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When We're Alone

We enter a bedroom, you before me. I close the door, and you turn to face me. You place your hands on my waist and pull me in close. I lean down and whisper in your ear, “You’re so beautiful”, then I kiss your neck as I wrap you in my arms. I caress your face with my right hand and kiss your lips softly once. I rest my forehead on yours, and trace my left hand tantalizingly slowly down your back, from your neck to the small of your back.

I kiss you again, this time with more passion, running my tongue along your closed lips. You open your lips, and our tongues playfully wrestle as the kiss becomes heated, more desperate. My right hand moves to hold the back of your neck gently, and I pull our bodies closer still with my left.

I pull away and stare into your eyes. I run my hands from your shoulders down your arms, my thumbs brushing your breasts slightly. I pull your top off, over your head. I run my fingers down between your breasts then trace the bottom of your bra to your back and skillfully unhook it. I slowly move my hands up your back, then, as I pull your bra straps over your shoulders and down your arms, I kiss you deeply, our tongues mingling sensually to mimic our own heightened passion.

You pull away and relieve me of my shirt as I take in your body with my eyes. We start kissing again and we move over to the bed. You lie down, and I remove my pants, and then I lie next to you. I run a hand up your leg and teasingly pull your skirt up a little. I then run my hand up your body and circle your nipples with my fingers. I lean down and start to tease one with my tongue, circling it, flicking it, and occasionally taking it into my mouth.

My hand wanders down your body, meandering all over, tracing circles and swirls, paying particular attention to your hips. I pull your skirt up further, and gently brush my hand over your panties. I slip a finger under, and tease your clit, gently rubbing in circles. Moving further down, I run my finger up and down your pussy. I kiss up your neck and then to your lips as I insert a finger inside you, slowly moving in and out. I slip another finger in and use my palm to massage your clit as my pace increases.

I stop abruptly and pull your panties off. I position myself over you and hold your gaze. I lean down and playfully lick your cheek. Then, I kiss you suddenly, slowly and sensually. I lower myself slightly, and stroke the head of my hard cock through your slit, from your pussy to your clit, and then back again. With a gentle push, my cock spreads your lips and slides into you, deeper and deeper. I lean back and admire your body as I start moving in and out of you, setting a slow steady rhythm. Every now and then I pull out fully and then slowly slide back in all the way.

I sit up and pull you into my lap, holding you against me as you move up and down, riding my hard shaft. I kiss and lick your neck as I move my hands down your back to hold your waist. My breathing becomes heavier, and I kiss you with a desperation fueled by my desire for you. Gazing into your eyes I lean back and pull you down with me. Our bodies slide together, yours on top of mine, as I continue to thrust into you.

I reach up to hold your neck, and our lips meet, opening in unison to allow our tongues to connect. As we kiss I quicken my pace, pleasure building inside me, waiting to be released. All at once, I feel an explosion building, I thrust hard and fast into you, I bury my face in your neck as my load gushes deep inside you. I meet each gush with a thrust. I collapse under you, breathing heavily, a smile spreading across my face and holding you tighter than before. I brush my lips against your ear and whisper, “I love you”. Content and happy, I kiss you deeply again as we lay in our embrace.
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