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When We Meet...

The first meeting between online lovers.

When We Meet…

I have been thinking about you and daydreaming of the time in the future that we will actually meet.   If it was to ever happen, and I am not sure that it will, here is how I have fantasized our meeting.   It made me so hot and wet just thinking about it and when I finished writing it down and rereading it, I went back to the beginning to tell you that I was shaking and my body was throbbing with desire for you.  

You have planned to come for a business trip and you have a one day lay-over at the Los Angeles Airport so you let me know what your flight number is and what time you will be arriving by email a few days ahead of time.   I have made plans and told my husband that I will be going to see a friend of mine that lives quite far away and will not return until the next night.   I rush to the airport and I am so excited to finally meet you in the flesh.  


My heart is beating wildly and I am searching the crowds to see if I can spot you.   I can of course because you have described yourself to me in great detail.   I stand there admiring you and you feel my eyes on you from across the room.   You turn and your eyes lock onto mine and you give me a most beautiful smile, walking towards me.   Never taking my eyes off of yours I start to walk to you and when we meet in the middle of the room, we stop and stare, sharing a moment in time.   You open your arms and I reach for you and right there we hug each other tightly and start laughing.   I pull back and smile happily at you and take your hand and lead you out the door to a waiting taxi.  

We crawl into the back seat and you put your arm around me and hold me close to your side, telling me of your trip and we talk about how wonderful it is to finally see each other.   The taxi speeds us to the hotel that I have booked us a suite in, close by so we arrive but minutes later.   You seem a little nervous, but I take your hand and tell you to relax and enjoy, I have taken care of everything and you will have the time of your life.   We enter the beautiful hotel and go straight for the elevators and up to our room, smiling and holding hands and talking softly.


Once inside our room we sit on the couch and we are trying hard to talk, but just looking at you, I know that we will not talk very long, the chemistry is too strong and we both feel the pull.   Not knowing who moved first we find ourselves in each other’s arms and you give me our first kiss, tenderly and then taking it deeper and deeper as our passion builds.   Our tongues tangle and our hands are roaming over each other’s bodies, touching everywhere we can, holding each other close.    

We break the kiss and both of us are breathing hard, so excited and hot.   I stand up and slowly unbutton my blouse watching you watch me with your eyes so hot and filled with desire.   I can see the admiration in your eyes when you see my black lacy bra and the tops of my big soft breasts.   Then I unzip my skirt and wiggle out of it, revealing my black lace panties and garter belt.   I stand before you in my black heels and you reach out for me.


I take your hand and pull you up until you are standing in front of me and take your face in my hands and make you bend over a little to give me a sweet kiss.   I then whisper into your ear that I am going to take you to the stars with me.   I undo your tie and then unbutton your shirt, kissing each inch of your exposed skin as I go lower and lower.   I get to your pants and unzip them and you are so hard already that I make you sit on the edge of the bed so I can finish removing your pants, socks and shoes.   As soon as I have you completely naked, I tell you how beautiful you look and you can see me trembling with passion.  

I make you lie back, telling you that I must taste you first as my hot wet mouth starts to kiss you all over.   I am on my knees next to you on the bed and I bend over and trail my long red fingernails down your sides and over your belly.   You squirm and your hands reach for me, trying to touch me wherever you can.   You unclasp my bra and my big tits spill out into your hands and you squeeze them gently feeling their heaviness and the hard nipples.   I am kissing your belly and my hands are roaming all over your thighs, spreading them and you now feel my warm tits against your belly as my mouth kisses your straining cock.   I lick at the little drop of pre-cum from the head of your cock and then I take it into my mouth an inch at a time, sucking and nibbling and whispering.   You lift your hips and I can tell you are feeling so good.


I am bent over on my knees with my ass wiggling at you, next to your shoulder and you reach over to touch my pussy through my panties.   Feeling how hot and wet I already am, you slip your finger inside the elastic and then into my tight hot pussy.   I moan and start to suck harder on your cock, up and down, up and down, holding your cock in my hot little hand.   I move my ass letting you know how great your finger feels inside of me when you take off my panties so you can see my beautiful ass and pussy.   You see how it glistens and you caress it with your strong hand.   I whimper with need and push back against your hand, wiggling my ass because it feels so fantastic.  

I am getting more and more excited and spread your legs wider and start to squeeze your ass harder and then scratch it lightly, giving you the shivers.   I lift your legs and my mouth starts to suck your cock faster and faster, deeper and deeper it goes down my throat and your hips are lifting up with each downward stroke of my hot wet mouth.   You are moaning and your hand is moving faster on my hot pussy as you put two fingers up into me.   I start to hum on your cock and the vibrations are making you wild.   I lick my finger and insert it into you tight hot asshole and you go crazy, bucking and crying out my name.


I throw my leg over your head and press my sweet hot pussy on your mouth as you start to lick and suck at me.   Ahhhhh baby, yessssss, your mouth is soooo hot and you are eating my sweet hot pussy so fast you are going to make me cum soon.   I arch up and grind my pussy down harder against your face as my finger plunges in and out of your ass and my hot wet sucking mouth nibbles and sucks on your cock.  

I feel your cock begin to twitch and my own body starts to quiver and I feel my orgasm start from deep within me.   Oh baby, yessss I am going to start gushing baby, drink all of my sweet juices.   I grab your balls and give them a squeeze and you start to explode deep down my throat.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss baby, I am sucking you hard and swallowing your hot cum as you buck and cum deep down my throat.   Your orgasm is soooo strong and long that it sets me off and I start to gush all over.   Yes, yes, yes, oh baby, I am cummmmming, cummmmming so hard and there is so much sweet hot pussy juices gushing and squirting all over your face.   You are sucking and drinking all of me and I am screaming with pleasure.


We both go limp and I turn around and crawl back up to kiss your lips, giving you a tight hug and holding you close.   Our bodies are still trembling and we look at each other and smile.   I whisper into you ear, "Thank you baby".   You kiss my nose and hold me tighter and tell me that you have never felt such an explosion before.   I tell you to relax and that we have only just begun.  

We are laying there with my head on your shoulder and our breathing returns to normal.   We talk a little and then my wandering hand starts to tickle you on your sides and belly as you giggle and squirm.   You tell me that I had better watch out because you were going to get me if I didn't behave, so I stop tickling and start caressing you.   Reaching for your cock I fondle it and stroke it up and down slowly, amazed at how big it is getting so fast. I bite your nipple and then when your cock is rock hard, I get up on my hands and knees and tell you that I need you inside of me, please.


You get up on your knees and you slowly slide into my hot tight wet pussy.   I moan and my pussy stretches to squeeze around your cock.   Ahhhhhhh yesssss baby, you feel so good inside of me.   You grab my hips and start to rock back and forth, back and forth.   Your cock almost comes all the way out before you plunge back in hard.   Yesssss baby, faster, I want all of you now.   I am hot and want you badly.   Get wild on me baby, I push back harder against your cock and then I reach down to touch my wet pussy, playing with my clit.   You feel my hand touching myself and also touching you as you ram into me over and over and over again.


You are holding on to my hips tightly and plunging into me, and I feel your balls slapping my pussy and I am calling out your name.   Yesss baby yessssssss, get me baby, get me good.   You start to get wild and are moving so fast you are hitting bottom with each thrust.   I feel my orgasm building and I tell you that it is almost there.   Yours is right behind and as my body stiffens and I arch my back and yell out my delight and start to cum, hard and long as you do too.


Your body is moving so fast and you are bucking deep inside of me and my pussy muscles are clenching around your hard hot cock, milking the cum right out of you.   You yell my name and then explode and see stars because it is sooooo forceful.   My pussy contracts around you and holds you tightly.  


You collapse onto my back and hold me tight, breathing hard as I lay there exhausted from my own fantastic climax.


I turn over and we hold each other tight.   Falling asleep in each other arms with smiles on our faces.


Ah baby, that is how it will be when we meet.


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