Wife's friend

By wslutw1955

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My wife sends me to her girl friend
When I first started dating my current wife she had a habit of attempting to hook me up with her friends. She was recently divorced and had 2 children in their early teens and didn’t want to get too serious. Also she was dating 2 other guys in addition to me.

She had some very sexy friends and many of them were also single and I was very tempted but also figured it was some weird sort of trap, guys will understand what I mean.

Anyway, one of her friends was a very beautiful lady named Lisa. She was also a single mother with a young teenage daughter that looked just like her mom. Lisa was about 5’2” slim with long, jet black hair that came nearly to her tight sexy ass. She wore glasses and had that librarian look. She also had a very nice bust for a lady with her build. I had come to know this as we helped her move once and got a good look at the girls down her loose fitting and bra. Her figure was great, nice curves in the right places with that nice firm rounded ass that could have been on an 18 year old.

Lisa was my wife’s best friend and I got along with her very well. We went out all of the time together and hung out as well and got to be good friends. We had been dating about 8 months and she was still pushing me to date some of her friends. One weekend she was really pushing me to go over and visit Lisa when I left her house and give her a good fucking, because she had broken up with her boy friend several weeks ago and had to be horny. In the past she had told me that she told Lisa everything including about our sex lives, which was pretty athletic and very oral on both parts. Apparently Lisa’s partners were pretty vanilla. I was getting tired of this game and so when I left with her giving me one last push, I decided what the heck. I went up to the store and grabbed a bottle of wine and drove over to Lisa’s house.

Her lights were still on so I pulled into her drive and knocked on the door. When she answered the door she looked surprised and was in her pajamas. I told her that Lilly had asked me to stop in and check on her. I brought a bottle of wine to chat over. I asked if it was ok to come in with it being kind of late. She smiled and invited me in and explained that her daughter was staying with her ex for the weekend and she was home alone.

She went to change while I opened the wine and got some glasses. She came back in a sweat shirt, her breasts were swaying nicely underneath, and some soft spandex type pants which hugged her body. She turned on the TV and we sat on the couch and sipped our wine. We talked for a while and I was enjoying myself. Her house was chilly and she was sitting in a ball so I had her scoot over next to me and put my arm around her to warm her up.

I had been sipping a single glass of wine and doing my best to keep her glass full and she was drinking it pretty steady and had a bit of a buzz on and was relaxed. She was talking about Lilly and what good friends they were and that she was happy we were dating. She also appreciated that Lilly was thinking if her. Then she asked why she thought she needed to checked on. I asked her, you know how the two of you are always teasing each other that if you were gay you would do the other? She laughed and said yes. Well since you’re not gay Lilly sent me over her to service you.

She just looked at me at first as I sat there smiling at her. Then she started laughing thinking it was a big joke. I waited for her to stop laughing and when she did I kissed her. My arm was around her so I put my other arm around her and kissed her. At first nothing from her then her lips softened and she let me kiss her. I came up for air and told her it was impolite to refuse a gift. Then I kissed her again, this time she kissed me back. She smelled good and tasted even better. She relaxed and her arms went around my neck. She removed her glasses and dropped them on the floor. I now had serious wood and if Lilly was testing me I was about to fail like you would not believe.

We kissed for a while and we were both really getting into it. I moved my hand down to see what those breasts really felt like. Well they were soft and her nipples were hard as nails. She pushed her chest into my hand and moaned into my mouth, then reached down and pulled her sweat shirt up so it was not in the way. I played with her nipples and breasts for a few minutes. She seemed to love the attention. I moved down and started to kiss her neck while pinching her nipples. She groaned and put her head back and pushed my head down. Taking my cue I took a nipple in my lips and started to suck it. I was alternating sucking and kissing both of her breasts and nipples.

Lisa was always soft spoken so I was really curious to see what see would be like during sex. I started to nibble on her nipples getting hard and harder until she sucked in her breath and quietly asked me to be careful. I grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled a little bit and told her not to complain about her gift and kissed her. Then I went back to sucking and gently biting her nipples, just enough to be felt. As I had hoped she groaned even louder when I did this. Holding her hair I kissed her again and then sat back and put her hand on my pants and quietly told he to suck me. She nearly ripped my pants open and pulled my cock out and I pushed her face down. She didn’t need encouragement, she nearly swallowed my cock. I held onto her hair anyway and pushed her down a few times receiving a muffled moan for my efforts.

While she was engaged sucking my cock I slipped my hand down her pants and found a nice wet pussy which I proceeded to rim with my finger. She started to move her hips to give me access and pushed back hoping I would slip my finger inside. I made her wait. I was about to blow my wad and pulled her off my cock. I stood up and pulled her up with me. I pulled her sweat shirt off over her head and pushed her pants down and had her step out of them and she stood before me nude and beautiful. Her breasts were not stand up firm but hung nicely from her body and she had a beautiful dark bush of pussy hair on her mound. I told her that she was beautiful as I pulled my clothes off. Then I pulled her to me and we kissed and ground against each other there in the middle of her living room.

I sat on the couch and pulled her to me, She put her hands on my shoulders, parted her legs, and straddled mine. Slowly she lowered her body. She reached down and stroked my cock and then guided it between her lips. She rubbed it back and forth a few times and then sat down. She was not super tight but tight enough and able to settle right down on my cock. Once she was down I grabbed her hair and kissed her. She started to ride up and down on me with my hands on her hips guiding her up and down. I would help her with the down part from time to time and she would grunt and moan. Her eyes were closed and we were working up a sweat. I wasn’t going to last long and she felt it coming and started to grind. I told her to get ready and she pushed down and wiggled her hips and we climaxed together making lots of noise. After we sat there panting soaking wet with sweat. Weak kneed she guided me upstairs to get cleaned up. After that she just took me to her bedroom. I did spend the night but we didn’t sleep much