and I begin to orgasm. Your eyes stay glued to mine as you watch me through it. You finally turn off the egg.

“I’m as hard as fucking steel watching you orgasm!”, you say.

I take a look around to see if anyone has seen what just happened. It looks as though only you and I know. I see you look at your friend and see him wink at you. My face turns bright red. We finish our dinner and pay the bill.

When we reach your car you open my door but instead of letting me get in you put your hand up my dress and pull out the egg. You are in such a frenzy that you rip my panties off me. You unbuckle your jeans and your thick cock springs free.

Lifting my dress you don’t waste any time and slam home. I’m still so fucking wet from the orgasm in the restaurant that there is no need for any foreplay. You start thrusting fast and hard immediately.

“That was the hottest fucking thing ever!” you moan.

You pull out and spin me around. As I look around to see if anyone can see us you pick me up and put my back to the car. As my legs wrap around you, you slam into my cunt again. You pull the straps of my dress down and unclasp my bra letting my tits free. I’m so fucking horny now that I don’t care if anyone is watching.

You start pinching and rolling my nipples with your fingers. I start to tighten up feeling another orgasm coming and you start to thrust faster. I kiss you and moan in your mouth.

“Cum on my cock baby!” you tell me.

That’s enough for me and I start to cum all over your cock. You pull out of me and push me to my knees.

“I want you to swallow my cum”, you say.

I start to suck your thick cock right there in the open parking lot. I can taste myself all over you! As I suck your cock head, my hands are stroking your length. I can feel your balls tighten and know that you are near. I start to suck harder and it brings a loud groan out of you.

“I’m going to cum!” you tell me.

Your hands go to my head to hold me in place. I take your entire length in my mouth and then I feel you’re hot cum hit the back of my throat. I start to swallow it but there is so much that some leaks out of my mouth. I continue to suck on your head until it becomes too sensitive for you and you pull out.

As I stand I bring my finger to the corners of my mouth to catch the cum that escaped me. After licking my fingers I kiss you and push that cum into your mouth letting you taste yourself. I fix my dress and climb into the passenger seat.

As we drive back to your place I am thinking that this is our last night together and I do believe that it is my turn to take control of our play!

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