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Windswept Mia returns with her lover Matt

Kettle full and bubbling, Matt sat and played the piano to her. Mia loved it when Matt played; it made her feel part of something special.

The couple made their way upstairs. Mia took the lead so she could let Matt get a good look at her sexy, curvalicious body. She knew this would get his mind racing. As usual she took a long look in the mirror trying to re-do her windswept hair, although she knew there was no point as he loved her hair natural in every way.

Matt crept up behind her and held her round the waist placing his warm, moist lips to her soft neck. She let out a sigh and turned to face him. Standing on tip toes, she reached her arms up onto his broad muscular shoulders and planted her lips onto his. His wet tongue explored her lips and she responded with her tongue in the way that she knew would make him want her. Almost immediately his strong hands found their way to her pert bum and as he squeezed gently their kissing became more intense.

Matt pushed Mia up against the wall and passionately kissed her lips, down her neck to her cleavage and back up whilst his roaming hands found her bulging breasts. He could feel her nipples harden underneath as she felt his throbbing penis between her hips. The tea was all but forgotten as Mia and Matt became enwrapped in their moment of passion.

Matt found the buttons on her top and slowly began to undo them as she kissed him harder. She slid his top off in return to reveal his well toned body and gently kissed his chest, one hand exploring his warm back the other caressing his treasure trail. She pushed him away so she could remove her tight top with a sexy look on her face which couldn’t keep Matt off for long. His lips quickly found their way to her breasts, which curved beautifully out of her sexy black bra. Their hands met and they tested each other’s strength, but she knew who was going to win and sure enough she found herself down on the bed, Matt standing above her with a satisfied smile of victory on his face. Mia propped herself up and reached forward to slowly unzip his trousers, carefully making sure to brush over his hardening penis.

Placing her delicate, slender hands over Matt’s hard erect penis she slowly felt her way down its shaft never losing eye contact with her lover. Her tongue lightly licked the tip before gently kissing his now harder penis. Slowly her tongue found its way along the whole of his shaft whilst her remaining hand gently stroked his soft but firm balls. She could hear his noises of pleasure and knew not to stop. As his penis became wet from her warm saliva she felt him tense up as he came close to orgasm. As he began to cum she kissed his hip bones but one hand remained to feel his warm cum slide over her soft fingers. Mia suddenly became aware of how wet her pussy had become. Matt suddenly pushed her back and ripped off her jeans, wanting to show her the same pleasure. He gently kissed and tickled her hip bones with his tongue as his masculine fingers found her wet pussy. She moaned with the sudden tingling pleasure as he gently stimulated her clit. After a few moments she felt his fingers slowly penetrate her, caught in the intense pleasure she cried for more. He gently kissed the inside of her delicate thighs, the way she liked it and placed in a second finger. She climaxed as he fucked her deeper and faster with his fingers. Matt eventually pulled his eyes away from her beautiful pussy to gaze at her face, caught in the moment of pleasure. Mia cried for more as she felt herself hitting orgasm central, his fingers becoming warmer and wetter with every gentle thrust.


Matt leant his weight on top of Mia and kissed her soft lips slowly and tenderly. She kissed him back passionately, feeling his hard penis against the warm skin of her thighs. With tip to clit Matt felt Mia becoming wild with pleasure again, knowing her juices were flowing madly again in anticipation. She whispered softly in his ear “I want to feel your penis inside my wet pussy Matt, so you can fuck me hard”. Matt tenderly sucked Mia’s ear lobe before whispering back, “I want to fuck you hard right here Mia”. She moaned and arched her back with cat like pleasure before him as his penis slowly penetrates her wet pussy. He slowly pushes deeper, deeper inside her, as slowly as he can whilst she moans for more. Gently he begins to fuck her faster as their bodies connect like never before....

To be continued...hopefully in part 2 if I get enough good feedback as this is my first story published!

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