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Who Seduced Who? Part 1

A collaborative (fictional) story of how love and lust blooms in a hotel bar
Who Seduced Who? Part 1

Unlike my Kat & Cyrano story series, this story is fictional. It is collaboration, still in process, between another writer on this site and me. He got the story started and we have gone back and forth between us on writing sections of it. Seducing each other. - Kat


At the end of my long day, I’m relaxing in a bar, soft music playing, lights dim. I see you across the room. You look so beautiful. I ask you to dance and you nod your head. I take you by the hand and lead you to the dance floor. A slow song is playing and I put my arm around you. I tell you I’m Nick and just had to dance with you. You tell me that your name is Kat. You have on a low cut blouse and I see the tops of your breasts. I feel your breast against my chest and hold you a little tighter. You don’t pull away, so I kiss your neck and say I just had to do that. I feel your nipples harden and you put both arms around my neck as we sway to the music. I ask if I can kiss you and you nod yes. I tilt your head back and kiss gently. Your mouth opens and our tongues touch. I feel you move closer and I know you can feel me getting hard. I slide my mouth down to the top of your breast and kiss you softly. I tell you I have to have you.

I walked into the hotel bar because it seemed to be the only place I could get a Wi-Fi connection on my laptop. As a lifelong recovering alcoholic, not the kind of place I would normally frequent. But the Wi-Fi reception seemed to be non-existent in the lobby and the restaurant, and so the bar it was.

I heard a man walk into the bar and ask for a Diet Coke. That's not an order one normally hears in a hotel bar, or from a male in any bar. Plus, he had a deep, sexy voice. So I looked up, curious at this new arrival in the room.

This was the handsomest, sexiest hunk of man I had laid eyes on in a VERY long time. I guess he noticed me gazing deep into his eyes, trying to see into his very soul. Because he headed straight for my table, soda can in hand.

He told me I'm very beautiful, and without a moment's hesitation, I blurted out "So are you."

He asked me if I cared to dance, and I suddenly noticed that a slow waltz tune was softly playing through the bar-room speakers. I had been so engrossed in trying to get my Wi-Fi working, that I hadn't even noticed the music!

My heart was shouting yes, yes, yes, you want to dance in this handsome man's arms tonight. All night!

But I somehow managed to find the strength to tease him a little.

"But I don’t even know your name." I pretended to protest.

Like I really needed to know his name to want to be swept up into his strong arms and whirled around the dance floor with this hot guy!

"Nick," he called my bluff.

I was gazing into his big beautiful brown eyes and I was in total la-la land, so I took a moment or two to reply, "I'm Kat."

I noticed him looking down my blouse. Now, I know some women find that rude and annoying. And sometimes I do, too. But hell, tonight, hadn't I worn this top cut so low it nearly showed my nipples, deliberately so I would be noticed?

As we stepped onto the dance floor and he swept me gently but firmly into his arms, I pressed myself tight up against his sexy body, letting him feel the hardness of my nipples drilling into his shirt, letting him feel the beginnings of my sexual arousal. OK, I admit it, I was starting to get the hots for Nick as he skillfully danced me around the bar room.

Nick pulled me in tighter, and when I could feel my breasts mashed tight against him, he gazed soulfully into my eyes...and he pulled me in even closer, even tighter against him.

The waltz ended, and a jazz number was on the speakers next. Nick leaned in and nibbled and sucked at the side of my neck. Between his tender loving on my neck, and the wickedly seductive jazz saxophone solo, it was enough to make any girl melt. I'm actually surprised I managed to keep from melting at that point - it was miraculous that I didn't melt into a big puddle of girl-come right then and there, that I somehow didn't ooze down and all over the dance floor!

Nick was also a remarkable model of self-control. As I grabbed his firm butt and pulled him even tighter against him, I felt an amazing amount of very hard cock against my short, thigh-length skirt. And yet he had neither come nor pre-come, his trousers were dry.

Nick leans in and kisses my cleavage, kisses the tops of my half-exposed breasts. "I want to make love to you,” he whispers hotly in my ear, in that impossibly deep and sexy voice of his.

I reply, "I want to make love with you" and I only hope Nick understands the vast difference between one person making love to another person and two people making love with each other! Because if he understands that distinction, and if he moves around the bed even half and gracefully as he moves around the dance, Nick just might get an invite up to my hotel room upstairs, before this night is over.

As we dance in each other's arms, I lean in and kiss his mouth, my tongue gently but insistently parting his lips and his teeth, to dance around HIS tongue!

As we move around the dance floor, I can smell your hair and think of apples and a sunny day. I think I must make love to this woman. I ask if we might get to know each other better. You say you would like that.

I ask if there is somewhere we can go to have some privacy. You hesitate for a few seconds and say we could go up to your room. We hold hands as we walk to the elevator. I feel a little nervousness in your hand, and I say I’m going to kiss you when we get in the elevator. Looking into your eyes, I see that maybe you would like that.

As soon as the door closes, I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply. Our lips and tongues working over, and my hands sliding over, your breast, feeling your hard nipples. I tell you how beautiful you are, and how much I want you.

When we get in your room, I hold you tight and say I want to love you and make you feel good. I ask if you have ever given yourself to a man to do as he wishes with your body, and you say you’re afraid because of something that happened a long time ago.

I say give yourself to me, Kat, and let me love you.

I unbutton your blouse and slide it off your shoulders, rubbing your arms as I slide it off, then your bra. I lean down and kiss your nipples, suck them into my mouth. You taste so good, Kat.

I drop to my knees in front of you and reach under your skirt, sliding my hands up your silky thighs until I feel your panties. I hook my fingers in the waist band and slowly slide them off over your hips and down your legs. I watch as you step out of them, holding my shoulders for support.

I slowly raise your skirt and look at your sweet pussy and see your juices in your pubic hair. I lean in close and smell your wonderful scent, so good. I touch the outer lips of your pussy, with my finger feeling your heat. Then I touch your clit with my tongue and say, “Let me love you, Kat.”

I hear you moan as my tongue slips inside you, my fingers on your clit. I suck and lick you, tasting you, wanting more. I stand up and hold you close and kiss your lips again. I pick you up and carry you to the bed. I lay you down and get on my knees between your legs. I tell you to open wide for me. I watch as you spread your legs and look at me with lust and a little fear. I tell you to relax and let me have you. I kiss your thighs and your outer lips as I finger your clit. I tell you how good you taste. I keep licking and sucking and touching, until I feel you tremble and hear you purr. 

I want to keep your orgasm going, so I move you and put the head of my cock in your pussy. I feel how hot and wet you are. I push in deeper, and soon I have all eight inches of my cock in you, moving in and out. Your hips moving to meet me as I push in. Your legs around me holding me in, as I move faster and harder.

I whisper that your tight pussy is going to make me cum, and I ask if I can cum inside you.

You moan and say yes. And I say, “I want you to cum with me.”

I feel your arms and legs tighten around me and your breath quicken. I say “Cum for me, Kat. Cum on my cock.” And I feel your orgasm turn loose, and I fill you with my hot cum.

We lay locked together for a long while, and I tell you there’s more to come. I want to make love with you in every way a man can pleasure a woman.

You sigh, and we both go to sleep. We both know that when we wake, we will make love again and again.

Nick made me laugh with delight as he spoke lyrically of my hair smelling like apples and sunshine.

Above the din of the bar at happy hour, he manages to tell me that he wants to get to know me, and I wonder to myself if he means "know" in the biblical sense. He's so handsome and sweet --not to mention a body that's beyond hot -- and I start to think maybe my hotel room upstairs. he takes my hand as if it were normal and natural, as if we had been boyfriend and girlfriend for years. Although we had just met, it seemed so right and natural to me, too, to hold his hand and to have this feeling like we had been dating and in love forever.

As the elevator doors close in front of us, we instinctively reach for each other and kiss with an intense hunger. When his hand touches my breast as our tongues wrestle, I take a sharp intake of breath, and I feel the most delightful shiver all down my spine.

Kicking my hotel room door closed behind me, I melt into his strong but gentle arms. He tells me he wants to love me, and though we just met, and though I detest leering men telling me hey I'm gonna fuck you good, Nick isn't like that, he seems so sweet, kind of shy, asking rather than ordering, and yet with a very sexy self-confidence completely free of macho swagger.

He reaches up my skirt, gazing soulfully into my eyes rather than up my skirt, the whole time. I balance myself on his strong shoulders as I kick off my panties and hand them to him. He inhales my natural scent from my panties, smiles, and tucks them into his pocket. He slowly raises my skirt and his eyes drink me all in and he smiles so happily. He clearly adores my long legs and my black bush, and the mixture of innocent appreciation and experienced desire to bring me pleasure, make me feel like the center of the universe--or at least, the center of Nick's universe at that moment. And I can easily see Nick quickly becoming the center of my universe, too.

It momentarily strikes me as odd to be standing in my hotel room, holding my skirt up, with my panties on the floor between myself and a man who I had just met less than an hour ago. And yet, with Nick, this all somehow seemed so right!

I didn't’t get to ruminate on these thoughts for very long, as now Nick’s magical tongue began its first-ever slow slide along my very wet inner walls, and then exiting with an exquisitely slow tongue-drag along my pulsating little clit. And just as I was getting used to being loved liked this (I could get used to this every day for the rest of my life), Nick stood me up, enfolding me in his strong but gentle loving arms, and kissing my mouth fiercely, hotly. Even through his suit trousers, I could feel his very thick hardness rhythmically throbbing against my belly and my bush. I back off from his kiss and his hug, and I make short work of tugging his belt open and unzipping him. With a mixture of curiosity and hunger, I yank his trousers and his boxers down to his ankles, and he steps out of them.

The thickest, hardest, and purplest cock I’ve ever seen pops free. I just stand there for a few moments, staring at it, completely transfixed by it, just in total la-la land as I imagine what this beautiful hunk of man is about to do to me – no, what he is about to do for me!

I lean down and kiss about halfway up that purple 8-inch shift, and then I kiss the very tippy-top of the head, too. “Thank you!” I coo.

Nick lets out the deepest, sexiest laugh ever, and he asks, “Thank you for what? My cock hasn’t done any favors for you….yet!

“Then what the hell are you waiting for?” I laugh.

I pick up his boxers and my panties from beside my feet, and I fling them both far across the room. “We won’t be ending these for hours!” I smile; our eyes locked in lust and perhaps in something more, too, perhaps also the first stirrings of a genuine and mutual love.

Nick scoops me up in his powerfully gentle arms, as if my 5’7” and 130 pound was as small and as light as a feather. And he carries me off to bed.

Lying beside Nick, I quickly wriggle out of my blouse and skirt, and Nick sweetly helps me out of my bra as I unbutton his shirt and slide it off his arms.

Nick turns to lie face down beside me as I life face up. His mouth leans over to kiss my forehead, to kiss my eyelids, to kiss my nose, a quick hot kiss on my mouth again, then kissing the front and side of my neck, kissing on and under my breasts, kissing my nipples, kissing my cleavage, kissing and licking my ribs, kissing my navel, licking my bush and finally kissing my nether lips, licking my inner walls, and sucking my very horny clit. What a lucky accident that I had been in that bar looking for a Wi-Fi connection for my laptop (why does that sound slightly risqué?), the type of place I normally would never visit, when this amazing man happened to be there, too.

Nick tells me I taste really good to him, and the only response I can mange is to let out a series of soft and nearly continuous purrs against his lips and tongue.

Nick’s face leaves from between my wide-open thighs, and he begins another series of sweet hot kisses up my naked body. His kisses return to my mouth, and once more I can feel that massive hard-on of his pulsing frantically against my bush.

I reach down to guide him into my hunger, but Nick gently pushes my hand away, and with both of his hands wrapped around his lovely purple cock, he slowly begins to work that “truck-stop diner size” portion of sweet man-meat into my nether lips, into my hunger. Over the next twenty minutes, he gradually increases the speed of his thrusts….which also speed-up the beating of my heart -- and the pulsating of my excited and happy clit against all that beautiful thrusting cock-flesh.

He somehow waits for me to come first, something men rarely do. I wrap my arms and legs around him, and in one intense shudder from head to toe, I drench his hard in girl-come. Nick draws back, pushing deep and hard into not only the depths of my pussy, but the very depths of my soul!

When we both can’t come any more, I melt into loving arms again, and we fall asleep, still joined at the mouth and at the genitals.

The last thing I say to Nick before we doze off in bed together that night is, “At the first rays of sunlight tomorrow morning, that beautiful purple cock of yours is going to get sssooo sucked!”

As the first rays of sunrise stream through the hotel room window, I smile at the realization that last night wasn't just a sweet erotic dream after all. For there beside me in all his beautiful nakedness, lies Nick. He has beautiful arm, leg, and chest muscles, not like a bodybuilder but very toned and so hot.

I haven't forgotten how I want to start this day. My right hand cups his balls, and my left palm starts pressing on his cock in a slow circle. He begins to lengthen and harden a little. He rubs the sleep from his eyes, looking a little confused and disoriented. Then he gazes into my eyes with a loving adoring look that melts both my heart and my pussy.

"Kat!" he declares joyously. "You're real?"

I kiss his mouth as my hand encircles his stiffening cock.

"Good morning, my sweet, sexy hunk of man! May I suck your beautiful cock now? I'm so hungry for you!"

I don’t know how long we slept after making love, but I awoke to the feel of your hand cupping my balls. I looked down and saw the movement of your hand and felt my cock harden as you softly rubbed my balls. I felt your tongue on my nipple as you licked across my chest and down my stomach. I felt the tip of your tongue in my navel and trembled as you went lower.

Your sweet little tongue touched the tip of my cock, and I just about came. You licked around the head of my cock, and under the head in that special spot that feels so good, your fingers rubbing my balls and the place just under them, almost touching my asshole. I started moving my hips as you took a few inches in your mouth and sucked and licked. I put one hand in your hair and stroked it as I put my other hand on your breast and rubbed and pulled your nipple. I heard you moan softly as you sucked. I pushed a few more inches in your mouth and heard you purr like my little kitten. It sent vibrations all through me as I slowly worked into your throat.

You sucked and moaned as you felt me in your throat. I put my hand around your throat and could feel my cock sliding in and out. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I whispered that you were the best little cock sucker in the world and you purred louder and I said I’m going to cum the next time you purr. It feels too good, baby-girl.

I moved my cock in and out of your throat as I pulled and rubbed your breast and felt you suck harder. And then you purred loud… and I shot my hot cum down your throat and watched you swallow it all.

We lay there until my cock softened and slid out of your mouth. You licked your lips and smiled at me. I pulled you up and kissed you deeply. I told you truthfully, I had never been so satisfied in my life. We got up and went to the shower and washed each other, soaping and kissing and touching, I told you this is just the beginning for us, Kat. I love you.

(More to "come")

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