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Who knew what the river would bring: Part 3

side note... anyone know the movie I'm quoting?
By now the Meat Straw Thor was back in his shorts and he was standing up again as he raised the throttle on the boat engine when he said, “Baby, I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again... you give great fuckin’ head!” Needless to say he had gotten a little distracted and ended up slowing the boat down to the point that we were actually just floating back down the river.

With a thoroughly mischievous smile, I raised my eyebrows at him, coupled with a sassy little head bob that silently said ‘I know’. The reason I knew is because I listened and paid attention to what made him moan, gave him more and it always paid off, for both of us. It was, and is, a feeling of control.

Control however is an interesting concept... when it comes to a blow job... who’s really in control I always wonder? Let’s face it, a little extra jaw action and I’m in complete control. On his part, the hummer handle and face fucking sort of leave him in charge. To that I will quote one of my favourite lines from a movie ‘control is an illusion you infantile egomaniac’.

I was teasing him some more by drawing my tongue up the length of the long neck bottle and swirling it around the opening before wrapping my lips around it to tip it back and let it pour down my throat. It had been on ice and was super cold and dripping with condensation... it went down like kool-aid on this particularly hot day.

“Enough you!” he merrily scolded with a smile.

We continued to cruise up river. I loved it here. I especially enjoyed it when we parked the boat on one of the many islands that came and went as the river level changed throughout the seasons. I loved the isolation found on an island because of course you needed a boat to get there and the further up we travelled the more challenging the river was to manoeuvre. It was important to be skilled in operating your vessel and even more so, knowing how to safely guide the river. Our jet boat allowed us to skip along the shallowest points that often limited many of the other boats and fisherman who tried to head up stream.

“I can’t believe how quiet it is out here today. I thought for sure we’d see more boats given how many trailers I saw at the launch,” I said as I had to hold on tight while he carefully swerved through a very tricky bend in the river.

“Oh there are people out here! We passed quite a few while you were going down on me earlier. And the best part, “ he stated very proudly, “was the couple of boats that passed us going upstream when you made me lose my concentration on driving.”

“What do you mean the best part?” I asked somewhat puzzled.

“The best part was the thumbs-up I got when they passed by because they could see you on your knees with a mouth full!” his devilish grin grew from ear to ear.

“Are you serious?! How could they see?” I was mortified and suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Baby, look behind you. We are on an open boat. This is not like the closed in cab of the truck,” he stated very matter-of-factly.

“OMG! It didn’t even occur to me that someone would see. I’m so embarrassed,” I said shyly.

“Fuck, don’t be! Like I said, you got 2 thumbs-up,” he said with excitement.

“I’m thinking it was more like YOU got the 2 thumbs up for getting some action. I probably just looked like a slut on her knees,” I said a little pouty.

“Sweet Pea, you are no slut! You’re a dirtysweatywhore, don’t you remember?” He was trying to make me laugh.

I had no choice but to smirk back at him. He was right...never a slut, only a DSW! The whole idea of someone watching me actually sucking cock – whoa! I liked the tickle my pussy got when I got a whistle or a cat call about my busty cleavage or slightly exposed ass cheeks, but this took the tingle to a whole new place. I could almost feel a shock that started deep inside the sweetest spot of my wet, wet pussy and shot down my thighs making my legs feel weak. This seemed to add a whole new dimension to my thoughts on sex.

After cruising now for sometime up the river he finally brought the boat to a stop and dropped anchor - nowhere near the shore. Disappointed, I asked, “Why are we stopping here? I thought we were going to pull up to the beach so I could lie in the sun while you fished from shore?”

“We’re stopping here because this is the Honey Hole,” he said and before I knew it he was sending out his first cast.

The Honey Hole... of course, I should have recognized the place, we’ve stopped here lots. Not to be mistaken for my honey hole, this honey hole was an eddy at a bend in the river and was a resting place for the fish as they made their way up stream. It was never a guarantee, but usually a good shot at reeling something in.

And so he fished. Cast after cast, throwing the lure out and reeling it back it. Casting and reeling, casting and reeling. Somehow he never got bored, but I sure did. I finished off my beer and then decided to switch to red wine – I’ve never met a shiraz I didn’t like and the beer was going to make me feel bloated. At this point my shorts were off and I was enjoying the sun lying on the dog house in my bikini.

“Baby, why don’t you take your bathing suit off and get rid of those tan lines?” he asked while sending out another cast. Every time he did this a few droplets of water shot off the rod and fishing line and gently splashed me. Mixed with the cool breeze in the air, it wasn’t cold, but I had goose bumps all over me.

My first instinct... ah, NO! And then a split second later I thought... why the hell not? I remembered how years earlier one of the best days I had at the beach was Little Makena on Maui. Just over the rocks was a nudist beach. Neither one of us had done that before, and we both enjoyed the experience. It wasn’t about anything sexual, but it was exhilarating. Knowing that no one knew me made me totally relaxed and free about it. There’s nothing like the feeling of tiny bubbles brushing all over bare flesh while you splash around the waves of the tepid Hawaiian waters. I said to myself that day that whenever I go on vacation to a tropical place I would see if I could find another naked beach. Problem is we rarely went on vacation so it never happened again. Could I do it though? Could I go buck naked out in public. I was pretty much in my own backyard. What if someone recognized me? What if the guys finally found us on the river and saw me? I’d never be able to look at them in the face again.

But like I said, what the hell – I could at least go topless. He kept casting his rod, fishing that is, and glanced over at me to see me untie the back strings and pull the two little triangles over my head. “Now we’re talking,” he exclaimed excitedly. He stepped closer to me and grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis.

“Whatcya got, Baby?” I asked smiling up at him.

“Chubb!” he said, then stepped back to the edge of the boat and sent out another cast. More droplets of water breezing over my now exposed DD’s that were standing at firm attention. He was facing the water, but glanced over his shoulder at me asking, “What about the bottoms?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Boobs out there are one thing; Petunia is a whole other story. Not quite up for that, but thanks for asking.” And that was how I felt about that. I did however realize that I had been on the water now for some time, soaking up the sun and completely forgot to put on any sun block. Now was a good time, though because he actually put the fishing rod down to grab another beer.

I got up to go to the front of the boat where my bag was with my sunscreen. Without a word, I grabbed his beer and handed him the sunscreen and turned my back to him. He squirted the cool creamy lotion into his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up. Softly, he put his hands on my shoulders and started to rub the lotion in. He worked his way down, covering my entire back. I figured he’d hand the lotion back to me to finish off so he could go back to fishing, but he actually put more on his hands. Next thing I know he had his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him. All of a sudden his hands were around my front, grazing over my belly and up to my breasts.

“Mmmmm, ooooh dat nice,” I told him in a low sultry moan. And it was. He covered my whole front, and then went back to my breasts. My man had good hands, but my tits were more than a handful for him. He squeezed both tits simultaneously in a circular motion. With him going around and around massaging my boobs I was melting on the outside and freakin’ burning up inside.

I was enjoying this and he had me wanting more. I wiggled my tiny little ass against his dick and could feel it growing between my ass cheeks. My arms were up in the air now grabbing the back of his neck. I tilted my head to the side as he started kissing my neck and began nibbling my earlobe.

One hand now was moving south. It stopped at my belly button and he twirled a finger around in it and tugged gently at my belly ring. Moments later though, he reached a little further down under my bikini bottoms and started to rub my clit. That shock I felt earlier was now a full on electric storm. I was naked in nature with strong hands caressing me all over and could feel a stiff cock ready for action. What’s a girl to do?

I began to spin around to face him so he would kiss me and the next words out of my mouth were “You need to fuck me now!”

He kissed me on the lips and gave me a little tongue, but pulled away before I could twist my tongue with his. “Maybe...if you’re lucky,” was his response. Then he gently pushed my back so I was sitting down. He reached and grabbed my ass and scooched my hips forward so they were just hanging off the edge of the dog house.

He raised my legs so they were sticking straight up in the air and was pushing them at the back of my knees. Sliding his hands down the inside of my thighs, my man had my hips rocking up and down as he was spreading my legs further apart.

“Seriously, you need to stick it in me,” there was a pleading tone to my voice.

“But I haven’t finished putting suntan lotion on you,” he said as he was rubbing and massaging the inside of my thighs.

“Yeah, well, now I want you to give me your cream. I want you to fuck me hard and cum all over my tits.” I was getting wetter and wetter and my bikini bottoms were starting to show that. He however was practically making me beg.

“I’ll think about it. After all you need a little pay back from that tease you gave me this morning.”

“I’m pretty sure I made up for it a little while ago, didn’t I?” My hips were bucking more aggressively now and my hands were massaging my own breasts and I found myself tweaking and tugging my nipples. I was even more turned on when I looked up at him and saw the reflection of my nearly clothing free body in his sunglasses. Damm, I looked fucking sexy. I’d do me!

Finally he bent down and pushed the little strip of the crotch in my bottoms to the side. I found that a turn on. It made me feel dirty when he just pulled my clothing aside and it didn’t come all the way off. He was teasing me and was doing a fucking awesome job. He still wouldn’t stick his cock in my dripping wet cunt but he did start to use his tongue. Thank God because I was ready to explode.

“Oh yeah!” I cried. “Fuck yeah!” Then he stopped and just stared up at me beaming with wicked smile that said, ‘you want to be teased? I’ll tease you!’

“Nooooo, nooo, don’t stop,” I literally whimpered. “I want to cum. I want you to cum on me.”

The tease started to come to an end as he just looked at me, smiled and shook his head back and forth seconds before he took one hand, pinched my soaking, dripping pussy lips together and started to flick, lick and suck. I got even hornier as I saw the close-up of my more than moist honey hole reflecting in his shades.

With his other hand, he began to twirl a couple of fingers on the edge of my groping pussy hole. And without warning, after they circled me a few times, in they slid. Fuck me this felt phenomenal. Moving in and out you could hear the noise that is often dubbed a man’s favourite, with the crack of opening a can of beer being a close second. There are no words to effectively describe that gushing, drippy, thrust pushing into a throbbing wet cunt.

The eruption of my scorching pussy was basically seconds away because he knew the geography very well. I have a tight, tight cunt so two fingers were plenty to get me off, especially when he put a slight curl to the tips of his fingers to reach my g-spot. At this point my hips were bucking wildly, so he used his other hand to press down on my torso just above my pubic bone. It put even more pressure on the elusive g-spot and sent me over the edge. Bam! Full blown, pulsing, sizzling orgasm happening with the sweetest juices now flowing from my cunt. My whole body was shaking and trembling.

My knees were bent back up to my ears now and toes pointing straight as arrows resting on his shoulders. My boy kissed the inside of my thighs and worked his way up to my mouth where he gave me a quick kiss. I grabbed his face and licked every drop of my pussy from his goatee. I know it turned him on that I was tasting my own succulent nectar. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and let me lick them clean like he did for me earlier that morning.

“You like a good tease baby so I couldn’t give you everything you asked for, but how’d that licking work for you?”

“Fucking fantastic! Holy shit did that ever send me flying. Who knew the open air could amplify an already heavenly sensation? Nothing like a good orgasm out on the river,” these were the words I spoke but it took me about a minute and half to get them all out as I needed to catch my breath.

He reached for the beer that he had opened before the fun and games ensued and took a sip and offered one to me. I could only lay there as I had no energy to move, but I did raise my hand for the high-five. Baby wasted no time getting back to fishing. At it again, he was casting and reeling, casting and reeling. I didn’t even have the energy to be bored at this point. He just laughed at me.

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