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With That Southern Drawl

I ran out of my rickety trailer to the white Dodge that had pulled into my long drive way. I climbed in the passenger side door but scooted to the middle. I kissed the boy with a crooked smile on his face in the drivers seat. He tasted of cigarettes and beer. I didn't need to look to know he had a Coors Light between his legs. The truck roared as he turned back down the dirt drive. He took a sip of his beer and smacked his lips together. He drove with one hand, the other placed comfortably half way up my inner thigh. It was a familiar setting, the grind of the gravel road, the country music playing on the radio, the way his deep voice sounded with his southern drawl as he talked about the work I don't understand. Everything so comfortable it was as if I wasn't away in my hometown for two months. I laid my head on his shoulder, placed my hand over his on my thigh, his hand turned to hold mine, I made small circles with my thumb.

The truck pulled into his drive way. We made our way into the shed turned man cave that sat in his front yard. I turned as soon as we were in the door and wrapped my arms around him. We looked at the mirror mounted on the wall and saw two people that looked as if they would never even speak to one another. He stood a short 5'6", his hair was buzzed on the sides but long and shaggy on top. I joke with him, calling it a "military-emo cut". He had a muscular build, without his shirt, which even though he rarely wore one, you could see a stark farmers tan. A country boy in and out. I stood next to him, a tall 5"10, pale and skinny, my long hair any color but what it was naturally. At this point, blue, black and pink. 

"We look like polar opposites," I told him. 

"Opposites attract," He whispered and his kissed my lips again. I giggled inside as we were in many ways alike. 

He lifted me easily by my thighs and laid me carefully on the love seat behind us, he placed himself on top of me. Our kisses were intense, full of want. Our tongues danced with each other. He moved my hair from my shoulders with his rough hands then kissed my neck and bit me lightly. I groaned and pressed against him. He sat up and drank some of his beer, I took the opportunity to pull my shirt over my head and unclasp my bra. He began at my neck, kissing lightly, slowly going down. He twirled his tongue in the hollow of my neck before planting his lips on my nipple. I groaned and placed my hand through his hair, urging his to stay there.

He smirked briefly then grabbed my wrists in his hands and slammed them to the couch as he bit my nipple. I moaned loud at the sudden roughness. He smiled. I felt me growing wetter as he kept controlling me, as he continued to massage my nipples with his mouth. He stopped and came in for a kiss, which I gladly accepted. His hands left my wrists and fell to my hips. Then slowly began to unbutton my shorts. I pushed him off me and slipped my bottoms off, pulling my panties with them. He slipped a finger into me, he looked at my face of pleasure with hypnotized eyes and licked his lips. He lifted my long legs to his shoulders and flicked my clit with his tongue. I moaned quietly while biting my lip. 

"Fuck me," I begged. He dropped my legs almost immediately and stood to remove his shorts and boxers. I moved my self to give him room. He climbed on top of me and lifted my hips towards him. He pushed into me. My back arched as he had his full length inside me. A small boy but a big man. He went fast. Fast and hard. I moaned loud, I screamed his name. My nails dug into his shoulders. He slipped from my tight pussy. I pushed him back so he was sitting. I stood then climbed onto him. I guided him into me and slowly started to ride. I watched his face as he gasped and bit his lips. I felt my orgasm growing inside me. He began to make circles around my clit. I was over the edge I screamed his name as I laid my head on his shoulder while my climax ran through my body. He continued to pump in and out of me. 

He once again gripped my hips and laid my back onto my back and started to fuck me hard and fast.

"Gettin close babe," He said in a breathless voice.

"In my mouth." He nodded and continued to slide in and out of me. He pulled out and began stroking himself. I quickly positioned my mouth in front of his cock and stuck out my tongue. Within seconds he's shot four strings of his juice onto my tongue. I brought my tongue into my mouth then licked my lips. 

He sat back and caught his breath. I curled up against him. He wrapped his arms around me. 

"Have I told you that I missed you?" He asked.

"No but I got the message," I said giggling as I kissed his lips.

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