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Woodland Nymph

An afternoon of erotic play in the forest.

I often dream of steamy summer days, dreams of you and I, walking deep within the shadows of an ancient rainforest. Only the melody of distant birds might be heard beneath the dark green canopy of towering cedar and redwood trees. This is an enchanted place where thick moss hangs, like an old man’s beard, from branches and rich is the aroma of sweet damp earth and musty decay.

Huge fungus covered roots clutch at the ground entwined within each other, and ferns sprout all around us. In some places warm shafts of sunlight stream through from above penetrating the calm cool moist air. It is into this mystic dream that you and I wander amid such beautiful scenery.

I let you walk in front of me so that I might observe the fluid swaying movement of your curvy hips. Now and then, I can see the silhouette of your body, through your skimpy summer dress, as into the sunbeams we move. You are my woodland nymph with a crown of hemlock and wildflowers to adorn your hair, which tied in a French braid hangs down your shapely back.

You have cast a spell upon me to ever follow your step and to crave after your body. With eyes alone, I now trace the lovely outline of your back, through your thin dress, and I imagine my hands gliding down the smooth soft sides of your warm skin to the gentle curve of your wonderful ass.

I get quite hard just at the thought of touching you in that way. A tingling sensation begins within my balls, and then my cock twitches and slowly grows. The warm blood of my youth flows through my veins, as my hardness seeks out and reaches for your hot juicy pussy, it as if it can smell your damp musky grotto of pleasure.

Once again, I am picturing my hands cupping your beautifully rounded ass, while you bend down to pick some fragrant wildflowers, I imagine my hands stroking and roughly kneading your ass, my fingertips just barely brushing the moist lips of your sensitive pussy. My heart rate and breathing have already increased in anticipation of actually touching you, instead of simply pretending.

My cock is so hard for you now that it is uncomfortable, trapped within my jeans. I need to fuck you, to pierce your body with my stiff staff of burning desires. I must fuck you, until you reach the highest realm of pleasure. I want to fuck you, pump your sweet pussy with my hard shaft until your belly button is tickled from the inside.

You call me over to a shady wooded bower, now, to show me some root or herb for your naturopathic medicines. Yet I place my hands on your shoulders, as I turn you around to face me, and stare deeply into your eyes while I slowly draw you towards me. First, I gently kiss your forehead and then your moist lips. Next, I stroke your back, moving my hands down to cup your delightful ass, as we lock into a tight embrace.

Slowly, I then thrust my tongue between your lips, as you give a soft sigh of pleasure, and your tongue comes to meet mine. Excitedly we deeply explore each other’s mouth, along the sides to the roof of your mouth, round and round our tongues dance. I love the way you touch me, caressing my hair, then my back, moving your fingers across my chest, and then finally into my jeans to grip my throbbing hard-on.

Ever so gently now, I ease you down onto the forest’s soft floor of leaves and moss, our tongues wildly wrestling all the while. Stopping to catch our breath a moment, I slip the right strap of your dress down your arm, exposing your firm well-rounded breast. I cup it in my hands and gently stroke the pink nipple with my thumb.

Next, I bring my mouth to your breast and begin to lick around the nipple, watching your face, while you follow the motion of my tongue with your eyes. Once in a while, I squeeze your nipple between my lips or fingers, and you softly moan as electrical signals of pleasure shoot down from your nipple to your wet pussy. I start to lick and suck on your breast faster, pinching it more often, until your breast has become stiff and pointed.

You then pull the left strap of your summer dress down, and move my head to your other exposed breast, while moaning and groaning with great delight. Cupping both of your lovely breasts, I suck and lick your left nipple, sometimes dragging my teeth across its surface. You push my head all the more against your breasts enjoying more of the tingling shocks running down through your body to your hot pussy. I continue to play with your breasts, squeezing them together, caressing them, sucking and nibbling them, first one and then the other. Back and forth I go until both are hard and erect and slick with my saliva.

Now I quickly remove your dress, seeing that you haven’t worn panties, and the thick bush of your pussy is sprinkled with dewdrops of your sweet juices. I urgently bury my face in the tangled mat of your warm wet pussy, and play my tongue across your hard clitoris, back and forth faster I go with a great thirst to lap up your sweet flowing honey.

As you hold my face down against your pussy I am intoxicated by your rich musky fragrance and my long tongue works faster, sometimes going deep inside your wetness. Meanwhile, you begin to sigh and cry out in all your bliss, all a tremble and a shudder, as I fuck you with my tongue.

However, you clearly want to be fucked with something bigger and longer, so you beg me to fuck you with my hard cock. I straddle your naked body as I take off my shirt, and you reach up to slowly pull down the zipper of my jeans and slide the pants off my legs. Next, you take the shaft of my hard cock into your small soft hands, smearing the pre-cum on your fingers and then bring them to your moist lips for a sensual taste.

Slowly, you start to stroke the length of my throbbing shaft, as you pull me towards you, gazing longingly at my hard-on. Now you are kissing the tip of my shaft, a string of pre-cum attached to your lips, and then you lick the head of my cock. Finally, up and down the length of my cock, as well as my balls, you move your mouth as I groan with deep pleasure.

Starting with the head of my shaft, you then slowly swallow me, your hot breath, tongue and teeth, against my cock feels so delightful. As you fondle my balls with your soft hands, squeezing and caressing, while sucking and tonguing my hard-on, it all feels so wonderful that I am almost at the point of cumming.

Reluctantly, I stop you, before it’s too late, though I would love to explode in your lovely mouth and listen to you slurp up all of my hot sticky sperm, and swallow every last drop. Never mind, there will be lots of time for that later.

On my knees, and still straddling your body, I slowly move in to slide my hard glistening cock through your thick bush to the soft pink lips of your waiting pussy. First, I gently rub the tip of my hard shaft along those pussy lips, until our juices begin to mingle, and once again you beg me to get on with fucking you.

So I shove my hard cock deep inside the warm damp cave of your pussy, so that my balls slap against your ass, as we tremble with excitement. I then begin pumping my hardness into your tight wet eager pussy, sliding in and out slowly at first, yet speeding up as I caress and kiss your body. I next thrust my tongue deep into your mouth, just as I force my hot cock into your lovely pussy, so that I’m fucking your mouth at the same time.

After sucking and caressing your lovely breasts for a while, as I pump away at your tight pussy with my cock, I slowly slide my hands down to the smooth curve of your nice ass. Firmly cupping each cheek I lift up your ass, to ram my hard shaft even further into your hot pussy.

Yet I find it difficult to get a good grip, as everything is slippery from our flowing juices, so I dig my fingers deeper into the warm tight crack of your lovely ass. I love the sensation of your hot juicy pussy gripping my cock, squeezing it, and the way your ass tightens on my finger. It is wonderful, as well, to hear you moan and groan like a cat while you deeply scratch-up my back.

Meanwhile, my fingers enter deeper into your lovely tight ass, as I thrust my throbbing cock faster into your eager pussy, my balls slapping against your ass, slap, slap, slap! I suck hard upon your erect nipples at the same time, sometimes nibbling them, and you moan louder than ever as you wrap your shapely legs around my body.

Even I am panting with you, crying out uh, uh, oh, almost to the point of shouting, it all feels so incredible! Your hair has come undone and has fallen over the left side of your face, making you look even sexier, like a wild animal in your lust. Now you have your hand covering your mouth, a clear sign that on the verge of cumming, just as I am.

"Oh, uh, uh, oh! Fuck me!" You cry out. "Fuck me! Harder, faster deeper! Oh!"

 I can’t hold back anymore, especially when you talk like that, my balls feel as if they might explode, as a tingling sensation begins and quickly rises up the hard shaft of my cock. I tell you that I’m very close to cumming, and you say to do it! I manage to pump you two more times and then I explode within your warm sweet pussy.

It is as if my cock was a gun which has been fired. My balls feel the sudden recoil as hot missiles of sperm shoot deep within your wet pussy. I can almost feel a part of me, my spirit, shooting out through the tip of my cock into you. It is a painful yet pleasurable experience, followed by a disconnection from my body, and finally a brief merging of our souls as one entity. So strongly did we cum together that we are both laughing, yet crying, at the same time from our intense shared ecstasy.

My cock is still hard and throbbing, pumping the last few drops of sperm as your hot wet pussy sucks up my offering. Madly, we kiss each other’s mouth, caressing one another’s body, and then try to catch our breath as the muscle spasms from our orgasm end.

After a few minutes, I pull my still hard shaft from out the warmth of your gripping pussy, and we lie on our backs within each other’s arms. You gaze lovingly at my cock, glistening with our mingled juices, and I watch your sweet pussy as our spent seed spills down your parted thighs. We try to calm ourselves in this loving embrace, yet we are becoming ever more intoxicated as we inhale our natural musky ordure, and become ready for yet another fuck in our enchanted forest.

Now you shift your body around, so that we are lying in a sixty-nine position. You then grab my semi-hard erection and begin licking my glistening shaft, saying that our cum tastes so delicious! I love the way that you glide your velvety tongue over the tip of my shaft, around its ridges and into the hole, then sucking as you roughly handle my balls.

I then softly groan with pleasure as I bury my face in your warm silky pussy. Again I grab your beautiful ass, pulling the cheeks slightly apart to get a firm hold, while my tongue eagerly explores your wetness. I then deeply inhale the combined scent of your lovely ass and pussy, while I lap up your freely dripping honey.

You now bend your neck back to take in the full length of my pounding cock, scraping my shaft with your teeth, to fuck me with your mouth and tongue. In and out faster and faster, I can feel and hear your heavy panting on my balls as your saliva dribbles down my shaft.

Faster and faster my tongue plays on your clitoris, then deep inside exciting you and making you squirm with great joy. Occasionally you take my hard cock out of your warm mouth to suck on my balls, feeling how close to cumming I am again. Quickly you take my hard-on back into your eager mouth, as you want to swallow every drop of my thick cum.

I’m trying my best to hold back, however, though it is so hard to resist when you are licking my shaft and squeezing my heavy loaded balls in that way. I shove my face deeper into your sweet dripping pussy, tonguing harder and faster, hoping you will cum with me.

It feels so incredible eating each other out like this, and as your tongue wraps around the head of my cock I can no longer hold back the bursting of my sperm into your soft warm mouth. Quickly you drink up the rushing spurts of my cum, pumping my balls to get each drop. Wildly I dig into your hot wet pussy with my long tongue and suck, while you grunt around my cock and I slip my fingers into your ass. Suddenly your belly ripples violently as you’re racked with muscle spasms and I almost drown in the flooding waves of your cumming.

A few minutes later, having recovered from that bout of lovemaking, you suggest that we freshen up in a nearby stream. Leaving our clothes in our wooded bower, only the crown of hemlock and wild flowers you wear, we wander along a forest path touching and kissing each other.

How beautifully sexy you look, with your hair hanging loosely from your nymph crown, the light brown of your skin contrasting with the pink of your nipples and dark bush of your lovely pussy. Soon the sound of a waterfall can be heard, and taking my hand, you guide me through an opening amid the trees to stream bank with thundering falls.

Leaving your nymph crown on the shore, together we slowly wade into the cool clear rushing waters. Carefully we make our way over the slippery rocks, splashing each other playfully, towards the cascading rapids. Our bodies thrill to the tingling sensation of the cool bubbling waters as we swim in the surging froth.

As you float on your back, in the pool, I grab your upper thighs, pulling them around my waist, and begin to spin you around as we laugh like children innocent and free. Your breasts are like islands, the shag of your pussy a kelp forest and your long soft hair is like seaweed with which I might drape my body.

Then, beneath the full force of the thundering falls we stand, rubbing one another’s body down. I watch the way the water foams between and upon your breasts and ass, looking so much like cum, and despite the water temperature I soon become hard again. Since you have your back to me, at the moment, I sneak softly up to you and slip my hard cock into the crack of your ass.

Then while cupping your round breasts, and start rubbing my cock between your smooth cheeks. Playing with your pink nipples I pull your body closer to my chest, while I ready the tip of my cock to enter your tight ass. So you reach back to grab my ass to help shove my hard shaft into your bottom.

Lubricated by the rushing water, I slowly inch my hardness into your beautiful ass, with much grunting and groaning on both our parts. We simply stand there for a moment, as you feel the throbbing of my hot cock in your snug ass, and I delight in the way you squeeze me.

I then begin to slowly slide in and out of your tight ass, while I kiss the back and sides of your neck, and bring one hand down your silky belly to your warm fury pussy. I next insert my fingers, wiggling them inside your wetness. We moan and sigh together as I fuck you from behind, and then you say that you want to get down onto your knees.

So, still fondling your breasts, I lean over with you, pumping your ass as we let the water splash over our backs. Now and again I lean back to watch my cock enter and slide out from between your ass cheeks, since seeing your puckered ass lips gripping my shaft turns me on.

For the third time, I am ready to cum inside of you. I lean over and tell you so, as I finger your pussy lips, and you eagerly say do it, as you squeeze my balls.

I then shove my cock deep into your tight ass, "Oh fuck, I’m cuming! I’m cumming!" I yell as I shoot hot sperm into you.

You feel my sperm filling you and so squeeze my shaft until it is sore, and yet it feels so wonderful the way my hardness throbs in your ass. Finally, I pull my cock out, limp and exhausted. After a quick wash-up, we wade back to the shore to flop onto the stream bank well spent.

The hour is late by then and we must return home soon, so reluctantly we head back to the wooded bower and collect our clothes. Still, we have had an incredible afternoon in the forest, and on the way home, we imagine all the exciting things we will do next time. Already my cock is getting hard just thinking about it…


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