Wonders in the Park

By teninchstoryteller

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He spies a woman of great beauty and takes what he wants, returning joy as well

To those who would read my thoughtful words, imagine if you will a day of peace, a day of dreams, a day destined to be anything but run of the mill…imagine the woman is you.

I shall begin as I walk through the park on a sun drenched day, the afternoon is perfect, the sky clear blue, and folk are few as I take a walk to relax. I come to the edge of the park and see a young lady, reclined on a blanket; it is you, enjoying the peace of the day.

I cannot help but look, your languished body laid out so sublimely, so beautiful in the sun, your sun drenched skin so appealing. You are wearing a snug fitted tank top and short shorts, both reveal the lush body hidden beneath, your shoes lay beside the blanket along with the book for now set aside, for you are almost in a state of sleepy rest…it is so peaceful, so serene.   Little would you fathom the wondrous changes that will occur?


I pause twenty yards away and gaze in awe of your beauty; at last I see you stir, you roll from your side to your back and stretch sleepily like a cat in the sunny peaceful place. Your muscles tighten with the stretching and I see the strength of them, my own muscles tighten in reply, one in particular finds grace with your image...my cock swells just looking at you as it forms a tent in my own loose fitted shorts, an embarrassment if anyone would be able to see, but luckily no one is on this side of the park...we are alone. I cannot stand as an idle observer and walk closer, you don't move at all, I guess you do not hear me approaching...I keep quiet as I draw nearer…at last I am only a foot away and stand over you as my breaths deepen, looking into your peaceful sleepy face, I don't want to wake you, only watch your chest rise and fall with your oh so sweet tits swelled like lush ripe melons and the curves that bring a joy to my eye and soul. I kneel beside you, you stir, but only to stretch again, for all intents you are asleep, and so beautiful in your repose that I can not kneel idly beside you.


I lean over you and gently clasp my hand over your mouth to prevent you from yelling out. My other hand slides to your breast and cups it gently as I see you awaken startled. I speak in a whisper "Shhhh, I won't hurt you beautiful, I just couldn't resist." My hand plies your breast; I feel your nipple rise to the occasion and harden with desire. My smile says it all and I release my clamped hand from your mouth. My other hand fondles your tit with gentle caress as you find yourself aroused by a stranger taking liberties with you in a public place. I lean farther over and whisper again "I'm going to kiss you beautifull; just relax and give yourself over to the pleasure of my touch." My lips press to yours without a reply, as I deepen the kiss my lips part and my tongue invades your mouth, searching and finding yours willing to dance the twisted dance of intertwined tendrils.


I quiver at the joining of our lips; my hand flourishes your tit more aggressively. My other hand lies upon your shoulder softly and then traces to you hairline behind your neck a slight pressure on the right spot and you groan when I touch that particular erogenous point. As I hear your breaths moan into my mouth I release your tit and gently trail my fingertips down to your mound. I feel your body react with an arch to your back to encourage me. I am most definitely encouraged as I find my cock swell even more than it had been. I push my fingers past the hem of your shorts and find a bit of lacey fabric covers the moist loins I seek. My fingers pull the fabric aside and caress your flower gently, but persuasively; our lips still pressed together I hear your groans increase in throaty lustful desire. Your body rises to meet my hand as I feel your moisture turn to wetness and a shiver runs through you as if you have cum already. I turn so that my hip is beside your ribs, my mouth has lost contact with your mouth, but I will make it better for us both soon, I know I will.


I lean over you and pull the shorts farther to the side; your panties as well are slipped away, your sweet lips naked to my advance. My breath takes in your sweet musty scent as I descend upon your pussy. My tongue slips from my lips and lavishes the outer petals with wetted panting need. I gasp as I taste the first of your sweet nectar, the remains of the modest surge I have brought already to your body and soul. Deeper I delve into the lush flower that is your most intimate core as my tongue flies over it in gently sweeping licks of wonder. I find the nubbin swelled and take it to my mouth and suck it in hungrily; my tongue flickers around and over it with lustful need as I feel the surge of blood fully fill my manly tool, ready to finalize the event, yet I want to taste your cum in my mouth first licking and sucking faster to make it so, my hunger evident, my greed commanding…your body provides me with its creamy flavorful nectar as I had dreamed it would.


I gasp out to you "Pull my shorts down lover, I want to fuck you and give you joy." You comply, what else could you do, you too need my mighty stick inside you. I raise enough for you to pull my shorts down to the knee and I hear a gasp as you realize what will invade you is not only eager, but thick and a full ten inches; sublimely hard…ready to give what you need. I crawl on my knees to be between your legs, my cock hungry to be just where you and I both want it. I lift your knees in front of my abdomen and chest and pull the shorts and panties off of you completely. Your knees fall away and I gaze into the sweetest looking pussy I've ever seen, my cock jumps with anticipation. I lower myself and guide the thick mass to the opening, so wet and willing as your hips rise to meet the bulbous head. I feel the wetness surround the head and hear the pop of it entering your channel...my body quakes at the wonder, so tight it seems, yet I will slip into the slippery abyss of your desire soon.


I pant out a request "Lay still so I can slide in gently...my cock is thick and could bring pain rather than the pleasure I seek to give..." you obey without question and I feel your body go silently greedy. I push a bit into the swollen petals of your labia past the outer muscle and find the glory of your pussy, so tight, so heatedly sweet and wet it draws me inside you eagerly. I push and pull my hips as I go deeper...and then deeper again. I grunt as I feel half of my cock enter you and plunge the next thrust even deeper and feel seven inches fill your gripping walls; it seems as though you cannot resist my advance as your hips thrust to meet my stroke and I fill you with almost the entire mass.  I stop and hold my pose reveling in the wonder of your body; now your walls quiver and grip around the thick prong, dancing as if to invite me farther...nibbling at the meaty tool to beckon it home.


I grunt as I withdraw and remove even the broad head from your flower. I perch above it and when I feel your body's trembling emptiness thrust again fully into the abyss of your heat that had felt so sweet, I do it again, fully parted from you and then deep inside you...and again I repeat that in effort to bring you to the edge of climax…when your body begins to sweat the sweet rising passion of orgasm I begin an age old rhythm of fucking; deep hard thrusts over and over until you are ready...you are at the precipice of heated orgasm.


When again I thrust inside you, I hold myself within the most heavenly body I have ever found and roll us both over, you atop of me is so sweet, I groan aloud as I push you to sit straddled the invasive prong and say "ride me baby...take whatever you want of me." I needlessly urge you to move as your hips begin to thrust along the mighty shaft. I reach up and grasp your tit with one hand twisting your nipple through the thin fabrics of your tank top and lacey bra as the other hand goes to your clit and does the same while you plunge headlong on and off of my cock. I am in heaven now as it seems are you; you fuck harder and harder as the wetness flows from your pussy along the swollen shaft onto my sack and coats the joining of my thighs. I feel the quivering of your body as it tenses once again. I know it is time for another climax, your third if I have counted right.  I thrust my hips to join in your rhythm and we explode together. I quietly scream out to you of my joy whilst the first rope sears the inner sanctum of your core "My God Baby....take my seed....give to me all of your sweet cream." As the second rope of hot semen fills you it blends with your nectar and I feel the perfection of our path…the third fills you to over full and our fluids cannot be restrained as they flow copiously from your heavenly gash and coat me with the delicious mixture that is us both.


I release your clit and breast and pull your shoulders down as our lips collide in lustful pleasures. This kiss is not gentle, but the result of pure carnal desire as I feel the last of my seed seep into your depths and know you too have found the wonder of our meeting. Tender more supple kisses replace the heated passionate desires to join our lips as our hearts slow to more normal beating, synchronized, and peaceful. My tool is softening and I smile as I whisper "I know not your name, but you are a joy I will remember always." I roll you from me and sit up, grab your shorts and panties and slip them onto your feet, up your legs and situate them where they should be with your help. I pull up my shorts and tuck the still swollen mass inside them…look into your eyes, and say "I've got to go sweet beautiful lady....I thank you for making my day wonderful, I can only hope yours is brighter as well" and rise to my feet and walk away, no names, no strings....only the most wonderful day in the park anyone, well, I for one, could imagine.