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Who knew what the river would bring: Part 4

Hope this story line isn't getting boring!
I really do love being on the boat. I love the isolation you can feel when shore is so close, yet so far away. It was getting to be too far away however, and I needed to go to shore. My Man still wanted to get a bite and the Honey Hole just wasn’t cutting it today; he was happy to find a better place to fish too. His rod came back into the boat and he started to pull the anchor up. The winch was acting up so he had to kick-it old school and bring it in by hand. A nice little show for me as I watched his biceps flex with each pull.

“Where we headed?” I asked, crossing my legs, doing a little potty dance.

“The river’s pretty low up here so we’ll find an island with some trees for you,” he knew how much I hated to pee in a bucket or over the side of the boat. And also, once I “broke the seal” I’d be asking to go to shore for the rest of the afternoon so he was going to make sure he found a spot where he could still fish.

We travelled through a few more scary bends in the river where we hit shallows of a foot or less. It was important to keep the boat moving so we didn’t get stuck. As long as we were moving at a fast speed and at full plane we were good, but it always freaked me out. He knew what he was doing though as the river got more and more narrow.

Finally we arrived; he had found us a great spot. I loved being this far up the river. It was so worth the long ride and all the crazy-ass manoeuvring he had to do to get us here. One of the best parts though was how quiet it was. Since it was so dangerous to travel to, not many boats could do it. I felt pretty comfortable knowing that no one was around, so I wasted no time jumping off the boat to head to shore and make my way up to the bushy wooded area. I never even bothered to put my little bikini top back on.

Truth is, I couldn’t find it and really couldn’t be bothered at this point. The girls were enjoying the freedom and I was a little surprised how sassy it made me feel being naked in nature. I found myself slowly sauntering up shore, imagining that someone was watching me. I found a tucked away spot, pulled my bottoms down and did my thing and realized, crap! I had forgotten the all important TP. When I finished, with no option, I just pulled them back up... ewww! I hated that feeling.

At the same time, I was looking up and watching my guy bring the chairs, cooler and a blanket off the boat and lay them in the sand. He was wading in the water to the back of the boat to grab his fishing rod. Ohhhh, this could be fun. I know what will get his attention and give him a little shock. And with that, bottoms were off and I strolled on back down to the boat in all my naked glory.

Normally a bit of a shy girl, from out of nowhere came this attitude! I was hot, I was sexy and being naked was making me fearless. He had been concentrating on re-baiting his hook and still had not seen me in all my exposed splendour. Then, from a distance I saw the double take. In a nano-second he had glanced up, then down and suddenly all eyes on me! I did a little twirl barefoot in the sand as I made my way to the boat and him. He never usually said a whole lot. But when he nodded his head up and down, had a very specific grin and an incredible sparkle in his eyes, he spoke volumes to me about what I was doing for him. I couldn’t see his eyes because of the sunglasses, but this was one time when I really didn’t need to, to know exactly what he was thinking.

“Nice view, turn around and let me see that ass again,” smiling, he stood in the river with one hand resting on the boat and the other held his fishing rod. I obliged him and turned around and stopped. With my bathing suit bottoms in one hand I twirled them around on one finger, wiggled my bum from side to side and turned to look over my shoulder to make sure he was paying attention. I was beaming knowing how much I surprised him.

You know, it’s about time you did a little dance for me... and in skin is my favourite kind.”

I was always really self conscious about dancing for him. I had no sense of rhythm or co-ordination. What I had right now though was an alcohol buzz. I turned back around to face him. It’s not like I could to some sort of sensual striptease at this point so I just smiled at him and continued to sway my hips back and forth. I dropped my bikini bottoms to the sand and placed both hands on my naked belly. From there I let them roam. One dropped down to my belly button and swirled in circles while the other roamed up to my breast and grabbed hold. I bent my head down and stuck my tongue out in a long firm point while gently pulling my nipple up to try and grab hold with my mouth. I was bendy and they were big but I could only ever just touch my nipple with the tip of my tongue. I brought the other hand up and moved my tongue over to the other breast, the whole time, swaying my hips back and forth.

The natural wiggle of my hips back and forth made me bend at the knees and lower my bottom to the beach. Working real hard at being sultry, my hands were sliding down my body, past the white lines left behind from my bikini bottoms and smoothly slipped down my thighs to spread my knees apart giving my man his favourite view. A hot-mess wet fuckable pussy eager for the taking.

Unfortunately the sexy moment came to an abrupt end as I lost my balance and fell back into the sand. All I could do was laugh. A tease I could be... exotic dancer, well, for that I was going to need lessons. He just shook his head, “What am I going to do with you?” he asked and chuckled while walking up to help me get up and gave me a peck on the lips.

Sand all over my hands I turned and wiggled my now sand covered ass at him. Ever the gentleman, he gently dusted the gritty stuff from my ass and once most of it was gone, gave it a squeeze and nice firm slap.

“Ahhgg! Ow! That’s smarts!” I cried.

“Ya, but you also like it!” he stated and quickly got the other cheek before I could get away. “So what brought all this on... or off I guess I should say?

“I don’t know, it just felt really good being topless and I remembered how nice it was when we were in Hawaii, so I figured why not, there’s no one around,” I was pretty matter-of-fact. “Are you going to join me in my nakedness?”

“Not now, but maybe later. Right now I have a fish to catch,” with that he walked back to the boat grabbed his fishing rod and walked down river a bit to begin the ever popular, casting and reeling, casting and reeling.

I took the time to get myself another glass of wine, spread out the blanket and made myself comfortable to soak up the sun. My senses were in overdrive. I was enjoying the day, the sun, the wine and being naked. My mind wandered back to when he told me that someone was watching me give him a blow job and the combination of everything just got me so wet. Fuck was I ever horny.

By now he had wandered a ways down the river and was just doing his thing when I saw another boat. OMG! What was I going to do, was it his buddies? I had nothing to cover up with. They were a good 50-100 yards away from me so I still felt safe, but I was also a little freaked out. They were just off shore and talking with my man from their boat while he was still fishing from the river’s edge, the water rushing by, just above his knees. A moment later, they turned around and ended up back down river.

Fuck, what was happening? That fear was a rush! I could practically feel myself dripping from my little hole. The coast was clear, they were gone and I decided it was time for some action. I poured another glass of wine and worked my way down the river to see him.

“Well, now isn’t this a surprise, I thought you were sleeping baby. You hungry yet?” he asked as he glanced over his shoulder to see me walking towards him.

“Starving!” I was starving for his cock.

Before I knew it, I was in the water wading towards him. Fuck the river was cold. It should have sent a chill through my whole body but instead it made me even hotter for him. He was a lot taller than me so what came just past his knees was just teasing my clit. Depending how the water would move in the wind, my wet little snapper was getting gently splashed by the river.

Careful not to get tangled in the fishing line, I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and reached up to give him a quick kiss. Then in an insane moment of passion I dipped the rest of my body down into the chilly river and pulled his shorts down to expose his delicious cock. He had no idea what was happening and wasn’t even close to being hard. I loved sucking cock and feeling it go from flaccid to rock hard in my mouth.

“Baby, you’ve got to be crazy, the water is freezing,” he said looking down at me.

I nodded and smiled with my eyes, a mouth full of cock taking up all my words. I stopped just long enough to say, “Keep fishing baby till I get you good and hard so you can fuck me, we’ve had enough teasing and I need a hard cock in my tight pussy.”

“Oh no way! Honey, you have no idea what a turn on this is. This is every guys dream!” with that he sent out another cast.

This was the reverse of the blow job I gave him in the morning. Then, I had to go slowly to take him all in, now I was going to feel it grow inch by inch in my mouth. He never actually told me this was a fantasy for him, but it wasn’t hard to figure out that it would be... two of his favourite things, a hummer and fishing!

He had time for maybe one more cast while I kept licking and sucking him, a little pre cum added to my desire. Careful not to touch him with my icy cold hands, I used only my tongue to tangle with his throbbing head in my mouth. I used the firm tip of my pointed tongue to dance around the tiny little hole that delivered his sweet cream, sucking any little drop of cum that was ready to explode.

As hot as I felt, I had to get out of the cold water. I stood up and looked up dead in the eye as I swiped my thumb along my lower lip. Grabbing his fishing rod from his hand, I walked to shore and placed it down safely. He turned at the waist to watch me but was still standing facing the river. I walked back to him and he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him and kissed me softly. Hands on my waist, he turned me around so I too was now facing the river. I slowly bent over letting my breasts hang down and dip into the fast moving river. The rush of the water gave my nipples a sensation they had never felt. It was wild.

Knowing what cold water can do to a perfectly erect penis, I made sure his stiff cock never felt the effects. He held my hips tight and I reached around with both hands to spread my cheeks for him exposing both my sweet little honey holes.

“Ohhh yessss,” moaned a man of few words.

I was juicy wet and with one shot his sword was in deep.

“Fuck yessss! Fuck me baby and fuck me hard!” I cried. With him sliding in and out of me, I laced my fingers together behind my back. He grabbed my wrists together with one hand and pulled me tighter to him so he could hit my cunt with even more force. The other hand gave my ass a wicked slap which was even more intense with the splashes of cold water. I was fucking loving all of it.

He slapped me a couple of more times making me groan with pleasure. Resting his hand, he spread his fingers wide on my burning red ass cheek and let his thumb find a resting place on my tight rosebud ass hole. The tip of his thumb slid in up to the first knuckle joint. My knees were about to give out from this exceptionally hot fuck. There is a lot to be said for spontaneity. And this moment, hell this day, was turning out to be our most spontaneous yet.

We were both in overdrive and found that rhythm that you know you’re both about to cum. It was fast and it was hard. His hands were on my hips and I brought mine to hold my boobs and pinch my nipples. That was all it took for me as I heard him yell, “Here we go baby! Oh yeah... I ready...I’m gonna cum!”

“Shit yeah, I’m cumming too.” He hit me deep and held still. I could feel his cock pumping my pussy full of his cum. My orgasm lasted a little longer than his as I came too, and was wiggling my ass around his cock. He had stuffed my wet hole full and his thumb still held firm in my ass. I arched my back a little, pushing my bum up just a more to feel the pressure of his thumb. Red wine had a way of doing that for me.

We stayed there for a moment in the river, both of us breath heavy trying to catch our breath. Then I stood up leaning against him with his cock still inside. He reached his hands around to massage and hold my breasts. My arms reached up around the back of his head and he gave me a little squeeze. I tilted my head and he gave me sweet kisses on my neck.

“Mmmmm, I needed that,” I told him as I pulled away he slid out of me. I turned and kissed him on the lips. For all the fast and furious excitement we had just experienced, I wanted to tell him how much I loved him.

This tender moment was short lived however. Out of nowhere were the sounds of hooting, cheering and clapping. The noise from an air horn echoed through the river valley. WTF! We had an audience for our sucking and fucking extravaganza. And what does my boy do... throws his hand up and waves giving them a thumbs up!

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