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Wine and Roses

Have you ever met someone that you truly love? I have ;)
This is a work of fiction...

I love Stephen with all my heart. He is sexy and sweet. He has a cute patch of stubble, and a button nose. His voice turns me on so much that I feel moisture trickling down my thigh. He is my soul mate. He is not my boyfriend! He sits behind me in my lectures, so close that I can smell the exact brand of aftershave he is wearing. I am meant to be listening to the lecturer but I can only think about him , his body and his personality.

We were meant for each other, but for some reason we were apart. I had never felt his touch; his hand in my hand. Not even a poke in the back when he rushes past me in the corridors. It rips my soul, but I am to shy to ask him out. I know he is single, but the number of times I've tried to ask him out, I changed too "Can I borrow a pencil." I bet he thinks I'm a freak.


The way that her hair brushes against the back of the seat as she chews one of my pencils in concentration. The wave of silvery blonde that slid its way into my heart the moment I saw her for the first time. I found out her name was Frankie and that she lived in the Ivy Dorms. It took some time but it paid off. It's just that I have no courage to ask her out. I talk to her occasionally, when she asks to borrow a pencil or when we whisper about the answerers to a question.

She is like a swan - but without the freaky long necks and white feathers. But you get the idea - she's beautiful. During a long and unexciting lecture I enjoyed watching her mind work. You could almost here the buzzing. And then I get rudely interrupted by the scraping of chairs as everyone leaves the room. But I don't care if I'm late for my next lecture. Not with her on my mind.


My key slid into the door - the perfect fit. My eyes looked up at the 10 steps that led up to my flat. 1... 2... I thought about him, his eyes, his laughter. 3... 4... the way that he stared at me like I was the only one that mattered. 5... 6... The way his hair was at a funny angle. 7... 8... and his lopsided grin that showed shiny white teeth. 9...10... I reached the top of the stairs in a daze. I could feel the juices swelling up inside me and I knew that I needed some sweet release.

I pulled out my card and swiped my door. It opened with a soft groan to reveal a table, with a vase of roses and a bottle of vintage wine - my angel stepped out of the shadows. "hows did y-"
"Shh..." He whispered. That was when he kissed me.


Her lips tasted like blueberries and fresh mint. They were as soft and white, fleshly made, Indian silk. How long I had waited to taste those lips. I twirled her hair in my fingers and sat her on the table. I gave her a glass of the wine my dad had given me on my 18th birthday, 2 years ago. He says to use it on a very special occasion. And right here, right now, I couldn't think of anything more special. We drank our wine in silence. Not the awkward kind, the kind that made you think about what was happening right in front of you. It was divine. And when her hand started caressing mine I knew I must have her.

We moved to the bedroom and I lay her down and kissed her. Our tongues making patterns inside our mouths. My hands fondled her firm breasts and I could feel them struggling to get out, like they were trapped in a cage. I couldn't resist. I pulled the buttons at her top, it was surprising light and easy to remove. She wore no bra that I could see. They sprang out and I gave each a quick lick. She moaned in delight. I paid more attention now and I started wiggling my hand down her skirt and into her pants. It was like a winter radiator down there, the heat tickled my hand and I started playing with her clit.


This is exactly what I needed. The heat in my body came out in soft moans as he played with my pussy. In a sudden movement I pushed him over and sat lightly on his legs. I slowly unbuttoned his top. With every button you could here a popping sound as I undid it. He looked so handsome - lying there with no control. When I finally removed his top I traced my hand down the thing line of hair leading to his trousers.

I unzipped his trousers and removed them with one swift motion. His boxers were bulging and I did him a favour and took them off. His cock was erect and he shivered slightly as I touched it. I wrapped my mouth around it, engulfing his man hood in one swift motion. I could feel myself start to gag, but I didn't care. I took it all in, right down to his ball sack.

He groaned and I could start to taste his cum. Seconds later I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of sweet nectar. I cursed myself at letting him cum so quickly, but my eyes opened wide as I saw him start to get erect again. Wow, I thought.


I turned her onto all fours and mounted her, doggy style. She squealed with pleasure as I squeezed my rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. She was ready. I went as far as I could then quickly pulled out again. I did this over and over and over, slowly getting faster and faster. I could feel her inner walls start to contracts. And her cum went all over her pussy. Realising that we hadn't used a condom, I pulled out.

Then she started deep-throating me until I filled her up with my cum. We moved into the "69" position and started licking and thrashing and sucking and nibbling until we both came two more times. Then I pulled her in, amongst the covers and told er how much I loved her. We fell asleep in each others arms.


My eyes dropped untill I was fast asleep, I dreamed about him again and started to feel my pussy getting wetter. I woke in the pitch black with my finger in my pussy. I looked over to him hopefully. But he was fast asleep. Oh well, I thought, I can entertain myself. Tomorrow there will be all the time in the world.

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