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Wonderful Honest Mistake

One day I took a trip with my Family, this included my 19 year old Son Ricky and his 20 year old girlfriend Angie. We rented this large house on the beach in Mexico and it was beautiful. The house had two large master bedrooms and two smaller rooms for my younger daughters. We also went to Mexico with several friends that rented homes right next door to ours. One night we all gathered at my house to have fun and drink several margarita. It started getting late and I was feeling buzzed so I decided to turn in the woman already had gone to sleep as they were going to get up early and go shopping. The guyz told me that I could not hang and was a wimp to turn in so early but I was done and went to bed besides it was already 2:30 AM. My son and friends kept drinking and playing cards. What I did not know was that being our first night at the place I stumbled into my Son’s and Girlfriends room. The rooms were identical Master bedrooms so everything appeared to be the same. I never turned the lights on so I had no idea where I was. I stripped down, gave my wife a kiss and basically passed out.

What happened next was totally an accident and was never supposed to happen but it did and there is nothing I could do about it now. I remember thinking I was having a GOOD dream cause I remember waking up to my wife giving me the best blow job I ever had. I remember looking down and their she was sucking me for all she was worth. After I don’t know how long I started bucking and fucking her face. She continued to suck me hard and soon started deep throating me. Fuck I never remembered in the all time I was married did my wife do it like that to me but shit we were on vacation so I guess she was letting loose. Without warning I started to buck harder and was close to cumming, but she did not stop so I shot one of the biggest loads ever and to my surprise she did not stop sucking draining me for all I was worth. I was so horned up I never got limp, I stayed hard as rock. Next thing I know she jumped up and placed her pussy on my face and I started eating her out. I remember thinking how sweet her pussy tasted and could not believe that my wife had shaved her cunt but it tasted so good I almost was unable to breath. I had her juices flowing down my face when she slid down and jumped on my big dick. She started riding me like a rider gone wild. I remember the first time I actually heard her speak cause through out our fuck session, up to this point nobody said a word just panting and groaning. She spoke and said “Fuck, Fuck, Yeah, Give it to Me” at this point I just kind of froze and realized that the person that spoke was my Son’s girlfriend! Even after the realization that I was getting the ride of my life from my Son’s girlfriend I still didn’t get limp and it felt so good. After a few minutes, I came in her young pussy and she screamed but covered her mouth quickly to muffle her Orgasms. She then feel down off my softening cock and laid down next to me. I quickly got up grabbed my clothes and left the room. I could hear the guyz parting down stairs still drinking, it must have been about 4:30 AM. I went into the next room and jumped into bathroom to clean up because I smelled like sex and had Angie’s pussy juices all over my face and body. As I was cleaning myself I could not believe I just had sex with my Son’s Hot Girlfriend and I now know why he likes her so much, she fucks and sucks like nobody’s business. I left the bathroom and went to lay down with my wife for sure this time and as I laid down, my wife told me that she could not sleep cause all she could hear, and I quote “those kids in the next room are going at it and these walls are paper thin.” I knew she thought my son and his girlfriend was having sex. I went to sleep not feeling to guilty cause up to this point I have never cheated on my wife until tonight but I was an honest mistake. My Son came up to me and told me that Angie and he were going to get married apparently my Son was bragging that he got her pregnant even though he always wore condoms. Nine months from the time of the trip, Angie my new Daughter in Law gave birth to a Son and gave him my name. I know that deep down the boy belongs to me but I will never tell. I will just be happy calling my Son, Grandson….

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