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While the Husband's Away

I'm lazing on this long weekend. Being single, 45, and having a strong libido can be a disadvantage at times like this. I am 6'4" tall, work out regularly, women find me attractive and I have had my share of great sex and friendships. The best sex comes from great friends.

The phone rings. It's Sandy from nearby. She is the woman of my dreams but I have never hit on her. She is fifteen years younger, has a husband, Gottfreid, and now has a baby who is a three months old. Gottfreid works for a multinational, travels a lot and makes big money. Sandy is 5'6" with an hourglass figure which is fuller now after childbirth. Her tits are more full and hips more pronounced, now.

After pregnancy, I have seen her 3-4 times and all times she has been braless. Her nipples get erect when she sees me and they seem very long and they protrude from her shirt as if they are crying for release. While I consider this a definite sign that Sandy is interested, I have not made a move - patience is the best way forward and what is yours can never go away.

Anyway Sandy says she is bored, Gottfreid is out of the country and I should come over and watch a movie with her. She says the baby has kept her busy and so she has prepared a light dinner and I am welcome to share that with her too. So we plan to meet up in half an hour.

So half an hour later I stroll over to her house which is a block away. To reach her front door you must pass her bedroom window. A movement catches my eye and I stop, move to the side and peep in. My good luck and there is a gap in the curtains.The vision of my wet dreams is there with her back to me. She is wearing a short shirt and it looks like her husband's. Below that she has on black stretch pants which I love on women. They fit like a second skin and all lines and marks are's clear that she has no panties on.

I cannot make out what she is doing but her hands are inside her shirt and she is struggling with something. Visions of those pendulous 36" breasts with long spikes as nipples flood my mind and get a hard-on growing fast between my legs. I have a great view of her arse which is the way I like it.

I decide to stop peeping because though she cannot see me (her room is lit and I am in the dark), I am visible to anyone walking on the road outside. It's a small neighborhood and people talk so I walk up and ring the front door bell.

A few minutes later she opens the door and says hello. I bend down to give her a kiss on the cheek. As I do that she moves closer and I think I feel her breast on my chest. I am not sure if that really happened or whether it was the result of a very fertile imagination.

She says, "Let's go upstairs".

I know upstairs there is the living room where they have a home theatre and there are bedrooms. The baby must be upstairs too and I think she wants to be close to the baby.

Sandy walks fast and that is another turn on for me. I love women who show energy when they walk. Those who slouch and amble do the same in bed. So she turns around and leads the way up the stairs. She is three steps ahead of me and her arse is almost my face level. There seems to be an extra sway in her hips today and my eyes are riveted to those twin globes.

She turns round on the steps and catches me staring. She ignores it but that smile on her lips say it all. Matt is going to have a tough night, I think to myself.

So we reach the living room and there is only one sofa empty- the other chairs are full of clothes, files etc. So I go and sit on the sofa- more to hide my hard on which is pushing its way in my tracks. She says she will get me a drink (she knows I prefer single malt in the evenings). So she comes back with my drink and a Coke for herself. "I am feeding the baby," she says, "so I prefer this."

After giving me my drink and putting hers on the side table she plonks herself into the same sofa next to me. As she does this I cannot help but notice the bounce of those heavy tits. The sofa is a two seater and her thighs are pressed against mine.

As she reclines back I notice for the first time that the top three buttons of her shirt are open and most of the left tit is visible. I also notice that her nipples are hard and erect. She turns to me and again catches me staring.

"So, Matt, what's up? How's life treating you?"

I reply, "Sandy, life is great. How's things with you?"

"All is well, Matt, but I have a problem which I am trying to solve this evening."

When I enquire what the problem is she says it's a secret. I look dejected and seeing my face she says, "Okay, I will tell you but please do not tell anyone I told you. Matt, my breasts are full of milk and I have not been able to get the pump to suck it out ... it's quite painful, you know."

This gives me the opportunity to stare at those tits openly. After all they are the cause of all the problems. The nipples are more erect now and she says, "See, Matt, how full they are?" and proceeds to open the rest of the shirt buttons.

She lifts the right breast and shows me. "They are so much bigger aren't they, Matt?"

I wink at her and say I would have to measure to be sure.

"Go ahead, the tape is next to you," she says.

I cannot believe she is serious but I take the tape and pretend to measure. I couldn't be damned if they were bigger or smaller- they were wonderful and lovely. So I put the tape round her and bring it in front. Her erect nipples are almost an inch long. They are dark brown compared to the tan of her tits. My fingers graze them and I pretend to be adjusting the tape- in this process I touch her nipples a few times and in the end roll them between my thumb and first finger. To get the correct measurement I cup her breast and her nipples poke through the gap between my first two fingers. I am so engrossed in this, that I do not see her reaction till I hear a soft moan from her.

I look up and see an almost pleading face full of lust and wanting. "Do something, Matt," she says.

I lift her tits to my mouth and suck those nipples. Milk floods my mouth. Its warm and tasteless. I keep sucking the left breast . Sandy clutches my head and pushes her breast into me. She is now moaning loudly. After a few minutes she offers me her right breast and I begin sucking that too.

She says, "Matt, lie on my lap." I do that and look up at two of the best tits I have seen with hard erect nipples that can be tweaked like erasers.

She then puts the right nipple into my mouth and says, "Matt, my baby, suck mama." I am so engrossed in this that I forget about my cock that's fully erect and in this position, standing up like a periscope. But that, I suppose, did not escape Sandy. I feel her hand on my cock massaging over my tracks.

"Oh, Matt, what a nice cock you have, can I see it?"

So saying she pushes my tracks down. I lift my hips to help her, all the while sucking her nipple. After a few more minutes of sucking I think she has released her milk and she seems more relaxed, but her face shows her wanting to be even more.

"Matt, can you stand up and show me your cock?"

I do that, take off my tracks and stand in front of her with my cock projecting out. She has taken off her shirt in the meantime and is bare breasted.

She pulls me forward holding my cock and beats her breasts with my cock. She takes the cock and tries to push the nipple into my cock. She coats first the right nipple then the left nipple with precum.

She then puts my cock between her breasts and pushes her breasts together. "Fuck my tits, Matt."

I move my hips and as my cock comes out of the top of her breasts she tries to lick the tip with her tongue.

"Sandy suck me please."

She looks into my eyes and obliges. She holds the cock in her hand and licks the underside paying special attention to the bulbous tip. After a few more licks she takes my cock into her mouth and slowly takes me fully in... almost!

Her mouth is like a vacuum pump milking me dry. I cannot hold it. I erupt into her mouth and she is full of my cum. Though not hard anymore I am not soft too.

I recline her against the back of the sofa. I lift her hips and pull off those stretch pants. As I had guessed she has no panties on and I realize to my delight she is shaven. I get on my knees, spread her legs in a V and plunge into her pussy.

She is very wet and the musky odor is a turn on. I smell a perfume too which tells me she has prepared herself for me and that gets me turned on. I push my tongue in and play with her clitoris. I use my hands to stroke my cock back. I bite her pussy lips, I lick all over and I pull on those outie lips.

She is moaning again. "Matt, fuck me, Matt. I want you, always did."

I straighten up and push my cock into her pussy in one hard stroke. I lift her and she puts her legs around my hips. With my cock still in her cunt, I stand up and carry her to the bedroom. "Not that, Matt, the baby is there... go to the other bedroom."

I carry her to the bedroom and throw ourselves on the bed. I find her husband's tie on the bed stand and tie her hands to the bed stand. She is fully at my mercy. "Matt, fuck me hard, Matt, pllleeeeeeaaaaasssse. My husband is useless, Matt, only wants his rocks off , fuck me so I do not need him no more."

I ram her so much that her head slams into the bed stand at the back. I hold the bed stand and keep bucking into her. Her pussy starts clenching my cock and I know she is close to coming. She starts screaming my name and asking me to fuck harder. There is nothing gentle about the moment. We fuck like animals in heat. Both of us are full of sweat and the only sound is her screams, moans, my grunts and sound of wet bodies slapping against each other

As I realize that she is close to coming I slam my mouth down on hers and push my tongue in . Her tongue fights mine and we kiss hard. Her hips match me thrust for thrust. The bed is wet with all our sweat and juices. Where our bodies are joined is wet the most.

We both shout that we are coming and collapse on each other. Our mouths still together as if they want to go through it all again. But the body needs rest.

"Matt, thank you so much my love. I have dreamt of this many times but this has been better than those dreams. Come over and take care of this hot Sandy often."

"Sandy, you don't know how many times I thought of hitting on you but just stopped myself. I always wanted that hot bod of yours. I have stroked myself after every meeting with you."

"So have I, Matt, even when Gottfreid was there I would pretend to be feeding the baby, but I would lie in bed rubbing myself thinking of you. Before that I would pretend to go bathing and rub myself in the bath thinking of that cock of yours. That cock would always be semi erect when you see me. Like my nipples when they saw you."

Didn't I tell you guys..... we both had the hots for each other.

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