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Whispers In The Dark

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a moment that could have been between a vampire bodyguard and his ward
Stepping into the room and gently closing the door behind him, he found her as he often had, standing by the window gazing up at the moon.  Her head tilted slightly and she watched his reflection in the window as he pulled off his suit jacket and laid it carefully across the back of a chair, leaving him in a waistcoat, pressed white shirt and tie.  Even looking at him through a glass window she could feel an electrical current go through her the moment her dark eyes locked with his as he came up behind her, slowly unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves and rolling them up to his elbows.   Her breath caught as soon as she felt him, his body touching hers but not quite.  Micheal standing behind her that way made Kendra realize just how tall he was.  The top of her head barely reached his sternum.  She’d always felt small next to him, next to anyone, but now she felt smaller.  Breakable. A doll. A puppet. His puppet.

A firm but gentle touch was felt on her wrists and it was all she could do not to lean back into him.  His hands were warm and she knew he had recently fed.   When they moved to her waist, she gave into the temptation, biting back a soft whimper as her back met his taut stomach.  He slid his arm around her small waist, pulling her in even tighter as he used his other hand to sweep the hair from her shoulder, baring her neck.  When she felt his canines gently, very gently rake across her skin, she shuddered deeply, a soft cry full of need rushing past her lips.  She'd wanted him so badly, for so long that even that was exquisite torture.
Micheal leaned over her, inhaling the scent that was uniquely hers.  All silver and gold, moonlight and spring rain with a hint of jasmine.  A scent he'd recognize anywhere, even in a city of several hundred thousand.  He fought the urge to drink from her; it’s not what he was here for.  Not this time.
He could feel her small body quiver against his, her suppressed need for him only serving to fuel his own for her. There was no more denying it.  With a flick of his wrist he untied the knot at her waist and the silk robe slithered down her body to pool at her feet in a puddle of iridescent colours, giving Micheal a view of curves her every day clothing only hinted at.   Though her frame was compact and well toned from training and fighting, there was nothing sleek about her. She was all dips and curves, the kind a man could loose himself in if he chose to leisurely explore them. 

He pulled her back against him, the soft fabric of his suit against sensitive bare skin sending a delicious shiver skating down her spine.  While he nuzzled the curve of her shoulder, he slid his hands up her sides, splayed fingers brushing the underside of her breasts.   When she whimpered in response, her rounded ass instinctively pressing against him, he had to take a deep breath and remind himself to go slow.  Tonight, he was giving her what she wanted, what he wanted, but he knew it would never happen again and he wanted to savor it. 

Strong fingers teased pert rosy nipples to life and it was all Kendra could do to stay on her feet, her knees almost giving out as pleasure bolted through her body.  One of Micheal’s arms snaked around her waist again, holding her up against him and she thought she felt him smile against her neck. But he wouldn’t have,  Micheal didn’t smile.  Then again, neither did he usually make love to her.  Perhaps he did smile.

Kendra turned in the circle of his arms and reached for his hands, bringing them up to her lips.  She placed a small kiss in the palm of first one, then the other, marveling at how broad they were, fingers long and strong.  Hands that she’d seen covered in blood, turned into claws and used as weapons.   Hands that had killed.  For a hundred different reasons, but also for her.  He had never raised them in violence against her, not even to shake reason into her.  In fact, he had rarely touched her, doing so only when necessary; to heal her, to support her, to carry her to bed when she’d fallen asleep where she wasn’t supposed to.  In those moments, his touch had always been gentle, as gentle as it was now when he brushed those fingers across her cheeks and cupped her face, strong fingers sliding behind her neck, thumbs gently tilting her chin up to lift her face to his.   With that simplest of touches Micheal felt her pulse quicken, blood pounding in her veins.  Blood really did make noise if you listened close enough.   A crescent of long dark lashes rested against golden cheeks flecked with a dusting of barely there freckles, full lips parted and the tip of a pink tongue wetted them, sending a bolt of desire through him intensified by the fact that it was not a calculated move meant to entice him. No, it was pure Kendra.   She was simply instinctively and impulsively reacting to him. 

Small hands curled around his wrists, not in an attempt to pull them away but rather to make sure he stayed where he was.  He watched her, fascinated by the parade of emotions as they played over her features.   Stark yearning, hunger, pleasure and pain.  For him.  From him. Because of him.  All of it was there for Micheal to see, Kendra had never had much of a poker face, especially not around him.  Not for a lack of trying though.  It wasn’t his fault he could read her like one of his ancient tomes even with his eyes closed.

Sooty lashes swept upward and dark eyes flecked with violet gazed up at him, mirroring everything he had seen on her face and more.  A strange smile pulled at the corner of his mouth and the pad of his thumb ran over a pouty bottom lip before he lowered his head to finally kiss her.   The moment his lips touched hers, Kendra’s lashes lowered again and she held on for dear life as her world went topsy turvy, threatening to keep her off kilter for the rest of her days.  Micheal’s senses reeled as well, dear god she tasted good, sweeter than he thought she would. 

His vow to take his time forgotten, he gripped her waist and lifted her off the floor, his kiss changing into one more demanding.  He swallowed another of her whimpers, his lips fitting over hers as he took brutal possession of her mouth in a promise of what was to come, a glimpse of how completely he would take her.

Kendra’s slender legs wrapped around his waist, hands leaving his wrists to grip his shoulders, giving no quarter as she claimed him with fevered kisses of her own.  Micheal pressed her against the wall by the window with such force that the bookcase rattled, the tinkle of fragile and precious things filling the air.

They were frantic now, Micheal eager to cleave into the moist heat he could feel through his clothing, Kendra desperate to part with the last thing she had left to give him.  She tugged at his tie, tossing it aside, deft fingers making quick work of the buttons on his vest and shirt, she pushed the fabric off his broad shoulders and slid her hands down his chest, long nails lightly scoring pale skin before digging into his ribs in a silent please to hurry up.  A hiss of breath rushed past his lips, not from pain but from surprise at how she had made the flames of hunger burn even brighter with that demanding touch, flames licking at every corner of his mind, every hard inch of his body.   

His belt and trousers finally undone, Micheal reached for her hands and gripped them in one of his, pulling her arms up over her head and pinning them to the wall, making her back arch slightly, upturning her breasts invitingly.   Certain that she was firmly wedged between the wall and his body, he raised his free hand to her neck, carefully wrapping his hand around her throat with just enough gentle pressure to make sure she couldn’t turn her head away.  She didn’t fight it, she didn’t question it, if anything it made the liquid heat coursing through her veins burn hotter.   He didn’t need to tell her what he wanted, Kendra raised dark eyes to his.  She remembers thinking how the lock of displaced hair spilling across his forehead gave him a boyish look before he buried himself into her in one quick thrust.  Twin cries rang out. Micheal leaned forward, his forehead against hers, both of them panting.

"Ah Christ Kendra"

Hot breath tickled her cheek, his voice harsh, his British accent more clipped than usual.  The choice of words a clear indication of how far gone he was, suddenly finding himself surrounded by her slick warmth enough to make him forget himself.

She nodded, wrists straining against his viselike grip as she struggled not to move, her own ragged breath kissing his face.  He let go of her hands and they both groaned as she lowered them, fingers delving into his hair, the subtle shift of her body against his causing enough friction to spark a second wave of desire.  Micheal kicked his trousers out of the way and wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her close as he pulled away from the wall and walked over to the bed, his other hand snaking into thick, dark curls that spilled over his arm in a silken caress.  He curled his hand into a fist and jerked her head back, pulling another cry from her as he raked his teeth across her throat, almost drawing blood.   She convulsed before they even made it to the bed, before he even started moving within her.   The feeling of him inside her, hard and heavy, almost filling her to the point of her thinking they might not fit together and his sharp teeth against her soft skin enough for the first belly tightening tendrils of an orgasm to take a firm hold and slowly build, each of her cries getting progressively louder.

He laid her back on the edge of the bed, his mouth leaving her as he stood tall, hands on her inner thighs opening her to him as he started thrusting, helping her ride the wave of her orgasm, every one of her cries echoing through his body, his mind.  In their every day encounters he could hear her when she was feet away, this..this was a shock to the system, a final joining of two beings already connected beyond measure.

It was her turn now to grip him like a vise and his head fell back with a loud groan,  Darkwater’s legendary willpower almost reduced to nothingness by the small slip of a woman reaching out for him.   He lowered himself to his elbows, careful not to crush her, his mouth finding hers in another breath stealing kiss, a strong arm wrapping around her to pull her farther up the bed.   Kendra wrapped her legs around his hips, holding him to her as soft hands touched him everywhere she could, her touch light as a butterfly’s, trailing heat as they danced across sinewy muscles and hard planes.

He pulled his mouth from hers, dragging it over her chin and down the slender column of her throat, her head tilting back, a soft sound half moan, half plea leaving her lips.  A big hand cupped a breast, his tongue reaching out to taste it’s puckered nub.  Pale gray eyes moved to her face, watching as he circled her nipple then lightly drew the very tip of a fang across it, a single drop of crimson blood welling.  She moaned, the small of her back lifting off the bed, her hands holding his head as he laid cradled between her thighs, sliding in and out of her in a slow, sensuous rhythm.  He drew the tight nipple between his lips, a sweet coppery tang filling his mouth.  He closed his eyes and growled low in his throat, forcing himself to leave her breast.  He’d been right, her blood was potent, too potent.  At least for now, for this moment.  He kissed her again and she tasted herself on him, another soft moan mingling with his breath. 

He thrust into her with more urgency now, her legs unwrapping from around him, her knees high, giving him room to move.  His head dropped to the curve of her shoulder, her pulse beating rapidly against his nose.  He groaned and turned his head away, towards safer quarters.  Her fingers dug into his arms and she called out to him.  He lifted his head and looked at her, his breath catching at the rapture on her face, her shimmering eyes voicing words better left unspoken.  Her body moved against his, with his, all of her seeming to glow from within.  He dropped his head again, the sound of her name nothing but a broken whisper against fragrant skin.   He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over, Kendra sat up, another cry torn from her lips, one of his own answering her.  She rode him to completion, her head thrown back as she hiccupped with soft sobs of pleasure, tendrils of hair lashing his thighs, his hips lifting off the bed, holding her in midair for the space of a heartbeat or two.   Once they were both completely spent, he reached out to pull her down against him, wrapping his arms around her trembling body, keeping her safe and warm as he always had.  Micheal closed his eyes, committing the feel of her to memory,  feeling warm tears wet his chest as she clung to him.  His hold tightened and he kissed her forehead, words as unnecessary between them as they had always been.
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