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Who's In Charge Here?

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She only thinks it's her game. He knows better!


I'm having a hard time seeing into my crystal ball today. For some reason it seems to be fogged up, and I can’t see anything. No, wait, it's clearing up now. There is someone in the shower, so the room is full of steam. It's you, your hair is full of suds, and your body is slick. Hmmmm, I love slick. On the other side of the shower curtain, I'm undressing, planning to surprise you, and join you under the warm water.

I poke my head around the curtain, and see your back. There is a combination of water and suds sliding running over your shoulders, joining to form a small stream running down your spine. The muscles in your back , thighs, and calves reflect how physically active you have always been. I quietly sneak into the shower, wrap my arms around your waist, and press myself against your back.

“Hi, there, Sexy. You need any help?”, I ask as I reach around you and take the bar of soap from your hand.

“How often do I get the chance to have a beautiful woman show me how to use a bar of soap? Be my guest.” Your voice is low, sensual and tinged with the beginnings of anticipation.

My arms are still wrapped around your waist, and I begin to rub the soap on your chest in a slow circular motion, moving slowly down to your stomach. “You were a big help today. I would still be painting the walls if you hadn‘t offered to chip in so I could it done quickly. Because you have been so helpful, I'm going to make sure every single inch of you is nice and clean.”

“Every inch, huh?”

“Every single inch,” I reply.

“Well, Hun, if that’s the plan; you had better get a move on before we run out of hot water.”

“This is not the kind of thing I like to do quickly. Besides, how often do I offer to come here and do this for you?” By this time, my hands are below your waist, and I find that you are already hard, so I rub the soap back and forth on you until you are slippery with suds. As I rub the soap your hips move a bit, and I come up with an idea.

“Do you if like the feel of my hands stroking you? “, I whisper in your ear. You nod your head and I continue to stroke you. “Are you absolutely sure that you like it?”

“Yes, I like it. Keep doing it.,” you tell me.

Still stroking you I say, “Good, I want this to pleasurable for you. But, if you move, even a muscle, I will stop, and you finish your bath alone.”

“OK. I’ll stand still; just keep up what you are doing.”

My thumb circles the head of your cock, and my free hand finds your nipple and rolls it between my finger and thumb, turning it into a hard little pebble. You moan and thrust yourself into my hand.

“You moved,” I say as I drop my hands from your body.

“That’s not funny. OK, I promise not to move, just don’t stop.

I reach around and wrap my fingers around you again “Alright, but if you move again, I leave.” My other hand cups you, then gently squeezes, and this draws a sound from your throat. The rhythm of my stroking increases, and your muscles tense, but you are careful not to move. Standing on my toes, the tip of my tongue touches the side of your neck, just below your ear, and makes small circles there. Your head moves back to give my tongue better access to that sensitive area.

“That’s it, you moved, again. I’m getting dressed,”

As I pull the shower curtain aside, you turn off the water and follow me, grabbing the only towel available before I can get it. I’m surprised when, instead of drying yourself, you begin to wipe the droplets of water from my skin, and then kneel in front of me. You place your hands on my butt cheeks, and press me to your face. Then your tongue parts the hair to my wet treasure and seeks the little button that hides there. When you find it, you flick it and then suck it, which causes a burning heat deep inside me, and my juices to flow freely, so I thrust myself against you.

Pulling away, you look up to me and say quietly, “Do you like that?”

“Of course, you know I do. You know I do. Why did you stop?”

“You moved. If you move again, it’s over.”

I point to your erection and say, “It’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings.”

“Don’t worry about that. Will you stand still and not move?”

I’m already wet, and I want this pleasure now, so I say, “OK. I won’t move”



You slide your tongue back into my heat, and bury two fingers deep inside me, then slowly slip them in and out. Between your tongue, and the movement of your fingers the heat builds until I'm ready to cum. With a moan, I throw my head back and thrust against you, again. Suddenly I realize I moved.

When you stand to walk away, I reach out and take your hand. “I know, I moved, but don’t stop.”

Several seconds pass before you reply. “I will, but first you have to promise me that you will do what ever I say. Do you promise?”

“Alright, I promise. I promise.”

You pull me to my feet, and scooping me up in your arms, you carry me to your bed. “Lie down and do exactly as I say. I want you to masturbate until you cum, and I’m going to watch. ” I'm throbbing and wet so I promise to do whatever you ask. It doesn't take long for me to climax, and as I do, I hear myself moan and feel myself thrusting into my own hand. My release is exquisite.

Standing at the end of the bed, you are watching me. “I want you to do it again.” My fingers continue to rub my clit again then two of your fingers enter my wetness and thrust into me. You use your other hand to stroke yourself, and continue to watch me until the next wave of pleasure takes me over the top a second time.

“My, but you are a good girl. I think it’s time for the fat lady to sing.” you say as you slide your erection into me, and I rise up to meet you My muscles tighten around you begin to thrust, your pace increasing. My own heat builds and we both ride the same wave until you shudder and empty your liquid heat into me.

You collapse on top of me, and for several moments, we just lie there trying to catch our breath. When our breathing quiets, you roll off me and lie staring at the ceiling.

“Of course you know we both need another shower.” you chuckle.

But, I’m already off the bed and dashing into the bathroom. “I know, and I’m first.”

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