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Why cowboys wear a silk scarf around their neck

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The thrill of a blindfold
Why cowboys wear a silk scarf around their necks

By Tender Cowboy

As we undressed, I quietly stepped behind you and slipped silk scarf from my neck over your eyes, gently affixed, I lead you onto the bed and you stretch out upon it. I watch your body stretched out on the bed, my eyes caressing the gentle curves of your breasts as they heave with each trembling breath.

You feel the bed shift as I climb onto it on your right side and you tremble wondering where and how I will touch you. Your body thrills as I reach across you and gently caress and cup your left breast. Your breath trembles as you feel me over you, painfully close as I breathe in the scent of your skin. My breathing washes over your nipple and you nipples firm in anticipation. I gently squeeze your breast as my tongue finds your skin. A long shuddering breath escapes you as I, with a hungry moan, take your nipple into my warm mouth and bathe it with my tongue.

My free hand finds your other breast and I caress it around the outer flesh and then gently over the top of your hardened nipple. I let each finger slowly cross your right nipple enjoying the feel of it flicking erect as my fingers cross it. I continue to devour your left breast as my hand massages your right breast. You feel me straddle your hips and, as I move from one breast to the other hungrily probing them with my tongue, my hard cock gently rests against your stomach. You feel it softly pulsing with each throb, as you inhale, a faint trembling breath.

I hungrily kiss my way up, along your neck to find you waiting mouth. We firmly and hungrily kiss each other, moaning at the tastes of our lover's lips. You tremble and pant as I kiss your lower lip and gently bite it, letting my teeth slide along as I pull my mouth away. I put a hand behind your head and pull you into a ferocious kiss. You instinctively try to reach behind my head to pull me harder against you but I take your hands and stretch them out to either side of you. I hold your arms back until you grasp the satin sheets firmly in your hands and surrender to me. You try to push your mouth against mine, needing to kiss me more passionately.

My kisses move from your mouth to your cheek and down your neck. You turn your head to the side and savor each kiss as my hot, wet, hungry lips explore their way down your neck. You feel your firm nipples brushing the skin of my chest as I move lower. You arch your back to press them against my body. I slide my right arm behind you and, as I move lower, cup your right breast with my left hand. I firmly squeeze your breast and bring it into my mouth, holding you against me with my arm beneath you. My hot wet lips cover your nipple as my tongue probes the flesh around and beneath your nipple. I suck and probe and flick your nipple with my tongue. Finally I gently close my teeth on your nipple and gently pull while my tongue flicks over its tip inside my mouth.

You gasp as your nipple finally pulls free and shudder as I take your nipple in my teeth again but a little more firmly. I bring my arm out from beneath you and squeeze your left breast and pull it into my hungry mouth. Your arms want to pull my head hard against you heaving chest but are held in place, stretched tight to your sides and holding you exposed to my passionate mouth.

I slide lower, massaging your breasts as I kiss and lick your stomach. Continuing my slow journey down my hands slide down to your waste and I hold you against my soft, wet lips as I kiss still lower. My mouth moves below your waste line to the seldom-touched skin below. You try to open your legs but I, still straddling you, won’t allow it. You pant with arousal and frustration wanting to push my mouth down to the throbbing heat between your legs but keep you arms outstretched, obediently grasping the sheets. You surrender, unable to act and pant as I slowly kiss across your lower abdomen, coming to the edge of you throbbing mound, kissing the edge of your soft curly hair. I kiss down beside your curly mound until my lips must move to your leg. You feeling like screaming in frustration as my mouth comes ever closer but you bite your lip and wait, aware of every touch of my lips and their slow approach.

I slide my hands down to you hips and under you, squeezing the cheeks of your ass firmly. Suddenly you feel my breath brushing your soft, curly hair and you hold your breath, trembling and waiting. My strong hands lift you up to my mouth as I finally kiss your mound of curls. You lay stretched out and helplessly, willingly surrendered to me as my strong hands hold you against my mouth. The pressure of my kisses moves across the flesh of your mound, pressuring your clitoris on and off. You futilely try to twist your hips to keep my mouth over in place but my strong arms will not let you move. You moan with wanting.

Finally my hands let you go and slide along your thighs. I bring them between your legs to push them apart but your eagerness opens them before me. My hands on your inner thighs push them farther apart and up, exposing your hot flesh before me. You feel me sharply exhale, my hot breath caressing your entire throbbing mound close to my mouth. As I inhale deeply, your scent fills my mind. My breath across your throbbing, swollen lips makes you ache for more. You faintly feel a gentle stretch as my strong hands push open your thighs but all things feel pale compared to my hot breath across your exposed flesh. You wait as the aching continues. I gently nuzzle the flesh beside your throbbing mound slowly, exploring up one side and down the other. I slowly cross from one side to the other, painfully close to your swollen lips.

My hands press back and tilt you more upward as my mouth hovers over your lips. You tremble and wait, feeling my breath against you. My hot breath feels cool across your waiting pussy as your wetness finds its way out. You breath in sharply and let out a shuddering moan as my tongue finally traces along your wanting lips. Reaching the top they move down again and I moan in a rough voice, as I finally taste you. Unable to restrain myself my tongue aggressively thrusts into you to find your sweet flavor.

I grunt and moan as a flood of hot sweet juice fills my mouth. You moan and pant as my tongue swirls inside you, pushing against the throbbing walls of your sweet pussy. My tongue moves up, parting your lips and making firm, probing circles as I lavish your wanting clit. You twitch as my firm tongue crosses your clit and you cry out at the intense spasm of pleasure. Soft moans escape with each breath as I hungrily devour your swollen lips and work my tongue’s firm, probing point across the shaft of your clitoris. My tongue occasionally finds your clitoris directly and you spasm each time at the intense twinge of sensation.

I hungrily move down again to taste the fresh gush of sweet fluid. Your hips rock with each shuddering breath as my tongue probes you. I lift my head and you feel me move my body close between your legs. You feel the heat of my skin against you and suddenly twitch as I tap my long hard erection against the flesh around your clitoris, each tap sending a pulse of pleasure up inside of you. You pull against the sheets wanting to grab my hard cock to pull it inside of you. As my throbbing cock comes to rest against your clit my hands slide along your thighs to your painfully throbbing mound. I place a hand flat over my erection and press it against you as it slides between your hot, wet lips. You feel your lips, slick with wetness, wrap around its underside in a warm embrace as I slowly slide against you.

As I become slick and wet with your juices my cock slides lower. The head of my cock rubs over your clit as I keep working lower. Finally, I reach your throbbing, needy hole and you feel the gentle stretch as I slowly press myself inside you. I let your hips down slightly to allow me entry to you. With small, rhythmic motions work I work myself deeper inside you. I shift so that I am stretched over you, holding myself up with my arms to either side. You feel me shudder as finally I slide all the way in.

Then I begin a slow, rhythm as I pull out and push back in. I lower myself to my elbows and you feel your breast brush my chest. Our mouths find each other for hungry, mindless kisses. You taste my kisses through the tangy sweetness on my lips. The strong, steady strokes inside you end with a twitch as my pelvis bumps and rubs against your clitoris. A hand snakes behind your head and, as I pull you into a more forceful kiss, the thrusting becomes harder and more insistent.

The pace builds until I push myself upright, kneeling before your spread legs, and my hard cock is still deep inside you. As I begin to thrust again my hands slide along your thighs and over your throbbing lips. You tilt your pelvis up to let my hard cock press against your g-spot as your legs find support against my thighs. Steadily I press into you again and again. One hand massages your mound and the other circles your clit with gentle pressure.

You feel each pulse of sensation start to blend together as a tense pressure builds in you. You place one hand over mine as it massages you mound and the other over your breast, squeezing and rolling your firm nipple under a fingertip.

The pace builds and I move my hands to you hips to pull you hard against me with each thrust. Your hand replaces mine rubbing you mound in circles over your clitoris. You other hand snakes out to grasps the sheets and you arch against my thrusts, the sensations building to a steady, pulses wave.

My moans get louder as I must use one hand to clasp the sheets and support myself. Then thrusting fast and frantic as each throb merges into a steady blaze of sensation. You echo my frantic thrusting with your hand moving side to side across the shaft of your clitoris. Unable to bare it your grasp the sheets with both hands as the first, uncontrollable wave convulses your body. You are aware of my loud, bellowing orgasm but are lost to the colors flashing behind your blindfold. You cry out wordlessly as we cum, straining against the smooth sheets. I keep thrusting until your moans subside and your body slows.

You feel me stretch over you, my rod still firm inside you. We roll over until you are on top of me and I pull the blindfold from your face. Your head clasped gently in my hands I pull you down to kiss you on your lips and over your face and neck. You slowly slide your self over my slightly softened cock. I twitch and you smile as you now exercise control over me. Exhausted I lay beneath you, no longer having the strength to restrain you. You lay across my chest and we embrace and hold each other for a long while. You feel my breathing slow to a deep, relaxed rhythm.

You bite my earlobe and whisper, “I’m going to go shower.” You climb off of me and are aware of my eyes watching your hips sway as you leave the bedroom.

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