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White sand, blue water, palm trees and lots of sex

a fantasy trip to the beach between husband and wife

They are by any measure, not your average couple.   Brooklyn and Morgan both hold six figure jobs running a chain of fitness clubs.   Morgan is 30 and close to 6 ft tall with slightly longer, curly brown hair and a well tanned body.   Tanning on their very private deck means he has no tan lines.   He has broad shoulders that narrow to a much smaller waist.   His arms, back, chest and abs are well defined with plenty of lines outlining every set of muscles.   Not overly huge muscles, just enough. He has very little body fat, showing off his v-shaped physique.   His abs give lines that trail down to a small patch of hair that displays a hanging, large, perfectly smooth shaft and knob when limp.   When erect it is transformed into a perfectly shaped dick that shows off a few veins and a gorgeous darker red/purple knob at the end, measuring a full 8 inches long and at least 2 inches in thickness.   Brooklyn can deep throat a lot of most dicks, but she can’t quite swallow all of him.   His cock is magnificent.   His ass is tight and his legs are powerful.   Besides very little hair above his cock, he has a perfectly smooth chest that really shows off his body.   Her pussy becomes soaked just seeing him dry off and dress every morning.


Brooklyn is in magnificent shape also.   She has long brown hair that is usually in a pony tail or wrapped up in a loose bun.   Her skin is a natural olive skin tone.   Her eyes are a vibrant green that sparkle in the sunlight and draw a lot of comments.   Working out over the years has kept her body tone, even at the age of 29. She has very full, round c-cup boobs that do not sag at all, even when she goes braless.   Her nipples are dark, quarter-sized with erasers for nipples that stick straight out when turned on.   They are very firm; to the point most assume they are fake.   They’re not.   Her belly is flat and tone, leading all the way down to a perfectly smooth pussy.   The lips are relatively small which allows her clit to peek out from between them, giving easy access to Morgan.   Her ass is small and tight and with long, toned legs on a 5’7” frame.


I have described them to start because like I said, they are not your average couple.   They’ve worked hard at achieving a certain look, but they have been blessed with certain physical features which draw a lot of attention.


Both of their jobs had been hectic without much time to spend together.   Sex had been reduced to once or twice a week, not nearly enough for either of them.   So one night they took the dive and decided to take a 10 day trip to sunny skies and white sandy beaches.   Checking into an adults only resort (so they knew they would not have to deal with screaming kids or rowdy teenagers) in Baie Longue, near St. Martin in the Caribbean , they set their sights on a week of passion and fun   The white sandy beaches were a welcome sight when they arrived.   They stayed in a hut that was in a cluster with 4 other huts, surrounding an outdoor pool, hot tub, and showers, with just a 50 yard walk to the beach.   The beaches were “clothing optional”, offering a wide mix of fully clothed to partially clothed to nude sunbathers.


The first evening was uneventful, tired from the long travel, so they decided to go to bed early to be well rested for the next day.   Sleeping naked in a hut with warm breezes coming through the open window and the gentle sound of the rippling ocean gently slapping against the sand was the perfect mix for a great nights sleep.  


After sleeping in till nearly 10 am they hit the shower together.   Each one took turns washing the other from head to toe, taking time to gently massage the important parts.   There was plenty of time for sex later so they dried off, sun-screened each other, and prepared to go down to the beach. Morgan put on a pair of board shorts. Brooklyn put on a little triangle string bikini that she bought just for this trip and headed off to the white sand.   The couple carried a couple chairs down close to the water’s edge and waded in to the bluest, warmest ocean water the world has to offer.   What a beautiful place.   They took a casual stroll, hand in hand, down the beach, feeling the soft sand between their toes.   It was beyond words.   It just doesn’t’ get any better.


Returning to the chairs, Morgan spread their towels across them, his tan muscles already glistening from the warm noon sun and lotion.   He opened a couple of bottles of water they picked up from the bar and dropped his swimsuit to the sand.   His tan body seemed to freeze before her eyes, framed by the blue skies and palm trees behind him.   His glistening body and large penis hanging for the entire ocean to see.   He flashed a grin and sat down, with his limp cock hanging down between his legs, resting on his large balls.     Her pussy started tingling as wetness came from inside. Taking his cue, she untied the string on her bikini top, freeing her boobs, and then peeled off the tiny bottoms, leaving only her sunglasses on.  


The next few hours were spent sitting, watching the water ripple on shore and beach combers walk by.   Some clothed and some not.   The sunglasses allowed her to watch people without them knowing.   Like the older man, who judging by what was hanging, appeared much larger than Morgan.   Or the woman who couldn’t take her eyes off of Morgan’s body until the man with her noticed and tapped her on the hip a few times to break her stare. Brooklyn just smiled to herself.  


The afternoon passed that way.   They took turns making trips to the beach bar for more bottled water.   Each trip Brooklyn made drew gazes from all the men as they watched her boobs move with each step and pussy pass by at their eye level.   While each trip Morgan made drew full body scans from the women as his dick gently swung back and forth with his steps. Brooklyn was smiling on the inside because she knew all the women were getting wet just looking at his body and dick, but when it was bedtime, it was her mouth, hands and pussy that always got it.   By late afternoon she was horny as anything and wanted her aching pussy fucked like never before.   She leaned over and whispered in his ear that is was time to follow her to the outdoor showers and hot tub.   They gathered their things and made the short walk to the outdoor showers, each with skin a bit pink from the heat and the sun all day.  


They spent a few minutes in the outdoor showers rinsing the sand, sweat, and lotion off their bodies.   Streams of water ran off the points of her nipples and the tip of his dick, giving a totally sexy view to anyone who was passing by.   They stepped down into the hot tub where the water temperature was slightly warmer than the air temperature.   It was a refreshing feeling.   The water gave a feeling of weightlessness to her boobs and his dick head floating toward the surface, swaying back and forth in the gentle currents of the water.   She reached into his lap and began stroking his dick and kissing his neck.   She could feel it swelling in her hand until it was eventually full sized.   She had him sit up on the edge of the hot tub and stood between his knees while still in the hot tub. He leaned back on his elbows so he had full view of everything she did to his dick.   She kept eye contact with him as she slowly starting giving his swollen knob tongue swirls, turning his cock even harder.   Slowly she started bobbing her head up and down on his thick cock.   Every 2 or 3 times she would take another inch of him until she couldn’t swallow any more.   She varied pace and pressure on his member, massaging his balls the entire time.   It didn’t take too long until she felt his dick grow even bigger and his knob swell in her mouth.   She pulled her mouth off him and stroked his dick with both fists.   His whole body tensed up, showing his flexed muscles, and then spasmed, sending 4 or 5 big squirts flying through the air and another 5 or 6 running over both her hands.   He laid back in complete, spent satisfaction.


Brooklyn was dripping wet, both hands and pussy. Getting up, she pulled him back to their hut.   She lay back on the bed and told him to return the favor, telling him she wanted her pussy fingered while he licked her swollen clit.   He started slowly kissing her smooth lips and slipped his middle finger in.   In a moment he had a second finger in her aching pussy as his flickering tongue picked up speed.   She then felt her pussy stretch as he slipped a third, thick finger in, sending waves of pleasure through her body.   He fucked her pussy slowly with his fingers while he kissed her clit with every speed imaginable.   She was moaning and arching her back, demanding he fuck her faster with his hand, which he did.   Within seconds, his hand was drenched with an explosive orgasm.   Her body collapsed in exhaustion.   He slowly kissed his way up from one set of lips toward the other.   Across her stomach to each boob.   He kissed and sucked each nipple, drawing circles around them with his tongue.   And then, without warning, he thrust his huge cock all the way in.   Her eyes popped out of her head.   Brooklyn ’s pussy was in overload.   She hadn’t recovered from the first orgasm and now she could feel every inch of his dick and his knob making long thrusts in and out of her dripping hole.   He hooked his arms under her legs and pulled them up to his shoulders and continued fucking so his head rubbed her g-spot.   She moaned and screamed as his dick was coated with her cum from her second and third orgasms,   before she finally felt his body tense up and his cock spasm, shooting warm streams of cum deep inside.   Spent, they both collapsed on the bed.   They drifted off into an evening nap, intertwined together.


Brooklyn wore a slinky, summer dress to dinner without a bra or panties.   The material clung to her firm tits, causing her hard nipples pushed out against the fabric, drawing stares from the local waiters and other guests.   It was turning her on all over again.   With a short dress, anytime she re-crossed her legs she gave a quick show to anyone looking in that direction.   Dinner was spent sampling the local cuisine and exchanging small talk and seductive glances. She already had 3 orgasms that day, but she wanted more.   She wrote a note on a napkin and slid it over to Morgan that said, “When we leave here, you are going to kiss and finger my pussy again”.   He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough.   They headed back to the hut.   Passing the hut next to theirs, they could hear the girl inside having what sounded like very good sex.   Once inside, she pushed him on the bed and let her dress drop to the floor and straddled his face, putting her pussy lips on his lips.   His tongue went to work immediately, exploring all the folds and sensitive areas.   Brooklyn rocked her hips, controlling the pressure and depth of his tongue.   Once thoroughly wet, she rolled off and pulled his head between her thighs where he instantly inserted two fingers and teased the clit with his tongue.   As she played with her tits, he stopped kissing and focused on using 3 fingers to pleasure her.   Pure ecstasy.   When she couldn’t bear to hold off any longer, she told him to finish her off.   So his tongue did a 60 second dance between her wet lips, pushing her to an orgasm.   Completely satisfied, they lay naked on top of the sheets and drifted off to sleep.  


The next day at the beach they stayed longer and took more walks, so the swimsuits stayed on, sort of.   Brooklyn went topless.   Admittedly, the attention her boobs received turned her on to the point she couldn’t wait until evening to ride Morgan’s dick.   The island was beautiful.   The palm trees, the water, the natural lagoons, all of it left them speechless.   There were secluded areas without any people around.   They made a pact to return another day with a beach blanket to have sex under the blue skies and sun.   The cooler waters allowed them to enjoy the coolness on their sun-heated skin.   Morgan’s tan was looking even better and Brooklyn could feel her own skin darkening as the day went on.   Before returning to the hut, they checked out the hot tub and pool again, but saved the sex for later in the evening.  


That night for dinner she wore an even shorter dress, still with no underwear.   The dress had spaghetti straps and was a low cut v, showing off plenty of cleavage.   The bottom of the dress came to mid thigh when standing and was a made from a flowing material that gently moved in the evening breeze.   After dinner there was an outdoor dance club on the beach with a live band playing local music with a salsa flair to it.   There were torches in the sand to provide night time lighting.   They must have danced for a couple of hours.   At times together, other times he would take a break and she would dance by herself or with others around.   Her flowing dress giving lots of quick views to people around as breezes blew through the material or a dance partner from behind would wrap his arm around her, causing the dress to rise a bit.   The feel of complete freedom exhilarated her. Dancing and grinding with everyone on the dance floor was a turn-on.     Hot, tired, and sweaty they called it a night and headed back to the room.  


The path back to their villa was sandy and surrounded by natural vegetation on either side.   They walked hand in hand, laughing and bumping into each other just for the thrill of physical contact.   Passing the pool gave her an idea.   She dropped the dress and dove in naked.   It didn’t take much urging to get him to strip down and jump in too.   They spent a long time playing hand games under the water, him grabbing her tits and her grabbing his dick and ass.   This quickly turned into a make out session.   While kissing she gradually pushed him back to the steps in the corner of the pool.   She had him walk up a couple steps till he was standing in front of her, holding the railing with his dick point straight at her.   The cooler water caused his balls to shrink some, but his dick was as big as ever.   She began sucking just the head.   Her tongue went round and round his head, sucking it and pulling off then making her lips tight like a virgin pussy and popping it in and out over and over again.   When it was obvious he was going to explode she stopped.   They switched spots and she threw one leg over the railing, exposing her pussy and spreading her lips wide open.   Her clit was fully exposed and ready to be sucked.   He gladly took the swollen clit between his lips and alternated between gently sucking it and flicking it with his tongue.   An orgasm rippled through her body in a few short minutes, almost falling from her legs giving out.   She got back in the water and wrapped both legs around him and slid down his chiseled body until his cock was all the way in.   She rode him like this for a few minutes, her mouth on his the entire time.   After pulling her pussy off his dick, she went up on the steps and grabbed the railing and bent over, her small ass fully revealing the entire pussy, already spread open from riding him.   He stepped up behind her with his fist wrapped around his base and guided the head into the opening.   He pushed it all the way in with one slow thrust.   He picked up his pace, stretching her pussy to the maximum with his thickness.   Moans escaped her easily as his dick kept swelling bigger and bigger.   Her big boobs bounced back and forth with every thrust.   She guided his hands around her to hold them, gently pinching the nipples, turning her on even more.   His hands gripped her boobs tighter as he pushed in all the way to his balls and gave her shot after shot of his cum to the furthest depths.  


They showered outside under a half lit moon and millions of stars then headed to the hut for bed.  


The third day they headed back to the area with a beach blanket where there wasn’t anyone the day before. Taking advantage of the erotic seclusion, they stood on the beach, passionately kissing for 5 minutes or so. She pulled her mouth off of his and, not wasting anytime, pulled his suit down exposing his hanging cock.   She swallowed the whole limp cock.   With her lips wrapped around the base, she sucked it and tongued the underside of it.   She could feel it growing inside her mouth, reaching to the back of her throat.   Eventually it became too large and the last inch or so forced her to loosen the lip hold and let some out.   Brooklyn then began bobbing her head as fast as she could without gagging, making his knees weak.   He pulled his length out and forced her to lay back, opening her legs and sticking his tongue between her pussy lips.   He licked and sucked Brooklyn to an orgasm, but never fingered her.   She had him lie on his back and hold his dick straight up so she could feel the full stretch of his cock when she sat on his head and slid the entire way down.   Wow!!!   She faced him while she rode him for about 5 minutes, then without getting off, spun around and faced the other way.   To their surprise, two other couples who were walking had stopped to watch.   It didn’t matter; they wanted sex, so she rode him anyway.   Her boobs bounced around and the erections of the two men watching were obviously pushing out against their swimsuits.   It turned her on even more.   She felt the second orgasm coming and as her pussy clenched his cock as she rode him through it.   Pausing for a moment, her pussy felt his dick rippling inside with the familiar bursts of warmth coating the inner walls. They caught their breath, and then she grabbed his hand and ran past the watching couples, boobs bouncing and his magnificent erection hanging slightly down, into the clear waters to “clean up” a little.   The looks on their faces were priceless.  


The fourth day was a bit more laid back.   They took the day off from sex because Morgan had a surprise for her the following day.   They got up early, sun-screened a lot and spent the entire day in the sun.   She went topless all day with a tiny string bikini bottom.    He would sit in the chair naked when tanning but put on trunks if going swimming or walking. His dark, tan dick was looking more and more sexy every day.   As for her tan, the triangle tan lines were disappearing on her boobs from being topless almost all the time.  


The next day they picked up paddle ball and a Frisbee from the front desk and walked down the beach awhile until there weren’t many people around.   They spent most of the day playing completely naked in the sand.   When it would get too hot, they would venture into the water to cool down which always ended up including deep, passionate kisses as her boobs would press into his chest and the head of his dick against her pussy lips.  


They eventually returned to the hut to clean up for dinner.   On the bed she found the surprise.   He had ordered a “couples erotica basket” to be delivered while on vacation. She quickly tore into the box.   The basket was filled with three vibrators, 5 dildos, lubricants, lotions, a cock ring, and silk scarves.   The vibrators were different colors and shapes.   The dildos were all white.   Two of them were smaller than Morgan’s cock, one was about the same size, and two were bigger.   The biggest one excited her with just holding it.   She had never tried anything like this, but that night, they would try it all.   They went to dinner, but deep down, her mind couldn’t wait to get her body back to the hut.   He told her that tonight was all hers.   He was finally in control.   She was willing to give into that, but deep down she knew that eventually control would shift into her hands.


They headed back and within seconds, he had Brooklyn naked on the bed.   After kissing for a long time, her body was aching to be touched and more.   He worked his way down to her erect nipples where he sucked each one, drawing circles around them with his tongue.   He kissed and licked in her cleavage and underneath her firm breasts. His tongue made a trail to the smooth skin of her pussy where he performed his magic.   He pulled out one of the smaller dicks and pushed it slowly in.   She was amazed how real it felt.   He screwed her with it for a while before stopping and pulling it out.   He went back to kissing her pussy some more.   When she was close to cumming, he stopped again and told her to get on her knees. He pulled out the next sized dildo and put it into her waiting pussy and began screwing hard with it.   It felt awesome.   Her mind was loosing control of her body. After a few minutes of sex with it, he stopped and had her lay back and went on kissing her pussy.   He brought his wife to the brink of orgasm and stopped again.   This time he made her sit on the couch with her pussy at the edge and bring her knees up till they were touching her shoulders.   He brought over the middle sized cock, but her mind was so fixed on how large his own erection was that she didn’t pay much attention till her eyes rolled as he pushed it deep inside.   Her muscles could feel every vein on it’s shaft.   It felt so much better than she ever imagined.   She begged him to fuck harder with it and he willingly did.   After a good 5 minutes of sex and a mind-blowing orgasm, he pushed it in up to the balls and held it there while his tongue went to work on her clit.   A few minutes of this and then he began screwing her with it while kissing her parted lips.   It took seconds to push her over the top for an incredible orgasm.  


Sensing his sexy wife could use a rest; he stopped but assured her they weren’t done. Leading her into the shower, he washed her entire body, massaging her head as he washed the long brown hair and massaging her shoulders.   He gently rubbed her boobs and nipples, cupping them in his hands and pushing them up and together to view their fullness.   He towel dried her and led her back to the bed.   He took the second vibrator and moved it all around her nipples and down to her pussy.   He gently moved it back and forth, not stopping until his wife’s back arched and body writhed through two more orgasms.   Knowing she was plenty wet now, he took the fourth dildo and opened her legs wide.   Morgan was the largest dick she had ever had sex with, so there was some uncertainty with this one.   It was slightly longer and a little thicker.   Her worries quickly left when the big mushroom shaped head easily slid past her lips and into a very wet pussy.   Four thrusts later it was all the way in and she was moaning with pleasure.   This was the best dick she had ever felt and she knew her face couldn’t hide it.   It didn’t matter.   She didn’t want to hide it.   He took her for an awesome ride, using the vibrator to make her orgasm during the sex.   Brooklyn lay there in complete satisfaction, her body pulsating and cum dripping from all the sex and orgasms.  


She had forgotten about the last dildo until he brought it over and started putting lubricant all over it.   This dick was much larger than Morgan, but her pussy tingled with excitement.   He used his hands and fingers to rub the extra lubricant on her pussy lips and opening.   She couldn’t wait to feel it despite some nervousness.   He rubbed the head on her lips, parting them and exposing a waiting pink hole.   He pushed and with a little pressure, her pussy opened up and swallowed the head.   She let out a gasp at its thickness.   He waited a moment to allow her to get used to it, then pushed more in, slowly giving her pussy the best sex ever.   Within minutes she had the best orgasm of her life.   Her body lost complete control.   She made him keep it inside her for a couple minutes just to enjoy the full sensation before taking it out.   He came up and held her and kissed her.   They fell asleep together, surrounded by dildos and vibrators.  


In the early morning she woke up before him.   She gently moved his arms and tied one wrist to the bed using a silk scarf.   As she was tying his other wrist, he woke up enough to realize what was going on.   She ssshhhhssshhed him and told him to lay there.   Brooklyn grabbed the third vibrator and ran it all over her boobs and pussy.   His incredible penis began to stir.   Positioning herself where he could have full view, she vibrated through two quick orgasms.   His dick by this point was nearly full grown.   She grabbed the biggest dildo and covered it in lubricant, then standing it straight up on the bed, straddled it and lowered herself on it.   It felt so though only ¾ of it fit.   With every up and down her pussy gave the dildo, she swore his dick grew more and more, trying to stand straight up with every trip down the dick he saw her make.   Every couple minutes she would slide far down the dick and vibrate to another orgasm.   When her husband’s dick was bigger than she’d ever seen, she slipped the cock ring around his cock and balls.   She then began sucking his dick and teasing him, but never letting him cum.   She would pull her lips off when he was close and stroke him till his body would tense up, then squeeze the base until he relaxed.   Then she would start again.   After doing this 4 or 5 times, she finally took the cock ring off and sucked him till he was ready to explode. Pulling her mouth off his dick, she jerked him off to the biggest eruption she had ever seen.   His first two shots landed on his shoulder and it just seemed like he kept cumming and cumming with no end.  


The rest of the trip was much like the first half. They would sun bathe nude at times and with suits other times, but she always showed off her boobs by staying topless.   There were funny things that happened, like when a hot, young girl walked by nude and Morgan tried to hide his erection, but failed.   Or the time a few young European men (they were in speedos) were soaking in long looks at her glistening, naked body as their obvious erections were straining to be let out (one of which was very impressive in size).   They spent another night dancing where she danced with her husband and a college stud named Nathan, grinding and rubbing both till she was so turned on, they had to leave before midnight so they could go back for some hot sex. Brooklyn couldn’t guess how many orgasms she had that trip, but the one thing they are planning to do is visit a sex shop to buy a couple large dildos so they can relive that unbelievable night and vacation.  

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